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  1. Looking for a set of 707c standard main and rod bearings call 724 557 2619 thanks
  2. Hi are you still looking for U model located south of Somerset PA Salisbury mid-seventies u model single axle at Southside Salvage truck parts 814-662-4439
  3. Hi to convoyduell what year and engine is your r608 fire pumper? I have a 70 AR 608 with the 707 gas engine just wondering what you do with yours thank you
  4. First two pictures truck run when parked 10 years ago the second one was painted five years ago and never finished ran great had a dump bed on it make reasonable offers on them southwestern Pennsylvania
  5. 66-67bcr complete hasn't run for a few years located southwestern Pennsylvania make reasonable offer
  6. Hi try this number 717 236 9387 Robert or cal little 717 566 8973 cal has some engines I'm sure
  7. Hi I have a 70 r608 707 gas job never built much water in the tanks started running a little bit 3- 400 miles over a month starting get a lot of oil in the air tank is there a valve or something in the compressor head could be passing oil through could use some good advice thank you
  8. Looking for a complete set of shutters and valves for a 70 R 608 fire truck 707 gas engine thank you Merry Christmas to all and stay safe
  9. To Captain Crunch where was the airport show at .the haydentown fire truck served a mile from my house ,next to Smithfield PA and where are you located thank you
  10. Just come across this post I know it's 3 years old but I have one just took it off what's your serial number on your truck mine is a 70 1045 serial number
  11. Hi hoot where are you located at I'm in southwestern Pennsylvania I know where there's one at but the lady won't sell it for anyting I understood there was 45 of them built for the military with the 354 Hemi engines in it but I might be wrong won't be the first time though
  12. Hi engine 1252 my name is Tom I am from South Western PA I have a 70 or 6:08 with a 707 C in it and my recommendations is do the electronics pertronix points also put a pyrometer on it my carburetor cleaned out and I didn't know it and it burnt the Pistons down the sides $7,000 to repair so keep an eye on the temperature enjoy
  13. Hi Carney my name is Tom from southwestern Pennsylvania I have a 70 R 608 fire truck I'm converting into a pickup truck it got the 707 gas engine I understand they only made 63 70 fire trucks and 11 gas engines hope you enjoy running your truck around some parades or whatever I sure do
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