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  1. Found on craigslist:
  2. Post a pic of the steering wheel once it gets done.
  3. Found a 98 CH613 gold dog that I have some interest in. Talking to the seller who purchased it approx 7 years ago out of Illinois. I asked about the door vin plate and he said it's not the original Mack plate, it's stamped with the vin and Illinois state police. I had him confirm the frame number matches and it does. I suspect this was maybe a theft recovery truck or maybe had the doors stolen. Who knows!? Anyways are the vin plates available anywhere if a person wanted to stamp and put an original back on? I know the older ones used in the R and B models are available but haven't seen the newer style? Also if I take the vin to a Mack dealer will the be able to give me a printout of the specs on the truck? Thanks -Jeremy
  4. I think there were 522 built from my research. B-71 is a fairly rare truck. I purchased a B cab and other parts from the seller, Nice guy. The truck no longer has the original engine or frame. I also remember him saying the front radiator cowl was damaged from towing the truck which is a shame as that's one major cosmetic piece that sets the truck apart from other B models.
  5. Found this on craigslist.
  6. Sounds like our state left a lasting impression on ya:) I hope to have the 7 up and running soon. I cleaned the carb on starting engine and ordered up some new gaskets. Should be ready to wake the diesel from its 5 year nap any day now.
  7. I purchased a D7 Caterpillar and had a neighbor haul it for me. Nice looking Superdog.
  8. Here is my 56 that I picked up last year. I have always liked these old power wagon's.
  9. Looks excellent! I cant wait to see the finished truck. Keep up the good work.
  10. The concave cab was available on a tandem frame.
  11. Found this on the ACMOC forum. Looks to be a repowered Mack AB.
  12. Ok looks to be a ENDT865 according to the build sheet. Can anyone tell me about these engines? Are they any good, What sort of problems should I look for?
  13. Is this an 864? Its in a 1974 R700.
  14. Looks like a dandy!
  15. Definitely Looks like a nice complete truck and it even has the desirable aluminum tanks on both sides. Jeremy