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  1. I know very little about it. I bought it from a guy that bought it from a truck museum that was selling off all of it's inventory. I believe it is relatively local (Northern Alberta) but can not confirm that. I have since added a couple wooden ladders ( a roof ladder and an extension ladder) and a vintage pike pole. Would still like to get the proper hose for the reel to replace the rag hose and correct axe (the one I put on it is a fire axe but has a polansky type blade rather than the pick). Something that i find interesting i that it has, what appears to be, an original electric fuel pump (
  2. Content no longer available.
  3. As it turn out, the pto on my B61 (triplex) is the same size and bolt pattern as the one on my '35 Ford. Anyone know what the tooth count is on a PTO for the Mack?. Just wondering if, by chance they if are interchangeable.
  4. My truck was sold to me as a 62 but the seller was not sure. The serial number falls right in the middle of the ones posted in the registry as 59 so I'm assuming mine is a 59. Mine has the same hand brake and fuel gauge as in the quote but a stamped steel brake pedal
  5. The climate IS changing and the planet IS getting warmer (here anyway). However, "mankind" has absolutely nothing to do with it and can do absolutely nothing about it.
  6. Would be a piece of cake on a Dodge with a 12V cummins. Been pondering that with my B61. A 3rd gen Dodge would be better but the electronics would make it more of a "job" to do. I've never done this specific swap but, with a 12V cummins Dodge, you could have it going in a weekend and have it completed in a week pretty easy I would think.
  7. Probably not a bad idea. I had a 3406 CAT in an '87 LTL 9000 that had a tick. Found a bent push rod, replaced the rod, set the lash and the tick persisted. I was taking the truck to a mechanic friends place (12 miles away) to have him check it out and on the way it dropped the exhaust valve in the same cylinder that the push rod was bent and put the rod through the block. The tick went away 😜
  8. It says that it isn't working properly😋. When I had a no start on my '98 WS (550 CAT) it was a check valve in the filter housing. When I had a no start on my '05 Pete (475 CAT) it was a loose fitting on a fuel line on the suction side allowing air into the system. IIRC, it both cases the hand primer would not build pressure.
  9. I'm not at all familiar with that engine but sounds like that rocker isn't getting oil. If it is oiled through the push rod the rod could be plugged. Whatever pool gallery feeds it must be blocked. I'm assuming that the valve lash is set correctly.
  10. Here's one from the 60's. That is me up on top of it.
  11. Pour oil on what, the rocker while it's running?
  12. Could be a leak in the fuel line on the suction side. Wont leak fuel but will suck air and prevent startup. The first thing I would do is put a fuel line from the filter housing to a jerry can of fuel and try it. If still no start then put a clear fuel line between the filter housing and injection pump and watch for air when you try to start it. Diesels are pretty simple, if it's getting fuel it's gotta go. Pooched hand pump shaped not affect it's ability to run and will only prevent you from priming the system and if the system lost it's prime, you have other issues. You could put an electric
  13. Yeah, didn't think so but didn't think the starter from my 2005 Pete would fit and it does so...........Thanks.
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