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  1. Thought so.im at 9b now and wondered if I would need to ask for both software updates when all parts were installed in the truck.now just need to find a willing dealership to do my hp upgrade. Thanks
  2. That's great.i change all filters every 10k miles .I'll be removing this system , less clutter in the engine bay.
  3. So I go to change the oil for the first time on my new to me granite dump.i notice that it has one of those Ops eco pure oil bypass filters.im guessing previous owner installed it to keep oil cleaner since these Ami engines are so dirty.Has anyone here had any experiences with these systems?what kinda oil change interval can I expect?I looked at the prices for Ops filters and they are like 40$ a pop.i wonder if any other brand would work or if the ops system only uses ops filters.please advice .thanks in advance . Red
  4. Thank you for your insight.i believe it is a wastegate model (see picture at the beginning of this post) since it has the signal line from the cold side of the turbo to the wastegate actuator.i will post more pics Saturday when I pick it up.
  5. From the research i have done so far , i believe the wastegate is set to 35psi but I will confirm this when I bolts it up and have the vecu upgraded to the step 12b .I ain't looking for crazy horse power or even to tame any kitties , just want the bulldog to act like a bulldog not like the Chihuahua it is now😁
  6. I'll probably buy it anyway since I can probably re sell to any Detroit guy at my yard.i will post part number.
  7. What's your mpg with your current set up.I gross 64000 and can't get better than 5.35 mpg with 4.42 and 11r22.5.I reckon even if it lags, that Detroit turbo will make it breathe better than that wimpy s300.
  8. I know I seen a post here of someone running aftermarket injectors with a 60 series turbo and they were happy with their set up.i just wanted to make sure since the turbo is at such a good price .
  9. Whats the problem with your current set up?Is it taking too long to build boost?is your truck stock ?I would think that with aftermarket injectors and a good flowing exhaust it should work .
  10. Im not sure about the model of this particular turbo since the seller can't seem to find the tag , but I thought 60 series used a s400 model that just like mack 400 427 460?
  11. Hello guys, I began sourcing out parts for my granite in order to change turbo , exhaust manifold and exhaust piping .I just found a good deal on what looks to be a mechanical wasgated Detroit 12.7 turbo that's too good to pass up.i want to know if it'll work good on my granite with upgraded injectors.i know it wouldn't be a direct fit , but as long as the exhaust flange bolts up I can take care of the turbo to intercooler piping. Thanks Red
  12. Hello guys.first and foremost happy holidays to everyone. I recently purchased a new to me 04 CV with Ami 370.it came with standard dash without pyro and boost gauge and I'm itching to add them.i bought a dash online that came with the pyro but no boost gauge.would like to know what is needed besides the thermocouple to make the pyro gauge work in my truck.Does it need to reflashed at mack in order to make the gauge work.also can anyone provide part number for boost gauge so I can drop by the local mack dealership and pick one up. Thanks Red
  13. I could also trade for a 18 foot dump truck body and steerable pusher axles.
  14. Selling 96 Rd. 350hp mechanical 10 speed Eaton Fuller (overdrive) 4.17 ratio on Camelback suspension 20k front axle 20k Pusher axle Cold a/c Dump body vibrator Truck works every day.selling in order to buy longer wheelbase truck that can carry more payload. 16500 or best offer. Thanks RED
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