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  1. codes after new ECM/460xt install

    How is the overall performance? Comparatively, 427 vs 460XT?
  2. Exhaust gas temps

    Its a flow/pressure dilemma. Think hydraulic.....Think in terms of flow since you are constantly losing pressure because of escaping flow......... I'd use moderate pressure. The leak will show. By the time you reach 35 your chasing so much air through the open portions of the valve train you will not be able to hear a leak over the hissing inside the engine, unless soaping. Motor initially will turn a little under pressure (till centered in strokes), but some intake valve may stay open. You can manually rotate the motor to minimize loss, you will find sweet spots where intake valves are mostly closed. If I were doing a full tune package on your engine I would pull the valve rocker shafts + injectors and allow all the valves to close, then pressure test CMCAC circuit. If I see/hear/detect air coming up through the injector nipple bores you know your intake valves are a little sketchy.
  3. Perhaps we ought to eliminate...

    Boy...the 500 just can't be ankle holster friendly.
  4. Perhaps we ought to eliminate...

    God Bless Texas indeed!! Not only shot back, but chased him in his car. May still get credited with downing the shooter. Disgusted, but comfortable knowing they were hearing Christ's saving gospel when they were called home. Nut jobs show up at your church in Kevlar so all you have to shoot at is nuts, butts and guts. Feel it may be time to retire the .38 for something that holds a bigger meat drill.
  5. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Was suprised to get in here. Looks like the administrator is going to have a mess to unwind.
  6. 2007 AMI 370

    Thanks for the follow up!! That is a good return for a hands-off software flash. The other day I saw a straight log truck + pup pull up to our scale. 2004 AI. Couldn't help myself. Asked him how the truck has been? Guy said he had over a million (second engine) on the truck pulling 98K and has never got better than 3-4 MPG. Never touch the engine, even to upgrade injectors. You wonder how many are out there?
  7. unit pump

    Historically we first have a miss if it is base metal dying in an EUP hole. Code is generally a pulse magnet, but can accompany a miss. Has a lot to do with the OEM software. I've replaced a dozen EUPs on the Liehberrr for mechanical or magnet fails, but have never, to date, got a code, only a run issue. Mack was more sensitive by far. It's never a bad idea to check your EUPs when your over 10K hours. The pic I have attached was from a 15K engine. 2 of 6 cylinders had broken EUP springs, the one which broke a second time took out the cam because it unloaded the roller from the cam. One crack keeps the load, but when #2 comes it's over. Pulled a lot of broken springs out of Mack engines. You likely will not find your code issue in the hole of the EUP or inspecting and you could introduce dirt if your not careful. I would only inspect them in the case of engine age, off season downtime, free labor and because Pre EGR engines are real nice to work on.
  8. Ford 9000

    Yeah, definitely not your average coffin sleeper....
  9. Paris under attack

    Then His foreigner parents would probably sue America and a lib judge would rule in favor of the plaintiffs. End up with more lawsuits at pumpkin fest....... but think of the happy faces when the trebuchet tripped. Alllllaaaahhhh's snack baaaaaaaaaaaaar ~thump~
  10. Dog on our lawn.

    EMP proof? Do they have it in some kind of a Faraday cage?
  11. unit pump

    If you do pull them cross swap #5 to a hole that is easiest to access. See if the code moves to the different hole. If next week you pop a new cylinder position you've caught your trouble maker red handed. I'd run six months and if no codes popped anywhere x-install the cal codes from 5 to wherever and vise versa. Record codes during swap if you can still see them.
  12. unit pump

    I think I got them for about $8 per kit from PAI. If you get delta seal upgrade they are more expensive. no call for delta seal unless seeing fuel in oil.
  13. Paris under attack

    Roger that D.W. Muslim terrorists have great success recruiting in prisons, best to kill them before the Miranda rights kick in. If you tell a fellow criminal that murder, control and rape is the path to heaven they are much more enthused than via the Christian version. Guessing Jr was gut shot cause the suspicion is that this was planned and he is going to have body armor. You may see a few more pistol bearing cops using an alternative gut/pelvis hit and the swat with Ftlbs. of fire energy using center mass. After that cop fires the first round it is game on. If the turd in question has body armor then he is going to counter engage. If Ishmael has a couple 10MM bile holes leaking into his guts it is more debilitating than a useless square-body hit to Kevlar. Looks like it is going to be a colostomy bag instead of 40 Shuckers.
  14. The Trump Administration

    If they can produce anything that sticks on Manafort they will have accomplished their task. With the current climate you don't have to exhaust yourself on detailed facts and proof, the consumers are too A.D.D. for large info meals. You simply get your victim on the front of a newspaper and public opinion court does the rest. Look at Cosby and Harvey. I'm not debating their ethics, just the butterfly effect of the accusation..... First all your endorsements run, deals cancel, the colleges/guilds/associations pull whatever awards/acknowledgements where awarded to you, Obama comes on twitter and makes a statement about your behavior, women with children run to the other side of the street and you have not yet made it through the first week of an accusation.
  15. unit pump

    Use your PAI log-in. It will do the "manual" break down and should give you OE numbers as well as PAI conversion. It's handy for owner operators who DIY. PS- if the little connector screws for wire do not feel like they want to be removed........ better stop and consider if you want to snap it off just to do inspection. They generally do not do well with age.