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  1. Anybody from Albuquerque, NM area headed for the ATHS show in Iowa? Carl Cook has a running Ford P/U at Albuquerque that needs a ride. Carl's phone is 814-541-8396
  2. Well ain't this cute. I was looking at page 1 when I wrote the above post. And when I finally go to the second page, there it is - [email protected] Dumb is as dumb does!
  3. It looks like the man that ran "oldmacksrus.com" with the B model registry and all the other B model info has dropped off the face of the earth. Can't make contact with him for last couple years. Some where on BigMackTrucks tonight, I found some one who says they have a copy of B model registry on spread sheet. I tried opening the sheet but it kept crashing. His name was Mike P. address [email protected] I am wondering if any of the other info from oldmacksrus is listed on Mike's spread sheet. So Mike, if you will contact me, maybe we can compare notes to see if you have all the info from 2014 edition of registry, the last one I did. Anything you are missing, I can supply. Contact me "[email protected]". Also, anyone with a B that wishes to register can contact me at same address. Thanks, Tom
  4. And you can drop off the integral sleeper cab back at his house! Tom
  5. smart phone? What's that? I refuse to own an electrical appliance smarter than me! for what the youngsters (that's pretty much everybody) pay for one I bought anew Hobart ac/dc welder that I can build stuff with!


    Think I know where one is in central Ohio. Probably will see him in morning Tom
  7. A guy I know has decided to start cleaning out his B parts. There is a S/A dump, S/A wrecker, parts trucks, running 673s, 1 707 gas, transmissions, aux. transmissions, rear ends, B cab, doors, fenders, new KD 517 lights, Ford truck parts, and some Cat 3208s. Don't expect bargains or give aways - I've know him for long time and advice is about all he'll give away! Fred Pettey Alexandria, OH 740-817-0507 Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. fxfymn, I don't have a clue what you are talking about. To be truthful, I don't have any business owning a computer, and I still don't have a smart phone. I'm pretty much still in the Fred Flintstone era - and kinda happy there. But for your suggestion, I open for some help if you are willing. Thanks Tom
  9. Superdog called me couple weeks ago, couldn't hook up to "oldmacksrus.com" for the B registry. I got to thinking - I hadn't received any new entries for the registry for a long time. Barry Umberger in VA was the giant brain that was running the site. Phone calls come back "disconnected or number has been changed". No replys to email. Now I'm wondering if something has happened to him. If anything new turns up, I'll holler. I did all the registry in WORD 97 as a document - no special program. Now we got a problem - the newer computers can't open this so I can't send it to anybody with a newer computer. I had to pay extra $150 on this laptop to get MS Office just to work the registry. Superdog's daughter says I can scan the registry in paper form and transfer it to my laptop in PDF form. There are a bunch of pages to scan and try to get all in one file! If anybody has any ideas on how I'm going to get out of this mess, please speak up. Probably best to send to my email - [email protected] - covered up in work and don't have a lot of time to check BMT site every night. So, if anybody has B model serial numbers to put in registry, please send straight to me - 2 [email protected] - till we get something figured out. Thanks from Ignorant Ridge Tom
  10. That one looks better than the one I'm driving - I mean was - in process of switching engines. Superdog, don't be selling that back panel, mine is getting worse every day!
  11. Did the earlier Bs have threaded plugs?
  12. Should be a threaded plug in each end of rod. Remove cotter pins, fire up blue wrench and hope you can unscrew the plugs. Goin' to ruin some good paint!
  13. FOR SALE

    The X107 trans is sold
  14. Larry, I always wondered what happened to my fuel on that trip to NY! Have you gotten your damage fixed up? Soon as I recover, son and I going to gut LARGE SUV - got B53 ps box - it may find a home in there, the TRD67 is going to go - don't figure it can stand the torque, going back with RTF 1110 and keep the 3 piece behind it. Top speed will be same (if I can keep son out of governor), we'll just get there a hella lot faster and then the SPUDDER BRAKE!!! Who knows, may have to pressurize the cab to keep windshields in the holes. This is a lot of wishful thinking cause I ain't hauled a speck of fertilizer this winter, price is still dropping so guess it will be the last minute job plus 10,000 other jobs. Ain't complaining, after laying around the house for 5 days - can't pick up anything - I've had enough of this couch pheasant crap. Probably got another week to go. Can't even ride motorcycle. Before this, wife complaining I was never around - hah- she's changed her tune now !!!!!!!!!!! Ron, Sorry I missed you at Portland. Think that was my first trip there and I was running wide open trying to see everything.
  15. THANKS A BUNCH!!!! I had done some searching other night but never turned up anything. The site you sent, I was able to save the file so I don't have to go thru all this again. Looks like it is model 675 (early version) or 675a (and there is an early and late version of this). Me and the LARGE SUV both thank you Tom