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  1. Hello Mackanic, We need more details in order to help .Does it crank over at all?does the lighting bolt light up momentarily when key is turned to on position?are all the fuses good in the dash and the fire wall fuse boxes?
  2. Agreed..all the things you say are true , yet I only stated the differences..and never said I loved it.i have swapped over to Eaton in the past for ease of use and maintenance and because drivers brake then trying to shift then like eatons.but in the truck I drive , I keep my t310m for it serves me best for my application.
  3. That's due to the Mack being a triple countershaft design which makes it more robust and therefore a little stiffer to shift .Eaton only has two countershafts. Also mack trans have a bit more overdrive, giving it a bit more road speed compared to Eaton or lower rpm at desired speed .
  4. Not to seem conspiratorial,but there has been pallets of bricks dropped off where most rioters congregate....not just one place I believe , they didn't look busted like if they fell off a truck instead they look placed in order to be used by the rioters.
  5. The used ecm that I was able to get (since mack dealership didn't have one and had to order it , meaning at least a week of downtime ) came from an Ami 370 like mine..only difference is that it had an engine ...I have the ⚡ code for the engine brake since my truck didn't come equipped with one..therefore ina sense I'm working backwards to achieve this ... Macktechnician is right.some one who is currently knee deep in this would be able to give us the details Nitty-gritty details.
  6. Hello fellas , can we start a tread for posterity for those wanting to retrofit their trucks with an engine brake..what are the best option and things needed in order to accomplish this task. I would like to start by posting this bulletin on the matter. Thanks RED PS: if the full bulletin is wanted it can be had free of charge from Mack emedia .just search for the bulletin number sb266017
  7. No ..I bought an aftermarket tach that ran off the pulse from the alternator..it fit in place of the old one...the aftermarket tach has a adjustment knob in order to match it up to real engine rpm.
  8. Mack engines do "fit " since the engine are same displacement ment...what makes them ai or ami is programming ,turbo and injectors...there several post describing the difference and similarities between hp ratings.. typically 50 hp difference engines have the same hardware components just different software programming.
  9. If you do decide make the swap.try to get the steel (iron) bell housing.The aluminum one doesn't like the torque twist when off road and the pressed fittings come loose and since mack engines are only held by the front and transmission engine mounts the engine will fall on it side .. Had this happen on my 96 Rd and engine leaned towards passenger side braking the econovance fitting .it dumped most of the oil and shutoff.had to retap econovance housing on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere while it was 19 degrees outside .
  10. Nice ...I had this on watch to buy...but nothing beats free.thanks Mack tech
  11. This manual is on ebay for 50$ .... covers what your wanting to do.
  12. Do you have the lighting bolt when you turn key to acc position?if not , computer might be fried.but no lighting bolt could also be a blown bulb on the dash .
  13. I woulda thought the anthem somewhat light duty speced for log hauling , but if you have Mack axles inter wheel and inter Axle lock was an option I believe.
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