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  1. Yes did a full restoration of it, I will post pics sometime
  2. I have been to Frank's shop. It is filled with absolute beauties! You could perform open heart surgery on any of the trucks in there they are so clean. Great guy too, had a great time getting the tour from him
  3. Glass nose. It's a 87 roll off I just got a couple weeks ago, 350, 12spd, 44 rears and 25k tag axel. These sun visors are harder to find than I thought
  4. Thanks Alex, gunna try and hunt down one locally first but I appreciate the offer
  5. Anyone know where I can track down an external sun visor for my DM? I have been looking online but can't seem to find them. I am looking for the classic fiberglass one. Not a drop visor. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
  6. Cab is no longer on frame. $600, need to get it out of yard
  7. I have a B61(SX?) frame that is in good condition. light surface rust here and there but not even close to having heavy rust or rot, It is in very good shape for a solid start for a project truck. The cab is off of a b75 and is in good shape but the floor is gone. Also has 1 round aluminum fuel tanks. I can help load onto a trailer with a machine. Please call if interested. Looking to get rid of it sooner than later. Located in Newtown, CT. Call (203) 948-2486 $1200
  8. I have a B61(sx?) frame that is in good shape, some surface rust on the back but is not even close to being a rusty rotten frame. The cab is from a B75. cab isn't in bad shape but the floor is gone. Frame has 1 of the round style fuel tanks, I believe they are aluminum but have been painted black at some point in time. Looking to get $1000. I can assist loading it onto a trailer with a machine. Looking to get rid of it sooner than later. Please call if interested. (203) 948 2486. Located in Newtown, CT
  9. i used fine kitty hair where it was bad (under the 5th wheel plate) since it is harder than bondo. then I used glazing putty, which is the icing you are talking about. worked well. Then I put 2 good coats of Dupont expoxy primmer, then 3 coats of high build primmer. Then had to sand. and sand. and sand to block it all out nice and smooth. For the top coat I used 2 coats of this paint called Emron. The stuff is nasty, it is super sticky and goes on nice and thick but leaves a nice shiny finish and is very hard and durable when it dries. it isn't the cheapest stuff but now that I used it I will definitely use it for any other frame painting I do. at first I was turned off by the price but its well worth it for the final product
  10. I talked to that guy once for some parts, I forget what he had but he was a nice guy and have very reasonable prices
  11. very nice job, looks great, I have that same color maroon for some accent pieces on mine that I am in the middle of doing, nice color. doesn't it feel great to see all the hard work pay off once its painted and back on the frame
  12. good to know, I will have to try and find a place that sells those brands around here, I am going to ask a couple painters I know here their opinions too on what brands to use
  13. no I want to do a dark hunter green body, silver bumper and radiator, dark maroon brush guard and shutter stats and hub caps, green spokes, silver rims and the frame is gloss black. Down the road I might change the fenders to be gloss black too but not now. also that's what I have been hearing about the nason clear, people seem to like it
  14. also I am painting it a dark green, I haven't picked out a specific paint code yet so if anyone knows of a good one please let me know
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