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  1. thanks good to know.Well i would lock my doors now a days a bear probably less harmless LOL.
  2. I've always been curious how did they lock the doors at night on the r model macks when they crawled into the sleeper at night.
  3. I have a 1987 Mack and the shutter cylinder is leaking Mack dosn't make them anymore is there other options like to keep original if possible it sits at the bottom of shutters cant see it cause of the fan shroud didn't want to take it apart just yet till i new what a person could do.
  4. Thanks guys.I'll check both.
  5. my 1987 Mack speedometer is acting up gets stuck right over then it work its self back and is jumpy i no cable is new was wondering if its the head or would it be down by transmission.
  6. I was wondering has anyone swapped a newer Mack engine into an R Model .Was thinking of swapping my E6 350 for a 454 Mack engine.Got 1.2 millions KS. on truck now a little more power be nice.Thanks
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.To you all.
  8. Im not sure which one yet but thanks for the info got one on excavator and dozer sure are nices to have when your nowhere near a power outlet.
  9. Yes i have block heater some times when you moved a piece of equipment out to job site and bring truck home after work.It is -30C sometimes.
  10. I would like to install diesel coolant heater does it need to be 24 or 12 volt heater on 1987 mack .Thanks
  11. Met the fellow that owns that truck couple years ago at an auction sale he total redid that truck he said, hauls lumber from my area once in awhile.Nice rig.
  12. I bought it from my neighbour he retired from his business.
  13. Thank you.I would say as far as body close to when it came from factory very clean un touched truck.
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