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  1. Trucks Shows & The Calendar

    Hi just a thought when you guys post pictures of the truck shows could you put the owner the truck model engines most other pictures have them all listed thought it would be nice to be able to keep up with people in their trucks and where they're at you have a good show at new Alexandria very good job thank you also where they are from.
  2. 1937-8 Mack Jr Panel

    Hi Tom nine here was at new staton pa truck show 3years against and a fellow from Ohio had a 37 panel there don't recall his name but had a 57 million mile Mack bus there. Also 2crosleys maybe u can track him down with info. Good luck
  3. Macks For Sale

    craigslist Morgantown wv has a 37 mack tow truck EJ for 12000. in Thomas wv, listed under heavy equipment
  4. WWII Autocar Wrecker

    Hi, don't know who had it , but last summer at new Stanton mack show there was one there new Stanton pa that is
  5. 1956 Powell Sport Truck

    there was one of these at watts show at new Alexandra last summer
  6. 1976 R model pumper

    Hi, I got as 1970 r608 serial 1045 took bed off put 11.5 penn alum dump on it 707 c gas engine 1 of 61 built in 1970 $18000 obo or trade?? 724-557-2619 leave message
  7. Single axle R model Mack

    Hi Evan, I have a70 608 r, was a fire pumper, put a 11.5 alum dump on it, 707 gas , 5 speed straight rear, 27,000 original miles asking 18,000 or partal trade??what have you unusual?? 724 557 2619, leave message and number, thank you
  8. Hello My Name Is:

    sounds good wondering if when you do the pictures of the show you could add the name of the owner and truck year- model and where there from, I enjoy knowing where a truck is from that way if I'm in the area later I can try to look it up, even if you only add it on the card for in the window I think it would be nice to know, thanks tom
  9. r608 dump

    see my profile , health forces sale loosing cdl, working truck, 10 legal load south western pa
  10. r608 dump

    70 r 608 10 45 sn 707 gas 5 speed 11.5 alm dump 27000 miles 15000 or trade?? 724 557 2619 got to give up cdls 33000 gvw legal with 10 ton, prw steering
  11. R-608 F repower

    I believe my book says 2450, top speed 59.5 mph
  12. More 707 filter questions

    try a baldwin p42 filter, seems to work for me, also add a pyrometer to the engine , keep it below 1100 degrees so you don't melt the pistons
  13. I think she's winking at me;-)

    Hi, where is this at?? and what price??
  14. R608F Pumper

    Hi all , I have a 1970 r608- sn 1045 27000 miles, I put a dump bed on it and haul sand and gravel . south west pa, I melted the pistons in it because the carb was plugged up and it run too lean, rebuilt the carb and put a pryometer on it , keep it below 1100 degrees, and it runs fine
  15. Sad Tale, Looking for a Complete 707B Motor, and Other

    try this number 931 670 7549