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  1. I was going to point out you should put that in the “Corona Virus News” Thread, instead of the “Farce” thread, but then I realized it was a New York Times.
  2. Pleased we’re seeing a drop in Covid 19 positives up here since King Ever’s mask mandate. Last week only 1 of 10 engine oil samples came back Covid positive. The week before it was 4 positive, even though the machines aren’t showing a single symptom.
  3. Maybe don’t be as cautious about NAPA, but definitely WIX filters. You can get WIX everywhere.
  4. I finally gave the machining curl filter pictured to our runner to exchange. He took it to NAPA. The parts guy asked “why didn’t you just pull the curl out and use it”. 🤦‍♂️— Really kid?
  5. Find out where that plastic you found in the primer pump is coming from. Had the personal experience of finding a bread bag in a guy’s tank. If it’s a clear bread bag it’s absolutely invisible when submerged in the fuel. Also, you need to crack injector lines while pumping the primer to move air out properly. The EUP has an open center that will allow fuel flow with the key off. On the older EUP you want to crack the line at the EUP, not in the head.
  6. Plain brilliant!!! I didn’t think the reverse fur stroke maneuver would work? I just learned something.
  7. I was thinking you should be committed to a padded room for selling a perfectly nice Mack, then I scoped the interior........
  8. Yup, sick.....Getting sick of seeing politicians and the media exploiting people’s fears and insecurities. Biden-“people need to wear masks OUTSIDE (and inside) for the next three months”. Gimme a break!!! I’m not mad at Biden, he said that because his peeps saw it as politically strategic. It’s what people(majority) WANT to hear or he wouldn’t have said it. I don’t miss the opportunity to ask people what they’re hearing & seeing. That’s real. So I met this guy in Missouri. I’m buying a vehicle from him. I asked him questions and spent the afternoon talking. Topic shifts to Covid. H
  9. Had a hum dinger down in Illinois. This is not made up....... Was cruising out in Illinois farm country. I always pop the windows and kill the A/C and grab a left arm tan. When I was a kid we had family farms in Wi like they still do in the midsection of Illinois. Smell of pigs and corn all the way! Just like going home. Driving through the middle of nowhere south of Rockford and a Rav 4 pulls up, left lane. Lady is waving her hand at me like an emergency. We’re doing 74.99 MPH mind you. She’s yelling something I can’t hear and pointing like my cars on fire and so I’m confused as he
  10. Is your low pressure light working? Most of the time it's from guys kicking the wires off the air PSI sensor manifold down by your feet and then later putting them back on the wrong sensors.
  11. Bigger turbo may not reduce your EGT, more oxygen doesn't make your acetylene torch burn cooler. It'll change the DeltaP and create lower manifold pressure which drops you a bit. Consider EGR.....It lowers the burn temp, EGT and NOx by oxygen deprivation. Midsize Cat engine like 3126 transition to steel pistons and a wastegate at 230HP and above for same reason, more power = more heat. You need to create exhaust backpressure to create intake pressure, higher pressure is higher heat, more molecules dancing too close together.
  12. If you run high EGT with that little on your plate you may opening holes with a legitimate load.
  13. If you have it, try it. The high boost and fuel delivery may be keep your EGT high. Lot of pre-VGT modern engines ran wastegates to lower boost and assist controlling temp. It’s a balancing act.
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