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  1. david wild

    Spec'ing a NEW MACK!! (Volmac)

    You should always buy new trucks with lotsa gauges and dual pipes, makes girls go AW with all them gauges to look at, and you really feel special with more gauges, like a pilot or ship captain, and the dual pipes make your truck go faster, and make them point to the rear so they can help push the truck down the road, if you use a single on one side your truck will lean, if you need anymore stupid comments I have plenty, I learned them all from my help.
  2. david wild

    Thank you President Tump

    If your a baker and you don't want to make a cake for a Gay couple you end up at the supreme Court, if you own a restaurant and a republican shows up you tell them to go home. ?????????
  3. david wild

    Thank you President Tump

    Everyone here has gotten their passports, got Twic or renewed and pre chek or whatever so we can fly unmolested, something we didn't even bother with last so many years, how can anyone think that this is not the doings of Trump, the Fonda kids should be deported for being un-American, and the jerk off who wants Trumps kid in dog cage should charged with a hate crime, do that to Obama and see what would have happened, the liberal left is desperate, they are imploding and they know it, that explains their out of control stupid actions.
  4. david wild

    Thank you President Tump

    I am calm, actually very happy, something I could not say during the Obama campaign to destroy America, there is work, real work not just food service jobs but work that people can use to buy homes and cars, what I don't understand is how anyone can argue about closing the border, go any place else and try and sneak in, I was detained in Kuwait while my visa was in transit, arrested in Ukraine for no visa and officially deported the next day, flying with cargo on the Antonov 225 and was leaving next day anyway, but they take their border security seriously, something the liberals don't, they see migrants as potential voters, that's because as the voter pool learns what the liberals stand for they move right and the left has to bring in new victims. Working Americans feel good, real good, thanks to one man and his different way of running the country. Pelosi and that nitwit from New York are a disgrace to this country. We leave again for Seattle, high, wide and $$$$, something we have not seen in a long time. Thank You Mr. Trump. (will try and get some pics. no cops this time)
  5. david wild

    Thank you President Tump

    Thanks goes out to President Trump for the robust economy, for sitting down with Rocket Man and for all he great things he has done for the country. Now for you brain dead liberals that certainly hate this country, pack up your crap and move, it is hard to believe that any sane person could allow their elected official to do nothing but spend their time and therefore our tax dollars fighting the President who has done more good in 19 months than Obama or Clinton could do in a life time. Now I'll get told to stop my picking on the poor left wing nut jobs because I hurt their feelings, Really ??? their brain dead they feel nothing. or they have been denied by their partner for so long their swimmers have clouded their minds (see I included the gays) 2 years ago you could not find work today you cannot find help, our GDP is growing by the day, all the people who escort large loads are busy and hard to find to move our loads, we have work we have not had since before Obama, this is due to Trump not some BS that liberals think that Obama put in place, The nut jobs now bring up that Trump is acting like a Nazi ??? the only Nazi acting jerkoffs in this country is the out to lunch most certainly brain dead left wing America hating liberal democrat or as my favorite judge calls the demon rats, what the left is doing is disgusting and immoral and they along with their illegal friends from south of the border should be deported, If the Fondas and the rest of their sick minded followers don't like here then leave, OH that's right there is no place on earth any better, So Thank You Mr. Trump keep up the good work and continue to piss off the losers I for one will have your back.
  6. david wild

    Truth In Advertising (Hopefully)

    If there was truth in advertising I would have never gotten married. I do, means not that anymore.
  7. L and L truck stop @ mile post 101, 1 fuel pump, don't think it worked, lots of party's though, 95er if you were into skanks.
  8. david wild

    Paris under attack

    Peace loving religion ???
  9. david wild

    Other Dog

    You should take your cat with you, I take mine every place just like a dog, she's been to Pittsburgh Power and stays with Bruce, WorldWide Equipment Middlesboro KY stays with girls in office, stayed with me in MD all winter, she's been coast to coast and if I was single she would be the best for getting dates, girls like cats and they all come to see her, helps the cat is cute takes pressure off me, took a bit for wife to get used to me saying we when I'm on the road, who is we she would say, like I'd take another woman with me ?? one is enough, cat is better, anyway more fun when riding with a buddy, try it you might like it. Cat has facebook page, Abbies travels.
  10. david wild

    Work boots

    I wear 10.5 wide if they fit you can have em, great boot, hand made , custom boots. don't fit me too tight up at the toes, they tried stretching.
  11. david wild

    Greetings from UP North EH!

  12. david wild

    old gear jammer

    That is they found Osborne, dead under his truck on side of road.
  13. david wild

    Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    I think they should turn him loose in the same school with a bunch of the parents, if he lives he lives, if not they take his corspe to the dump, they should let the parents decide his fate.
  14. david wild

    Work boots

    Bought pair of Wesco boots, great boot, but the puke who measured my feet made them to tight, been trying to give them away, going to send back and tell them to shove them up pukes ass, been buying snap on, but going to try Danner next, snap on makes great socks, got at least 50 pair, don't have time to wash when on a project, just take enough to go and get back, had Red Wings but think quality went off and more interested in pretty wear not work wear, seen good boots in Europe but don't understand their sizing, Carhart won't even last 3 months, get almost year out of Snap on.
  15. david wild

    Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    Got his pants pulled down, under wear up, big tuff puke, see how tuff he is when he's someones bit** in prison, still should have shot him.

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