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  1. I woulda thought the anthem somewhat light duty speced for log hauling , but if you have Mack axles inter wheel and inter Axle lock was an option I believe.
  2. You're right.i have done this in the past and it makes much more sense, but I reckon I ain't quite ready to part with this one yet.Besides loosing the multiple speed reverse , which is awesome on jobsites i would also need to get a reprogramed in order not to get any codes.also like I mentioned before , this transmission looks like a recent Weller reman that besides the synchro issue has never skipped a beat. PS: also longer drive shaft since Eaton Fuller is shorter
  3. I would be doing the work myself..mack just quoted me 758 $for the synchro....parts guy said it covered parts 7 to 19 on the diagram I attached.not sure if that's all I would need...and it's not even here in houston.would take 4to5 days to get.
  4. The parts highlighted in yellow need to be replaced?does Pai have a whole assembly for sale?im trying my local mack dealership but I'm afraid all these parts would just add up to a reman unit.
  5. Hey guys ..I'm about to start tearing into this trans.would like to Know which parts would need to be replaced on this kind of job , besides the clutch packs and sliding gear.please advice . RED
  6. Posting this for an old timer who works with me. He has an 04 vision that originally was an UPS truck with a single diff.it then got stretched and a Camelback suspension slapped under it with I believe 4.17 gears. He wants to get rid of the truck because how low on power it is.he claims it's 310 hp truck . I told him I would check with you guys and see what upgrades could be done to wake that bulldog up.since it was an over the road truck it's got an AC motor. Truck sounds real nice and don't burn oil and it would be a shame to let it go when it may have potential. Also told him he needed an overdrive transmission to get more top end since it's still got the direct transmission from when it was otr. He doesn't want hot rod , just something to wake the dog up.he drove 40 years over the road in 425 cat and 13 speed and wants something reliable he could earn some $ Please advice.
  7. Had an issue like that once .ended up being loose u bolts in the front axle.
  8. The washer allows the bracket to square up with the diff housing.no washer allows up and down movement which loosen or stresses those four bolts while truck is turning.
  9. Just went thru similar issue.i would make sure the computer has no broken or bent pins and that the connector for the computer has no broken pins inside it.
  10. Did you try it with a load on ? Some components must be worn enough to be putting stress on those bolts. Also does the truck have the thick washer between bracket and banjo housing?
  11. also What kind of suspension rating do you have ? Bronze bushings or rubber ones?
  12. Drive the truck around in a circle without the torsion arm.if the wheels walk off while turning then ur trunnion or bushing might be extremely worn.therefore while turning loaded that single bracket is taking all the stress of keeping the bogie straight which causes the bolts to break.
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