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  1. Maybe he should have not broke the law then he would not have to interact with police and might lived longer, lets go back to where it starts just like slavery, why don't the blacks take out their anger on those who sold blacks into slavery, yep that's right blacks sold blacks they just seem to forget that little tidbit of info.
  2. Yeah but if you didn't have a interaction with the police you don't need to worry about the ultimate loss of liberty, hence don't pass off bogus money and you won't interact with the police so once again who started the problem, shootin only starts after the lootin, don't loot no one will shoot, guess that's to much to ask ??
  3. Didn't get any money but yelled at and called alota names, funny thing is they have alot to say but don't listen to themselves, they say the same thing I say but blame everything on someone else as soon as you say doing something then they go back to something else, I don't think they even know what they think, when you have believed the BS you have been told so long you want to believe but when you speak it comes different so maybe what you have told doesn't jive and then they just go back around to the BS again, they know they have been lied too but don't want to believe it.
  4. I went out to the demonstration here in VA. 4 hours ago, lot of rock throwing and some tear gas along with a few rubber bullets, a lot of really misinformed people that do not want to engage in discussion but preferred to spew their thoughts with no intention of any thoughts other than what they think, in the end the group that I and another woman engaged with finally calmed down and some progress was made this was only after she had given up and left, 4 or 5 cops stayed close to me but did not interfere even when one of the demonstrators put his hands on my neck, cops knew that I was calm and everything calmed down, once they figured out (demonstrators) that I wasn't leaving and would stand my ground it went from yelling and screaming and finally more to a really good discussion, overall not a bad night, little tense but still a good night.
  5. Survived the demonstration, lot of interesting people with a lot of differing thoughts but many really misinformed and angry, mostly I think they know the problem rests with themselves but are clueless how to deal with it ??? cops remained cool and took a interest in the discussion although sometimes heated but in the end I think we all parted a little closer and maybe not friends but not enemies, pretty interesting night.
  6. Well I'm here and Manassas ?? and there has gotta be couple hundred cops out side, normal people are getting out lawn chairs and watching the zoo review, cops are in good cheery mood and joking with the normal people, I think they know this is BS and just out for the show, I'm going back out to watch the show, always like to speak from informed point of view so I'm going out to get informed and yes the blacks watching are just as amazed at the stupidity as the rest of us.
  7. yeah but did you see hordes of white people cleaning out the the liquor store on TV ?? nope or the parts store ?? nope seems funny that one group of people (I speak loosely) have been given so much, free everything and anything they want yet somehow they still don't seem to be able to function in a law abiding society ?? FACT smaller % of population but highest criminal activity ?? why ?? they get more welfare, more job promotions not earned, given space in schools not earned, more loans they don't pay back and yet according to them we the white people are holding them back ?? I think maybe the problem lies with them, maybe they should earn their way like the rest of us and stop moaning about we the whites and start helping themselves and stop waiting for someone to GIVE them a free living.
  8. So I know that I will be called a Racist but that is only because the knee jerk left won't understand what I say because they don't want hear anything other than what they say, I agree 100% that the police sometimes get carried away with the GESTAPO tactics I too deal with their crap, I don't appreciate being told where and when I can do what is protected by the Constitution because some power hungry peanut head decides he/she rewrites the law to their liking, with that said we are a country of laws and we should abide by them, or at least try, I watched CNN and MSNBC and my motel television has a color filter because unlike what I was being told the only thing they kept showing was BLACK people doing the looting but kept telling me it was WHITE SUPREMACISTS doing the looting and letting the BLACKS take the blame, I checked with front desk and asked if they could give me a TV that showed all colors of the criminals and not just the BLACK ones, still have same TV ?? of course the left is promoting this because they need it, the virus hurt the US but it is getting better and that does not help the left agenda so we gin up the BLACKS and cause even more discontent all the while the left is playing to all side as usual, never any answer that helps but just feeds the fire, once again proving Liberal Left thinking is a mental defect.
  9. Got no problem with the virus taking out LA either
  10. So we are here in Manassas VA. moving a building for Dominion Power, this place is sick, maybe we need a really bad virus and let loose right here cause if you want to witness the destruction of America all you need to do is come visit this third world shit hole dressed up as some sort bastion of liberalism, I honestly think that this place is no better than any of crap holes I have visited, no need to travel half way around the world to see how low a human can get all you need to do is visit here, I would not even consider the life forms here human or civilized, pure trash and I my hope is maybe the virus will wipe out some of them and then maybe the normal people could reclaim this land, this place is truly as low as you can get.
  11. Tri axle logger frame would be long in rear.
  12. And what does your side have to offer a old bitchy broad or demented Biden, even Omar thinks he fingered the woman who has accused him, but she will vote for Biden because she is a mindless twit and will vote the party line.
  13. Cats and liberals have nothing in common, cats are fun and soft and catch mice, they actually work for their lunch, liberals not so much.
  14. FYI My fathers girlfriend of 30 years went to the hospital because she wasn't feeling good, came out cold and stiff and then not so stiff, guess what she was a very heavy smoker and it was the underlying issues that took her out not the virus but cause of her demise listed as the dreaded virus, no sympathy needed didn't feel her love anyway, kinda thought she was in for the money anyway and now he out lives her, ironic.
  15. One should remember it's the left that wants to rewrite the constitution to their liking, I have no problem with the original therefore the left is wrong because they are the ones in need of changing what has worked fine for over 200 years, proof that the liberal agenda is anti AMERICAN.
  16. Loons are cool birds, they swim underwater and such and have a nifty call unlike the liberal loon with their nasty hate spewing rhetoric.
  17. I shall now bestow upon you my answer, when the man I supported ran for President I was called a DEPLORABLE by the former First Lady, I was called a RACIST (might be true) and many more terrible things but never did the parents of some still wet behind ears young solider thank me for making sure I got their child home to them in one piece, nor did the globalist left liberals care that my crew went to third world nations and brought them the gift of electric power something liberals take for granted in view of the way they treat electric power producers, I have spent my entire life creating jobs that paid well and provided security for those worked for me to best of my ability and then TRUMP comes along and has a vision for America that matches mine but then I find out that I am a xenophobe, racist and a NAZI, my family fought the Nazi war machine, my father went to Korea and Vietnam and I went to Iraq yet I am now a deplorable person who should be shunned because I want my country first and because I believe in freedom and being self reliant and not believing that I need to take care of every deadbeat who decides they want to be a welfare abuser, yes welfare is needed but most on it are just milking the system, you complain TRUMP filed BANKRUPTCY yet when GM did it you thought it was great because your union liberals had their pension saved ?? you complained that TRUMP inherited his money but never remember so didn't JFK and Kennedy money was made off illegal activity, no wonder you support legalizing drugs, when TRUMP shut down travel from CHINA your party and left media called him RACIST, XENOPHOBE and other not nice things which inhind sight shutting travel from CHINA was correct but now your party wants to investigate that too, think of the good things that could have been done with all the MONEY your party WASTED on investigating TRUMP on something they knew he never did ??? and lets not forget that it's your party that is doing it's best to rewrite history, the KKK was the Democrat Party you own it stop trying to change history. So yeah I call you names and I hurt your feelings but you hurt our country with your anti AMERICA BS and don't even go there with your Patriotism, you cannot vote liberal left and be a Patriot, in my view your liberal left agenda is disgusting and anti AMERICAN and if any one is a NAZI it is the left.
  18. Don't get it, I am given the same stuff in blister packs like it is candy so that I can travel to a shit hole third world country and all I'm told is start taking before you leave and continue for a while after you get home, no Malaria yet so stuff must work yet Trump takes it and the left comes unhinged and he's going to kill himself and on and on , so if he did himself in then the left should be happy but no they complain about his dangerous self medication while most of the drug overdoses and pill poppers in this country are left leaning loons ????? and yes I should stop calling them loons cause are a really cool bird and are very smart unlike liberals.
  19. Ya'll need to get out more, tire inflation, very popular south of the border but then again we are last to pick up on anything innovative. VW pickup in Mexico 11k us dollars and they run the crap out of them and what do we get 50k pick up, I'll take the VW anyday.
  20. Your covered wagon as you call them is for hauling rolls out a mill, or mill rolls we call them, Turner has div. just for hauling mill rolls and run up to 13 axle special built by Trail King mill roll trailers, Thermo king units you see are actually Heat kings and make heat so the rolls don't get chilled.
  21. I was kinda thinking Diamond Reo Giant
  22. I thought the MR was a low entry cabover, where's the steel hood ? unless it's the 4 to 6 inches in front of the windshield where the dog sits.
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