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  1. That was a very interesting link. Different time back then. I remember a lot of Civil Defense activity back in my younger years. Now we don't give a damn about anybody coming in and doing anything they want and the stupid politicians help them all they can. But anyway thanks for the link, learn something every day. Surely the bus engine would not have been derated as the siren engines??
  2. Found sales literature for B30B & B34B chassis. It is 4 pages long in pdf. B Model Bus.pdf
  3. PC gone over the cliff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 What do we use for male and female threads now?
  4. Thanks Paul. I have old Motors Manual that covers up to '59. Also found old timer in PA that has rebuilt 354 sitting in floor but not ready to part with. But he is willing to help with any info. I told owner to put ATF/acetone in cylinders to soak for a while and squirt rockers for a week before trying to roll over. Its going to be interesting!!
  5. Brian, I got thrown out of the academy of truck driving perfection long time about for spitting out the window. I've been running on a forged certificate for good while now with no problems!
  6. Plans now - scrub down outside, get running, get stopping and steering and RIDE (as time permits). He is hoping to have at ATHS show in Springfield this year. Guess if it isn't running at that time, we'll hang it on the hook of my old dragging wagon and you will just have to ride it that way
  7. Just how would you like to be waiting on a hill on a snowy, windy, COLD morning for that beast to pick you up !!!!! Think me and driver would have a round in the snow to see who was going to drive the rest of the way to school. Have you noticed that the front of the body is not tapered - the doors are parallel to left side of body which makes the front view kind of strange. That's all the news that is news now.
  8. Bus update - previous owner had covered windows inside with newspaper to keep sun damage down (and it did a good job). I was wrong on mileage - look at speedometer pic. Hope to get these 3 posted. J hancock, if you could do your magic again and get these with rest, I would be thanking you! OOPS looked like it turned over in last picture but it is still on its feet.
  9. Last night I stumbled on to a thread on B model king pins. H67 had a post about a set of pins he had which measured same as mine. My front axle is FA505, his is FA511. Both are rated as 8000 lbs. Does anybody know what difference is between these axles?
  10. Thanks for moving the pictures into one pile. I went back to "part 2" and poked around till I figured how to delete. Thanks again brother!
  11. Last 3 pics coming. Can anybody get all 7 pics together in this thread? Well crap, looks like I have exceeded my upload limit and still got 2 more to go. Anybody know how to get around this?
  12. More B Model bus info - 33 built, Carpenter bus body, Hemi engine, 5 speed Mack Trans, 10 rows seats on right side, 9 rows on left, 79,000 miles showing. More pics to post. As you will see there is some glass in bad shape. If anybody knows where to find glass, please holler. 3 pics this time, close to 11 mb. See if will post Tom
  13. It would make a great tour bus at the Springfield ATHS show but i'm sure they would come up with some crazy rule against it. CaptainCrutch, I figure he will wind up doing just what you suggested - get her running, steering and stopping and then RIDE
  14. Storkmack, Did you get to see this bus? He said stepwell was rotten clear out but he dug around and found all the door linkage. All windows in place, seats not ripped up and Hemi engine with all parts still in place. Serial number B30B1032. There were 33 of the B30B built. This one is titled 1960. Last one was built 1961 but that does not mean this unit was next to last one built. He is planning on having it at Springfield show this year. We are trying to plan pictures with the bus on the hook of the old dragging wagon.
  15. Now that ain't too bad for an old, ugly, white guy!! I got it to post the first try.
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