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  1. 350 2 valve

    Thanks for the update on the model number. Have you thought about oil filter to steering box clearance. Possibly go back to 2 filters? By the way what's the serial number, Dad's '57 B-61T-15659, is yours close.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I remember looking at it at Macungie. CRS taking over.
  3. Does it have a 285 for power? Thanks .
  4. b75 or b77

    The rails are separated, stacked inside a trailer. PA title in my name. I'm in Western PA.
  5. b75 or b77

    I have rails and title for a B-755 , If you want a builder.
  6. Happy Birthday Barry

    Happy Birthday, many more. Thanks for all you do.
  7. 350 2 valve

    Yes that is the engine model ( ETAZ -673-----) something , I'M wondering about. Thanks in advance.
  8. 350 2 valve

    What was the model designation for pre chassis mounted cooler?
  9. Thanks for the pictures of Mack's in your part of the world. When is the turntable Holland used, just with road train's, or the all wheel heavy haul platform trailer?
  10. Down the road pictures

    Great pictures. Keep searching for parts, we get to see more then. Thanks.
  11. mack4ever happy birthday

    Happy Birthday, and many more to come.
  12. Great to hear of your improvements and updates. Best wishes.
  13. Pictures of the Week

    Are there any leftover's, if I pushed I could be there for supper. With beer , of course.
  14. Pictures of the Week

    I seen the Diamond T, this weekend also, but don't remember where it was at. Was it on US 522 ?