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  1. Either wire, solder and shrink only. No butt connections. I also find it strange that it decides to appear now. The sensor swap would have been my best case scenario, cheap check. If you want to try resistor be conservative about burning any bridges by cutting a bunch of wire out. You have only a little to work with at that spot. Did it run well for a period after the rebuild, or go chronic immediately? I’m guessing it was OK for a while or this would be a warranty conversation?
  2. AC and AI each had some tier 3 issues. The base engine was excellent. I’m going to re-quote and confirm what Bruce has said “I’d take the ASET AC over a red engine any day”.
  3. $18,000 because it’s ASET AC and it’s a Northwoods Salty Dog. Like to see the frame up close. Much as your putting on it you want good metal retention.
  4. Your near a transition year......that one I think it was up by the bottom of the radiator taking first grab at draft air before radiator got to it.
  5. I’d grab a “know good” charge air temp sender from another truck and swap them out. Then take it in if no fix. Mack had issues with smoke stumble at low RPM. Yours should already have the fix. It was a software file or adding a 1,000 ohm resistor to the charge air temp sensor.
  6. Generally it’s checking sensor depth setting, ohms, tip condition and cleaning clutch metal off magnetic tip of flywheel sensor.
  7. That’s a solid, logical approach. We’re finally reaching the point in our fleet where purchasing has become less “flighty” and it’s great! Operators were machine jumping and damaging stuff because of muscle memory change. It took a decade for management to really get it. One day last year an operator filled his engine with diesel fuel and ran it for a half hour. You still can’t save them all, but coincidentally the Deere loader had two engine oil fills next to each other. The one that went to the oil pan bottom cancelled 4” from top of fuel tank. As you suggested, not having to cross train drivers to a bunch of OEMs has its advantages.
  8. The one you can’t see well looks like a rawhide without the sleeper.....
  9. I’ve seen engines come in with recorded high RPM threshold reaching over 3,100+ RPM’s and still in one piece and tuned like a piano. Same group, however, also had a gray engine, AI460, CV713, disbond the crown section of a piston on the sister machine. I didn’t get to see the threshold they reached to do it. They were tractors being pushed into downhill over-speeds by tri-axle gravel dump trailers. Hauling well over 100K+ gross so lots of engine over speed potential. IMO- Expect valve train or base engine damage anytime over 2,800-3,200 RPM would be my best guess.
  10. There is something spectacular about those iron horses. I’m heading up to PotlatchDeltic, Bemidji, MN, on Monday for a training session for the customer version of Liebherr LIDIA. The software replacement for SCULLY. Two of us are going up there to learn the new customer version. If we remain intellectually stonewalled by Liebherr, in terms of machine access, the superintendent of our department said we’ll be exploring the new wood handler line CAT is introducing after January. That’s really good news! Cat support is untouchable. Salesman from CAT told us corporate is buying out Exodus Machines of Superior, WI, dumping the product and closing the doors to use it as an R & D facility for the new CAT line of material handlers. Pretty excited to see what CAT comes up with. Exodus was being sold by CAT years back, say about 2012, and CAT later dropped the product. 3 years ago CAT also dumped there own timber equipment operation up here and sent 220 jobs out the door and made an overnight ghost town. Be good if they find a new interest.
  11. Maybe increased driver confidence causing foot swelling? You are hyper analytical. Not a bad trait.
  12. Curve settles any arguements. You memorize that into your brain, like ECM software for your head, and drive accordingly. At your high end RPM torque/fuel economy/HP curve is diving head first right into the shallow end of the pool. EZ is driving Inside the curve’s benefits.
  13. If you get as far as taking it in you place the burden of identifying the problem directly on the mechanic. If it will do it for him while plugged in he shouldn’t have a lot of trouble finding it..... including the basic instruments to check fuel pressure, aeration, etc.
  14. Might be curious to see what temp the computer thinks the intake is seeing and whether it’s actual......
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