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  1. Poo Poo, poor drivers it rides to rough, wanna be a sissy should have been born with a vagina.
  2. david wild

    Stand alone ecu E7

    Maybe if you find someone to fix your problem they can make my mech. engine trick my ELD and we will both be happy.
  3. david wild

    chicken lights for the mack truck

    Sounds like Hunts point in the 70s, stop at red light trailer would get unloaded, never saw a cop stop a truck for running red light at night in the Bronx or Hunts Point, of course you were going very fast either.
  4. david wild


    So the dilema is how can you trick the ELD into thinking the truck is moving with a Mech. engine that has a elec. odometer, the ECM gets a signal from the output shaft which in turn sends it to the ELD, could you not figure out what signal comes out of ECM that is the odometer and send it to the ELD and trick the ELD ??? Don't bother with the ELD BS, they work, just want to use some of the older equipment and with elec. odo. you would think tricking ELD could happen.
  5. We bought our CLs from Kamloops Mack which then became Stafford and now is ?? Still looking for hood scoop, new or used.
  6. The CLs we bought in Canada all came with hood scoops, also had 460 xt, the dealer installed them said they got more air, I think they worked, engine would get warm on long pulls out west. I would put one on the CH in the yard if I could find one.
  7. david wild

    1947 all original Geyhound Bus

    Did you deliver it to mike in MD.
  8. david wild

    12 speed stuck

    Just sounds like another junk Mack trans, Mack should stick to building trucks and not trans. fullers we run till they just up and die, the macks are constantly being fixed, I have not found a 18 Mack that has held up yet, no more fixing just replace with what runs. and I will put with the low power and other things but had enough of exuses from Mack on why they shift hard, whine, growl and vibrate.
  9. david wild

    M1000 tank transporter

    Plenty fat girls in the south that like to go for rides in big trucks.
  10. david wild

    Do we all really want World War 3 ?

    This is like chicken little and the sky is falling, Trump is not going to bomb Russia, maybe Syria, Really who would want us, look at the American workforce, or I should say the younger workforce, you have not heard them complain about the 4 hrs they put in ??? how about the UAW you really think anyone else in the world would put up with there crap, and if half the country is liberal dumbocrat who would want them, I feel safe in knowing that no other country would want us, that's why all the losers from every place wants to come here, for the free ride.
  11. david wild

    1975 RS685LT

    Well I watched the bad mouthing of the fuller trans and have to chime in, Our Mack 18 speeds are the most problematic trans we have run other than early Allisons, and the new Allisons still heat up on the job site and stop , and I might add at the worst times. you can buy a new Fuller 18 from LKQ for a little over 6k fixing the rear half of a Mack 18 with new clutch costs us 6k, I'd rather have the easy shifting, less HP drag and replace the trans every 4 years than maintain the Mack, in fact all Mack failures are being replaced with fuller trans. we change trans oil twice a year, get all updates done and have Mack make sure they are right, the fuller we change the oil and run the crap out of them, the Mack does have better gears for reverse but with a AT1202 aux we use fixes that. Mack trans are great for truck shows but we are tired of the excuses from Mack about the problems and the noise they make. But then maybe we are not loading them heavy enough and that's the problem, but I do not believe that, We run up to 500k with a single truck and after that we use a pusher, if lots of hills we add another pull on the front just for the hills. We have had not one failure with the Fuller 18, we have had 2 Mack 18 failures in the last 2 trucks.
  12. david wild

    Cool, Little Project

    No special tools for this one, just good old American made snap on, I keep the Mig tools locked up to many people have eyed them, by the way Vlad I found the Mig tools in Ireland ???? and CHP did nothing looked around saw we were removing all the rocks, units had new tires and we put light bars on and left, 4 days of picking rocks and a big compressor to blow the dirt and cement out, got into needles at 10 pm and slid out in the morning, got more crap in OK. than anyplace else, DOT claimed we needed escorts for interstate, then finally admitted he never read our permits.
  13. david wild

    Cool, Little Project

    Never to be out done, there is one plane left intact at Rantoul, big bad C133, we are working with client who wishes to be unknown at this time, same idea, restaurant or such, we moved a B25 out there also but the C133 is the one I really want, we will see what happens, I think it might end up in FL. maybe new home for Mickey and friends. ???? got some pics. of concrete plant that we moved from CA. to MI. and yes the old Mack went to CA. came out with OD load, so much for CA. not giving permits to old trucks. CHP even visited site before we left, more BS from people that know nothing.
  14. david wild

    Cool, Little Project

    Rantoul, IL to Birmingham, AL Southern Museum of Flight. F-101 Voodoo
  15. david wild

    Ford Market News

    Neither has Clinton

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