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  1. 41chevy

    Attempted Carding

    Maybe because I'm a long bearded, grey haired old man with hair down below my shoulders he felt I could be bullied? Course I'm also 6' 4" 240 pounds and an angry veteran.
  2. 41chevy

    Anthem = loss market share

    From what I've found Volvo engine production is fine, it's them supplying them to Mack that is the issue. Every Mack sold apparently upsets the Euro management. Like they don't seem to grasp that Macks sales also boost their bottom line.
  3. 41chevy

    Anthem = loss market share

    Larry it goes beyond steel production goes to wiring/ electronic supplies, trim and glass suppliers, general lethargy in the top management and last Multi Brand dealers whose slaes people push the unit with the quickest and highest sales commission. I was actually thinking at the time of making my Marmon a show toy and replacing it with a new Anthem...stupid me for being brand loyal.
  4. 41chevy

    Thank you President Tump

  5. 41chevy

    Anthem = loss market share

    Was estimating a seawall job in Chesapeake last spring and stopped at Tidewater Mack. Looked at an Anthem and asked the salesman if I ordered one, whats the lead time for delivery. Straight faced told me 6 to 10 months or longer, Volvo has supply issues and really could give a crap if they sell or not. Heard the same thing from Excel in Roanoake and Gabrielli in N.Y.
  6. 41chevy

    1954 gas engine head gasket

  7. 41chevy

    1970 Marmon COE

    Hosted on Fotki
  8. $3800 and was on the machine for 2 1/2 days, cheap IMO
  9. I trust them for chassis work a 100% they straightened and took the twist out of my R chassis that I laid over on its side at about 40mph. track better than when it was first bought. They use a Bee Line frame table. No heat, no major disassembly all laser and computer specs to check and make it factory. If you can find a shop near to you with the Bee Line system thats the best and most economical way. Sure there a shop Westchester with that machine. Here is a shot of their chassis table.
  10. 41chevy

    1970 Marmon COE

    Never been stored in doors in it's 29 years, but is washed top to bottom and under carriage too after every trip, waxed at least 3 times a year. I do want to re paint it over the winter now that I have an 80 by 100 shop almost finished.
  11. 41chevy

    1970 Marmon COE

    Like Pacific and Hayes.
  12. 41chevy

    1970 Marmon COE

    1977 from Roanoke Salvage, 903 Cummins 15 gear Eaton It's a running parts truck as of now. Hosted on Fotki My otr 1989 BC Cummins 18 gear Eaton Hosted on Fotki
  13. A body shop that does heavy trucks. What area of NY are you in? I've always used Axel Anderson in Medford on Long Island for truck Chassis straightening and all wheel alignment.
  14. All of which could be caused by the chassis being out of alignment. I would still check chassis if nothing more then peace of mind.
  15. Three greys for 2017 2018 model years. #3056 Cululus Grey Metallic, #3067 Dark Grey Metallic and P3253 Tempest Grey Mist Grey Peaerl There are also 4 silvers in metallic and pearl. A good body supply company will have a color chip book

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