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  1. Good thing you don't work for me your speaker box would have been kindling, one of my biggest peevs is having a driver that can't hear the phone or the radio when he is grooving to one's favorite tune, I like the oldies but NO tunes in the truck when moving loads. it's a safety thing, I have lost count of the times of trying to get a drivers attention only to open the door and be blasted with loud noise. so now NO tunes and you will have your company radio on, CBs are a waste of time also.
  2. I like your SUV, guys in Kiev had them, fun to bomb around in
  3. 11 24 are really difficult to find, call Brian at Joseph Equipment I sold him the stock we had when we went to 12 24 those you can get in radial or bias
  4. OTC is good it's what we have, never had a problem
  5. would not trust my life on it, even really good one have problems, really never wanted a fuller trans in my lap.
  6. Funny how guys who think they move real weight look at the 85K rear and first thing they think is now we need more power ?? Goldhofers move millions of pounds and they go very slow and if you look at the weight to speed to power needed ratio you will find it really takes not a lot of power to move, 85K rears would end up in the coal fields which is kinda slow right now but word is may have a come back, logging could use 85K rears but only off road, don't know of any states that will permit 85K axle weights NC, FL and VA will give 50K but even that is limited, so big weight is mostly off road and slow does not take big power unless you just want to have big motor bragging rights and higher repair costs.
  7. Well fellas we are our on way to Greybull WY to pickup the C119 normally you get your approval number stop at the Port of Entry pick up your permit and motor on, they said this time they will be emailing our permit and do not want us in their Port, Think I'll develop the sniffles if I get pulled over I will be on my way real fast, this might be a good thing, on the other hand the permit co. said that TX and LA have closed their permit offices and only self issue are being issued ?? I bet IL. will close before we get there or they won't have cops cause they are busy protecting the pharmacy, at 20 feet plus wide we will get cops in IA. IL. and IN. this may be a really long trip.
  8. I just read the Airlines are asking for Financial Aid from the Government (us the taxpayer) so they can continue to pay their overpriced union help, if you can not compete you go broke and someone with better business savvy comes along and replaces you, why do I or any taxpayer have to bailout these big companies everytime there is a problem, they have been posting huge profits now they need to tighten their belts or disappear, I have never been offered aid anytime there has been something beyond my control, park the planes, and let the union take care of their members (unions broke from stealing all the money) or they can go on welfare. Trump has nothing to lose the union will back a loser liberal anyway. 3 people a day die on GA highways and there is no concern 15 people die from a virus and we shut down the country ??????
  9. NO AI in RD ???? sold mine to Mark Kamp so there was plenty of them around.
  10. If they had been left leaning liberals they would get a slap on the wrist but if not they will try and put you out of business, screw liberals
  11. Yo Trump did this just watch CNN
  12. Bet it is a AI and that is the problem but hopefully Mack tech can set you on the road to redemption.
  13. I don't know how you guys can be so hateful to left wing loons, just because they hate America and wish all hard working people ill will is disgraceful, now I know that some left winger will come to their defence about how they too love America but words are cheap and actions speak volumes on one's real intent, I am still waiting for a left winger to defend their actions against Trump, lowest unemployment on record , jobs, jobs and more jobs even jobs that O crap for brains said were gone and were never coming back have some how showed back up, I ponder how that happened, was it the influx of people from others countries and they brought them with them, or was it because we made so many regulations that they thought it would be good to spend millions of dollars trying produce goods in a hostile business enviroment, really how does a Democrat rationalize being a Democrat ??? you gotta HATE America that is how you can be Democrat, and yes that hurts and remember what mommy said about sticks and stones and only the truth hurts ?? Stone gets to go to jail and Hillary walks ????? the FISA court gets douped and no ones goes to jail but Flynn does, left wingers are disgusting trash and the trash needs to be taken to the landfill and made like Hoffa
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