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  1. I have one on a pallet. I would guess in the 400-500 lb range.
  2. seyser

    What it is

    Also check the pass side frame rail near front tire as the vin will be stamped into the frame and should match door tag. Nice to confirm as cab or door could have been swapped at some point.
  3. seyser

    1978 R model

    Price updated to $5600. Looks like a solid truck at a fair price.
  4. Sounds good. Thank you for the info.
  5. Is there anyway to tell visually if an injection pump has been adjusted or turned up on one of these engines? Is there a factory seal wire of sorts? Like for instance on the older Cummins 12v there is a tamper proof screw that must be removed which was always a tell tale sign. Anything similar on the old Mack’s?
  6. Thank you for the reply. Were/are the tip turbine setups pretty reliable on theses engines?
  7. I’m kicking around the idea of purchasing a truck to use on the farm for hauling grain. I have found a late 70’s R model that I may have some interest in. It has the ENDT676 with a TRXL107 and 4.17 gears. How would this do for a farm truck? What kind of mph could I expect with this setup? The engine is the tip turbine with side mounted intercooler and is painted red in color. Was that an original engine color used in late 70’s? Would this be considered a 285 hp engine? I read some places calling it the 300 maxidyne or was that in later years. Thanks, Jeremy
  8. So I gather they ride better then camelback but not as heavy duty?
  9. I didn’t take the pics, I know not much to see. I’m told it’s Mack suspension and it’s not camelback or air ride so I’m thinking taperleaf. Was this a common used suspension? What’s your opinion good or bad? I’ve never heard much about them.
  10. This is on a late 80’s R688ST. I know the pic only really shows the shocks but would this be the Mack st34 taper leaf?
  11. seyser

    Western Movie Themes

    All listed are excellent movies. Here are a couple more great ones. They call me trinity, and Trinity is still my name. Both very good spaghetti westerns to watch if anyone hasn't seen them.
  12. seyser


    Found on craigslist: https://up.craigslist.org/cto/d/model-mack/6212042331.html
  13. seyser

    1958 B61 Spring Removal

    Post a pic of the steering wheel once it gets done.
  14. Found a 98 CH613 gold dog that I have some interest in. Talking to the seller who purchased it approx 7 years ago out of Illinois. I asked about the door vin plate and he said it's not the original Mack plate, it's stamped with the vin and Illinois state police. I had him confirm the frame number matches and it does. I suspect this was maybe a theft recovery truck or maybe had the doors stolen. Who knows!? Anyways are the vin plates available anywhere if a person wanted to stamp and put an original back on? I know the older ones used in the R and B models are available but haven't seen the newer style? Also if I take the vin to a Mack dealer will the be able to give me a printout of the specs on the truck? Thanks -Jeremy
  15. seyser

    Mack B71 on MN craigslist

    I think there were 522 built from my research. B-71 is a fairly rare truck. I purchased a B cab and other parts from the seller, Nice guy. The truck no longer has the original engine or frame. I also remember him saying the front radiator cowl was damaged from towing the truck which is a shame as that's one major cosmetic piece that sets the truck apart from other B models.

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