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  1. Not much else to do in the bitter cold but snowmen and go see the Ice Disc
  2. Enough snow in Maine last week to build my Snow Cannibals Men
  3. Seen a lot of "well off" people with little respect or any manners. The general attitude for clearing their trash is "that's what the help is paid for" or as my "entitled liberal daughter in law" stated "I don't do manual labor like clearing the table off". So last time they came over when Gail was alive she insisted that we don't give her any dishes or utensils. . . just a few wet naps. Wife had a bit of a sarcastic streak worse than mine.
  4. Some fine Virginian threw a bag of the Christmas debris in the end of my drive way, un sealed so much came out. Found their address in the mail that they added to the mix. Added some seasoned Basset Hound poo, packed it in a box, wrapped it up nice and festive, put it in a second box and sent it UPS to them. I feel that was an appropriate award for the manners and respect for the area they showed.
  5. Guns?? Moxie?? I'm sorry but those things are illegal in Virginia.
  6. Building 60+ homes in Maine so moving most of my trucks and equipment up there for the duration. Plus all the things on the governors hate list.
  7. 41chevy

    My Mom

    So sorry about your mom. PM me if there is any thing I can do for you. I watched both parents and wife suffer for a number of years and would never wish that one my worst enemy. Paul
  8. Thanks!! Hadn't really thought about it today. Busy for the past 3 weeks moving " stuff" out of state.
  9. Isn't the Nicola semis due out soon too? I see Ryder has the factory authorized sales, service and warranty locations up already.
  10. Looks like it has a lot of potential. RS units were built in the Haywood Factory in California. Long way from where it was born.
  11. https://www.truckid.com/mack-r-series-heater-cores/?view=123456&offermpnid=4522009904&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkZGDyaT95gIVycDACh3iEQA5EAYYBSABEgI8hvD_BwE about $90 supposedly 36 in stock made by Spectrum You can call them. TRUCKiD.com 4 Corporate Drive Cranbury · NJ · 08512Toll Free: 888.903.4343 International: 1.856.831.7562 Fax: 1.856.295.7328
  12. SWIFT actually has an instruction label on the landing gear . . . . course it is only visible when the trailer is on it's side.
  13. Off subject, went by your friends shop in Biddeford today. Very nice operation from what I saw at 6am. Need to stop in to see him personally. Paul
  14. Any need for permits for over size or weight? Paul
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