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  1. 41chevy

    Flywheel bolt torque

    Actually there is a simple formula to figure in the length and diameter of the extensions into the torque values.
  2. One thing on the Museum, it is 100% volunteer staff, mostly all retirees so sometimes they are not the quickest to respond.
  3. 41chevy

    Smith’s Transfer U model Macks

    This what you're looking For? Photo Credits to Don Querciagrossa and Gary Morton
  4. 41chevy

    Flywheel bolt torque

    When I worked on Roll Royce C engines and Leyland Meteor V12 Diesels in 1972 in Israel, we were given a week long course on tightening fasteners. We learned that the torgue will be vary when using a deep or shallow socket and also using an extension.
  5. 41chevy

    Flywheel bolt torque

    Ford started the degree torque in the late 70's early 80's on the bigger F- series. Much of the chassis and engine fasteners HAD to be angle torqued there was no foot pound values. In fact most fasteners on the heads and internals came with head sets and main and rod sets.
  6. 41chevy

    Artificial Intelligence

    https://www.newsweek.com/sophia-saudi-robot-baby-future-family-725254 http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/42122742/sophia-the-robot-wants-a-baby-and-says-family-is-really-important
  7. How are the battery ground cables and connections to the chassis? Among other things bad battery grounds will cause that issue.
  8. 41chevy

    City Horn

    Look on the back of your horn button, there should be a spade where wire connected too. Your horn normally has power to the button, when you push the button it grounds the plate and horn blows.
  9. 41chevy

    GPS said to go this way....

    Same reporter who thinks 6 inches is a foot.
  10. 41chevy

    City Horn

    The wire has a spring contact that rubs the contact plate. Did you check the horn relay to see if it is good? Check the horn ground also.
  11. 41chevy

    1985 RS688LST

    Mine has a plain black ball.
  12. World War I Ends: November 11, 1918 November 10, 2018 by Jenny Ashcraft WWI Ends! Mon, Nov 11, 1918 ChicagoTribune On the morning of November 11, 1918, at 1:55 A.M., the telephone rang at the offices of the Chicago Tribune. An Associated Press operator delivered a news flash with the short message, "Armistice Signed" and then hung up. Fifty minutes later, the U.S. State Department released the official announcement: Effective this morning at 6:00 a.m. ET the war officially ends An Armistice signed by Germany in the 11th month, on the 11th day, and in the 11th hour of 1918 brought an end to the fighting in WWI. In France, thousands of American heavy guns fired parting shots at that exact moment. WWI, also known as the Great War, resulted in more than 37 million military casualties and 8.5 million deaths worldwide. An estimated 4.6 million civilian casualties and 700,000 deaths American Expeditionary Force (AEF) casualties numbered 323 thousand with nearly 117 thousand deaths. As the news broke, a sleepy nation woke to celebrate! In Chicago, US Navy men (nicknamed Jackies) poured into the streets cheering. News reached the West coast just before midnight. Fireworks summoned residents in Oakland, California, to a party downtown! With the fighting over, transporting troops home became the next big logistical challenge. Most soldiers made it home within a year, but a few thousand didn’t return until 1920. Every available ship, and a few seized German ships, helped to bring the boys home. All over the country, communities held celebrations. In Allentown, Pennsylvania, 50,000 citizens greeted returning soldiers with a confetti parade. Not all the boys were coming home whole. The physical and emotional trauma suffered by the sick and wounded was astonishing. Legislation like the Adjusted Compensation Act, the Soldiers Rehabilitation Act (that provided prostheses for those who lost limbs); and the organization of the American Legion sought to help returning soldiers. Among the many injured were Pvt. Anthony Kulig, 24, who spent 19 months at Walter Reed Hospital recovering from an amputated arm, a knee injury, and 52 wounds on his body. First Lt. John W. McManigal chronicled his injuries and others he observed during his time as a POW in adramatic 5 part series in the Kansas Democrat in 1919. He recalled one soldier in a POW hospital having both legs amputated without any anesthetic. The development of an improved veteran healthcare system is just one of the legacies left to future military generations by WWI veterans.
  13. 1936 to 1950 EHUT 5ton, coe straight trucks with a 132" wheel base. Power was an EN310, an EN354 flathead gas jobs or a Buda 6DT389 diesel top. Two transmissions, 5 speed with 5th direct and a 5 speed with 5th an over drive.
  14. And AC6 OTR trucks used by Consolidated Freight and others.
  15. 41chevy

    Turbo Actuator

    I would say ife the actuator failed due to mechanical issues and not sensor or harness issues caused it you could replace it yourself. Just be sure the vanes in the turbo move with no binding.

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