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  1. My info claims Road Kings were built 1939-40. That bed had seen a lot of business before it landed on the Dodge!
  2. Is that a Holmes 525 on the Dodge Bros.?
  3. Front axle is setting upside down on the truck frame. There is a truck on either side and behind. Need to tow back truck out to get loader in to front axle to set upright. Has been raining here for last 11 months so moving any thing around here is impossible right now.
  4. All of these trucks were in the B Model Registry early on. Think they even sent a calendar with all the trucks on it
  5. I looked at rears today. SWDL56, 4.50 ratio, long power divider (not air lock), 18 bolt, aluminum brake chamber mounts for pan cake type chambers not roto chambers (but, one mount is broken). They are complete from one end to other less brake chambers.
  6. Sorry, I clear forgot to look at rears. Had such a joyful day burning brush piles!! Will try to look tomorrow. No idea on condition - they were included in a disassembled truck I bought
  7. I think there may be a set of 4.50, 10 bolt here but not with long power divider
  8. Folks, we need to give Barry Holden a big hand!! If you notice on the home page, he has dedicated a tab at the top of page to the B Model Registry. Once you click on it, you can get to the registry plus a lot more info that I dug out of sales literature. There is still more to send to him, so keep checking from time to time. The old web site that all this info was on was discontinued for some reason. I'm grateful to Barry for posting all this again so everybody can learn more about their ride. Sent a personal note to Barry and thank him for this addition. I have noticed the times on messages he has sent here and I'm starting to think he lives at Watt's Mack. Not often you have a employee willing to put in that much time! Over & out from Ignorant Ridge, Tom
  9. My B615 had that switch and found a brand new one years ago to replace old. If I think of it, i'll look tomorrow to see if name on it.
  10. Thanks Barry. I am just about ready to start sending all the other files for posting. Makes me feel better having all this back out where everybody can find it again!
  11. You guys must live in a sour part of the country. Down here we rag each other all time during grain season. Then it starts all over when its time to haul fertilizer
  12. I have sent the updated 2018 B Model Registry to Barry and he has set it up for this site. I have not been able to find a direct link to it but type in "bigmacktrucks.com/registry/2018.pdf" and it should show up. As before, any corrections or additions will have to be sent to me for insertion. Please send to 2gannaways@mynewera.net. We hope to get all the other info from old site listed on this site. This has been a long time coming so we hope you enjoy it. Any mistakes you find, please send corrections to me. Over & out from Ignorant Ridge (home of toxic masculinity) Tom
  13. I put 4 ozs. of ISO 32 hydraulic in 5 gallons of ag fuel this morning. It seems to be a little slicker. Also put 1/2 oz. of 405-C conditioner in 5 gallon and didn't feel much difference BUT application rate for that stuff is 1 gallon per 3000 gallons fuel. So I didn't expect to tell such difference.
  14. How often you have to clean crap out of boxes with that many dogs? How you doing man? Long time no hear!
  15. Thanks for all the replies!! Has anyone pulled a sample of their fuel after mixing Power Service to see if you can feel any lubricity to the mixture. I need to do this test myself after adding hydraulic oil. Back in my pup days, if you got fuel on hands, you couldn't get it off - just spread it around more. Now you can wash hands in fuel and wipe it off ( I don't think rags are any better now). If I remember in morning, I'll try adding oil to see if it feels any different. Then, in the words of Willie Cunningham (Cincinnati radio joker} - "I'll give you a full report"
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