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  1. The ESI kit from Mack comes with all the filters, why would obtain filters from parts shop looking to hose you, we get ours from the Mack dealer and the local parts house cannot meet Macks price, maybe I have good Mack dealer but you can also look at Amazon.
  2. Got a down under photo too, up side down, Great job, hope trailer is working good for you. RD 888 made great heavy haul tractors, I will see if I can find the pictures of ours at GE in Pensacola.
  3. You have no idea of the paperwork , back round checks and Q and A involved, I feel violated but on the other hand it will be honor to move Aircraft that there my be only one of. this has been years in the making and I never thought back then we would ever get here, maybe the Mack owners (volvo) will appreciate a Mack moving some of Americas jewels.
  4. December 18/19 2019 we will be in Washington DC at the Smithsonian to move the Douglas World Cruiser (Chicago) to it's new home in Chantilly VA. the new Air Museum by Dulles, this is just the first on a list we have which also has the Rutan Voyager, first plane to fly around the world non stop. and yep I'm using a Mack. (got the X15 too)
  5. We even used different clutch manf. ???? still like mounted in cement.
  6. we have changed the cable made no difference at all, put new clutch in works great for 2/3 weeks and goes right back to crap, I think it is caused by upside down forks, that is my idea with what is wrong. only mack uses and only our macks have problem.
  7. NO NO NO the cable will create some drag as it gets worn but if you have a Mack trans your gonna get stiff clutch, done mine twice, works great for couple weeks and goes right back to same crap, all the fuller trans trucks don't seem to have that problem, one more good reason to run a fuller trans.
  8. When you go to a dealership and ask for a Fuller 13 or 18 speed gear shift knob/shifter and they need the serial number then you have come across a brain dead
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