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  1. Talked to a right intelligent guy at Rostra today, Felix (800-343-1382). He went over how this job could be pulled off - magnets on drive shaft for VSS (used this idea on 76 Ford years ago and working real good), clutch pedal disengagement switch, may have to use relay on brake circuit because of LED tail lights and trailer brake controller, servo can handle 2 5/8" of throttle linkage movement, servo has 39" of cable so servo can be mounted away from heat sources and alternator. He seemed to be up on his knowledge so I ordered kit, $355 plus shipping. Give me a couple of weeks to get installed and I'll holler back with update.
  2. Had it been parked with the fuel shut off cable pushed in? I have a B61 that has a sticking plunger in pump which sticks the rack in wide open position if shut off is left pushed in. I always remove the big nut on front of pump and check that the rack will move freely before starting. It has given me a heart attack once, ain't going to happen again.
  3. It's got the throttle cable but going 80 downhill in a 65 cause you was listening to bluegrass ain't cool ! Hard to explain with windows rolled up, jacket on, smoking a cigar and a ice scrapper in hand on a 95 degree day..
  4. Thinking serious about cruise control on old Mack. I know Freightrain put it on his but that company went out of business. The Rostra Company came up on my first search. Did a bunch of reading, sounds interesting. They have lots of options for switches and vehicle speed sensors, etc. Question is - any ya'll had any dealings with this company? Got any other suggestions? Yep, I know I'm getting lazy - but since I got the steering straighten out, now I have time to look out the side windows! Any and all comments welcome
  5. Did a 300 plus have a tip turbine? 285 did, correct?
  6. Look at the B Model Registry on this site. There is a ton of info there including diagrams for SPS that are positive or negative ground.
  7. Thanks for sending your serial number in for the B Model Registry. I do an update in November each year, so your number will show up then. That is a fine looking little dump! You are in the right place for help, there are more answers in this group than you can ask questions. Keep us posted on pictures
  8. May not be 5th one built but it is the 5th one ordered
  9. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! 22 year old mind in a 72 year old body - what can I say - just doing the best I can with what I got to work with???????????
  10. My old Draggin Wagon never knew where straight ahead was although there was no slop in steering . I installed 2 steer stabilizers and I don't remember where they came from - Rough Country maybe. They seemed to help slightly. Later I started playing with castor settings and that helped a bunch more. Measure total travel of tie rod from full right to full left. Google steer stabilizers, call , tell them you want 2 of the biggest baddest stabilizers with the travel you need. When you receive them the fun is just starting - figuring out how the hell to mount them! Good luck
  11. Larry, Got word other day that Buckeye Vintage Haulers show has been cancelled also. And just as I have been busting ass on the A/C in the ole Draggin' Wagon. When the ice cold air starts flowing, guess I will just ride around the state with windows rolled up and my Harley jacket on
  12. My theory -your truck, as long as I don't get any of the bills, you do as you please. I always enjoy the back yard engineering that goes in to these modifications. More power to you man!!
  13. Parting out a 1970 Massey Ferguson 135 tractor, gas engine, manual steering, diff lock, no multi-power, missing grille and nose piece, 2100 hours showing. Located in SE Ohio. No shipping - you come and get.
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