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  1. Remember the feminist bra burning parties? Do masks burn? Can I buy a t-shirt that says “I Never Wore It!!” ?
  2. I know those foreign guys. Those are the dudes who do that cool trick with their semi. They make a snake slither action going down the highway going Back and forth over the adjacent lanes. I watched one guy doing the slither (as I call it) and every time a car came close to him he tried his hardest to stay in his lane. As soon as the cars got past the slither started again and he’d be bouncing across lanes like Atari pong.
  3. Pretty soon we’ll be hiring illegals to do our police work too because no one will want it.
  4. No oil viewing through that front hub cap eyeglass anymore. It's the "White Out" edition.....because DOT inspectors can't flag what they can't see. Neither can you unfortunately.....
  5. Every Mack Truck needs love, grease, oil and a job..... but this girls been sitting on Craigslist North Dakota for quite a long spell. https://nd.craigslist.org/hvo/d/grand-forks-for-sale-1996-mack-rd688/7104404350.html
  6. Covid is falling into its predicted role. It’s a great little tool to stop open voting, but not really useful as a tool to suppress the lawless young liberal out on the street raising hell. It’s a switch leadership can now turn on and off according to need and works best against the law abiding than the lawless. Same with Dems pressure applied against lawful gun owners. Suppress people who respond/react to control methods and follow laws......don’t properly enforce the existing laws against known felons. Lets put the hairdresser in a jail cell and let the other prisoners go because we don’t want the LAWLESS to get Covid. The conservative outspoken hairdresser can get Covid in jail and die, she’s spoke up against us.
  7. Our vendor from Green Bay came over and was explaining the protests. He said “It wasn’t Black Lives Matter, it was every trailer park in Brown County dumped out onto the street”. He described it as lots of “white trash” hoping for some free stuff.
  8. Being denied a haircut is a loss of Liberty. Having your life taken away is the ultimate loss of liberty.
  9. I did consider a similar thing... where are the crazies? The gun wielding maniacs we seem to have dozens of in the U.S. The nut sitting at home, popping rounds into magazines, 20 something white guy, contemplating shooting himself, but wanting to take out 40 people before he does. Truth is those people are spineless cowards. They never shoot at a pillaging mob, they shoot concert goers, women shopping, folks out at a park or theatre, sitting in some classroom. No spine to meet any form of resistance. In an ideal scenario the two mobs would cancel each other out, unfortunately law abiding people suffer the brunt of managing all forms of idiots.
  10. Lol, yup, you porta power the crank up you’ll find a 0.010” under mishap!! Heck, you probably can save money and use the same piece of plastigauge for the whole thing! In the dealer world Mack wouldn’t allow us to machine the crank. Only Remack cranks. Machine shops don’t ease the corners of journal cuts and it predisposes the journal to crack. Don’t suppose that matters as much at 350HP, but 12 liter cranks turning 480HP May be a little more critical. On the rare occasion it was needed we used a porta power. Seems like the weight allows for a lot of sag distortion if shimming. We’d generally, 99%, check to make sure crank was std, and if polish was good, it got a shell. In most cases main failures destroyed the block.
  11. You can’t plasti the mains in chassis, you can do rods. If your creative you may load the crank upwards with a porta power to try it.
  12. See what I’m saying, I just dropped another nickel on the lemonade stand counter for the analysis.
  13. You guys had peaceful, constructive, street-side chats? Remember on Charlie Brown when Lucy would put up a lemonade stand with a sign in front that said “Psychiatric Help 5 cents”..... please tell me you had one set up by the road side.
  14. Cam bearings are popular on that vintage of engine. Usually you could drive through it, except you lose your engine brake around 1,100-1,000 RPM as you descend. Mack came out with a spec for gauging acceptable loss vs rebuild time. Oil at a certain temp and RPM at a specific rate should create “. “” “”” psi of oil pressure. I don’t remember “” “ “ psi.
  15. Flip side to this one is the guy actually was murdered. There’s been a couple times where they catch a cop shooting someone in the back and planting a taser (as with Walter Scott shot 5 times in the back, 2nd degree murder). This round in Minneapolis is a righteous anger situation. Not like the Micheal Brown shooting where he clearly earned his bullet, that uproar being a media puppet show. Same with Trayvon, AKA- “Obama’s could-have-been-my son”. Heck, maybe it was Obama’s kid? So all of society and the political surround agree early into this.... the cop is most likely going to do time and it’ll end up murder. Regardless, the 10% of blacks that cause 100% of the problems can’t miss the opportunity. Even with a pending guarantee of the cops incarceration. Black lives matters is showing there true colors in Minneapolis, pun intended.....Black TVs Matter, make mine a 72” please. As for the whitey’s out there busting it up? You see them mixed in. Yeah, NOT white nazis. That’s a biggest pile of lame stream media 💩. Those are farm raised, born and bred, leftist liberals gone feral !!! They’re fulfilling their party’s duty by duplicating the solidarity playbook. You read up on terrorist tendency it’s know female hostage holders are the worst case scenario for the negotiator. They’re much more likely to kill women and children in an attempt to disprove any femininity and to be taken as a more seriously than an average “woman”. That’s what your watching, bunch of over zealous white liberals trying to prove their “black solidarity”. Since it is the Corona thread......why isn’t the media going into long diatribes about how much Covid is getting spread in this protest riot. If it was an NRA march they’d be predicting a mass outbreak and shaking their righteous heads “tisk tisk”. Farce indicator revealed, it’s Covid when it’s convenient (conservative).
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