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  1. Looks excellent! I cant wait to see the finished truck. Keep up the good work.
  2. The concave cab was available on a tandem frame.
  3. Found this on the ACMOC forum. Looks to be a repowered Mack AB.
  4. Ok looks to be a ENDT865 according to the build sheet. Can anyone tell me about these engines? Are they any good, What sort of problems should I look for?
  5. Is this an 864? Its in a 1974 R700.
  6. Looks like a dandy!
  7. Definitely Looks like a nice complete truck and it even has the desirable aluminum tanks on both sides. Jeremy
  8. Welcome! Lots of great information on this forum.
  9. A couple of nice looking trucks!
  10. I believe Doug Fetterly was working on something for the B's. I spoke to him early this spring about his bumpers and thought I remember him mentioning something about visors too. Might check with him? Jeremy
  11. I ended up purchasing a new one from the dealer. Thanks!
  12. It's an old Bell telephone truck. There is a mast with an auger that hangs off the front used for putting up telephone poles. The auger runs off a front PTO and then there is a hydraulic powered winch in the rear that controls auger depth. IV always wanted a PW so it was neat to find this one less then an hour away.
  13. Picked up a Power Wagon yesterday. I only have a half ton pickup and figured this load might be a bit much so opted to use the old Mack instead. Jeremy
  14. Found this on ebay: