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  1. If I remember correctly the cooler comes off with the filter stand.
  2. Marks should be on the front vibration dampner..
  3. By shoulder he means the bolt bottoms on the shoulder and the rubber grommet holds pressure. Just like the valve covers. Same torque 15ft.lbs.
  4. I have replaced 2 myself and never put in a code. Runs and idles fine.
  5. I just got around to doing this. Worked great. I used a 2 prong plug for the sensor wire and positive and a single plug for ground. It can all be unplugged to remove dash.
  6. I had same thing happen. Turned out to be a sucked valve seat.
  7. If the speedo reads speed but the trip meter dont work I would say its in the speedo. If thats what your talking about.
  8. If you go by the marks on the flywheel say 1/6 that doesnt mean you can set either. 1 or 6 could be on the overlap. If on 1/6 check both cylinders to see which is on the overlap {the valves will be partially opened}. If 1 on overlap do 6 or visa versa.
  9. Is that common for the freeze plugs to come out.? That happened to me and I ended up drilling them and installing a roll pin. No problem since.
  10. All done and powder coated. What ya think, leave the stack chrome or flat black also.?
  11. Seen this truck in the Thornton Quarry this past summer.
  12. I found some Stemco Centrifuse for 178 bucks. 89#
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