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  1. Great to hear of your improvements and updates. Best wishes.
  2. Are there any leftover's, if I pushed I could be there for supper. With beer , of course.
  3. I seen the Diamond T, this weekend also, but don't remember where it was at. Was it on US 522 ?
  4. Great line up! 👍
  5. I remember that truck, do you have any of the blue R- model?
  6. Great sights, just think how much work was done to make this.
  7. Where is the Superliner at? Definitely has been my like.
  8. Thanks for the show coverage, it's on my list also.
  9. Thanks for your time to show us.
  10. Did you get a photo of the driver's view,,,out over the hood?
  11. The cab has been set on a CH chassis, E-7 400, 9speed air suspension. Tim Hoover is the builder and owner
  12. Nice chrome drive rims, amongst all the rest of the Valueliner
  13. Best wishes for a quick recovery.
  14. KS

    Thanks for all your contributions to the site,welcome back.
  15. Thanks for the update, I can't wait to see it finished.