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  1. I spent 4 days on the phone calling 4 states, animal rescue for horses, even offered money to take care of them, tried to donate them to an agi tech school the Maine, Honor Farm Jail, even to other farms, even threw in that I would transport them and give two tons of feed. People could care less. Chickens,cows ducks sheep and pigs are now meat and given to four homeless veterans shelters in Maine, Long Island and Virginia.
  2. That was your description of me. I'm just an American
  3. makes no sense to you only because you are a "smart Democrat,and I am, as you once called me " a scared, bible clinging,gun carrying white republican vet, whose afraid of your new world order".
  4. I'll talk it over with my boss lady. Right now we are loaded up and leaving to Va in the AM.
  5. See here is the thing that was in my post here that got removed because some one was offended. The Dems are anti slavery and for black civil right but the 7 cites run for decades by them have the highest concentration of blacks on welfare and in public housing... for generations. They are the slaves to LBJ's Great Society and are the Dems social progress welfare plantations like Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Flint and others. As for eliminating all things that had to do with slavery and slave owners, well you've got to remove the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, all but Lincoln and Roosevelt from Mount Rushmore and even cleanse our money. As for Veterans Memorabilia going away. there is a movement from the American Humanities Society to remove all religious markings and symbols from all Military Cemeteries. Crosses, Stars of David and 36 other religious symbols are offensive and violate separation of Church and State according to them.
  6. Just got Cable turned on and settled in our new inherited homestead.. When my sister died last October we closed the place up just before Thanksgiving last year,drained all the systems, left only the alarm system powered up and cut all the other breakers off, covered the windows and doors from the inside. Unfortunately we could not find homes, other farms, butcher shops or anybody to take care of or adopt the animals they had to be put down, 45 sheep, pigs, 4 cows and 6 horses and 50 ducks and 50 or so chickens. What a waste. Taking the farm equipment and trucks to Va. I'll probably sell my sisters Caddy and F-250 and see about splitting off some of the 61 acres or selling the entire complex whole. New barn, stone syrup shed, two small garages, pond and the main house 5 bed rooms 6 1/2 baths, 11 fire places and an attached garage with work shop/tack room 8/71T powered full property generator tied into house oil tank (1000 gallon). Be here for about 3 or so weeks in Gorham Maine. At least we can go to Coles Museum and Owl Head Museum while we're here. http:// http:// http:// http:// view from the master bedroom deck http:// http:// http://
  7. https://www.metrommp.com/index.cfm?f=part_list_by_type&Type=Hole Plugs https://www.summitracing.com/search/brand/crown-automotive/product-line/crown-automotive-floor-pan-plugs?autoview=SKU&ibanner=SREPD5
  8. Me at NY National in SUFFOLK 1974.. 197.8 @ 6.85 http://
  9. That's what happens in a liberal world. I wonder how many of those people realize over 5000 blacks fought on the side of the CSA and 3200 were slave owners them selves. Quite a few are in the Sons of the Confederacy too. War is dirty and the liberals don't want to know about that. In Vietnam I led over 100 Zippo raids on villages.In the 1973 War in the Sinai my unit left scorched earth on the way back including many Egyptians. There is a memorial to them it is not offensive, it is part of history Remember both sides have a right to honor, not just the "winner".
  10. "What's wrong with it?" "Is it done yet? " and "Why so much?" followed by "please don't hit me again!"
  11. Welcome back Mike!! We're here for you any time you need a pat on the back,an atta boy or a bit of humor to brighten the day. Paul
  12. Unfortunately both sides refuse to put the good of the country ahead of their feelings, alliances and hatred, So all the world may soon see will be civil unrest, riots and in the end... blood spilled. Time to put differences aside as there is not much time left to save the Republic from a second civil war..
  13. Go into the BMT WIKI section (enter through the "BMT WIKI Button" on the header.) You'll find B model wiring diagrams in the Antique & Classic Mack Info section
  14. It's been a long time but with a generator as I recall you need to re polarize it to charge correctly. Might have to swap the wires from side to side on the Amp gauge to read correctly also. . If you leave it as a positive ground gen and regulator it will fry the regulator and discharge the batteries when running. . 1 - Polarizing procedure is same for positive or negative ground, 6 or 12 volt. 2 - The purpose of polarizing is to tell the generator whether to output positive or negative ground. 3- Polarize generator. With engine not running and battery connected, momentarily jumper a wire between generator Armature post and battery terminal on regulator. Touch wire to nut on the armature post, NOT the threads as this will produce an arc and could damage threads