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  1. OK Stark redi mix What do you drive? next time I go by there I will look for ya and say hey. I always go that way on my way to M+K right down the street.
  2. Where at in the the heights? Thats where I live. Must be the steel plant off of east end
  3. Does anyone know the torque for the front spring shackle bolts on a 2000 CH.? Its the bolts that pinch the aluminum shackles on the spring pins. Thanks
  4. Thanks Swishy Thats what I did on the one that wasnt too bad I center punched it real good and used the green loktite brg retainer stuff. I might try the JB, I use that on the Straps when I reuse them. Thanks again
  5. Is there a way to have the inside of a yoke knurled to tighten up the bearing caps? other than cut it off and weld on a new one. Anyone have a solution for this. Thanks
  6. The 8 5/8"bolts holding the housing to the block calls for a torque of 170# I read the torque wrench wrong and put 190 on them. Should I replace the bolts or will it be ok.? Thanks
  7. To use between the bell housing and block.? Its a 2000 E7 460. Last time I put a clutch in was about 15 yrs ago and I think I used that Mack Grey stuff. Is there something better? preferably in a 14oz. tube to use in a gun Thanks
  8. The Diesel Store has the best price on EUPs
  9. Never thought about the wheel being good for 9,000#. What if I bought 9 x 22.5 wheels with a 0 offset and the 315/80 tires would that work as a super single on a 22' dump trailer.
  10. I ended up buying the Jones, Its on the way. I will shave the weight elsewhere.
  11. Will do Thanks Joe, I might just go with a Jones, They said their bare hood is 200 lbs. A stock Mack cant be that much lighter, besides a Jones is 2K cheaper
  12. Looking to buy stock Mack 2004
  13. Are you talking by the windshield.? I cant see where that would hurt. Thanks I have seen some aftermarkets are 53 and some 52.
  14. this one is sold I emailed the guy in Villa Park Thanks for info;
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