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  1. B Model Air Governor

    HugeHugh, Now that you are getting air leaks all stopped up and system pressure is coming up where it should be - just sit around and wait for the wiper valve to start leaking (don't mean to rain on your parade). Mine pulled that trick and with wiper motor mounted on inside of firewall, it is a challenge to get out. With trifocals and stiff neck and gear sticks in way, I had to stop several times to invent new language suitable for the task at hand. But after the second disassembly, I got all the leak stopped so there is hope. Although I still have one nerve still pinched in my neck, it was worth it.
  2. B Model Hood Length

    Glad you had the file on the different cabs. There was a bunch of other info on the site "oldmacksrus.com" including the Cummins used in B models. Something happened to Barry Umberger who was running the site and I can't get any word on him. Jeeprider (Mike) contacted me last year about him posting all the info again - but I'm not getting any response from him now that I have all the info from old site. If there is anybody with the skills to post all this info, please holler! My email has a 7k limit on attachments so emailing is out of the picture. I can put all the stuff on a thumb drive and mail to you. The registry is updated plus everything else that was on the old site is ready to send. Barry at Watts Mack - if you are listening, I could send you the thumb drive with all the info! Over & out from Ignorant Ridge Tom
  3. The "poppet adjustment screws" adjust how far the steering wheel can be turned either direction with "power". These screws adjust the point where the hydraulic pressure is dumped to return flow. In order for the screw to dump pressure in a left turn, the screw would have to be in as far as it can go - and I still don't think it is long enough to stop any left turn. BUT - if the box is not centered when wheels are straight ahead - I guess this could be possible. When you pulled the truck into the new building with a right turn, were you able to straighten the wheels up with power steering to the straight ahead position? Or did you have to "popeye" it back to straight ahead. If no power back from extreme right to center position - my guess would be a sticking valve in box (the part the worm screws into). If power back from extreme right to center and then no power on to the left - my guess would be the upper "poppet adjustment screw" is hitting too soon and dumping hydraulic pressure to return. We have had 3 weeks of cool weather, around zero in mornings. I needed to get the dozer out from behind the B model in shed but not bad enough to fire up the B. Had couple days of 50's last week so I fired up the old "draggin wagon". Soon as air was up, I started moving out of shed - no power steering either way for about 50'. I didn't pulled very hard on wheel either way, then I felt a pop - and I had power right and left. This was not the first time it has pulled this stunt. The power steering pump is a vane pump running off rear of air compressor. Vanes in pump may be sticking on a cold start or control valve in steering box may be sticking. But nothing else on this hill works right so I ain't going to fight this battle till I lose power steering completely. Over & Out from Ignorant Ridge - the "Sharia Free Zone" Tom
  4. Just had a mental fit - B-53 boxes have an additional bracket bolted to box which puts box closer to engine. There may not be enough room to push shaft toward engine for the gear teeth to clear the guts that need to come out the top. Sorry about that - old people have short memories! Over & out from Ignorant Ridge again! Tom
  5. Since this is a B-53, forget pictures of drag link. B-53s did not use a corporate front axle so I'm out of luck there. B-53s used Sheppard 49 integral power steering with the pump mounted on back of air compressor (I think). There should be a u-joint connecting steer box to steer column. Box can not be removed from inside of frame with engine in place BUT remove inside cover and pitman arm - shaft can be pushed toward engine. Pull steer column, pull or cut out enough floor to get to top of steer box. Remove u-joint, pull top off and pull guts out of box to free up valves. I've been talking with Carl Cook about your problem (remember I have similar problem when cold) and he has experienced same problems with Sheppard boxes till they get warmed up. Don't know what temperatures you are dealing with but before ripping the box apart, think I would get into some good heat for a while and see what happens. Over & out from Ignorant Ridge Tom
  6. From the numbers on the cap - you have a Sheppard 49 box out of a B-53. I put one of these in my ole draggin wagon last year. I am interested to hear how it does with drag link un hooked with engine off. Also with drag link hooked up , engine off and wheels off ground. My steering has full power when warm but in cooler weather it will not turn either way unless I let engine run for while to warm things up. So maybe try letting it run for a while to warm up. The Sheppard Manual shows 3 causes for hard steering in one direction: 1. Broken reversing springs in steering gear 2. Metal or foreign material in relief ball seat in piston of steering gear 3. Foreign material in relief valve Sheppard kit # for upper seal and handful of other parts that don't fit a 49 box is 2351251K I would be very interested in some pictures of your drag link. Mine will not steer as far left as it does right due to interference between brake chamber and drag link. That sounds simple to fix BUT if I kink the drag link any more, the ball joint on pitman arm end will be scrubbing edge of pitman arm. Keep us posted on your progress! And one other question that is bugging me --- Your truck is a B55 ?????????????? Production records show B50, 53, 57 but not 55. What is serial number from right side frame rail ? Over & out from Ignorant Ridge Tom
  7. Contemplating transmission upgrade in my truck.

    Larry, I have a 900 series 10 speed with 1 3/4 " shaft (but no stick). It maybe a short shaft for single disc - will have to measure. BUT no side mount bolt holes which is going to make a mess of supporting everything. If interested - you know my number. Over & out from Ignorant Ridge - your local source for real FAKE NEWS!
  8. B Model Air Governor

    Mike, You damn right I'm getting soft! I ain't got as much time left as I had 20 years ago. I got to go fast, cool and easy. And, I might just add another step on left fuel tank - that's getting to be a big step for a little old guy. Larry, Your evaporator is located under the dash - correct? Think I would like a backwall unit. Would keep clutter down under dash. You guys keep cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. B Model Air Governor

    Well, I got the answer to my own question. On the end of the governor closest to right fender, there are 2 small hex plugs and 1 big hex plug. First, drain air system. The small plugs have filters behind them - one closest to radiator filters system air pressure. One closest to firewall filters signal pressure to compressor unloader . Now the big hex plug covers a 1/4" nut that adjusts system pressure. Turn nut clockwise to increase cut-in and cut-out pressure. So, another old fragment of ancient history doing its job correctly again. Speaking of old junk - I got most of bugs worked out of engine/transmission change in the old Mack and WHAT A BUNCH OF FUN TO DRIVE!! More horsepower IS good. I had put 38,000 miles on that unpowered hunk of junk in 15 years. It was getting to the point that I didn't want to drive it anymore. But with power steering and a bunch of horsepower, it might become my daily driver! Think might look into air conditioning for the ole beast.
  10. B Model Air Governor

    Governor is located above heater hoses in picture. There is no rubber cap - all brass plugs. Got several old B's, can pull one off to check - just ain't got to it yet. Took test run other day, runs like a rocket BUT --------- turbo blowing oil into intake, 4 exhaust gaskets blew out, still can't get jakes working and power steering box is leaking at pitman arm shaft. So my point is - we'll get to governor in due time.
  11. After 1 1/2 years, the old "Large SUV" came to life with a new engine, trans and power steering. All new gauges including boost and pyro. Well don't you know, the new air gauge shows psi is running 90 - 110. Guess the old gauge was so hard to read, I just assumed air pressure was ok. Now my question - can the old style air governors (not D2) be adjusted? This governor has served well for almost 20 years plus all the time before I got it. Hate to change to Mexican D2 governor if I can keep from it
  12. 1965 Mack B615

    Here are some filter numbers as I have a beast like yours but without the winch and exhaust brake. Engine oil - Wix 51233 Primary fuel - Wix 33405 Secondary fuel - Wix 33218 Think there is a filter in the power steering pump but I don't have that number. Good luck with the old gal and be gentle with it!
  13. Running Ford P/U needs a ride

    Anybody from Albuquerque, NM area headed for the ATHS show in Iowa? Carl Cook has a running Ford P/U at Albuquerque that needs a ride. Carl's phone is 814-541-8396
  14. B Model Registry

    Well ain't this cute. I was looking at page 1 when I wrote the above post. And when I finally go to the second page, there it is - jeeprider01@yahoo.com. Dumb is as dumb does!
  15. B Model Registry

    It looks like the man that ran "oldmacksrus.com" with the B model registry and all the other B model info has dropped off the face of the earth. Can't make contact with him for last couple years. Some where on BigMackTrucks tonight, I found some one who says they have a copy of B model registry on spread sheet. I tried opening the sheet but it kept crashing. His name was Mike P. address jeeprider01@yahoo.com. I am wondering if any of the other info from oldmacksrus is listed on Mike's spread sheet. So Mike, if you will contact me, maybe we can compare notes to see if you have all the info from 2014 edition of registry, the last one I did. Anything you are missing, I can supply. Contact me "2gannaways@mynewera.net". Also, anyone with a B that wishes to register can contact me at same address. Thanks, Tom