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  1. Fourth, get a set of over-size injectors. I used K & S fuel injection of Wausau, WI. They have a reputation for doing well on Mack stuff and keep cores so you can swap out at the counter for your new Injectors. No turning them in and waiting. Mike requires the Mack part number of the OEM injector for the specific truck, then he refits the tips accordingly. I told my buddy, before buying any specific truck, that we would play a bunch with AI427, but not as much with AI460. I feel increasingly bold about pushing more torque into the crank of this underpowered 460. The 1999 E-Tech 460XT was actually building 487 horsepower, but listing as 460. The block can take it.....460XT was putting out 1,760 Ftlbs of torque at 1,200 RPM. The stock AI460 is putting out 1,250 Ftlbs at 1,200 RPM. Mike puts the injector life span at 5,000 hours before they loose performance. He says the CCRS is tough on injectors. Double hits per injection cycle. $85 per injector including soft parts kit, pretty affordable performance. The injectors will add smoke on the take off, but clean up/spool up fast. I attached a video. Loggin Dog.3gp
  2. Mike did try to do some housing swapping to check feasibility of swapping larger housings onto AI Turbo. It was a fail.
  3. No need for explanation...... Injection/Turbo shop guy, Mike, did explain that the 30 gallon recyclable aluminum(in the background) was predominantly S300's. He showed us the internal bearing difference and sold my buddy. $1,200 for the new turbo, no core. P.S- In case your unconvinced I will be listing the S300 turbo for sale shortly. Priced to sell....
  4. Third, get rid of restrictor S300 turbo and replace with a breathable S400. Don't try to hog the S300 out to fit the breather manifold openings, doesn't work. There is not enough meat, they intentionally undersized the AI turbo casting. Left side non-AI Right side Stock AI
  5. "As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly." Proverbs 26:11 High Priority...............need to stop the Dog from eating it's vomit. The Camshaft bump is responsible for sucking back filthy, uncooled, exhaust gas causing high soot return and poor burn. The restrictor Manifold, 4" undersized exhaust pipe and restrictor turbo are all responsible for the back pressure needed to feed the 0.075" exhaust bump. Pre-AI manifold left, AI restrictor manifold right.
  6. Second, I did a sweep of the local Mack graveyards and found the fore-mentioned breather manifold (pre AI/AMI/AC) up at Scott's Northwood's Diesel, paid the man at the door $200, stripped it, bead blasted it to check for cracks and gave it an oil rub down. Perfect condition.
  7. NELM! The only Greeney was the "green-horn" who didn't realize delete means everything! Mine was 2002 CH613. My old cohorts at the Truck Center said they grabbed manifolds all the way back to PLN..... Just watch out for CL chassis with E7 manifold which tilts upward. In case you have no local source......... Manders Diesel, Minnesota, has a stock pile for $350.
  8. First $250 we spent was having the last, latest, data file uploaded to ECM at the Dealership. That was the cheapest, instant, improvement we saw. LDog still had the original data file and a major drive ability issue. Occasionally, during acceleration, the truck would feel like someone was clamping the fuel line for 3 seconds and releasing it. I could never recreate the issue, on demand, through some particular driving/accelerating pattern. My buddy had a bread bag show up in his 1998 CH fuel tank once (previous owner actually used a bread bag to seal threads on a mis-fitting fuel tank cap because he was too cheap to buy the cap that fit). We changed the cap when he bought it, but by then a bag chunk was in the tank. That created the exact effect of Log Dogs software issue. New upload, problem gone.
  9. We weighed options and decided to try to cripple the Camshaft recirculation bump by reducing back pressure rather than installing a pre AI-CCRS camshaft. A pre-AI CCRS camshaft without a bump was $1980 and a complete kit was $3500, parts only. Keeping in mind Mack will let you reuse ceramic rollers on new camshaft. Kit includes everything..... including new spring loaded push tubes. 31 Cam lobe profile.pdf 31 percentages.pdf 31 wavelength.pdf
  10. Downloaded Log (attached) revealed Loggin Dog had been drinking excessively for years.......... 30 log.pdf
  11. AMI is the group of Three Maxidyne engines that all have a 60% torque rise.