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  1. You may want to add some Sound deadener / insulation to the cag, at least the firewall area and floor. THey are a hot with the engine heat in the little cab. Heat is nice here in New England but the B cabs are HOT. There is a spray in type that you can also spray color over that is a sound and heat barrier. Paul
  2. Dayton Spoke wheels. Kind of generic now like Xerox for copies
  3. Looks darn near perfect and personally I like the Hammer-tone finish better the a shiny finish. Hammer-tone is factory in my 41 chevy 3/4 ton P'up
  4. didn't get through the BMT system. I'll pm you my personal E mail. Paul
  5. You're going to need to soak them to soften the gook and make it easier to remove,. I use the GUNK CK3 Carburetor and Parts cleaner. Put them vertically in the cleaner and let them soak for a day or 2, run a wire through them and soak the another few days. wire through again and some air pressure and you should get most all out. Be aware the cleaner is a mild acid base item. It WILL take off paint, a layer of skin. A company called Berryman also make a similar cleaner. Paul
  6. The holding company of International Trucks and IC Buses named Friedrich Baumann as president of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales. He will oversee the full range of commercial processes for customers and dealers. Baumann, who joined Navistar from Daimler Trucks North America in 2018, previously was president of Aftersales/Alliance Management. Baumann continues as liaison with Volkswagen AG's TRATON Group. The holding company for Volkswagen AG's truck brands works with NAvistar on purchasing and powertrain programs. TRATON in January made a $2.9 billion bid for the 83% of Navistar stock i
  7. Runs and drives good price IMO $3500 Not Mine https://portland.craigslist.org/grg/cto/d/klamath-falls-1950-mack-eh-obo/7231204451.html
  8. 6-4 is a J1939 datalink fault, there is no communication between the engine control module and the vehicle control module in the cab.
  9. The #'s that you want have been stamped ahead of the fuel pump on the top flat deck of the timing case. Tip Turbine first offered in 1972 or 1973. For example this serial number translates to a ENDT675. Early 1970's mack dropped the ENDT and such. TB indicated a 675 with Dynatard. Find your number and we can i.d. it. If you can not find it on the timing case the look at the rear behind the head area on the slim chance it was originally in a COE
  10. https://www.mddistributorsstore.com/torque-diesel/732gb5218b/reman-cylinder-head
  11. Omni (PPG) Acrylic Enamel #MAE45735 (Profit Reading Number 1335) for interior panel restorations. I had it scanned from under an ''over speed'' warning tag on a dash panel. Seems to be a good match. Original Kirker Paints number was 812 (812A) A good body Supply shop can cross reference to DuPont, PPG or other paint brand. Paul
  12. R401 - END475 Scanna? R403 - END465C R411 - EN414A 413 gas V-8 Dodge R482 - 3208 Cat R483 - 6V-53N Detroit R487 - ENDT475 R493 - 555 Cummins R567 - END465D R607 - END673P R609 - EN 707 Mack gas R640 - EN 540 Mack gas R679 - Detroit 6V-71N R685 - ENDT 675 Maxidyne R686 - ENDT 676 Maxidyne R709 - END711 Mack R711 - ENDT673C Mack R712 - ETAZ673 "300+" Mack R715 - END864 V8 Mack R719 - twin turbo ENDT864 V8 Mack R731 - NH 230 Cummins R737 - NHC 250 Cummins R747 - NTC290 Cummins R763 - NT 3
  13. 41chevy

    R 700

    Depends on exact model 700. They ran from the R715 in 1965 to the R797 . Last made in 1985
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