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  1. “The Lilquid” Cresent Carbonator from Carbonic Company in Chicago. Patent 1901 Circa 1930.
  2. 1925 Model AB Mack 2 Ton Truck. Chassis #AB411871. Chassis register #66855.
  3. 1931 Mack Model BC 2 1/2 -3 ton Truck. Frame #6BC IS1742 No idea why engine is Kitty Cat Yella
  4. NFL What a disgrace !

    Yes they have always has been separate hence the electoral college, but first time it has been openly stated in my memory.
  5. NFL What a disgrace !

    All of what we have been discussing boils down to a few things, Power and Profit. The most frightening phrase to me, was used by Bush43 in his speech yesterday. He made a statement about the United States "Ruling Class" being up set over being attacked for lack of action by the current administration. I never knew that this country had a ruling class separate and above the common people. Fits with Mitch McConnell calling a 2 TRILLION potential loss "Chump Change". When I was in Richmond getting a waiver for my M917 (3 7/7 inches too wide) I hear the term "paperless immigrant" to describe a DMV applicant. As for new accepted terms try on Empty Barrel as being a racial slur. Here I always thought it was all noise no action.
  6. NFL What a disgrace !

    Enforcing the laws,Judges who follow the letter of the law and not their interpretation. Punishment that is punishment, No cable TV internet and "special foods" and the comforts of home.. Bring back a prison program that teaches a marketable trade and pays the system to off set the costs.Finally put the incouragables in a special prison where they can't pray on and corupt the others. Repeat offenders? let the pick up pebbles in the desert! Biggest thing I would like to happen is treat our older people as well as we currently treat our criminals.
  7. Excessive Blue Smoke

    People tend to over look the simplest. Paul
  8. Showing up in style

    How true! When I hauled my M917 from Philly to Virginia the Surplus dealer put a cover that the U.S. Military uses for transport on the stack. He told me it was to save the turbo from free wheeling. Paul
  9. NFL What a disgrace !

    I find it amazing how the perception of facts change . 429 civilians killed by police nationally, 146 were minorities, 9 were black. Blacks killed by blacks 7881. Should be addressing that. IMO. Causes of moral decline? Loss of the traditional family along with it's values, lack of religion,, drug culture and societies acceptance of drug use, video games, roll models whom most have no morals and the massive politically correct , non offensive push by many (not all) schools, and the climate of not taking personal responsibility for ones actions.
  10. NFL What a disgrace !

    Colin Kaepernick has a 2017 salary of $14.5 . Not enough money to make a difference he says. I did find out what started his protest with his initial statement . '' I began paying attention to reports about the thousands of unarmed black people being killed by the police every year. The posts on social media deeply disturbed me, but one in particular brought me to tears: the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson. This could have happened to any of my family. I felt furious, hurt and hopeless. I wanted to do something, but didn’t know what or how to do it. All I knew for sure is that I wanted it to be as respectful as possible to my fans''.
  11. Stationary testing. I have photos of a Walther used for testing P2 Neptune power plants late Vietnam era. The tag in the second to last photo is on the engine oil pre heat / separation filter unit. It uses engine coolant to heat the oil on warm up. With the oils of that time they had a tendency to coke up and cause a feed drop hence the 500 mile change intervals. That was run until the early 30's. That is an early engine with the primer cups on the heads.
  12. 1925 Mack Model AB 1 1/2 ton Truck with Aircraft Testing equipment.The truck was purchased in 1988 from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. The truck was restored by Mr. Lewis and Raymond Jett. The truck was built to test radial aircraft engines and there is a testing area and controls.It was used by t5he USAAF and than by Continental Airlines in Colorado until about 1968. Received from Northrop Aircraft. The truck has a heavily enforced and special built cab. The truck is green and black. The truck has 146 1/2 inch wheel base. Mack 4 cylinder motor. Modified rearend for Dual rear wheels. The truck has cast rims. A lot has been done to beef up the truck chassis.
  13. NFL What a disgrace !

    Nope, not a clue! Worse that kneeling IMO. But I also cut him some slack . . .He Does drink beer from a straw and reportedly drives a SAAB 93..
  14. Daily digest email

    Click on your screen name on the header and click it, it opens a menu, 4th down "manage followed content" click that and than click "forums" and un follow daily content.