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  1. I took the pictures, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  2. That man ain't been in the south,they may start out small but man knock out a few kids and presto you got you some shade.
  3. Not a Fontaine mech. neck with 29' well, light and not very stout.
  4. Worst part is we had a driver do that but not that bad, then he thought seems heavy so went to cat scale weighed and took it back, I was like you really didn't think something was wrong before you loaded it, it was to pickup a Cat 215 and it was a 235, which he put on a 35 ton trailer with 29' of deck, thankfully we don't have to work with him anymore, he went to Bennett where he claims he was driver of the year ?????
  5. Yeah we will never get it here, too many dudes with a small penis that need a big hood to make for what's lacking downstairs.
  6. Stop taking fat girls for rides.
  7. Don't forget double ugly, I think M70, Link sold it to Jack Hodges, now resides in OK.
  8. Having worked and lived in Muslim countries I learned to live by their rules but they do not like the infidels and only tolerate us for a greater plan, even the blacks who claim to be Muslim are a false Muslim and will never stand before Allah, they are biding their time and when the time is right they will make their move, but there are Muslims that are good people and do not live by the koran /Quran I have friends in Basra Iraq, they are some of the finest people to be with and work with but they are not hard core, they even sent me a Christmas present the year I came home, good people but there are a lot really bad people who would cut your throat in second if you let your guard down, kinda like being in the dark side of Chicago. My point still is as a gun owner I am a bad person, a would be mass murderer but my religion does not promote the killing of innocent people, maybe Muslims would do better to condemn loudly acts of violence and stand with world to stop the actions of their wack jobs like most gun owners do (even kill whack jobs) when the mental cases go crazy.
  9. Hear lotsa talk people trying to find that RD with low miles and the right specs, here it is and no interest, case of big wheels, little spokes, so off to the body shop for little clean up and some new tires and a little tuning work and off to work it will go. (tires are ok but 22.5 not 24.5) hope to have ready for the C119 project or at least the Gulfstream G2, should make some great photos.
  10. Funny all I hear is that all gun owners are mass murderers and we should have all guns banned but Muslims run around the world killing people in horrific ways and only some are bad ???? Wow you must drink the Warren/Sanders kool Aid, When was the last time you heard the Muslim majority speak out about the murders that are carried out in the name of Allah, not a word , if you don't condemn than you condone just by not speaking up. sort of double standard
  11. Went to Shanksville, went Iraq, I don't hate Muslim, they hate us, therefore they can all die in my book, they are not a peace loving religion/people, they want control and will do what ever it takes, do not trust them, you will regret it, like rats they need to exterminated.
  12. I have been trying to nicer but I agree, a beheading would be acceptable.
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