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  1. Great, Great, Grandpa-dyne would not be pleased with His Eulogy. Agreed with Dirty Milk. Maybe not about respecting opinions, but rather not taking your opinion seriously, it's a chat room ...…that said.........I shant linger for more my dear Hydra at the risk of you ruining my evenings appetite, bid thee fare well and exit stage right, whence tomorrow we fight.
  2. From winter. Not sure what he was doing there surrounded on all sides with equipment, buildings and a river? Didn't seem to be worried. Taking squatters rights on the wood chip pile.
  3. Yup. It did a fine job of flushing out those pesky patriot types though, didn't it ? Right into the sights. Here's the article........here's the predictable hostile reaction.......and...…wait for it......here's your BMT walking papers sir. That said, consider this and agree, if submitting inflammatory material onto Odds and Ends was a halted it would be a complete bore? Historical (5 minutes old) Quote of the Day..... War history is the eulogy of a million dead American hero's. Selective manipulation of war history is the lowest form of despotism over those who surrendered themselves wholly and aren't alive to defend it. ~M.Tech
  4. Revisionist “fact” - we didn’t have to bomb them, they would have surrendered. Fact- it almost required 3 H-bombs to get them to surrender. Case closed.....
  5. Legitimate revisionism requires facts, strategic arrangement and the exclusions of debatable counterpoints and critical details. It’s perfectly legitimate, factual, revisionism. Read the first line of that BS article and you have your agenda laid out, front and center. The last two red highlighted paragraphs confirm the purpose for why the article was threaded. Tisk, tisk and shame on you America...
  6. I’m with ya bud, let’s go tipping WWII memorials and statues tonight. 👍🏼
  7. Article is naïve, another prime example of historical revisionists at work in the liberal media. When you have groups of individuals committing mass war suicide, as many as 14 million war crime murders and an Emperor calling for millions of citizen's "Death with Honor" upon invasion, your not going to get a surrender. Fat Boy was a life saver. I went to the ground zero Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in 2009. Fascinating. Mentioned it before...….one thing you can't find is a pic, or acknowledgement, of the multiple measuring devices the US dropped on all sides of Hiroshima before they bombed it. Measured time, temp, pressure, etc. US didn't get one back, Japs found it, it's in the museum on display. The native Japanese missionary teachers we stayed with were children in WW2 and confirmed it was the only way they would have surrendered and were exceedingly glad the Emperor was deposed. They lived it, no revisionism. Keeping the Emperor would have made them the other modern North Korea, a governmental style of worship similar to what we see reemerged in the contemporary Democrat Party.
  8. Yup, they’re hearty folks. Don’t mind riding on a steel hump. Much of the 90’s fleet had air ride with the sleeper units and 48’ loader trailers. Landing pickers. Keep in mind these guys considered an air ride seat inside of an air ride cab to already be a little too luxurious in comparison to the forwarders they used for the previous 30 years. Before bio mass collection the trucks would run right over the downed tops. Bags are flimsy, low and vulnerable. If you had an air bag suspension you’d be doing one bag a month because of tooth pick attack. Now they chip the whole tree and the stumpage looks swept clean as the kitchen floor. That’d be my guess.....they expected to pick off deep landings and didn’t want to deal with bringing suspension balloons to the dart 🎯 party? Other thing was axle cracks. The single-point weight displacement of a spring pad usually cracked the Mack axle tops on the off road trucks. Camels had better weldment style receiver and rarely cracked the housings.
  9. Love it! Be tempted to machine a little adjuster screw to set VGT travel limitation and a “give’r hell” cable, with a hand grab T-bar, for the big hill climb mode! Pull for full boost and slam it back home when the EGT’s hit 1,400 degrees.
  10. He's retiring. As I recall they never bought a truck inside of the Tier 3 emissions (or higher). The newest I recall were some 460HP E-Techs from the early 2000's which they used to tow 98K of wood chips. Those he started selling 2 years ago. Tires got hocked, looks like recaps, the one still has a sticker on the cap? Bright side......at least new recaps! Funny how the condensate can rust the plate & mount.
  11. Guys I know from the dealership days. Loved Mack. Use to spend the end of year $$ on a new truck or wood processor and let it sit in a showcase shed for local parades or as a "just in case" truck. They must have had one of the millennial grandsons post it, he clearly can't spell Mack (Mach). 50 miles on the truck. https://northernwi.craigslist.org/hvo/d/prentice-new-mach-ch-613-single-cab/7150803426.html
  12. I had one customer with a V-Mac II come in during the LS transition with a failing injection pump. I had it staged to R&R over to K&S Fuel for a rebuild, he didn't come back for 6 months. When he finally came back for other work I hit him up to find out what was shaking. He had started adding lubricant to the fuel and said the rack stick went away. That's the only instance. Once I drank a pot of coffee and read through the most boring engineer interpretation I could find on composition of Low Sulfur fuel. It acknowledged the fuel has been "dried" from the process and mentioned lubricity additions to the fuel (per manufacturer) as compensation to make up for the anemic lubrication character.
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