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  1. Paris under attack

    Peace loving religion ???
  2. Other Dog

    You should take your cat with you, I take mine every place just like a dog, she's been to Pittsburgh Power and stays with Bruce, WorldWide Equipment Middlesboro KY stays with girls in office, stayed with me in MD all winter, she's been coast to coast and if I was single she would be the best for getting dates, girls like cats and they all come to see her, helps the cat is cute takes pressure off me, took a bit for wife to get used to me saying we when I'm on the road, who is we she would say, like I'd take another woman with me ?? one is enough, cat is better, anyway more fun when riding with a buddy, try it you might like it. Cat has facebook page, Abbies travels.
  3. Work boots

    I wear 10.5 wide if they fit you can have em, great boot, hand made , custom boots. don't fit me too tight up at the toes, they tried stretching.
  4. Greetings from UP North EH!

  5. old gear jammer

    That is they found Osborne, dead under his truck on side of road.
  6. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    I think they should turn him loose in the same school with a bunch of the parents, if he lives he lives, if not they take his corspe to the dump, they should let the parents decide his fate.
  7. Work boots

    Bought pair of Wesco boots, great boot, but the puke who measured my feet made them to tight, been trying to give them away, going to send back and tell them to shove them up pukes ass, been buying snap on, but going to try Danner next, snap on makes great socks, got at least 50 pair, don't have time to wash when on a project, just take enough to go and get back, had Red Wings but think quality went off and more interested in pretty wear not work wear, seen good boots in Europe but don't understand their sizing, Carhart won't even last 3 months, get almost year out of Snap on.
  8. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    Got his pants pulled down, under wear up, big tuff puke, see how tuff he is when he's someones bit** in prison, still should have shot him.
  9. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    Sure sounds like it took cops a long time respond, either waiting shooter to run or donut stop, I remember local cops taking the long route when they heard a gun was involved, if they shot the kid it would made better impression on the rest of the nut jobs now we have to hear about his poor life and how the world messed up and how he is the victim. Pelosi is writing her anti gun manifesto right now, and it's all Trumps fault.
  10. More stupidity

    That's why theirs brains are mush
  11. 1975 Marmon Tri Axle

    Bet every seal on that green/silver dripper will leak, fuel useage ?? finding a good wrench to work on it ?????? there was a reason it was put out to pasture.
  12. More stupidity

    Well I watched the peacock video, I'm more annoyed with the folks that drive by my house that have no freinds or relatives on my road and the sound from their auto makes the windows vibrate, there is nothing more annoying than that and we need a law that allows people enjoying the peace and quiet of being home to put a 357 to their dash, I'll take the peacock anyday.
  13. chalmers suspension crak

    Hate them things take RT any day, never fail, that and Mack overload the crap out them and just go on, work off road in power plants, 100k on 65 mack 70k+ on 46 RT, Diamond heavy Haul came in with of their dual lanes struttin their stuff till they hit gravel drive, walked 2250 down unloaded onto our trailer with Autocar DK, they boohooed, never gonna move it, asked them if they wanted us to pull them outa the hole they dug at same time, some smart a** answer, left em sittin and took their load into plant, 58 with 24 inch rubber, same with RD888 13 axle come in, pull 3 axle jeep, short neck it and ride. others show up with that rubber puck sticking out the side, guess they ride good ??
  14. Weatherman is wrong again

    The joys of global warming, oops my mistake it's now climate change, hot, cold they can't make up there minds, I read again the Polar bears are dying of starvation, now it's dead of winter and that is when they do best, summer time is supposed to be hard for them, but then the people who work for the Canadian Government came out and said the bears are doing great and their fat content is high, who do you believe.