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  1. Critter in the Yard

    I like all things except things that cause problems, and those are mostly human, I grew hunting and thought it was fine not until I later had to learn to hunt down other men, then I found that killing a defenceless critters was somehow not what I was told, I guess if you have not been there you will never understand. don't get me wrong, killing of dirtbags is fine by me killing fluffy the squirrel I can do without. I don't kill snakes on our property they keep the mouse population in check, another words I let nature do it's thing but man has to be taken care of by man. another words I don't condone killing bobcats for fun. better to look at and admire then kill and mame.
  2. Critter in the Yard

    I think all animals will attack when cornered, had a woodchuck defend itself once, feel bad now cause the little guy really wasn't doing any harm, but have no regrets on some deaths that I may have caused, for those that hunt for sport I suggest hunting prey with equal intelligence, you will have a different view of killing fuzzy critters just trying to live their life. never had a deer shoot back. you kill it you eat it, kill it to make yourself feel that your king of the hill, well you know just what you are .
  3. Musings

    Just the rigging of the election to burn bernie should bar her from running for any office, she broke the rules, her election team broke the law, but even Bernie boohooed and then went right along. disgraceful. lied about 4 good men, erased e mails, lied under oath to congress and somehow the left thinks (I don't think that liberals really can think) she is the savior of the earth ???? Trump has done nothing but put America first and it's legal population, what did Obama do, he created ISIL or ISSI or what ever you want to call them, I call them deranged whackjobs and should be exterminated like a bug, Obama owns them, he created them when he exited Iraq without making sure they could defend themselves, take note liberal you have no right to profess your thoughts on Iraq, your thoughts are based on info you obtained from your fake news, if you were not there you do not know what really went on there, I was there and was very vocal about not turning Saddam over to people, we needed him and he would have cooperated if given a chance. and would not have wasted 2 seconds of my time looking for birddog, or traded him for the dangerous people that Obama just simply let go, the entire Obama/Clinton scandal is a disgrace on the American people and supported by brainwashed lemmings
  4. Girls like that do not know the word NO till you put a ring on their finger.
  5. Aussie Heavy Haul

    To bad we never got 2 intakes on our R models
  6. Critter in the Yard

    Taste like pussy (cat) ?????
  7. Musings

    Truthfully, I honestly beleieve that any first year student wanting to be lawyer could present a case for Treason against Obama and win. There is not one example where he did anything that was good for the USA and plenty that he did the was to the benefit of other countries, that is not how it works, USA first, our people first and the rest gets whats left over. I dare any liberal to tell me all the great things Obama and his corrupt crew did that was good for the USA.
  8. Aussie Heavy Haul

    So who is the big Heavy Haul concern now down under ???
  9. Musings

    Having not whizzed in anyone's Wheaties lately I thought I would give people something to think about on the eve of a possible Government vacation (shut down), So after a year of investigating Trump seems the only thing they are proving is that Trump did not team up with the Russians but appears Clinton did, imagine that, now I always found that those who accuse of wrong doing the loudest are usally the worst offender of just that very thing that they complain about, also find it disturbing that the only thing they got Manafort on was some 10 year old possible hiding of some cash, all this and that's all you got, and since when is hiding some money from 10 years ago got anything to do with the Russians and the 2016 election ??? Read somewhere that the polar bears are having a rough winter seems it's so cold that everything is frozen over, duh what happened to Global warming, I thought the polar caps were melting, and NYC was going to be flooded, wouldn't be much of a loss in my book, so you say it's climate change (not warming) well if the polar caps are melting that would mean warming, sure wish you liberal tree huggers could get your story together and stick to it, I get dizzy with all changing stories ?? Well got my new health insurance qoute, only went up 60%, and the lady thought that was pretty reasonable ???? WTF, reasonable, compared to what ?? felt better after talking to tow truck guy, he has Chrons, his insurance went up $1300.00 per month added to what he already was paying, ??? where did the 32 million uninsured people go, what about keep your policy and your doctor and the cost is going down, it never went down it has done nothing but skyrocket, what kinda BS was that deal, and we can't sue Obama for his outright lies ??? BS. so let's recap, we destroyed coal and all the people who made a living from it and we raised our electric costs, we insured 32 million people that never existed, we raised the price of insurance so that people that had it are now not renewing because the cost has skyrocketed, Clinton not Trump was cozy with Moscow, some brave men died in Benghazi and it wasn't the video that we were told it was, if you kill some one and your here illegally then it's a accident and your let go, and the list of degenerate actions of the left wing liberals goes on and on and somehow Trump and the us deplorables are what's bad for the country ???? WTF OH and I'm the one told to stop picking on liberals yet watch the the fake news and it's 24/7 attack on Trump and his supporters, we had Obama for 8 years, you liberals all but ruined the country, and I thought all liberals were moving out, yet you are still here, OH and guess what, when coming back from some third world crap hole, guess how we describe it, that's right, it is what it is.
  10. Aussie Heavy Haul

    So Heavy Haul took toot out McAleese, didn't McAleese buy into Heavy Haul ??
  11. Aussie Heavy Haul

    Has the fella with the pretty blue heavy haul trucks down under imploded ?? read article of their demise, is it true or more fake news ??
  12. Critter in the Yard

    Don't think bobcats attack people here, least never heard of it , but then some dope will probaly come forward with story of a bobcat attack, might eat your chicken but they have no use for people.
  13. HOT

    And Obama sold us all out because the icebergs were melting, even the polar bears have had enough, I'd be more worried about another ice age than it warming up, can't grow crap on frozen ground. but you can water a desert and it will spring to life.
  14. Engine Wanted.

    Hope your no relation to Biff and Johnny of Everready Trucking ?????
  15. looking for tri axle dump

    gotta love what salt can do to a nice truck