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  1. The Valkyrie I have is a late 1960s mid engine sports car.
  2. 41chevy

    20 Wide

    There was a pair in Thailand at UDorn airbase in 1970 when we went through there, but they were set up as medvacs.
  3. Well it was a long time ago and Nancy was just a child during the reconstruction.
  4. This is a repeat of 2016, soon we will renew the Clinger name, old white guys with their bible and guns and that the threat like 2016 to have the Southern Poverty Law Group flag BMT as racist. It's simple, we are not bowing to our superior and we will be punished for that sin.
  5. She's lived here since 2001 and got citizen ship in 2002. Loves Moxie, Moon Pies and Blueberry Chocolate, likes my head banging music. I've got to pry her out of my M917, drag her off my '48 Indian and have lost all rights to my Calico 9 pistol. Wants my Valkyre as her car. I showed her maxis post on American Jews liking democrats and she laughed, Because in Israel they adore Trump for among other things for moving the embassy to Jerusalem and hate Obama, Hilary, Kerry and a lot of anger over Obamas UN ambassador Samantha Powers for choosing the Hamas over Israel.
  6. 41chevy

    20 Wide

    Whats the story on the Stratofreighter in the opening post? Thats got to be close to 70 years old.
  7. I never did either but it just happened
  8. Nancy's statue speech "Monuments to men who advocated racism, slavery, cruelty and barbarism to achieve such a plainly racist ends are a grotesque affront to the morals, ideals and core values of the Democrat Party ," she wrote in a letter to the Joint Committee on the Library Chair Roy Blunt and Vice-Chair Zoe Lofgren. "These statues pay homage to hate and bigotry which my party have fought against for over 160 years.They must be removed and forever made a minor footnote of our history." Nearly all of the men she wants to remove from the Capitol were Democrats Two have no party affiliation on record Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America and former Democratic U.S. senator from Mississippi James Zachariah George, former Democratic U.S. senator from Mississippi and member of the Confederacy as well as the Mississippi Secession Convention Wade Hampton, lieutenant general for the Confederacy and former Democratic governor of South Carolina John E. Kenna, member of the Confederate States Army, former Democratic congressman and U.S. senator from West Virginia Uriah Milton Rose, chairman of the Resolutions Committee of the Arkansas Democratic Party Edmund Kirby Smith, general for the Confederate States Army with no recorded political party affiliation Alexander Hamilton Stephens, vice president of the Confederate States who served as a Democratic congressman from Georgia and governor of Georgia Zebulon Baird Vance, member of the Confederate Army and former Democratic governor of North Carolina Joseph Wheeler, commander in the Confederate Army and former Democratic congressman from Alabama Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate States Army with no recorded political party affiliation Edward Douglass White, member of Confederate Army, former Louisiana Democratic senator and associate justice of the Supreme Court .
  9. Much of my work is below the high tide point on the North Eastern Atlantic and all of my units are 1970's to late 1980's. My competition bought all new KW's and Volvos. So far I've got his jobs that he could not complete due to units de-rating at dead low tide or massive electrical gremlins due to the salt air and water.
  10. A Sabra צַבָּר‎,( tzabar was a slur against native born) is any Jew born in Israel. The term came into widespread use within the Jewish population of Palestine, in the 1930s, but is thought to have been used as far back as the early 20th century, when it was used to refer to the first generation of native-born Jews produced by the Zionist movement, the children of the immigrants of the1st immigration in 181 to 1903 . This generation of natives referred to themselves as Etrogim or Yellow Citron " " The term "Tzabar" was used by immigrants of the 1904 to 1914 immigration and the 1915 to 1917 immigration from the Russian revolution and used originally as an insulting term by the Russian Jews. The changing of the meaning of Sabra to emphasize the softer interior rather than the roughness, was done by the journalist Uri Kesari, who himself was a sabra. Kesari published an essay, "We Are the Leaves of the Sabra!", on 18 April 1931 in the newspaper DOAR HaYOM in which he argued against the discrimination which was cast against the native-born by the new immigrants
  11. Not Israelite, Beverly is a Sabra native born Israeli, now a U.S. citizen, married to me and living at our house in American Somalia Virginia. I had our photo taken just for you at our front door. Made me shave and cut my hair short. http://Hosted on Fotki
  12. Blue Pills accomplishments over 150 or so years : Trail of Tears Slavery Racial segregation / oppression Jim Crow laws KKK Cross burnings and lynchings Japanese Internment Camps ala FDR Filibustered the Civil Rights Act Eugenics Replaced KKK with Antifa
  13. Now now, the union in the mid of April made my job a breeze. There are 6 houses in a small development whose only access in or out is a bridge a mile away. The piers were getting eroded from the recent rains. Town and county requested for us the install temporary diverters so police, fire and medical could have access. My company gets there and low an behold the local union boy arrives. Calls the VSP and informs them we are not on the state list of necessary business, VSP officer informs me we are in violation of governors mandate and will be fined, equipment impounded and as owner I can be arrested. We leave and return to my property. I called the town and infromed them the bridge will not be stabilized with out an edict from the governors office allowing us to be there. That injuries or death of the 9 adults, 18 children or the 5 elderly are on Trooper Galanti's and Union rep Hennesy's heads and it is on video . The same VSP officer shows up a few minutes later at my gate and demands entry to look my property over "because you are blaming me" for enforcing the states edict and because the local union guy informed him that all your crap is ex military and he needs to know why. Told him I was turning around and going to my car and he may now shoot me in the back. . .smile you're definitely on video and likely ranged in on. Never knew the Unions run the VSP and can void somebodies rights under the Constitution. Thanks to the unions compliant and the VSP voiding the Constitution my crew had a lot of OT. We re did my road with gullies on both sides for drainage, added two switch backs and fougasse pits for de icing.
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