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  1. Did you ever find an air cleaner?
  2. I have a metal one in good condition I will sell to you.
  3. Glad to help solve the mystrey. The box of parts you purchased must have came from a mine or quarry.
  4. It's not a Mack part or an aftermarket trailer part. It is actually a bracket for a return idler on a conveyer. Rexnord 101-60672-1 Idler Roller Bracket Hanger
  5. Mack engine oil pan. Will fit an E7 engine. $500 OBO
  6. Was able to clean and reassemble everything. Made a world of difference. Amazjng how light the transmission was. I physically picked it up and slid it into the housing.
  7. Update. Had a little time today so I removed the clutch from the transmission and took it apart. Overall everything is in good condition, however the linings are oil soaked and brittle. Will be looking for some material to reline. At least there is several months until shows start.
  8. Working on my 1917 Mack AB. Runs great but the clutch was starting to give me some grief. Dropped the transmission the other day to investigate. As far as I know the clutch is original. Do not know how to tell if it is bad and have been having a difficult time determining where to get new clutch material for it if I decide to rebuild. Any suggestions
  9. Found a one owner 1917 Mack AB near Baltimore MD. Was stored in a house garage since 1988. Prior to that it was stored in a barn on the eastern side of Baltimore since the 1940's. Truck is in excellent condition but will need some TLC
  10. Where can I find information on the 30hp gasoline mack engines that were used between 1914 and 1918?
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