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  1. Can't have a farm stand in my piece of paradise in Va unless it is ADA compliant unless it was grandfathered in. . .not even a self serve table with a money jar. Libs killed all that now that the village is incorporated. It turned into a giant home owners association. Maine I can do pretty much anything but have no animals there.
  2. I downloaded all 1,417 pages and went through it. This is only some of what is contained in their Bill, did not see much for business or the lower and middle class. Just a ton of Pet Projects and an immediate revamp of the voting system before the 2020 election . $300,000,000 for ‘‘Violence Against Women Prevention and Prosecution Programs’’ $100,000,000 for ‘‘Juvenile Justice Programs’’ $100,000,000 for ‘‘Construction and Environmental Compliance and Restoration’’ $200,000,000 for ‘‘Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Program Account’’ $25,000,000,000 for payment to the ‘‘Postal Service Fund’’, for revenue forgone due to the coronavirus pandemic $3,000,000 for ‘‘Forest and Rangeland Research’’ $7,000,000 for ‘‘Wildland Fire Management’’ $7,500,000 for the Smithsonian Institution, for ‘‘Salaries and Expenses’’ $90,000,000 for ‘‘Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program’’ $435,000,000 for ‘‘Health Surveillance and Program Support’’ (SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES) $1,400,000,000 for ‘‘Low Income Home Energy Assistance’’ $6,000,000,000 for ‘‘Payments to States for the Child Care and Development Block Grant’’ $5,202,000,000 for ‘‘Children and Families Services Programs’’ including “Head Start” and Summer programs $100,000,000 for Family Violence Prevention and Services formula grants $2,000,000, for the National Domestic Violence Hotline $100,000,000 for carrying out activities under the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act $1,500,000,000 for necessary expenses for grants for assisting low-income households, as defined by the grantee, in paying their water and wastewater utility costs $1,205,000,000 an additional amount for ‘‘Aging and Disability Services Programs’’ $200,000,000 an additional amount for ‘‘Safe Schools and Citizenship Education’’, to supplement funds otherwise available for the ‘‘Project School Emergency Response to Violence program’’ $7,000,000 an additional amount for ‘‘Gallaudet University’’ (Gallaudet University is a federally chartered private university for the education of the deaf and hard of hearing. It is located in Washington, D.C. on a 99-acre campus.) $75,000,000 an additional amount for ‘‘Student Aid Administration’’ $13,000,000 an additional amount for ‘‘Howard University’’ (Howard University is a private, federally chartered historically black university in Washington, D.C.) $250,000,000 an additional amount for the ‘‘Corporation for National and Community Service’’ $300,000,000 an additional amount for ‘‘Corporation for Public Broadcasting’’ (examples are NPR which is anti-Trump and PBS) $25,000,000 an additional amount for ‘‘Capital Construction and Operations’’ $300,000,000 an additional amount for ‘‘Migration and Refugee Assistance’’ $100,000,000 for grants to Indian tribes for carrying out the Indian Community Development Block Grant program, as authorized under title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 $130,000,000 an additional amount for carrying out the ‘‘Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS’’ program, as authorized by the AIDS Housing Opportunity Act $15,000,000,000 an additional amount for ‘‘Community Development Fund’’ $7,000,000 an additional amount for ‘‘Fair Housing Activities’’ $3,000,0000,000 to fully implement the Initiative to Build Growth Equity Funds for Minority Businesses $300,000,000 to purchase qualified agricultural products for the purpose of donating the products to food assistance pro grams “any outstanding debt of the United States Postal Service owed to the Treasury pursuant to sections 2005 and 2011 of title 5, United States Code, on the date of the enactment of this Act is hereby cancelled”
  3. I grow most of the feed, Sun Flowers, Cattle Corn and Barley. I do buy additional anti viral and vitamins to the feed and grow clover to supplement the pellets for the rabbits. If you figure cost per acre for 200 or so acres, fertilizer, water and the hours tending the animals, the crops, the equipment and the storage silos the time preventing mold and rot. 7 days a week rain or shine. Vet visits for various issues, mainly with sheep.there was a disease a few years ago where I had to shoot and burn over 75 sheep, decontaminate the sheep barn and turn out field and toss all the feed. Time to butcher and the cost of the cold room, smokers and utilities than I probably equal a store price or 15 to 20% higher. My eggs probably cost in the end $5 or $6 a dozen but my chickens are fed Marigold seed mix, give a sweet tasting bright yellow yolk. All the above is pricey BUT I know how they are raised, what they eat, and how they are butchered and preserved for eating. I KNOW my butcher shed is clean enough to do surgery in and set up with positive pressure to keep most all the contaminates out. Never really thought about the cost, my wife and I just refused to be dependent on others. That was how both of us were raised and how our parents were raised. I can't legally sell any as I am not officially FDA approved, I can't even give it to the food banks, veterans home,senior homes or even the homeless.
  4. From his tough guy brother Chris "frodo" Coumo on what ever lame stream "news" show he has
  5. Blow Up the Bridges': Some Wealthy Manhattanites Are Knowingly Bringing Wuhan Coronavirus to the Hamptons New York City represents over half of all of the 40,000+ cases of Wuhan coronavirus infections in the United States. There are hordes of wealthy people in the city. So, where would Manhattanites go at this time? The Hamptons. And the locals here are not happy. As New York Post columnist Maureen Callahan wrote, it’s all-out class warfare as the elite and entitled are making life hell for the locals. She wrote that these folks, who landscape and tend to the super-rich during the summer months are not tolerant of this spring invasion, where grocery stores are wiped out and ditzy folks refuse to listen to the rules. One woman who tested positive for the Wuhan virus in the city didn’t adhere to protocol. She was told to remain in the city, but hopped in a limo, didn’t alert anyone of her infection, and arrived at a hospital in the Hamptons demanding admission. Callahan also added that someone flew a private jet into East Hampton and didn’t tell anyone until he landed. One local suggested they “blow up the bridges” to stop the mass influx of city dwellers (via NY Post): The year-round residents, the locals who own the shops, restaurants and those who cook, clean and landscape for the super-rich in the summertime — and put up with all manner of entitlement and terrible behavior in exchange for good money — are silent no more. “There’s not a vegetable to be found in this town right now,” says one resident of Springs, a working-class pocket of East Hampton. “It’s these elitist people who think they don’t have to follow the rules.” It’s not just the drastic food shortage out here. Every aspect of life, most crucially medical care, is under strain from the sudden influx of rich Manhattanites panic-fleeing, bringing along their disdain and disregard for the little people — and in some cases, knowingly bringing coronavirus. “We’re at the end of Long Island, the tip, and waves of people are bringing this s–t,” says lifelong Montauker James Katsipis. “We should blow up the bridges. Don’t let them in.” Normally, the haves and the have-nots converge only in summer, and everyone plays their parts. No more. “A big majority of the rich are truly disrespectful, and in my opinion don’t deserve to enjoy Montauk,” says local fisherman Chris Albronda, 33. He wasn’t shocked by the infected woman who deliberately came out here, even after she was told not to. “That small act reflects a lot of what we deal with in the summer,” he says. “Selfish. Disrespectful. Absolutely horrifying.” “I’ve seen breathtaking acts of selfishness,” says lifelong East Hamptonite Jason LaGarenne, 42. “I saw one guy walk out [of a grocery store] with a cart full of carrots. Just carrots. As of last weekend, SoulCycle and Flywheel were packed, as were bars, restaurants, clothing stores and coffee shops. As of Monday, “there was a line out the door at East Hampton restaurant Mary’s and Starbucks,” says the Springs resident. “If you’re going to make such a hoopla over leaving the city and hoarding your food, why not stay in your million-dollar mansion on the waterfront? Don’t go to Starbucks! I’m sure you have a coffeemaker.” The local health care systems are not equipped to handle this influx of people in the off seasons. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy also made similar remarks concerning folks in New Jersey who are fleeing to their summer residences along the coast. Don’t do it. Maine Gov Mills said that this weekend over 4000 "summer" residents came to "be safe" . In many towns in Southern Maine the grocery stores that were returning to normalcy are now empty along with our local mom and pop grocers.
  6. From one small pig. My wife used to name all the lambs, I'd put their names on the cure wrap. She was slick, when came time to cook one she'd ask me to bring in what ever name she saw on the wrap. I trade off pork to a farmer down the road for the equal weight in fresh beef. I grew up near grandmas farm, tons of fresh potatos, vegies, Rhubarb, eggs, chicken and fresh milk. Pears and apples right off the trees, a walk to the L.I. Sound or the Great South Bay for fish, clams and muscles, farm pond for fish and Laurel Lake for Bass and Trout. Still do most all of that. Have not bought anything but coffee, Moxie, spices and Fritos in a grocery store for probably 35 or more years.
  7. The light cycles on start up to confirm the system is functional. Does it have self adjusting slacks? Seen issues with them going out of adjustment on their own.
  8. Come to Epping when this crap clears and come in with me when I run my new nostalgia funnycar, I have room in Maine for you and the wife to stay over for a week or so if you want. Than hit the truck junk yard. Think he has 3 of 4 B cabs and a pair of doors? Paul
  9. The New Constable is 20 / 22 years old and the son of one of the board members and has zero training in law or weapons. The mayor knew what I was doing and brought him for the specific reason of tossing his cookies.I give the mayor all the feet and knuckles each spring. Some people like them, not me. Pigs I split from head to tail. Still have half a dozen more come fall. By next month the lambs, rabbits and chickens will be up on deck.
  10. Son and Snowflake daughter inlaw came over to show me their $200 Nano anti plague masks, Princess snowflake saw what I was doing and nearly puked in her new mask. 1st good event. Village Mayor and new town constable came over and the constable threw up on the mayor shoes. 2nd good event. All I was doing was prepping a dozen pigs for their diner dates. Need OD to smoke some up for me. Ended up with a bit over 400 pounds of meat so far. Here is my bacon and sausage pics. Won't show the pigs hanging around in the cold room being quiet.
  11. Think about shipping a new cab on a ship on the ocean, sitting in a port on both sides of the ocean with all that fine salt sea air . In a year or to Vlad would have to do all this repairs any way. Paul
  12. Take a look at your brake switch it self. Could case you code and engine brake not to work.
  13. https://www.savelives.com/product/par-46-sealed-beam-strobe-head-in-rubber-housing-5657.cfm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3piS77mu6AIVhZ6fCh1zBg9GEAQYFiABEgJ0O_D_BwE They have clear, red ,amber and blue in stock
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