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  1. Love the A Car in the last picture, you don’t see to many on the road anymore.
  2. You never know they have been there for as long as I can remember. They helped me out big when I needed tires for my 59 B.
  3. I’ve used Creonte tire in Waltham Ma in the for my truck tires , you could give them a call . 127 Linden St Waltham 02452 781-899-5299
  4. I agree , and the 5” will look more correct .
  5. Does anyone know or have any ideas on how to bypass the directional alarm on 2002 Mack RD 690P ? I will never understand why Mack designed this alarm to turn on when you use your blinkers and hazard directionals . It’s very loud and annoying and basically makes it so you don’t use them especially when your doing snow removal . I must be getting old but the last thing I need to hear is a loud beeping all night , any advice greatly appreciated.
  6. Unfortunately this is a debate that will never end , guns don’t kill people ,people kill people ! You don’t need guns to to end someone’s life and all this makes people who own guns the bad guys . Responsible gun owners will aways take the heat because of uneducated people and there beliefs . If you give a monkey a gun and the monkey shoots someone you don’t blame the monkey !
  7. Is this going to be a new episode or a repeat .
  8. Don’t feel bad , I was looking for everyone near the flag pole also ! Red Horse flagged me down before I left .
  9. Macks and Fords is there anything else !
  10. Isn't that the truth , she also protects my tools
  11. Again many thanks , everyone here on bigmacktrucks.com have been a class act !
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