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  1. Yep don't see them complaining about the real culprit, blacks selling blacks into slavery, oh that's right can't get crap out of a piss poor broke country.
  2. Not just a turbo but low to real low restriction manifold also, stock manifold has to much back pressure I was told to work with switchblade so they make their own manifold, spoke with Pete at Pittsburgh Power and they told me the same thing Blaylock told me and they are hoping to get a switchblade to try on their dyno, I think their manifold would be the answer to the AI problem. life gets better under Trump because people have money to do things like this.
  3. OK, they were BLACK and did not clean up their crap like every body else, they were only the people there that did not dispose of their trash. Plain and simple the whites clean up their mess, the blacks did not, it goes along with every thing else with blacks they are somehow exempt from all laws and rules and just human way of living but demand respect when they did not earn it and then expect preferred treatment in every thing because someone in their family tree years ago may have been a slave, they should thank god that their family member came here by slavery, as bad as it was it was great for the Black race because it got them out of Africa, because of slavery they are here and can be anything they want if they work at it, in Africa if they were even alive their chances of doing well would less than slim, slavery has been good for the Black race, stop living in fairy tale land admit what it really is.
  4. Anybody heard of the Switchblade Turbo, Guess what they now are made for Mack engines, not Volvo knockoffs, but E7 and Etech, comes as kit with new manifold and turbo, pretty neat and pretty pricey $4800.00 for kit, had nice discussion with owner, like the product, when I get home I will try and upload the specs and info that is being sent to me.
  5. I have dark skin because I don't sit in a office and I wear shorts everyday at work until I need to go some place that has people that cannot control themselves when I show up with my nice sexy tanned legs, so I could have been referring to a white person when I said tanned dark pigment, I know plenty of white people that are not pasty white, and as for Rudy's not many trashy people go there because it is not the cheapest place in town to get something to eat, therefore the customer base appears to be shall we say more affluent, gotta have money to eat good food other wise you go to Wendy's, so these life forms have had to have some money or they would have to just watch us eat but they ate and then left their garbage, so what it gets down to is instead of defending piss poor behavior one should agree that they the offender should clean up their act and then people like me would have nothing to say . Amen
  6. Didn't say anything about any race, said tanned dark pigmented life form, if it had been some humanoid I would have pointed that out, these life forms have not evolved to the human level yet and do not qualify to be called a human or any race there of. I am trying not to be obnoxiously correct.
  7. I know this seems crazy but we really plan our trips so we can hit as many Rudy's that we can go by, we know where we can fit our trucks and plan our overnites where we can drop our trailers and bob tail to eat. wives of the drivers think we are nuts but there is NO BBQ in GA that matches what you can get in TX. If we go to NY we stop at exit 5 (Maybrook) on 84 to get sandwiches at Renee's Hot Stuff and Newicks in NH
  8. They make a 15/50 which I wonder would be great here in the south when it gets warm ? could be 20/50 have to check
  9. I like Mystic but cannot get anyone to stock it, I will be in the oil business next.
  10. So this week we take some phony Russian tracked things to Yuma AZ, got our pictures taken about thousand times, people love armored tanks, anyway when we go west we get to stop at Rudy's, anybody that lives in TX or travels that way knows what a Rudy's is, for you that don't they are a meat smokehouse and have great Brisket, love Brisket, they do not serve but do have tables and such so you can sit and enjoy your meal, when finished you are expected to clean up your mess, there are even signs on the walls telling you that mother is not there and clean up after your done which everyone does because you enjoy going there so much, really good Brisket, so we hit Rudy's like twice going out and then pick up some helicopters in Tuscon out by Pima, anyway off to the east we go, of course back to Rudy's in El Paso then to Arlington, so when we enter the building there is a group of tanned dark pigmented life forms, we pay them no mind because we all enjoy good Brisket, we order our food, spend about 100 bucks to feed 3 guys and head for the tables, we like sitting on the patio, that is where the life forms were but now are gone except that they left all their trash on the tables, I'm not a racist but there are signs and everyone knows the rules, how come the tanned dark pigmented life forms just cannot seem to understand that is it THEIR actions that cause the problems, by the way the Brisket was really good, the life forms not so much.
  11. 65 B61 673 w turbo tri plex bought from Mel Clark Oh and factory sleeper, single axle with air tag, wish I had it now
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