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  1. NFL What a disgrace !

    They are protesting that blacks who commit crimes get shot, whites get shot too but that does not matter, they say blacks get shot at more, but they forget that blacks do more of the crimes, and yes the truth is blacks commit more crimes no matter how you try to twist the numbers, blacks commit more crimes than any other race of people in this country.
  2. news or lack of news

    Clinton,(both) winebag, Obama just a wonderful bunch that love our country and did everything in their power to destroy it.
  3. NFL What a disgrace !

    Many people spilled their blood so these pukes can make their little sissy protest, why is it that they (blacks) look to white people to solve their (black) problem, why don't they (blacks) spend their money if they are so concerned.
  4. E7 eng brake

    drive slower, less need for jake brakes, how about coming across 70 in Utah from 15 to the Moab turn off pulling loaded 13 axle with tuned Cummins 315 with no jake, never smoked brake, Oh then go down from Moab to Farmington NM. then 550 to 25 to 40. not bragging but somehow trucks got coast to coast without jakes not that long ago, most road jockey's use the jake as a truck stop toy.
  5. 1980 Peterbilt 359 International Transport

    I like the comments about mice versus snakes, but wasn't very shortly ago some were making pro comments about somebody posting pics. of what looked like a king snake or rat snake (dead) which both are great mouse killers but somehow a harmless snake eating mice that ruin the interior of anything left outside was better than letting the HARMLESS snake do his job, and then qouting the bible to justify ones actions ???? serpent is not a snake, snake would still fall under gods creation if you follow that believe that god created and the things didn't evolve. either way I'd rather have snakes than mice.
  6. news or lack of news

    You been to my truckstop ???
  7. You need to watch what Trump is doing, this is all part of the plan, the tweets is how he sucks them in, it's part of the plan, bad cop good cop, he is playing with them, watch him you will see how he operates, ignore the fluff, that is all show for the media.
  8. Trans and Rear lube

    Mystic gear lube, great stuff
  9. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    We were In CA. putting on a set of new drive tires on a new Western Star, because Caltrans decided even though the tires were legal they would not be when we got where we were going , so we changed them out a little early, super hero truck driver heard a comment from mechanic about less than 20k on tires, driver went on tirade about Michelin tires being junk and not getting any mileage, shut up after learned truck was grossing 414k and no push truck, he should have inquired to what was going on before making comment. CH is nice truck, if no one steps up then we will start to make it really nice then it will either cost a whole lot more or it will go move airplanes, speaking of, any one ever hear or seen a F14 Tomcat mover over the road, RI to Annapolis MD coming up, update every one later on date so you can avoid route, you will not get around it, state Patrol and Navy brass will accompany, last combat ready plane being moved from storage to Naval Acad. for display., history making move moving history, you can see plane if you google F14 Quonset museum.
  10. Trump?? WW 3 ??? what tv station do you watch, you believe that crap ?? I bet you believe free speech is for liberals only ?? Trump is the only guy to be in the White House in long a time that has the spine to fix the mess created by the rest and that is why they are fighting him so desperately.
  11. No more Boy Scouts

    I guess this means no more peeing behind a tree, Why can't males just have something that is ours, Blacks want to be white, although they claim otherwise, but they want a white women, a used whites caddy and a house in all white neigherhood, women want into every sport, every club, every locker room, surprised they don't want a starp on so they can pee standing up. what do men want, women that act like women, that would be a change, how about a skirt once in a while, that's why women have nice legs, and I don't want to wait in line behind a women to use a urinal.
  12. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    Weatherford truck, slow going out to job sites, are heavy trucks get way more hours than miles, figure it out, when it takes a month to get to CA. and you run every day the hours are out of whack with the miles, that is what happens when you drive 20 miles a hour if lucky.
  13. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    Is truck worth 20k ????
  14. Rust bucket, real rust bucket. been for sale on side road forever, right over by Donovan spring
  15. news or lack of news

    love it