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  1. Thanks for sending your serial number in for the B Model Registry. I do an update in November each year, so your number will show up then. That is a fine looking little dump! You are in the right place for help, there are more answers in this group than you can ask questions. Keep us posted on pictures
  2. May not be 5th one built but it is the 5th one ordered
  3. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! 22 year old mind in a 72 year old body - what can I say - just doing the best I can with what I got to work with???????????
  4. My old Draggin Wagon never knew where straight ahead was although there was no slop in steering . I installed 2 steer stabilizers and I don't remember where they came from - Rough Country maybe. They seemed to help slightly. Later I started playing with castor settings and that helped a bunch more. Measure total travel of tie rod from full right to full left. Google steer stabilizers, call , tell them you want 2 of the biggest baddest stabilizers with the travel you need. When you receive them the fun is just starting - figuring out how the hell to mount them! Good luck
  5. Larry, Got word other day that Buckeye Vintage Haulers show has been cancelled also. And just as I have been busting ass on the A/C in the ole Draggin' Wagon. When the ice cold air starts flowing, guess I will just ride around the state with windows rolled up and my Harley jacket on
  6. My theory -your truck, as long as I don't get any of the bills, you do as you please. I always enjoy the back yard engineering that goes in to these modifications. More power to you man!!
  7. Parting out a 1970 Massey Ferguson 135 tractor, gas engine, manual steering, diff lock, no multi-power, missing grille and nose piece, 2100 hours showing. Located in SE Ohio. No shipping - you come and get.
  8. Thanks Paul. I looked at pictures again and I don't think this is on them. Sent note to owner to check for sure.
  9. Steer axle update - remember I made new spacers to go between front axle and springs. They were made with 5 degree taper between top and bottom. This modification seemed to help steering a bunch as I didn't have to chase it so much. Today me and son sat down with trammel points to check toe-in. Turns out it was toed in 3/8", a might too much. We set it 0-1/16" toed in. Man what a difference this made - I can look out the side window now - I'll be taking pictures just like Other Dog does! Twenty years of chasing this old thing and it just needed more caster and good alignment. Think I might put 2 degrees more in it sometime just to see how it acts. But for now, the next hot topic is installing A/C. I have a new Red Dot Back Wall Unit to set between the seats. Thinking about putting condenser under bunk like Freightrain. Hoping to get ice cubes spewing out on 95 degree days.
  10. Remember to send serial number in to B Model Registry to get you on the list. Next up date will be end of this year.
  11. Sure don't envy you on the empty trip home. Think I would have ridden home with the young gal!
  12. Just finished a 3 hour job on the lathe, well, it's time for supper. Hell, I can't move - knees and hips locked up. Finally got feet moving a bit, kept working at it and finally got to shop door. Locked door - oh crap, it's all uphill to the house! A bit late for supper - that was a long slow trip. Good thing is, if I wake up in the morning, I'm going to do it all over again.
  13. Toe was set by alignment shop last trip. Lord only knows what it was set at, - there is a different crew in there every time I stop in with other trucks. Number one son spent number of years with Thomas Bus dealership, always bunch of steering recalls. He built set of trammel points for toe so my next move is get on smooth level surface (which ain't anywhere on Ignorant Ridge) and set toe. May different ideas on toe-in with radial tires. I'm inclined to set at zero unless someone here changes my mind so let's hear your ideas !! Thanks, FuzzyBuzzard said that 5-5-2-2 (that's a WV 10-4)
  14. Wish my shop was that big. I get weak in the knees just thinking about all the junk I could pile in there.
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