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  1. Popped a forward snap ring off our 05' T318L synchro last month. We bought a shaft retaining plate and I was able to fish the junk out of the front box. Was feeling confident so I had told the boss, before we bought, to avoid T200 cause you wouldn't know if the rear output mainshaft was upgraded. What a jinx, we got 7K miles on it and "pop". Have they come up with any other rear shaft improvements since 2010 (other than the high torque output shaft for cummins)? I don't see any.
  2. Mpro, Your like an intellectual Swiss army knife.
  3. FYI If I can throw out a suggestion, I recommend the group I use. Mike has his own recipes for Mack injectors. He services two Mack dealerships, one Mack independent and the owner operators. They turned around lots of angry, disappointed, AI engine customers for us. K & S will charge you $85 w/$50 core (plus soft/hard parts) instead of Rochester's $165 w/$100 core. K & S got on the Mack modification map when they built the fuel system for Red Eye Express. It was a CH sleeper with a ridiculous amount of horsepower. A guy I went to tech college with was working at Cummins, Wausau, when Jimmy Stewart brought the Express in to run the dyno. He spun out too much so they told him to come back with a loaded trailer. He came back with a loaded trailer and still broke loose. At the Chicago Mack North American institute, where we factory trained, the teacher used the truck as a talking point. If Stewart was an honest man....he was reaching 10-11 MPG when he pussy-footed a load. I asked Mike about your set up. He would want to know the OE injector part number of the current 300HP engine and the OE part number of the injectors you would use for a 375HP. The only advantage Rochester is going to have over K&S is in the 460HP upper stage. Mike associates with Brad, at Rochester, and says they are tooled to push 460 to upper limits via honing technique. By design and plan they don't go with stages. If you pull into some shop with one cracked injector "stage so-and-so" they don't no who's stage is what or customized to what-where-who. If you lose an injector Mike can align you to your closest injection vendor for a specific replacement tip.
  4. Ice see your pun and raise you one!
  5. That's soooooo cold..... get it! "Snowflakes" "cold".....never mind.
  6. We had to dump our pension, it was redundant, I'll never see it cause of my age. No taxpayer $ here either. We chunk wood into paper with 400 union workers and an engineering group. Every month we clear 7-10 million dollars above the red at our facility. Corporate is very fat and very happy and we like it that way. We are also "right to work".
  7. Well put! I'm mostly worried about diabetes and uncommonly delicious cheese. It's killed most of my family members. The majority of the people in this forum are likely suffering from the same First World Issues like "truck driver butt". As a Constitutional Conservative, Christian, United Steel Workers member, Gun toting conceal carry, straight/married, father of 5, white guy with stay home wife, who likes his union ........... I have no friends in this argument.
  8. Rejection never gets easier ....
  9. Dude, I'm hugging you and singing Kumbaya together right now....
  10. One of the things I love about America.......there is a place for mourners and for solution-driven people.
  11. If Minnesota dumbed down it is likely rooted in it's conservative roots(no pun intended) being chopped at...They have(had) a rich history of "getting it". Plus they have better fishing than on that side of the border, unfortunately. Pig Walleye in Leech Lake that will flip your ice shack onto it's side. Minnesota Crime Commission, 1926 - "Every baby starts life as a little savage. He is completely selfish and self-centered. He wants what he wants when he wants it: his bottle, his mother’s attention, his playmate’s toys, his uncle’s watch, or whatever. Deny him these and he seethes with rage and aggressiveness which would be murderous were he not so helpless. He’s dirty, he has no morals, no knowledge, no developed skills. This means that all children, not just certain children but all children, are born delinquent. If permitted to continue in their self-centered world of infancy, given free rein to their impulsive actions to satisfy each want, every child would grow up a criminal, a thief, a killer, a rapist."
  12. I grew up in a town of 1,000. The local Tech institute would send new graduates to train for one year under our police chief, he was outstanding as a mentor. What an annual nightmare. They tried to minimize trainee damage by sending them to us and it was chaos. On Monday morning there was a line outside our police chiefs home...people complaining. He would rip up whatever ticket you were willing to approach his door with. It was common for immature rookies to go out drinking, socializing, dating and getting stupid with the local "20 something's" then go out to satisfy social vendettas while on the clock. Same thing was going on in Crandon, WI, only that ended with the officer killing 6 over a dating issue. PS- we were all white
  13. Looks like a simple observation to me. "According to Fatal Encounters, the database created by former Reno News & Review editor and journalism instructor Burghart (which tracks all deaths resulting from interactions with police), a total of 1,388 people were killed by police in 2015, 318 (23%) of them black, and 560 (40%) of them white."
  14. Exhaust calculation. Working over justifications. E7-12ltr running 1,680RPM @ 32 PSI boost creating 1,070 CFM exhaust @ 5PSI max (theoretical fixed) head pressure...... Exhaust size exhaust speed (feet per second) differential 1" 2,592 baseline 2" 708 366% 3" 309 229% 4" 184 167% 5" 121 152% 6" 82 147%
  15. This is accurate for repair. Cluster fix.pdf