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  1. Hi hoot where are you located at I'm in southwestern Pennsylvania I know where there's one at but the lady won't sell it for anyting I understood there was 45 of them built for the military with the 354 Hemi engines in it but I might be wrong won't be the first time though
  2. Hi engine 1252 my name is Tom I am from South Western PA I have a 70 or 6:08 with a 707 C in it and my recommendations is do the electronics pertronix points also put a pyrometer on it my carburetor cleaned out and I didn't know it and it burnt the Pistons down the sides $7,000 to repair so keep an eye on the temperature enjoy
  3. Hi Carney my name is Tom from southwestern Pennsylvania I have a 70 R 608 fire truck I'm converting into a pickup truck it got the 707 gas engine I understand they only made 63 70 fire trucks and 11 gas engines hope you enjoy running your truck around some parades or whatever I sure do
  4. Hi all got my plates back from PennDOT today antique historical plates no inspections lifetime plate talk to Haggerty insurance they will ensure tractors pulling trailers doesn't have to be an antique trailer their requirements are is just to go to shows but they don't check mileage so hopefully that clears it up for all of us now just hope the shows keep going God bless us all thank you
  5. 1970 rear end out of a r608 fire truck 27 thousand miles on it approximately 58 miles an hour top speed comes with leaf springs spring hangers and 4 tires and rims 920 tires $2,500 or best offer or trade.
  6. 79 U606T1236 single tractor roadworthy good shape sorry I don't have pics call 814-662-2703 Southside Salvage in Salisbury Pennsylvania close to Grantsville Maryland. 4000.00
  7. Hi I am in Southwestern PA next to Morgantown West Virginia and I rechecked with the same notary and it was probably my fault for wanting to title with two different ways antique and Custom and I think I got it cleared up he sent the paperwork in tonight see what happens maybe they'll give it to me thanks to all that answered appreciate it I'll keep you posted. As far as the insurance the only thing he needed was a insurance company that was company that was insuring something of mine and that's all it needed it didn't have to be on that truck
  8. The notary service I went to brought it up on his computer and said he can't put an antique tag on anything over 10000 GVW it's something they just changed recently I guess I will go back to him and check again thank you for the answers and possible solutions
  9. Hi I think that is the problem mine is body type ft fire truck and I want to change it to a custom and it won't let me do it without the enhanced inspection then after the enhanced inspection they say I can't do a antique plate thank you for your answer I suppose I will have to get my CDLs back and go to the way with the apportioned plate
  10. Hi hicrop 10 thank you for the response who did you go through to send your title in or did you do it yourself
  11. They are the local Center to send plates in she says I have to do a reconstructed title and I can't have anything over 10000 GVW on plates with antique and I plan on pulling a trailer and have to have a aportion plate .can you send me the name and number of the guy you use maybe he can do it for me thank you
  12. Hi I have a 70 or 6:08 fire truck that I'm trying to convert to a pickup and running into a snag on putting plates on it does anybody have antique plates over 10000 GVW in Pennsylvania they tell me I can't do it need some help
  13. Hi Barry I still can't seem to find any shows listed on the calendar also my truck wasn't showed in the gallery from the last show it was the 49 Chevy feedmill truck must have missed the picture I guess thank you
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