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  1. 1952 KW 825

    Same yard as the B model service truck?
  2. http://partcraft.com/catalogs/2011-HD-CD-CATALOG/HD-PDF-PRINT-FINAL.pd They have Sheppard 492 Series 5 Sector Shaft seals in stock, you may be able to cross the Sheppard Number to National Seal numbers. Both inner and out seals are the same Sheppard P/N 79148 Pressure seal assembly is Sheppard P/N 79159 Page 10 on the link posted above
  3. Freightrain to the NHRA phone

    No. Ex Mickey Thompson.Never really run more the a few times so it's said. It's been sitting since his murder. No engine, set up for an FE Shot Gun unit with a Garlits Drive. I'll most likely dig out my 72 season Alcohol Dodge. I can't justifiy 26g's for a 612 c.i. plus an other 10g for the 14/71 , Hilborn injection and blower drive.
  4. After 3 years getting the SVO dialed in I swapped it for a 1971 Pinto that also came with a fist full of cash. NHRA changed my class rules and no longer allows forced induction. No way to make the Mustang comply. I'll post a Pinto pic when I get back home later.
  5. B61 Chrome Radiator Shell

    Probably be cheaper in the end to send yours out for plating. Watts did a limited pre sold run of repro's in 2006 for $600 each and the last new Chrome shell was on here in 2012 and sold for $1250 plus shipping. Better investment than gold.
  6. how to milk sheep

    At least until 1943.
  7. how to milk sheep

    A particular Mediterranean army, when they left Ethiopia in the 1930's, brought 5000 back home as War Brides....
  8. Pops Jag about 1965 at Suffolk Dragway. Blown 327 SBC, 2nd and hi only trans and 5:13 Chevy 3/4 to rear. Oh the Blower was chain drive double roller no belt. Hosted on Fotki
  9. My pop had an XKE he used to drag race in the mid to late 1960's Have to scan the photo at Suffolk Dragway. I think it was a 1962 or so.
  10. The 3% gain doesn't even come close to the mileage lost through the required use of ethanol, which is usually up to a 30% MPG loss.
  11. Best Spaghetti Western Theme.

    When I was a kid my mom would put Morricone on my cuts
  12. 2 was for Thermodyne Gas engines, NLA by than
  13. B 53 power steering box

    Did you look to see if the play was in the box or in the u joints/ yokes. ? Just tossing it out because it is easily over looked. Paul