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    I'd hit the circuit of local truck shops and confiscate their used coolant. We almost had enough to fill a wood boiler system at my house, but ultimately some oil gets in the mix. It's not perfectly clean.
  2. Should ask to see the hammer, stick a grease fitting on his forehead with a piece of tape and hit it. "There, see, my truck didn't like it either".
  3. Mp8

    AI is a trainable Dog 🐶 emissions system. AC is a high maintainence woman emissions system.
  4. Mp8 This is the truck I would buy to do your job. I recognize the chassis, it is a Michaels Construction truck. Short and stout with a good turn. Been for sale for one year, hot potatoed from Michaels auction to this dealer. They used it for pulling wire stock through off-road power line right-of-ways. Think they fit with 300AMI engines.
  5. The All New Mack

    Chopped edges....hard lines
  6. The All New Mack

    I really like the thing. Maybe my generation of kids who went nuts on Transformers will snatch'em up. They are staying in trend with light automotive body preferences.
  7. Mack MP10 tops the grunt factor in Australian truck test

    Volvo gave birth to identical twins. They deemed one a bastard and the other blessed. They gave the blessed son a dollar and the bastard ninety cents. Blessed bought chrome hubcaps with his dollar and bastard bought brass knuckles. Guess we have a winner.
  8. Mp8

    Buncha. Stay low tech emissions and beat the system. $ 🐮 $

    How many months of cover do you get in a winter? We are Last week November till third week March. Frost break ends around late April.

  11. My oldest tool that gets used every day...

    My favorite group of homemade Mack slappers...........If Mackpro or FJH can guess which bearing groups these represent your the know-it-all for the week (think gears).
  12. Mack MP10 tops the grunt factor in Australian truck test

    Seems like an entitlement war that Mack won with reputation, funny. #1 Mack [email protected] #5 Volvo [email protected] Volvo reads this article they will derate the MP10 to 665HP.
  13. Beautiful Catastrophe XI

    Thing packed solid, snapped the 3.5" rod AND bent the cylinder tube. Messy.