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  1. Where did THAT come from??

    Seems like a young persons sport indeed? Can't see too many 80 year olds out there? As long as the church uses it as "means of Grace" and not "means of salvation" seems perfectly harmless and fun. In classic man's-man fashion Putin never lost his stoicism when the ice cubes attacked his weapon of mass distruction.
  2. 07 mack granite cv713 dump truck

    10-4 to what mackpro said......Those little pilot bearings in steering shafts are the root of all kinds of evil.
  3. What is wrong with people today?

    By the hair-do I'm guessing a bitter beetles fan?
  4. 2006 460 fuel problem

    Bleed the line at the head side. Stubborn suckers with CCRS injectors. The book tells you not to bleed at head cause it will create the illusion of a leaking line days later as it weeps and puts fuel close to the manifold, but sometimes it works better. Should have bled at run-in......still have to try it.
  5. Where did THAT come from??

    Thanks M of N. He is doing great. Did have a moment where I thought "If this happened a century ago, or in some poor region, he might be dead now". Sobering thought. Thank the Lord for good, competent, medical science. Concerning KS's blood test......the effectiveness of most of these remedies could be tested by passing a match over the blood sample to see if it ignites with a blue flame. How a Russian deals with his mid-winter cold symptoms..........Heck yeah! Unpublished reports claim he grabbed and iced an eelpout while down there.
  6. Where did THAT come from??

    Our three month old has the same thing, ended in broncitis, thankfully not pneumonia. Started losing oxygen, was breathing almost twice a second. Doc gave us the coolest little nebulizer. Fill'er with go-go juice, turn it on and hold it under his chin. Face gets covered with a thick foggy mist and he starts blowing smoke out of his mouth and nose like a mini Fidel Castro. Hour later he is breathing clear and a baby. Think they have them for adults too, but fluid used is not over-the-counter. Think I'm going to fake a cough so I can get myself one of those.......out-sleep Jr.
  7. Gotta love a happy ending ..... Lord grant you A long haul and smooth road.
  8. Trump and Immigration (Illegal Immigrants in the US)

    Coincidently, I lost my job to an illegal immigrant from Woodstock, Illinois when I was 19 years old. Like to remind the libs I talk to that I was content working in the ginseng fields while saving for school and those were not jobs "no American would want". Wisconsin will be seeing snow-bird Mexicans coming across the South border every harvest season. These politicians default to the flesh and emotion. They indulge lawlessness like a Heroine addiction. Common sense and solid reasoning bounces right off the skull plate. Kamp Dogg...........if you follow this thread you need to include the story of your car being totaled (and one side of the neighbor's house) being demolished by an illegal.
  9. Trump and Immigration (Illegal Immigrants in the US)

    A cool headed carry member would have fit that situation well.
  10. Trump and Immigration (Illegal Immigrants in the US)

    Questions is why are these politicians walking out of closed door meetings and flapping their wings like a buncha wet hens then cherry picking portions of a conversation to create media flurry. They have used the impeachment card so much on Trump it is becoming laughable.
  11. Dough because of Doe !

    If the Road Goat was suicidal at least she used good taste selecting the tool of demise.
  12. Russian Wine Thief?

    Nicely done, but poorly planned. Should have taken a whole platoon of "after-hours" bar patrons with him and really put a dent in the liqour store stock.
  13. New to forum... looking for advice and expertise!

    Welcome, expect to find advice by the spoonful.......expertise, a healthy dash, but never disappointment.
  14. Its cold here.

    I'm loving it. When it hit -25 my car saw a considerable horsepower increase. Nice, dense, cold, oxygen-rich air feeding the pistons........Combined with a frozen starter that stays engaged while the engines running to give me Nitro-power in the low RPM range. Sorta like a Prius, only tragic.
  15. How To Add Photos To Your Post.

    I'm quickly reaching critical mass too.