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  1. Thanks for all the info. At least I know it can be done and the correct part number. I am going to run it as is for now and see how it works out. Braking power aside, I would think they would have come standard to help get the rpms down faster when upshifting with those huge rpm drops in the t2070 and t2080 transmissions 😄. Who knows, if it ends up being a good reliable truck, and I am looking for something to do next winter in the shop maybe it will happen. Thanks again for the information.
  2. Yes full mechanical EM7-300 with the 1750 governed rpm
  3. Can anybody answer the question of installing a Jake brake on this engine?
  4. Yes, They are both still available. Thank You.
  5. Hello All, I just picked up a very mint condition 1994 RD steel body tri axle dump truck for local dirt work. I searched for a long time to find the specs I was looking for and this truck finally popped up, however the only thing it does not have is a set of Jake Brakes. It is a fully mechanical EM7 with a Mack T2070 transmission and 6.06 Mack rears on 46k Camelback suspension. Can this version of the E7 be set up with a Jake Brake? Does the slow speed 1750 governed rpm prohibit the installation of a Jake brake? I realize braking power would be less than a 2100 rpm engine, which is why I'
  6. Unfortunately no. Bill of sale only for the blue DM. There is a title for the DM 800.
  7. Yes I agree. The cabs are rough as well too. Very poor floors. I see the value in the engines, and drivelines as they both ran like sewing machines when they were finally parked. Its just a shame to see them get scrapped considering they are good running engines, transmissions, and rear ends.
  8. Here are some pictures of the chassis...
  9. I will get some more pictures today and post them up tonight.
  10. Not sure of the years but pre 1973 as they both have steel dashes. They both have 237 maxidyne engines. The blue DM600 has a 6 speed and the DM800 has what I believe to be a quadruplex. Both trucks ran very good when parked but have been sitting for several years. The DM600 has a jake brake but the DM800 does not. 6 is a triaxle and the 8 is a tandem with obviously very heavy rears. Probably 58,000 pounds or more. 12.00x24 rubber and Mack axles on camelback suspensions. Both trucks are pretty rotten and too far gone for any kind of restoration (in my opinion), however the engines, transmission
  11. What do you mean by not wanting to idle? Like starving itself for fuel to a stall, or running at higher than normal rpm at "idle"? If it truly is an all mechanical injection pump it may be the linkage. It could be out of adjustment or getting jammed up somewhere. You could disconnect the throttle linkage from the injection pump and manually open the fuel rack all the way by hand and have somebody watch your tachometer to see if it is still stopping at 1600. Just a thought.
  12. Ebay Listing for a B-61 and Trailer. Located in Missouri. https://www.ebay.com/itm/B-61-Mack-with-1944-Fruehauf/324398244494?hash=item4b87a4628e:g:uV0AAOSwi3BfxSv5
  13. Found these two trucks in an upcoming auction listing in the central Ohio area. They look to be in great shape and say they have been stored inside. https://www.kaufman-auctions.com/project/details/54569
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