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  1. Check Craigslist Pittsburgh, there was a nos for sale recently.
  2. I don't recall ever seeing that style of air filter housing, has those nice east coast fender mirrors. As always something to start and build with!
  3. 75T

    I seen the R -model you built recently,  looked like they stretched it by 4 to 6 foot.

    1. keg1


      I heard he stretched it. When he bought it he said he wanted to put a big bunk on it.

  4. 75T

    ATHS Reno??

    I'm going, Thursday till Saturday. Maybe catch up to you!
  5. Agreed, Dad bought a 1970, had the big air filter bonnet, I don't remember the 71's having that around here. (Western PA) Looks as it should.
  6. It might be in the panel where the brake valves are.
  7. I'm thinking I passed you going the other way on 422 in Western PA before the Harley dealer.
  8. Kevin installed a E-7, into it. I believe the truck sold, and went to Chicagoland.
  9. 75T

    B77 -CL

    It had a proud owner, bus lights, chrome mirror brackets, bigger air cleaner, with more chrome. Sure would like a interior pic. Almost looks like a B-77 emblem, my phone won't enlarge much. There's a lot to start with.
  10. Thanks for the update on the model number. Have you thought about oil filter to steering box clearance. Possibly go back to 2 filters? By the way what's the serial number, Dad's '57 B-61T-15659, is yours close.
  11. Thanks for the reply, I remember looking at it at Macungie. CRS taking over.
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