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  1. I have since rigged a switch to the dash to turn fan off and on ..I have checked the a/c pressure switch by unplugging and checking voltage and continuity...also my truck is not equipped with a torque limit switch so that rules out that..I check eecu j1 pin 9 and no voltage...not sure if it is supposed to be ground..?? I will have some more time this weekend to troubleshoot ..if all else fails I will be installing a fan 195 degree temp switch to activate the fan..it will go through the a/c high pressure switch as well. Ps: I don't have a 4-2 code.just wanted to show fan circuit.
  2. Engine fan is staying locked ... solenoid tested good .I'm only getting 3.8 volts to solenoid connector and a/c high pressure switch. Fuse 41 on fire wall is good.any thoughts?
  3. Sounds good , yet I would like to find a led replacement.
  4. Howdy fellas Can someone provide the part # or bulb style for the instrument cluster for the granite? The bulb is not removable from the bulb houlder.im attaching pics , the holder only says "wagner " and "10 j".
  5. This is on a 2004 Ami 370.i believe yours is different yet the principle is the same...Eup engines have a Cross drill passage from front to back of engine . remove plug in the front and test it with a pressure gauge.I believe it should be from 55 to 80 psi at idle.if lower than that replace pump... Pump is on passenger side in front...there should be a hand priming pump attached to it. RED
  6. Paul Ran the truck this morning on the same routes as before and I gotta tell ya it pulls way better than before .Uphill didn't have to down shift as I usually had to do.Also I'm not having to rev the truck past 1800 in order to shift smoothly , so that should improve mpg.next step is injectors and a flash since I'm still at 9b.
  7. Truck will run with a bad fuel pump ,mine wouldn't pull even on flat ground.
  8. Also just got done putting the s400 on the granite along with better flowing manifold.Piping and muffler were changed to 5".Haven't drove it yet since I need to tidy up ,but I can already feel the truck's rpm climb easier.. By the way just would like to mention something if it hasn't been already said.Make sure the manifold is centered between the two cylinder heads ,other wise fuel lines won't fit..DONT ASK ME HOW I KNOW.😁🇺🇲
  9. Macktechnician's contributions won't be forgotten.his numerous post with attention to detail will continue helping Mack owners stay on the road for ages to come.Hopefully the right people will come to sense and let him back, if he so wishes of course. Thank you sir. Red
  10. If you do this test , remember that 12 volts applied might make the solenoid actuate but if orings are gone oil bypass will occur and timing won't change.
  11. Also wouldn't hurt to check resistance in said solenoid to make sure it has continuity and the correct resistance.im not sure what resistance it should should have but someone here might know.
  12. Have you removed the two screws holding that solenoid?it's a hydraulic valve , it has orings that could have deteriorated and oil pressure could be bypassing and altering timing.
  13. Dt360 while on the rarer side are also a good option for that small of a bus.same displacement as Cummins but it has liners that can be replaced unlike a Cummins 5.9 .Also there is some aftermarket support since guys used them for sled pulling and they make plenty power with the right add ons. Just my 2 cents PS:I believe Carson Stauffer diesel sells some of the go fast parts for the Dt engines. RED
  14. Hello Mackanic, We need more details in order to help .Does it crank over at all?does the lighting bolt light up momentarily when key is turned to on position?are all the fuses good in the dash and the fire wall fuse boxes?
  15. Agreed..all the things you say are true , yet I only stated the differences..and never said I loved it.i have swapped over to Eaton in the past for ease of use and maintenance and because drivers brake then trying to shift then like eatons.but in the truck I drive , I keep my t310m for it serves me best for my application.
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