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  1. What about the fuel mileage.? Should it lose with new EUPs.? I was getting 5 now 4.5 mpg.
  2. I have a 2000 460 that is programmed to go to 2100. In the lower gears thats what I shift at.
  3. So now have 1800 miles on it and it is actually using oil now. I think the heat is evaporating the diesel that was in the oil now that the leak is fixed. Its actually down 1/8" in the 1800 miles. But since the new EUPs i lost 0.5 miles per gallon.
  4. Little hard to be sure with only 750 miles, but so far it didnt make any oil. Still dont know what fixed it.? delta orings or eups.
  5. Your right. now that i remember the plastic rings are made with the skinny side on the I.D. They will only fit the o ring one way. The skinny part of the triangle has to be on the o.d. Thank you.
  6. you sure.? skinny side of o ring to the block wide side of nylon to the block.? I sure hope so.
  7. Well after 750 miles it didnt gain any oil. But I think i put the Delta seals in backwards. I put the skinny side of the triangular o ring to the outside. and the wide part of the nylon to the outside.
  8. Yes replaced bolts that were a year old. Money wasted i think
  9. Put all EUPs in this weekend with the Delta seals. When #5 EUP came out it was in pieces. The clip that holds the plunger was off so was the spring retainer. Wonder if thats where my fuel was coming from.?
  10. I will work on that this winter in the off season.
  11. They dont last. The ball valve will outlast the truck. Just rig the cable to it.
  12. Your on the money. If you had it apart I would of changed the dryer, but if its working your good. In another month you wont need it anyway.
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