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  1. Hi All, I am hoping someone has an idea here as I am a bit confused. At some time someone cut the batteries off the truck (4 6volts) and I am adding 2 12v. Here is a diagram of how it is currently wired. I know this is wrong because there are currently 3 neg terminal ends and one positive that goes straight to the starter. I have looked that how other trucks are wired and also looked up a few diagrams but that seem to have different answers to each. First the Owner swears this is a negative ground but I am not so sure. What does appear to be happening is they look to have set it up
  2. Let me know how you come out, I am not sure my solution i a real long term one Cheers.
  3. I I have, I did make mine out but here is the info someone sent me So far it is looking like they are as follows, 55RU247 That shows to be the RH thread rod end. The part number changes to 25023498 and the description is "spacer washer." That may be throwing the parts guys off 55RU247P2 That shows to be the LH thread rod end. The number changes to 25023499 and once again is described as a "spacer washer" 17QL278M That shows to be the threaded rod. That number changes to 25022891
  4. I might be confused, I thought the MH was fiberglass composite cab and the ultraliner was aluminum cab? If they are the same that widens the search
  5. I am looking hard for one, I did find a guy locally who has some parts, not a ton it sounds like but a few to keep me moving. Does anyone know if the Ultraliner Grill will swap? I have found one of those Thank you so much!! Not too much but it is pretty corroded. Functional for the short term but not really nice looking or all still there...
  6. A quick question but does anyone have contact for a guy named Mike Harbison Someone mentioned he had a few cabovers for parts and was on a few Mack Groups I need several things like heater controls, toolbox doors, pedal assembly, visor etc. Not sure if anyone knows a place for parts but I have talked to a few and they never get back to me. Thanks in advance..
  7. Another Question, On the bottom of the tranny there is an inspection plate missing with a grease zirk on a tube and some sort of shift collar in it. (Hi/Low?) Is it common to remove that plate and leave it off? It seems to have been gone for a while based on the grease on the flange. I am worried some tranny issue got this parked years ago. Thanks
  8. Well, ours have been "Fettled" a bit as well. We put slightly bigger injectors on them. Added blower gears with an extra tooth and bigger turbos out of 8v71s so they make a little more HP. Then we straight piped the exhaust. Does anyone know if the top of the dipstick is supposed to be flush with the pop of the neck? I think the handle fell off ours so I am not sure if it supposed to be down more or flush. Not that overfilling a little will hurt but I do not want to be way over. Now it just kinda sits there.
  9. No, I am thinking that as they have a rack and mechanical injectors, they seem to be set up for Delo and prefer it. Maybe it was just me but I felt that when we ran a different oil, they were not as happy but IDK for certain. I know I love the motors
  10. Thanks, our Detroit's seem a little sensitive but that has to do with the injectors
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