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  1. Why not run the Super 10, that's a decent trans to drive 400HP through?
  2. Thanks Snowdog! Way better. He wasn’t loaded, so I’d guess the frame, tandem, loader and rack possibly didn’t get tweaked. May be able to drop his work body onto a new cab/chassis truck. That 10-15ft ravine drop at the end sealed the deal. He’s a life long woodsman, no dummy, but often those guys don’t make risk adjustments to compensate for age. Watch one 56yr old guy go to Missouri Bluetail Group for stem cell reconstruction of his knee and blow it up a few months later jumping off his trailer.
  3. Salt and cold sweat. We only see sweat for two months up here, southerners must have it all year? Years back a guy asked me to road trip to check a Florida Mack CH613, perfect set-up. Truck was ruined. Steering wheel was covered with rust spots. ECM on engine looked like a white powdered donut and was nearly rotted off the attaching bolts. Condensation damage. Here you only get it until the ground frost and cold leave the concrete parking slabs.
  4. The hook dragging him up the hillside.... don’t know what it takes to pretzel an 18K steer beam, but he did it. Looks like most front hardware is being daisy chained and dragged out with the remains.
  5. Got word one of our haulers lost control of his 98K Granite and about totaled it. He is your average wood butcher cowboy, heck of a guy, and doing what 20 year olds do in the woods.....only he’s closer to 60. He was diagnosing a noise coming from outside the truck while riding the dog, side saddling, to see what was dragging or wrapped into his running gear. With door open, while driving slow pace, he slipped, fell sideways out of the truck and thankfully fell away from the wheels. The Granite took off down a hill, through the stumpage and off the edge of a small cliff. You need to turn your head sideways since I can’t photoshop this pic.
  6. I’d say “Lucky Devil”, but after paying attention to your gigs I can see you gents have worked your way up to this.
  7. They should have never removed the E-Tech coolant filter. I think it was always there, but after the filter was removed it became apparent. Looks like they still haven’t got it figured out? This is a D-13J, same as MP engine, different paint booth.
  8. If hate’in on Mack transmissions was in style Dave would be Coco Chanel.
  9. Flashback to 2001 E-Tech casting sand dilemma. Are you guys getting casting sand issues on the MP8's? This is the third go round in two years on the Volvo side. All three lost heat, all three cured by reverse flowing the heater cores to blow engine casting sand out.
  10. Life rewards folks who are good at math, and I'll credit that, but also make sure your including all the variables in your math equation...… Anybody got a number on how much fuel goes out the 7th injector if an MP8? I did a lifetime average on our little CAT 9.3 liter and it was about 1,600 gallons of diesel. That 1,600 gallons produced no power, only heat for the emissions system DPF regeneration. I appreciate CAT software for it's honesty, Volvo software doesn't want to talk about it. On the flip side, the final is eating 7th injector fuel PLUS making you buy DEF. Now the DPF free 4-5 tier machines are eating 10-14% DEF. For every 100 gallons of fuel you burn tack on $69.83 at todays DEF price for those units. On tier 3 you'll never figure out how much the filthy exhaust gas consumption steals in the way of potential cylinder pressure loss...………..but much easier to adjust for. You just have to get all the exhaust going back out of the engine instead of into it. Road salt needs to eat. Days coming when all trucks will be clean diesel or CNG, for now you can still use old stuff profitably.
  11. Well put, It's not a cookie cutter world, moot argument. Last week I stopped over to do my annual physical on the truck I did the AI thread on. It put on 330 hours. Perfect performance, perfect fit, give it all the fuel it wants to drink, it earned it, owners happy, he saved a bunch of money this year with it. It was so wet they had to move logging equipment constantly with changing ground saturation. He said if he had to pay the contractor for moving his equipment (like he use to), he'd have gone broke waiting. Old truck, paid for, no external emissions, money maker credited with saving his business. He's so happy he's buying Log Dog a cab-back paint job for Christmas.
  12. Your mother and I didn't raise you to act like this, you learned it somewhere else. Mack has forever had issues with stick-slip Phenomenon in the clutch cables. They call it "Phenomenon" because science hasn't been able to cure it or properly/measure/define/predict it. Mack never cure it either. Your nylon surfaces in the clutch cable rub till they become mated. Once they true-up the stick slip starts to kick in. We have it in our wet brake systems, I have to put an additive in to relieve stick slip. Every time you slide your trailer tandem you experience stick-slip. It takes a lot of power to get the slide action to start, but once you break loose it takes less power to move. Install a new cable if it's bugging you. If it's an air clutch system make sure you have the proper updates to keep the weather out of the assist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stick-slip_phenomenon Good luck!
  13. Pain is the schoolmaster. If you make it a complete pain and expensive to burn liquified dinosaur you’ll eventually welcome CNG.
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