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  1. Somebody needs to buy Dave's B dump. It has been hauled to several shows by well meaning folks just trying to help Nancy sell it. BUT one of these days somebody is going to make a mistake. That will break Nancy's heart.
  2. I had same problem with the B67. Turned out the filter housing was draining - valve not sealing. Worked a bunch on valve, changed valve, no good. Sit for week and housing would be close to empty. 3 ball valves and I cured that problem - just as long as I remembered to open valves before starting. It was a crude cure but work life was full and didn't have time then to tinker a whole lot.
  3. Yep, Jerry still has a bunch of nice old iron - think he may have added another piece or two. Saturday we had dried out enough to get the wrecker round back to pull that truck out to get to the rears you need Carl, BUT I went to Howard's instead. I haven't forgotten about you. The red B dump belonged to Dave McDonald and yes it is super nice piece - 237, fast rears, quad box and excellent rubber. Dave spared no expense on this restoration. Dave lost his battle with cancer in 2017. This is the only piece that Nancy has not sold yet - price $32,000. There is no way you could build this truck for that money so if you are interested in a restored dump that goes down the road, you better think hard about this one.
  4. Interesting!! Where you get, price, part number. My '56 also has "under dash" air wiper motor. Have had trouble with valve several times and it is a pain to get out. Would be great to throw it in trash with motor and replace electrical.
  5. I got it, I got it, I got it - got the sound !!!!!! Doug, the video is even more better since I figured out the sound. It just takes us old folks a little longer
  6. Great job Doug!!!! BUT how do I get the sound - I ain't real good at reading lips
  7. Did you bleed system before starting engine? I have heard bad tales about bleeding while running, so I always left engine off till all the air was gone. A vacuum pump is right handy for this job.
  8. BVH truck show will be this Saturday May 4 at Super Duty Truck Parts located on north end of Newark, Ohio. Everybody welcome even if you just have a hand truck. Starts when first truck gets there and ends when last truck leaves. I plan on taking the integral sleeper B61 with Holmes wrecker (red, white and rust). Look me up if you are connected with this forum - H67 this is close for you. We need to talk about your rears cause it is about dry enough to get wrecker back to truck I need to move. Over & out from Ignorant Ridge Tom
  9. One thing to remember ----- First time they say "got to have this done today", take a long deep breath, ask "just who you goin get to do it cause I forgot something at the house. And start walking. You will be surprised how quick "got" gets turned into "could" or better yet "at your convenience". Ain't it FUN to be retired? No crap from nobody. We goin do it my way or no way! Guess this is what they call the "Golden Years". Have fun or don't do it. Rub Mom's feet more often, sure they are sore from kicking you butt out of bed.
  10. Starting to worry bout you man but I've been it same situation for 18 years. Just quit working for money and work for the hell of it now! But I will have to say it makes me work harder at home cause I don't have every day at home thinking of an excuse to not start a project. If it is going to get done here, I better start now. I pull fertilizer first half of year, lime in Aug and Sept, then grain hauling starts in Oct. So when I am home - it is a streak of dust!! Over & out from Ignorant Ridge
  11. Larry, this one is for you if I can get it posted
  12. Larry, did you really have to post AOC on here? I realize you might not know it but I have PTSD - Pretty Tired of Stupid Democrats !!!!!!!!!! God that woman makes me insane plus a bunch of others. Paul, your land problem isn't limited to that area of VA. My first 20 years were in Southwest VA - heavy farming area, bunch of old hardheaded farmers, extreme conservative. As the kids grew up and moved to other corners of the earth, the farms went up for sale, then subdivided AND. Here come the liberals from VPI and Radford College and all their bs ideas. My last visit last summer made me sick - the attitude is so bad you can smell it. Good luck with your problem but I'm afraid the DC swamp has oozed enough to cover most of what was a conservative state 50 years ago.
  13. Still too wet to get wrecker around back to pull first truck out of way. Concrete and rock are a rare commodity out here on Ignorant Ridge. But mud - now that's a different story!!! Keep us posted on what you find at local shop.
  14. My info claims Road Kings were built 1939-40. That bed had seen a lot of business before it landed on the Dodge!
  15. Is that a Holmes 525 on the Dodge Bros.?
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