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Community Answers

  1. Great show, Awesome people really nice to see you and son after all this time! And absolutely the next time we all need to get together for a picture like we did a few years ago.
  2. Yes we do but not for rental use, currently it’s a little over 10,000 original miles.
  3. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend at the truck show at the Bolton fairgrounds!
  4. Thank you, She needs a little attention I haven’t had the time like I used to.
  5. This probably has been asked before but can you use 50/50 Pre mix green antifreeze in a B Model Mack? Thank you in advance.
  6. I couldn’t of said it better myself great job....well said! But I do love Trump!!
  7. I know it, but this one will never be for sale too much sentimental value. My father always smiled when he walked into the shop every morning when he saw his Mack’s now my son does the same. He’s old school like us and I’m very proud he’s going to continue what we started!
  8. Just hit 10,000 original miles she’s an awesome beast.
  9. The RW713s trucks were heavier speced truck from the factory.We ordered ours with the 20s up front and 58 rears, 12/24 rubber.
  10. I watched it online every thing sold for strong money, he had nice collection.
  11. I haven’t driven mine in 3 years now, we tend to forget these trucks are 60 years or better in age.....scary!! Thank goodness no one got hurt.
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