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  1. Mack Technician

    EU PUMP ?

    Three spots... 1. EUP rings 2.fuel pump 3.fuel gallery plug Your block is drilled end-to-end to create the two fuel galleries for you EUPs. If you look at the front of the block you will see one drilling plug, the other lower plug is under the timing cover. If it leaked you would take on fuel internally. Not a popular leak though. Always a little fascinated the stems on an EUP hold fuel back. If you ever dump an EUP pull the spring off and pump stem out of your core. No seals. The fuel plunger has thousands of psi of fuel on one side and crankcas on the other side. Metal sealing through fuel film only. I don’t view them as able to stop 100% fuel x-over, but generally they do.
  2. Mack Technician

    EU PUMP ?

    Google search “Mack SB-221-038”. It will give the full description with procedure and part numbers.
  3. Mack Technician

    2005 Rattling Sound and only RPM at 5 ahen sitting Idle

    Noticed you still have the choke-collar exhaust manifold on your bulldog..................... Best time to reseal those exhaust studs is while your throwing that manifold in the recycle bin.
  4. Mack Technician

    2005 Rattling Sound and only RPM at 5 ahen sitting Idle

    Assuming you are not leaking above what is pictured...........your lower exhaust studs are open to the crankcase. Drilling’s go right to oil and come within a hair of touching push tube. Only fix is to remove lower manifold stud, clean threads with solvent and reinstall with thread sealant..... or just live with small leak.
  5. Nice pics. Spent Labor Day up there, tip of Bayfield County near Cornacopia. It really is something. You dip your foot in the pool? Water was 60 deg when we got there to swim. A family was kayaking off the Apostle Islands that same weekend, flipped the kayak when a storm blew. The dad and all three kids froze to death. The mom survived because she was conveniently overweight. Lake Superior is pretty, but not friendly.
  6. Mack Technician

    torque specs

    You can download the entire repair manual for free. Google “Mack emedia”. Service information. Engine. E-tech. Manual 5-106. Download.
  7. Mack Technician

    Oh No! Are they that lost?

    Lot of them pencil in Elmo or Justin Beaver anyway, so it shouldn’t sway the vote.
  8. Mack Technician

    EU PUMP ?

    Put in the delta seal kits on EUP
  9. Mack Technician

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    Most folks who drive in the Twins have acquired a taste for bumper.
  10. Mack Technician

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    Twin Cities, MN
  11. Mack Technician

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    Looks like both SUV drivers hospitalized with non life threatening injury. Drivers name was Andy Stafford from Owattonna Minnesota.
  12. Mack Technician

    Critics push U.S. to help Europe by taking more refugees

    Article V petition, Convention of States, already has my signature. However, unlikely party issues would get the floor.
  13. Mack Technician

    Critics push U.S. to help Europe by taking more refugees

    Imagine a political party so inherently corrupt it tries to illegally import voters too poor, uneducated, nieve, desperate and vulnerable to disagree with it’s views..... all in the spirit of staying solvent? Drain the swamp!
  14. Mack Technician

    New Fad for Cars?

    It’ll pass, like all the coffee can mufflers on rice burners after Fast and the Furious came out. My guess is this comes from the re-emergence of Mad Max or Resident Evil, etc. Pretty entertaining to me! I was grunge back in the 90’s before grunge was cool....so why shouldn’t a modern brother driving a rusty F150 get his day in the sun now?
  15. Mack Technician


    We were up in the flat tops mountains, Meeker CO, muzzleloading for Elk. When it hit the top of the hour, around 10PM, one of the guys zeroed a station on the truck to hear the weather/news before bed. It was a confusing report about the plane attack and even more confusing when he was done reiterating it. Looked outside and the sky was dead silent. Evident something big was coming down. By Friday, when we were ready to move, there was radio talk of no rental cars available in US, price gouging and gasoline shortages.

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