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  1. Just got home from another boring building move and I will get the # for you when I get to office, I was so impressed with the lights I think the box is still on my desk, of course this summer has been out straight and I think everything is on my desk, easy to install, there is a heat sink but they work great, I put new bezels in while I was at too.
  2. simple to fix only turn left.
  3. You will never conquer a hoax virus until the election is over and the Liberals give up or Trump finally has had enough and tells the truth that it is a election hoax and let's move on, read the numbers not the BS, Liars always figure and figures never lie. 1/2 a million die to cigarettes and nobody cares, get over it.
  4. If you want LED headlights on your new hood I van give the # I love mine best thing for a Mack CH now I can seeeeeeeeee
  5. The guy to my right is Sergei he is now in flight operations and I do sales but we can fly any time we want, I can jump a ride to anyplace a Antonov might be going and then catch a ride back or onto someplace else, makes globe trotting easy but of course your gonna expect to work, that entire crew is qualified to repair, rebuild or do what is needed to keep that plane flying the entire belly under the cargo deck is full of spare parts, from fuel lines to instruments for the flight deck (cockpit in the old days) and anything in between. see that shiny floor it's titanium, the entire cargo deck
  6. 6 man flight crew, left right and 4 behind them and purser, now the part that will freak you out, there are 15 guys in the the back that keep that bird in the air, so this is how it works you work all day then it's gear up and some supper then you lay down in your bunk and you wake up x many hours later with a pretty good headache and that is from lack of oxygen, you see after we takeoff one guy goes on oxygen and after every one beds down they basically asphyxiate you to sleep, they cut the oxygen supply in the back cabin and you pass out then just before landing they turn the air back on and
  7. I do fly I am the only US citizen that is a crew member on the Antonov 225 based in the Ukraine, but look at trucking where can one person go out and experience what a place is like other than right there on the ground, I spent a year in Ireland, what a great place, went to Dar es Salaam Tanzania what not a great place, I too like Obama have heard the morning prayer played over loud speakers and yes it is quite a experience, went to Bob Marley's house in Ghana and then later met his son only because I could describe his dads house, do you know what it feels like to walk through a Airport and
  8. You might understand, how many times have you heard of importing a truck from another country to work and then return it home, since we were working for the Ghana Government they allowed us to bring the Ford and if you know anything about Africa I was also allowed to drive it and that does not happen very often, white guy driving a truck in a black country that made news.
  9. I am not picking a fight I'm showing you and others her true colors.
  10. And now NYC crime rate is getting closer everyday to Chicago and I'm supposed to want that for my town WOW what a bunch of sickos, How come all the Democrat run cities have all the problems they keep telling us we don't want ???
  11. How many registered voters in the US ?? and the postal service is so screwed up unless they get more money they cannot deliver 1 or 2 letters from each house hold over a 1 or 2 week period ?? if they are that messed up and let Fedex handle it or buster Brown ??? what's wrong with these idiots
  12. No you said you didn't have a Airline Pilot daddy pooh pooh for poor me , read you own crap, why bring only that up, one reason pooh pooh you
  13. There it is, never mind the fact that my father flew both Korea and Vietnam and that he got shot down more than once which he won't talk about, you have to make a point that he was a Airline Pilot, why does that matter unless your jealous ?? he made my brother and I work, he grew up poor and made sure we knew how to work, we don't glorify war what we do is help Museums, the Smithsonian has many planes and almost all are about being first at something, first around the world, first non stop across US, first non stop around the world. Funny thing you say something about we are a boys club t
  14. Strange thing to save, sent shirts out for cleaning been in package since 2003
  15. F101 known as the Voodoo plane
  16. Hazy with Fokker wing and coming out Smithsonian at night.
  17. So Maxi girl what have you done ? My life has been extraordinary and I sometimes wonder how and why it's been me, I have shared everything and helped many but as I get older I now see there are some that do not deserve helping because it is wasted energy to do so, and some do not appreciate what they get so now I help those that have interest and will go on and lead a life that may some day match mine, to them I give 100%, and you ????
  18. How about Hazy center at 2 am in the morning with just us and the Smithsonian crew
  19. Yeah your jealous cause like I say better to be on my side of the fence than yours. B25 removed from Lake Murray after 60 years underwater one of a very few with remote turret under the belly, pilots all survived, and plane now resides in the Southern Museum of Flight, Birmingham AL. First B25 I moved and was on the TV show Mega Movers, second B25 we moved was from Rantoul AFB to SMF it's like I said it's not about the money it's about the people and sharing of ideas and the friends you make along the way, what have you done ? when you leave this earth it will not even be noticed because yo
  20. This is what education looks like and sharing with other people.
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