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  1. Thanks, will get another tender for the other side. this is very good information. Victor
  2. Don't use my truck very often during the winter months. It has four 6 volt batteries. negative ground. Is it possible to attach battery tender, if so would like some instructions on how to do it. I start the truck through out the winter using the block heater. Victor
  3. Happy Birthday and thanks for what you do.
  4. I have the 711 in my 58 B61 and no head gasket problems. The temp never exceeds 180 degrees in the hottest weather in parades or at highway speeds. Its working days are over, like mine. Victor
  5. Thanks all, Was just wondering if it was a scam. Victor
  6. I received a post card from the American Truck Historical Society requesting information about my truck and myself. Has anyone on the list responded and have any information? Victor
  7. My truck and I will be there again for all three days. Fueled up today and ready to go Thursday. I would not miss it, you should go. Victor
  8. Filling my photo albums with family pictures on face book, just right click and copy then print on my little Picture Mate. I have family and friends in the good old USA and Greece. I can't visit them all.
  9. Working in Colorado 1988 and 1989, Colorado Springs had a ban on wood burners.
  10. REO revisited. While passing thru Ironton, Missouri last summer I stopped to check on this REO truck. The price was $1500, the engine and tranny was missing. Not interested in buying, just curious. Just for information the REO Club of America will be having their annual meet August 6 thru 9 at the Western Illinois Threshers grounds in Hamilton, Illinois. The Threshers annual show will be there on the same weekend August 7, 8 and 9. I don't own a REO but plan on being there with my MACK B 61 Victor
  11. I did not remember it on here before. I did talk to the man and it is still for sale. Maybe something wrong with? Victor
  12. While passing thru Monmouth, Ilinois today spotted this cool B-61. I would bet that it belongs to someone on Big Mack Trucks. I stopped to check it out and it is for sale, 8.500.00 If I did not already have one I would have waited to send this information tomorrow. Now wondering how long to wait to find out who the owner is or was. Victor
  13. And I was only 16 years old when it was new, how time flies.
  14. Nice trucks, I would have found room for the Packard at my place. A day late again. Victor
  15. I was at East Peoria attending a train show at Illinois State College when the tornado passed through. The power was out shortly and the emergency generators worked. Everyone was moved away from the windows and it rained real hard but I did not hear or see the tornado but it did touch down in East Peoria, there was property damage. I did not see any of this but it was a windy ride home to Iowa. victor
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