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  1. 1 hour south of Peace River (1/2 hour north of Valleyview).
  2. I certainly get that. I went looking for a parts truck earlier for my B and found 2 B's, one in REALLY nice shape and the other in just a bit better than the one I had. Bought them both and they are now first on the "project" list and my first one MAY be relegated to "yard art" status. However, the chance or restoring this R is pretty much nil. First because I'm not a fan of the R series. IMO they are not "vintage" they are just an old truck. Perhaps because I learned to drive on one, my uncle sold them new for years and there are LOTS of them still around. My dilemma is that it could be handy
  3. The thought of transferring the cab to the R frame occurred to me for a nano-second but for me, to accomplish what i want that would be WAY more work. The boom trucks frame is WAY to long and would need to be shortened. The biggest possible challenge that I see is adapting the power steering box from the R into the B since the steering is completely different between the two. The steering box on the R is down by the axle while the steering box on the B is about half way between the axle and the firewall. This will require main g a mount of some sort either where the B box is to accommodate th
  4. Picked up a donor truck for one of my B-61's. Problem is, as usual, I'm on the fence as to whether or not to part it out. I bought it mostly for the tires, mirrors, cab lights, engine/trans, and power steering box (and maybe the air ride seat) but it could be a pretty handy rig the way it is with the boom/basket. Maybe I can find someone that wants the boom/turret/down rigger assembly to put on another truck, otherwise i have no idea what to do with it. I'm not good at throwing stuff away. It runs sweet (237) and has the 6spd maxi torque.
  5. That is true. I have a yard full of toys that I will never be able to wear the tires out onTo clarify, when i said the there are 4 brand new tires, what I really meant was that they are 100% tread. They are likely 20 years old but show zero signs of rot or checking or anything. I keep all my "toys" under a roof so they are not subjected to the sun except when i am running them so that helps a LOT
  6. I'm looking at an RD685S as a parts truck for my B-61 projects. A pretty big draw for me is that it has 4 brand new 10.00 20 drive tires and the other 4 are around 80%. I forgot to look if they are radial or biasply but will check that out. I WAS going to go to 11R22.5's simply because 10.00 20's are so hard to find but I like the looks of the 20" rims much better than the 22.5 rims. The 22.5's just don't look right, or, at least don't have the look I WANT. So, my question is, if these tires ARE bias like i suspect should that matter on the drives for a truck that will only be used to pull m
  7. Thanks. I'm getting pretty pumped about getting on it. I have most if it all figured out as to what i want to do, just working on a few details.
  8. I have the triplex in the '59, a duplex in the '55 and I don't recall what is in the '58. I will likely stick with the maxi torque since i have it and it seems like a good reliable trans. Since i don't plan to haul anything heavy think I will try to find a rear gear that will put me between 1200 and 1400 RPM at 60MPH. Better on fuel and quieter in the cab. I have big plans and have decided (subject to change without notice) that, even though I DO NOT want to have a yard/shop full of half finished projects, I will put my Model A delivery aside next winter and do one of the Macks. I think I can
  9. That is exactly what i was looking for. I can see that there is no worries about reverse regardless of what rear I choose. I checked mine out and it is a trx107
  10. I look at the one i have and could not find any number resembling TRXL-1070. All I know about it is that it came behind a 283 in a 1980 and is twin stick. Having said that, I thought they ALL were twin stick with the extra low gear in the auxiliary box and that some called them 5 spd for the main box and others called them 6spd including the aux box but were talking about the same trans. I didn't know that some came with OD. Is there a number on it that would tell me for sure what I have?.
  11. 2.43 would be pretty good but i would be concerned about reverse being way too fast. Just a guess as I have no clue what the reverse gear ratio actually is. Something in the 2.80 range (don't know what actual ratios are available) should put me at about 1400RPM @ 60mph which would be pretty good IMO, again, reverse ratio might be an issue.
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