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  1. Paul, there ain't no copyright on that sticker. Print off couple of copies and ride them around. Stir up the "tolerant' people !!!
  2. Peaks of Otter - man, that brings back bad memories! Do you remember the earth quake around Smith Mountain winter '69-'70. I was on survey crew for Appalachian Power during that time. We were sent to that area to do a deformation survey to see if any movement occurred around Smith Mountain Dam. All work was done at night for better accuracy. There was a survey point on top of Peaks of Otter that I had the instrument set up on. Up there about 5 hours and colder than Mad Maxine Waters tit !!!! Ain't been back to that hill since.
  3. Think I am going to have emotional problems with all these grain binder pictures and then, a threshing machine picture shows up - quick - somebody call in a red flag alert!!!!!!! Think I have spent more hours on a threshing machine than driving Mack trucks. Maybe that's why I'm a little mentally unbalanced
  4. If your trans is a TRD72 and you use 3.90 rears - top speed will be around 62-64 mph. Is that fast enough to suit you? I have a 675 engine in the old "draggin wagon" with 10 speed (direct in 10th) and a 3 speed Aux behind it (0.84 in OD) with 4.00 rear on tall rubber which gives 3.36 final drive ratio - top speed is 80 mph against the governor. I would love to have a double overdrive - 0.69. That would give 2.76 final drive ration but that would require an airplane radio!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Man, the 2 pictures of the grain binder made sick - Lord how many hours I spent pulling one of those at 1/2 mph with a 871 Ford tractor. Bet the cat was glad to get box cleaned out!! That was really noble of you. I would have done the same thing.
  6. I stuffed a 675 in the old Draggin' Wagon. Check oil pan front bolts - If 1/2" hex head, replace with socket head bolts so you can get the pan off if necessary. The gap between front of oil pan and cross member ain't enough to get socket in to bolts. The channel shaped steel that is bolted between the rear spring hangers of front springs will have to be shimmed down about 1" so it doesn't hit the pan. The left hand starter will be a SOB to change due to steering column so don't put an old worn out starter on it. I changed to a pull clutch which required a bunch of fabricating which I have tried successfully to forget. Now, the water pump ------------ from my experience ----------------- well, really, I said the hell with chasing water pumps since my 673 pump was not shaped correctly, threw the fan in the trash (I didn't want to listen to it anyway) and put cooling fans in front of radiator (and junked the shutters). I'm sure there were other things that I'll remember soon as I submit this but that is enough to start with. Plumbing up turbo was fun - I like to cut and weld stuff. Lucked into a rubber angle adaptor from God knows what to hook on to air inlet in fire wall. Also for the outlet side of turbo, I found a 90 degree adapter off IH school bus that looks like it belongs on this mess. My original turbo was passing a little oil and replaced with updated rebuilt unit. That really improved boost psi especially after replacing all manifold gaskets it blew out. Seems like I had trouble with throttle linkage length but forget what. Probably just little cutting and welding cured it - I kinda like to do that anyway. Enough for now - just one more thing - it made that 18,500 pound hunk of junk FLY!!!!!!!!!
  7. The purple B model with "Smilin Jack" on the nose belongs to Jack Akers from Dublin, VA, the one horse town where I went to high school. I've know Jack for years and you would be hard pressed to find a better person! Smilin Jack turned 92 the weekend after Winchester Show. Hope I'm still moving that good 21 years from now.
  8. Fred Craig - what a character! Sure miss visiting with him. Like I said, you always meet the finest people at truck shows.
  9. Tommy, enjoyed meeting you and "the Red Head". Always meet the finest people at truck shows. The pictures were OUTSTANDING! Did you buy the optional water cooled shutter on that Kodak? Had a good ride back to the poor country EXCEPT oil pan cracked riding thru MD. Made heck of mess but no damage done. Had lost bout 1/2 gallon oil when I found it. Found sheet screw in tool box, cut rubber washer out of toilet plunger in truck stop and we were back to riding. Keep the pictures coming - really enjoy!!
  10. Went to Farm Science Review yesterday at London, OH. Lots of German tractors there, most expensive was little over 1/2 million bucks! My biggest compliant was if the thing broke down in the field on Friday afternoon, where you going to get any parts. Yep, I know we have US dealers but if they have to call Germany - GOOD LUCK. I had to deal with Germany in my coal mining days and it was not a pleasant experience. Kinda like trying to convince a socialist democrat that he is a fool!!
  11. Good lookin' old draggin' wagon
  12. Great pictures ! Got any more? I noticed dates were 07, 08, 09. Are you still in this business?
  13. I'm not knocking Kroil oil, but they got to get up early to beat ATF and acetone mix
  14. Interesting sleeper! Do you know anything it? By chance, is there a tag on the right door post in between the hinge pocket that says "Automotive Industries"?
  15. For penetrating oil, try a 50/50 mixture of ATF and acetone. Best stuff I've ever used. Shake before using cause it will not stay mixed. Give a shot couple times a day before you set in to heating and beating. Another method is to heat adaptor hot enough to melt a candle. Apply candle to back side of adaptor similar to sweating a copper joint. Wax will be sucked into threads. Next, take your wife shopping for the rest of the afternoon. By the time you get back, everything will be back to room temperature and you can start the twisting, beating part of the project. The solid wax helps lubricate the threads enough to get apart. Good luck!1
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