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  1. Funny they now requiring masks that do not meet any OSHA requirement, how do ticket/fine someone for not wearing a costume because if they do not meet any OSHA requirement then it has to be listed as a costume garment.
  2. Moving to the right when threatened, that is why this country need to reelect TRUMP we are threatened by lawless liberal loons
  3. YO Quicky your state is writing tickets for not wearing masks ?? I was called out for reporting that when I went to pick up the Pete we bought, it is what I was told while there and now I see it on the news, SCREW CA. your state should call them selves a member of the Soviet Union. $300 for first ticket ??????????? your state has been taken over power hungry dirt bags.
  4. If so poorly run then they should file bankruptcy just like GM they are just bailing out the union, just one more BS story of how another company is destroyed by union pensions. what about all the non union scab truckers as we are called, not helping them is racist, they are not getting helped because they are the wrong color what ever that is, just more bailout BS promoting poor management.
  5. Me too. best part now is I can go away for a month and don't even have to call, keep hoping I'll come home to a empty house, no such luck, maybe the virus might help ?
  6. Pictures of updated controls and view from pilots seat
  7. That is a converted KC97 it is set up to haul cargo all the tanks have been removed, it is a flying plane and is for sale, you might need to take out a loan just to fuel it, AV gas is 4.75 a gallon in Greybull and you need to feed 4 big (really big) gas guzzlers. C119 wingbox is sitting in Columbus and we will return later after they wash it and put it back together, 4 state troopers did just as I thought, non stop ambulance service they were taking bets on if we could make it in 3 hours from Danville IL to Columbus, half the trip was on 2 lane roads, I think we made a impression on some 4 wheelers. sirens and lights and full throttle quite the ride.
  8. Long before I was stuck on a road bike I raced dirt bikes and never heard of anyone using ATF in the trans ???
  9. look we missed something on fake news, why would want to look at a trump comment on fake news that has been edited or cut to promote you agenda ??? As far as Pelosi did she forget her party was the Klan ?????????
  10. Update, entered Iowa on Monday and went half way, left on Tuesday and made the the Moline scale in IL. Iowa DOT did the escorting, great bunch of guys, had a great time with them, funny when you get police to ride around and on private channel radios what they will say, can't say enough on the great job, IL. State Trooper was great which was nice, IL let us ride into scale with no police escort and left at 9 am and made the IN. line around 1:30 good ride, real good officer, tomorrow we will finish our trip and head home which is kinda OK on trips like this you can't wait to get it done but on last day you wish it could last longer, read the IN. permit and could not find how many civil escorts were needed called back to the State Patrol dispatcher who is a credit to IN. and was informed that no civil escorts needed ??? instead we get 4 State Troopers, we will surely make someones day because with 4 Troopers you know how this will go, one way our way so if your on 74E 465 and down 31 tomorrow beware cause you will be parked, at some point we will pick up Columbus city police and will really screw things up, like I say it's great to be on this side of the fence, the drone will be out again tomorrow so we should have some good video, beautiful load great trip and lot of fantastic people and we get to make some money and I can't resist, all done with my old MACK, I will get some pics up, load is looking a little worn since some of the wrap came off but now you can now see it is a Airplane part.
  11. Your living in utopia, I can't get out of a Mack garage for under 5 grand to wipe my ass, if I could rebuild my own trans I would, every Mack trans in our yard or that has been through our yard has repairs involving removal of the trans and breaking the boxes open, something that hardly happens with the Fullers, yes the Fullers fail but the Mack puts you through hell then shits the bed. we are not in the general freight or dump dump truck business, any day if you need a education come out and ride with us you won't think the same when you go home, I deal with this every day and in our type of operation they are not the best and yes the fullers will howl and whine but when they fail I can replace with a brand new trans with warranty and ride on Mack has a book full of reasons why they won't warranty a failed Mack trans.
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