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  1. Rest In Peace Joe. What an absolute bummer. Think Xi would let us build him a memorial in Wuhan if we offered to clear some acreage?
  2. It’s no longer a “farce”. I was hoping it was a pile of over-exaggerated media dung. We’re seeing a lot of untouchables getting 🤜💥 touched.
  3. So what I’m getting from all this is... A. Global warming could help stop this virus. B. An Ozone hole could help stop this virus via UV light.
  4. Quarantine/social distancing random thought for the day....... Was sitting around fishing and got a text from an unknown source. The person is saying “send me your address ASAP” other people on text send address from ”Pardeeville, WI”. Thought it was a joke, party-ville? They are going back and forth about some coffee pot availability thing. I decided I needed to figure this thing out. Yup, there is a pardeeville, WI. Ended up on the phone with a guy, businessman, friend I knew 10 years ago. He was in bug out back to Wisconsin, leaving his home in Florida. Said he didn’t want to be in urban Florida when it breaks loose. He had a daughter in Pardeeville. He still had me in his phone and my name is the same as his son-in-law. Folks are heading to remote areas with no fantastic medical infrastructure. Trying to stay on the outer edges. Can’t blame them, especially if they’re legitimately willing to baton down the hatches. Those apartment structures are nothing but a big’ol cruise ship on concrete. An Air-share-death-fair. Back in 2012 we had a conex box sent to my factory from Japan. A group of people came out and asked if they could confiscate my shops wheel chocks. I asked why. They said “we’re sending corrugation paper rolls to Japan. They’re experimenting with mass casualties since the 15,000+ deaths from the Tsunami. The heavy-weight paper rolls are a shot at engineering a cardboard casket to use in disasters. The chocks will be used to stabilize the rolls since they’ll have to lay sideways”. You hope to God we don’t get there, but Japan did in one day. Never heard how the story ended on caskets. Not a fan of being chucked in my own 📦 box and laws against a proper funeral. The real horror is if the box rips, and I squirt out, it’ll be a negative testimony to my life? Be safe!
  5. There are no atheists in a foxhole and if you go grocery shopping hungry, your going to end up with buyers regret....... The same goes for shopping presidential candidates in a crisis. We’re all looking for a foxhole hero, but wait till the Corona moves on, Cuomo will default. 👶 🍼 + 🔪 = 💀 The one circumstance that would make me warm to Cuomo is if Trump quarantined New York and Cuomo, soon afterwards, calls for a Convention of States against the Federal Gov.
  6. Have they created a lower branch position to Hedge Fund Management called Stimulus Plan Management. That'$ where the money i$.
  7. Excellent photography 41! That bacon doesn’t even need to be taste tested, it looks perfect grade-A like right out of a country living magazine. A wood table and a wooden cut board as opposed to stainless code and plastic boards...dig it. 👌 Had you pegged as more of a fellow hunter-gatherer than a domesticated farmer?
  8. Thanks for the warning Maxi. We ARE in Cass county, but my Navionics puts us 188 degrees and 26 nautical miles away from the sniffly mud duck. God blessed Texas and Minnesota got the Lakes!
  9. You may want to consider Coast-to-Coast’s version. A Nazi group of collaborators working on the secret moon base with help from the Reptilians. The virus is intended to lower the Earths population.
  10. Spending some time up near a BMT Corona civilian hero this week, Keith Pommering. He’s in his retirement years by Bemidji, but also risking his hide town hopping Northern Minnesota distributing (precious) toilet paper with a 27’ box van. Really wanted to stop and see his Mack A series project, instead chatted on the phone. Corona bug-out plan A has been implemented. Grabbed our BMT fuel salesman Kamp, stocked the wife and kids with groceries and jumped across to Minnesota to drop on Leech Lake.....well before the “stay home” order was announced. You guys let us know when this is over. Bait stores don’t close up here.....essential business. Good bye to civilization at the Grand Vu boat landing.....
  11. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders are going to be popping up like spring daisies when this is over.
  12. First mistake is informing the kiddos it only kills late middle age-to-Elderly conservative types (and right before spring break), because most of those young party-fools aren’t scared to die having fun either way....tether free rock climbing.... cliff jumping.... bungee jumping ...... glider suites... etc, etc, etc. We had a group of 6 workers from This place go down to spring break and incurred upon themselves a 14 day unpaid quarantine from the company. They didn’t care, more time off. One I talked to said they decided they weren’t going to forfeit on a paid reservation. We have plenty of work, but no ones coming in. I’m on my third call in today for a semi down in our highway/yard group. Big Dad’s dangling the 💵 and the only one out dodging Corona is the broke guy with 5 kids and stay home wife. Good news is no ones ever caught Corona from licking a Kenworths oil pan.
  13. He’s in his professional setting, doing well. I listen to his Focus on the Family interviews, outside his sphere of formality, guy has a heart for humanity.
  14. Received a letter from our CEO today. US government has insured all 15,500 employees will be exempted from collective shutdown (currently) do to our product being an essential and are “encouraged to operate and supply quality products for our customers and our country”. Heck yeah! Feeling the love and staying right in the game!
  15. I usually leave my wrench on the rocker arm adjuster and put just enough weighted down pressure on it to compress the push tube spring. You get a more true drag “response” back from the feeler gauge with the tube compressed.
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