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  1. no low coolant light isn't on thanks for all your guys advise.
  2. heads were were done and came back with no cracks valves were good coolant is down 1in. or so from neck bit of a head scratcher my other 350 E6 when heads were leaking it spit wet black soot out the exhaust but this one has never done that no coolant in the oil ive had it running and dont see bubbles in the rad.
  3. yes new rad cap no recovery tank
  4. My 87 E6 350 was pushing coolant out the over flow tube replaced air compressor last winter had heads redone with injectors i can let it idle all day wont do it but just when driving it its not much but enough to dampen the front wheel axle on the one side where the tube hangs down from the rad any where else air can enter the cooling system does have air shutters and air conditioning.
  5. ok pm with price if you have complete set.thanks
  6. another question not sure if i should get these rebuilt or buy from Mack dont think these have ever been done price difference of about 300 a piece.
  7. Thanks ill give it a try and if problematic it will go to a shop.
  8. what to get my injectors redone any info on how to remove those injectors E6 4V 350 1987.
  9. Okay thanks that one will fit i am going through NAPA so i will see if they can get me one to.
  10. Okay thanks seen some newer trucks have a twin cylinder compressor but thats probably for pulling trains.
  11. I have a 87 mack with air ride anybody know if those compressors can keep up if your pulling a 3 axle trailer with air ride. Takeing mine off to get rebuilt or putting a rebuilt on.
  12. I put 6in. in my shop rebar 12in. on square drive D6H and 320 hoe on there has held up.Up here in the winter gets down -35C few small hair line cracks no floor heat just over head heat.Think concrete guy said he used 3500 PSI concrete
  13. Ordered a hub from Raneys yes it is a aftermarket steering wheel went with a 18in. after putting new air ride seat in need belly room lol .Thanks
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