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  1. Guess that depends somewhat on when Hillary has you killed. Make sure your wife lists the ‘98 on here first.
  2. You do an oil test? Does it go away when you Rev above idle?
  3. Haughty Newscasters trying to decide what’s worthy of an attraction? We dream about that happening here. Ice fisherman’s dream. Sit and jig while the disc does all the work. Bugger if you go under since it appears to take a couple minutes before your hole comes back around to you. Relax and hold your breath.
  4. Mack pans can fit rotationally either direction and the sump pickup can be bolted to either front or back of the pump. There’s a lot that’s universal, so guessing pickup may be universal too. Guessing. Measure once you get it off, you’ll be able to determine fit for sure. No real advantage to a deeper pickup tube except in some off road engines.
  5. I’d gamble they probably are the same, still good to expect the unexpected and watch for interference. When Mack started using multiple pan volumes they adjusted the oil change interval to the pan volume. They went up to a 51 quart for the AI, probably because of soot. Going on memory, but back when Mack had gray and silver filters, silver was longer service life for larger pans on AC. They also built a corrosion resistant pan ...SB211023. Or I should say “use to build”? Mack powder coated the interior and exterior then put a layer of Rhino Lining on the outside. Your corrosion resistant 28 quart for an E-Tech is 21359528. Mack also made 100% stainless hardware to go with the pan. Even the little isolator buttons had stainless rubber-bonded washers. If anyone looks that up I’d be very curious to see the price tag 💰
  6. That’s a midlife crisis device right there.... don’t mess up your E-Tech. Agree, it would be fun to stick one on a more needy engine like the AI to see what happens!
  7. Wouldn’t hurt, and it likely needs one anyway.
  8. Freaky how those dust storms can produce lightning. Watched a show about the dust bowl of 1935. Sand moving over a steel surfaces, like a plow or tractor, could generate enough static electricity to give you taser shocks.
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