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  1. Getting ready to mow grass for 3rd time this spring, rather mow grass than move snow.
  2. Really ? we just got rid of the biggest ass that no one thought could win, never mind got reelected, give her a couple years, look at the nit wits that want to BUY the black vote with free money if your family came from slaves ?? young people know shit and will vote for any stupid jerk off with a brain dead plan. when I retire I am going to become a democrat, gonna vote for all the free crap I can get, then the young brain deads can support me.
  3. 2nd weekend mowing grass, sure beats snow.
  4. You won't be laughing when she is president.
  5. Maybe me stupid, but skip a gear let the engine think you still got 6 gears till you get to the top and then move on. not like you have to use every gear, and your mack is not going to over power that 9, but then after starting with a B model 673, with turbo and triplex and hundreds of trucks later maybe me still don't know nothing, I remember alot of 300 hundreds that ran out of arookstook county with 13 speeds behind them and they did fine, not 300+ good old 300s and Aroostook county is in Maine (in case you didn't know), where it gets cold and little trucks hauled big loads.
  6. I'm whacked I look forward to their calls, wife say's i'll go to jail someday for the things I ask but they called me therefore I assume I should be able to respond in a manner I feel fits. Don't like the answer don't call.
  7. Western star, cummins, 18 speed fuller AT1202 aux trans 4.56 rear ratio with DT hubs 3 to1 reduction. so for those that don't know, DT Hub is a 3 to 1 reduction hub that will either go 1 to 1 or 3 to1 reduction, so if you had a 90 mph truck in 1 to 1 you have a 30 mph truck with hubs in 3 to1 cut that by half with AT 1202 and the trans in low you will measure distance in how many seconds it takes to travel a foot. load 4 axle truck to 80k with weight box lift pusher drive other 2 axle in the ground and still spin wheels, or just for fun you can watch sidewall of tire wrinke when you pull into it hard. Kenworth would not build that spec truck only western Star. for just general trucking CH Macks have been great, tried the Granite but the AI engine just won't do. Have petes, they do fine, the transformers will get pulled and pushed with 2 Kenworth C500, cummins power, Allison trans and DT hubs. Western Star and the Mack are my personal preference. I will defend any of the drivers that run the big stuff, these guys are hand picked and receive way more training than other drivers, like me many of them have trucked overseas because of the lack of talent in some sh thole countries we get to visit.
  8. I ask for sex acts, they hang up.
  9. Before one makes comments about drivers ability they should consider what some drivers do, we have 3 transformers that are now permitted and getting ready to move, Transformers weigh 491,000lbs total gross weight 724,000lbs 18' tall and 20' wide on 30 axles, making comments about their ability is like a golf cart driver commenting on a F1 driver ? last weeks easy load was from New Holland PA. to West Palm Beach FL. port, 88,000lbs 14'11" high 12' wide no big deal, 61'8" in the well, try that with 4" of ground clearence and not get highsided (stuck) before that we took overhead crane beams to Matamoros MX, not the border but into MX 165' long, the police down there did as good as any cop here and cost less. Next month we go with same beams to Juarez MX, infact we go to MX enough that we are working with our customs broker to open a trucking operation down there so we can continue to move our own freight, this is along with 100 other loads that got moved, 95% oversize So here's the deal I'll send one of our CH's with a 2180 to the dealer of your choice, they can rebuild/overhaul the trans(this is a running trans) if it will go 10,000 miles before it starts making grinding sounds i'll live with it if not someone else eats the bill, I'll even keep it off real big loads. With 5 19 axle trailers too many 13s and 9s 40+ lines Goldhofer, hybred dual lane Goldhofer and trail king dual lane I think their is not a driver shift problem as much a bad product. many drivers, one trans same problem, all the drivers can't be bad but the same problem comes up with same trans.
  10. 90k is less than our empty weight
  11. Maybe for you guys with little lowbeds and dumptrucks can get away with the Mack 18, but they have not held up well with big loads, since most of us are older and been driving since last year we should be able to shift a Mack, I started in B model with a tri plex, the failure rate is higher with the Mack trans than the fuller 18, the 4 reverse gears cannot be beat but the overhaul every year is a bummer, I thought the 3 countershafts would hold up better but appears that 2 is enough, and if the Mack is so great how come in the coal feilds they went to the 8LL ?? and yes we use automatics and they heat up and stop, we see things from a different perspective, what works in one vocation does not work well in others, and I know as a swift driver moving half million pounds transformers that we may not know much but were not the ones watching we are the ones doing.
  12. Get used to it, they're junk.
  13. Simple tire, Bridgestone ???? 17 seconds to find on internet.
  14. I will have to look, it started life out as a 350, Mack did uprate to 400 with just injectors, watts service gave me the turbo info, Turbo is really not that expensive so if there is any positive to it, it will get done. The plan for the 02 is to go to 427, I think torque curve is better ?? Thanks for help.
  15. I have been told to use Borg Warner 631GC5173AM4X on my 98 E7 which is set at 400, I was told it would run better, does not make lots of boost, but gets good MPG and gets there and back ?? Wonder if that Borg Warner would be good for the 02.
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