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  1. I'm surprised truck ran at all with that kind of pump failure!
  2. I'll let the images speak for themselves.truck is running like it should now
  3. Yea pretty much.i will keep you guys updated on how things progress.
  4. Mack wants 800$ plus and Pai is around 310$ and in town.
  5. Besides the lower price that Pai offers , my closest mack dealership is out of the fuel pump I need and will take probably til mid next week to get.for 300 $ im willing to give up the warranty in order to forego the downtime from work waiting for mack to sell me a part that is severely marked up.
  6. Yes it's about 300 dollars from m&d distributors.
  7. I'm almost convinced that the pump is the culprit.removed hand primer pump and the fuel was glittery like if the shavings where glistening in the sun.i then removed the plug in front of engine where the pressure tester is used and the fuel is clean.makes me think that for now the debris is not getting past the secondary filter. Mack wants 800 plus for new pump.i have seen some aftermarket pumps like Pai.Is this a viable option or the mack brand is the way to go?please advise
  8. Tank looked good and the primary filter did not have any shavings.
  9. Tank looked good and the primary filter did not have any shavings.
  10. Truck is running much better today with the new filters.yet still falls dead on a pull especially above 1600rpm.im going to test fuel pressure and keep you all posted.
  11. At first I thought that it could be the threaded tube in the filter mounting (see picture below) since in that truck it sometimes unscrews from pump and stays with filter.but threads seemed fine and would not account for the amount of shavings I saw.
  12. Not to many unions in Texas I believe , but I have parked truck lately where I should not have.
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