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  1. I’m pretty sure the Westerns were all RSK600KITxxxxxxx, RSK700KIT....., WLK700KIT.....etc. where the R, F, W etc denotes the model, S or L denotes the frame, K means kit, 6 or 7 denotes the series, KIT is a redundant reference to a glider and the last 3 digits are the sequential number of that model’s kit. The 2 digit year of production starts off the sequence, which is unusual because Mack issued the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin for the year the truck was sold in in most cases.
  2. Yes up thru the ‘01 deliveries. There were a couple of ‘03’s or ‘04’s with the old CH hood and newer doors. Those had electric start and A/C. St Louis had one. The large ‘06/‘07 order of MR’s and CXN’s had electric start and A/C. Everything ‘01 and older was air start and no A/C. Another oddity is that they used Chrysler key blanks, not Mack. (At least all of the ones I owned did.)
  3. From DTNA: Subject: Glider Production - The End of an Era Publication Date:8/25/2020 A new communication has been published via the Dash. Click the link below to see it. Glider Order Availability: Effective August 24, 2020, DTNA will no longer accept CY2020 orders for Pre-emission Freightliner and Wester Star Gliders. Production line slots are full and supplier capabilities have reached maximum capacity. Pre-emission Glider production will end on October 30, 2020 to allow sufficient time for delivery and Glider completion by the final glider assembler. SpecPro quote
  4. On the contrary, it has been easier. I can buy 2 to 5 year old Internationals all day long on Ritchie Brothers for $5k to $9k apiece. I’d say that’s easier.
  5. My poorly generalized wording gave the wrong impression. I meant all of the R7/RS7/RL7 family by generically calling it the R700. We agree.
  6. Here’s a few for fun while everyone is stuck inside. Hope everyone is doing well. IMG_3837.MOV
  7. I originally had Condon & Skelly for nearly 15 years but learned that they no longer covered me if I pulled my own trailer with my own antiques. I switched to Hagerty and have had excellent pricing and service. Brought my antique cars and trucks under them as well.
  8. Trent, what’s the serial number on the Pete? This is my ‘76 with the same paint scheme. I’ve never seen another like it. I’ve been around the truck since ‘78 and bought it from the original owner.
  9. Nice document. I have always thought the later R700’s were the best compliment to the R model design. The longer hood sitting higher like that suits the design better IMHO. There was a circa 1982 Mack R700ST with an 8V92TA in it on Truck Paper about 5 years ago. White with some orange stripes I think and Dayton’s all around. By the time I got around to convincing myself I needed it, it was gone. Awesome looking truck.
  10. I think those are R741’s if I remember correctly. Definitely just R7xx models. They have NTC290’s in them. I almost bought a couple of those Halliburton Mack R7’s. They made them at least into the mid 1980’s. Garner did have a very odd and unique Purple 1967 Peterbilt 351 with Dayton wheels all around and a 1693TA under a lengthened hood that gave the truck a unique 126” BBC. It had a 1673 Cat from the factory and as part of Cat’s buy-back of those boat anchors, they replaced it at the owner’s choice with a 1693. Because of the significant change in size, the cab was moved ba
  11. I always felt the same way about the MR’s. Then I bought a bunch. Had a handful of MR688p’s and MR688s’s. They were absolutely brutal to drive more than 30 minutes. The relatively short travel in the suspension seat would launch you into the cab roof with any kind of bump. Visibility was fantastic as was turning radius but the way the truck threw you around the cab was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Its like I tell my kids.....you can take my word for it that a hot stove will burn the hell out of your hand or, you can ignore me and touch the stove burner for yourself. If you
  12. They will beat the absolute hell out of the driver. Been there, done that.
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