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  1. Ended up being a stuck rack in injection pump. Took it off to get it cleaned out. Half the battle is done...
  2. Ya, just have to add it to the top 200 list of stuff to fix. One day...
  3. Yes after thinking about it that night it must be the injection pump it stuck at full throttle internally because it was not smoking when it was revved out, once I cut the air off obviously it started chugging smoke so I don't think it was running on oil
  4. Yes it is stored with the cable pushed in. I will have to check that thanks
  5. Fuel shut off wouldn't stop it. Throttle on pump moves freely. Stuck internally? Possible turbo sucking oil? Been sitting and maybe a seal is leaking now?
  6. Just started up the mack to take a nice Sunday drive with my 3 year old daughter to get ice cream and it ran away. Ran beautiful when I parked it in the barn last year. Oh man did I go into scramble mode. Got intake pipe off and stuffed my t shirt in there. Danm thing wouldn't stall. Just set down to a low idle. Had to find plastic to wrap over the t shirt to get it to stall. Got it idled down quick enough but took good time too get the dam thing to stall out. Any ideas? Fuel is probably 2 if not 3 years old, Startin to smell like kerosene. Injection pump problem? Or running off oil that leaked down? Never had issues before. It's a 711 turbo in a b75 with triplex. Old pics but pics are always good to look at
  7. I might make Macungie this year, still haven't made it there but want to go. Keep in touch because I will buy it, just gotta figure out logistics of getting it
  8. Price to ship to newtown, ct 06470? If you still have the one for the DM
  9. Yes did a full restoration of it, I will post pics sometime
  10. I have been to Frank's shop. It is filled with absolute beauties! You could perform open heart surgery on any of the trucks in there they are so clean. Great guy too, had a great time getting the tour from him
  11. Glass nose. It's a 87 roll off I just got a couple weeks ago, 350, 12spd, 44 rears and 25k tag axel. These sun visors are harder to find than I thought
  12. Thanks Alex, gunna try and hunt down one locally first but I appreciate the offer
  13. Anyone know where I can track down an external sun visor for my DM? I have been looking online but can't seem to find them. I am looking for the classic fiberglass one. Not a drop visor. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
  14. Cab is no longer on frame. $600, need to get it out of yard
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