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  1. Does it only do it when its hot and humid out? Mine did the same and they put a new file in it called a Smoke file, but the mileage got so bad I had them put the old file back in it
  2. Wow Sorry didnt know that,
  3. 2015 Superliner? They quit making them in like 1992
  4. You have to have all Brakes released to work
  5. Put in a word for me. 708 417 4920 , Thanks
  6. Does Stark ever have outside trucks bring in stone? Hook me up?
  7. Did anyone happen to click on the Link?
  8. I had a message on here and opened it ,this is what it said unbelievable Copied and Pasted. Hey. I'm Elsa. I'm 35 years old. I broke up with my boyfriend 6 months ago. Since that time, there has been no sex in my life. I'm looking for a man. I look forward to having sex at least once a day. Register using the link below and write to me. My nickname is sexyelsa41
  9. Why Thank you. I shaved off 400 pounds with that exhaust. I can get out of quarry with 25 ton
  10. I probably talked to ya in the quarry. I got the white ch with silver flames.
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