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  1. That says it all!!
  2. The man holding the grinder is Kent Fuller, who was Thompsons go to for chassis work all the way up to Challenger II.
  3. It's a terrible shame that his is probably the only person in the U.S. that does not know that. That just shows how out of touch he is.
  4. That was when people with a dream could do it. Here's Mickey Thompsons Challenger I when it was injected .not blown. 4 Pontiac 421 c.i.for his first LSR try. Second is Craig Breedlove Spirit of American being moved from his mom's garage where it was 60% built.
  5. Cool build, don't understand the lingo but V twin Briggs? with AC
  6. Happy Birthday!! Have a great one! Paul
  7. Yes the differentials. Like was said by J Hanncock ,the bags too high or too low with cause the u joints to bind along with other issues and you'll have a vibration. I didn't really think of that because it's there loaded or unloaded.
  8. Probably a cooler because of the climate and if it runs the higher mountains with loads.
  9. Happy Birthday!! Better late than never! Paul
  10. The truck is looking great!! My wife likes the pink tool box.
  11. Rear tires for belt separation or odd wear and than look close for worn universals, bad carrier bearing,a loose or worn drive shaft yoke or a biding or worn slide joint in the drive shaft. Those would be the first things I'd look at. Paul
  12. "Ohio George" Montgomery built my 2.7 four with modern technology. George drag raced a turbo Pinto with much success. The car hit the Super Stock scene in 1976, and Montgomery raced it until he retired in 1984. It was the last car he drove in competition. The 2.0L plant was making 500 hp with a single turbo 26 lbs. of boost, blowing through a Holley carb. The car racked up lots of divisional wins and a few national event class wins. Best time he ran was .8.93 second at 162 mph. Mine is 2.7 DOHC Ford Fusion Block set up for Methanol. Using a 8 plug cross flow head, using eight injectors with a 4 stage NOx running 40 to 50 of staged boost through a chill cooled intercooler,, vari lift cam, crankcase vacuum pump and Aires 9 to 1 compression pistons. Block and head girdles,ARP Studs and modified for cross bolted mains. Bad luck to mention h.p. but well above Georges 1976 engine. My chassis is certified for sub 7's. 2015 technology 1976 technology, 500 h.p.
  13. Ivo ran it reincranted as the Wagon Master Galpen Fords 4 engine Mustang.
  14. When you click "reply", the page that opens has on the top a B I U and than a chain link symbol, a smiley face and others, click the chain, it opens a spot to direct link or post the URL for the photo, that should work.