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  1. Looks good. I have the same year and model truck.
  2. Oops yes that’s correct. I forgot to add the plus. Does anyone know which was more popular back in the day, the ESI or the ESI+? I see trucks both ways so never really know.
  3. R686ST. ENDT676 285hp with the ESI. Truck build was completed 10/12/79. Currently has 118k original miles.
  4. Here is my 79. Color is a dull red. Seems like mid to late 70s was when the red color was used on the engines.
  5. I need a Caterpillar D7 hauled from Missouri to Minnesota and looking for a recommended company. I have a local company that I have used a couple times but would like to get another quote or two. Thanks Jeremy
  6. I contacted Barry at Watts and he confirmed these are no longer available.
  7. Looks great. Perfect amount of patina. Show some pics of the seats and interior.
  8. Here is a heater cover I pulled from a DM at a scrap yard. I’m not sure of the year or engine. Would 1600-2100 be the operating range for a 237? Anyways there is the part number for that decal in case anyone needs it.
  9. Does anyone have the part number for the decal on the heater cover inside the cab that displays the operating rpm? It’s for an R model. I need one for the 285 hp motor so it should be 1100-2100 rpm I believe. Mine is no longer legible. Thanks
  10. Thank you. It has 5.73 rears. Im Not totally sure what top speed would be.
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