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    I’m an AG mechanics teacher at a highschool. I like fixing up old trucks and tractors and enjoy tractor pulling

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  1. It runs great now but before with the load listed my 290 big cam Cummins would absolutely smoke it. Now it runs great. Also update gauge was off 5lbs installed new gauge runs around 35 psi boost bobtailing
  2. Im going to hook to trailer early next week and can get better results been just bob tailing around since put it on
  3. I was thinking of doing that anyways I have a couple extra ones
  4. Installed turbo today runs awesome went from 30 psi boost to 40 psi and dropped 200 degrees on EGTs 😎
  5. Thanks and the step has been fixed since this picture much better now. I had this setup before it was a big cam 290 turned up some and it played with this load. When I first got this Mack it hated this load had to downshift twice where never did with other truck. And I turned Mack up put a different gov spring in it and it will run with the other now but the higher EGTs I’m not in love with. So was thinking bigger turbo to clean smoke up get heat away or open the injectors up to add more fuel with the bigger turbo to keep it cooler. Because I know if I turn it down I will not be happy with it
  6. This is just a toy hauler will probably get 3/4000 miles a year. I’m a diesel mechanic instructor and watch gauges
  7. No boost leaks checked that and I’ll buy this for the 5” problem. My truck is a econodyne with a 10speed
  8. Hello I have a 84 E-6 2 valve. AMbac pump turned up and different gov spring I’m wanting to install a different turbo to clean up fuel and lower EGTs. Currently running 30psi boost but on hard pull will see 1200 on EGTs. I have a S4 turbo off an E7 here would that turbo help me out or would it be too laggy? I’ll add pic of current turbo and the E7 one I have thanks in advance
  9. Hello I’m looking for a set of Jacobs jakes for a E-6 2 valve. Air to Air engine. I’m located in Ohio but will pay shipping thanks in advance
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