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  1. Forget about it is not worth it and both of us got off badly and I tend to be a hot head when I'm fighting weather like I am in Maine right now. I grew up in Oyster Bay my uncle had Les's Auto Body about half was down on the right. The build low rent crap there. My wifes uncle was Tommy Trotta had the junk yard and Carmine had the little Texaco across from Tayler Motors next to Sorinsons Lumber. In the early 1980s we had the motorcycle shop on Forest ave caddy corner from Pace. Garage Probably know each other by sight. Allie Lizza's Marmon was in Glen Cove and their Mount Hope plant. My wife had some pics of both the Marmons together at Brookhaven Airport show I'll have to search for them ,can't ask her she died a few years ago. There was always a bunch of neat oldies on Morris ave as I recall on the left at an old truck equipment yard and more goodies on the other side of the creek in the boat yards. Haven't been their in years. Tommy Malloy in Glen Head by the station had a few Mack Contour cabs but the Town made him get ride of them. Bet we know each other some what. Paul
  2. You did not miss ID the truck, my pics that were transferred to another hosting service has /had issues. I made an error and didn't catch it which apparently is a major crime here. I only learned of that other Marmon when my son took that photo of it on Main Road about 2006 when he asked me why my truck was at the run down store . It is the twin of mine less the interior and lettering. It also matches the one that Allie Lizza had at his asphalt plant in Glen Cove so there were 3 close matches on L.I.. Since it seems to be a major issue I had the moderator delete the offending photos and when I return home around Thanksgiving I'll take a few pics of mine with a large dated card on it so there is no question, unless you have a specific way you want proof of it. . you tell me what you need. I posting the wrong photo with the caption. As for you never seeing it on L.I in the past 30 years, a side from being parked on the remains of the farm off Roanoke Rd for years it has been in Virginia mostly since 2013. It has been at the LI Power Association show at Hallock Farm in 2007 and 2008 The ATHS show in 2007 at Brookhaven Airport with Allie Lizza's truck and in Pete Horan's O.B. Sand Touch a Truck event last year.
  3. The truck was bought new by my grand parents to haul potatos from our farm in Riverhead N.Y. I went with granddad to Denton to pick up up from the factory in early 1989. Got to be the first to drive it. I bought it from their estate in 2001 when they died. It hauled my trucks and occasionally Granite from New Hampshire and Maine. Moved most of my equipment to Virginia with it, hauls my race car and except for last 2 years goes to Texas for the Marmon Home Coming. 400 big Cam ,18 speed R.R. Aside from up grading the air cleaners and redoing the interior in leather it is original right down to the paint. Usually it is garaged and only saw snow 3 times in 30 years. To date 370,000 + a bit on it . It does need a few things like a new chrome plating on the bumper and the aluminum re polished and some lug covers. My 93 is apart to be re painted and the parts truck is going to be refurbished as a worker. Wanted a Marmon since I saw one in 1969.
  4. Do what my grandson does at Cat. . .Moxie, Smarties and Oreos for the energy boost
  5. Picture new trucks with electronics in my business spending weeks at the shore line during tide out at the Atlantic or on a barge in the ocean. Much as I would like a few late models it would never work. I've actually gotten contracts because my units are pre electronic. Mine go from 1969 to 1990 and most are ex DOD units. I have come to like the Cat 16 speed semi autos too.
  6. Wow! I do know they were fleet units. Cool if it was Vlads.
  7. His and most here have a drain valve on the bottom the balance is sealed. Water molecules are bigger than fuel so the filter and mesh stops them and they settle in the drain cup, kind of like a moisture trap for a shop compressor.
  8. kscarbel2 He was a Mack man from the best times and has a vast knowledge of parts, suppliers and people. He is THE person for that info. The Autocar new truck post and most all the trucking news is his from his work association. Paul
  9. Maybe KS can suggest who has parts. Probably quicker and easier to replace with a "modern " one. All my equipment runs water separators because there is always that one chance of an issue that will cause an issue. I can't see losing a day or two and hours spent to fix something the unit would have prevented. I also run accumulators to pre lube the engines on start up. All I can say is no major failures or issues. I go this way to add service life to my units.
  10. 41chevy

    Veterans Day

    When I was in Vietnam my cousin was stationed in Germany where many of the wounded were sent and where the remains were routed through. It affected him later in life as much as combat did me. I feel it affects front line troop , rear guard and even their families in many ways.
  11. 41chevy

    Veterans Day

    I was on Long Island at the Stoney Brook Vets home. My V.V.A group treated the residents and day care cases to dinners and a personal thanks. Hope that some one does that for me when I get older. Not to rain on the parade but because of the V.A. policies and waiting lists 21 veterans (evenly split from Vietnam to now) commit suicide every day
  12. I get the Gee I don't know all the time when I go for engine parts for my 3 AM Generals. I told them the engine is a Cummins Big Cam 400 and I need rocker box gasket sets and I get what kind of truck is it. when I tell them it's generally followed by who makes it. I figure if it is not in the computer the counter mann goes into blank mode.
  13. The first stage of the fuel water separator uses a pleated paper element to change water particles into large enough droplets that will fall by gravity to a water sump at the bottom of the filter. The second stage is made of silicone-treated nylon that acts as a safety device to prevent small particles of water that avoid the first stage from passing into the engine. Water and contaminants have a direct impact on the service life and performance of diesel engines. Besides being abrasive to engine components and cylinder walls, water and contamination displaces diesel fuel’s lubrication coating on the high precision injector components, causing tip erosion, surface pitting, fuel pressure loss and poor performance. If the separator fails, any water in the fuel can wear away lubricants on the diesel fuel injectors. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely prevent water from contaminating fuel. Condensation is constantly forming inside fuel tanks year round plus most stations don't check their in ground tanks for water. I regularly check the fuel water separator every third fuel up and open the valve on the bottom to drain the water from the water separator. IMO it's cheap insurance against issues and aside from checking and an occasional drain it's trouble free and no effect on performance. Paul
  14. Nice to know good try, now here is your ticket, pay at window 2. Red is Red rust or not fines based on capacity
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