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  1. Dirty Jobs

    I was alway's told they left ahead of WWI.
  2. Nikola and Bosch.

    With Great Briton's ban on fossil fuel vehicles in 2040 and several E.U. countries have already laid out ambitious plans to eliminate fossil fuel-powered vehicles between 2025 and 2040. French Environment Minister Hulot said it won’t be easy for France. “It’s a very difficult objective. But the solutions are there.” And, as the world’s sixth-largest economy, and with one of the world’s largest automotive markets, the proposed ban on the internal combustion engine could have significant impact far beyond France’s borders. Norway has laid out the most aggressive plans. It wants to get there by 2025. It helps that a full 24 percent of the vehicles sold in this oil-rich nation already are battery-electric India wants to get all of its vehicles switched to battery power by 2030 — and that means it not only wants to end the sale of internal combustion vehicles but convert or replace all other vehicles already on the road by the end of the next decade, a goal few see possible The Netherlands already has a relatively high EV sales rate, about 6 percent of its total new vehicles, but it has yet to formally lock down a switch to electric vehicles some would like to implement by as early as 2025 Germany may also push to end sales of gas and diesel vehicles by 2030, but there is strong opposition, especially since half of its electricity comes from coal. Yet German automakers are launching major drives to electrify and that could help build momentum for a switch.
  3. Dirty Jobs

    Grand mother, grandfather and 3 aunts came from Poland in 1915, mom was born here in 1917. I grew up on Polish farm cooking and Polish orders mixed with Yankee on pops side. . Potato farmers in Riverhead N.Y. Probable could send it packed in dry ice. :0
  4. Dirty Jobs

    This afternoons belly bomb from the Kushinski Deli, best eaten while the cab windows can stay open. Sliced Kielbasi, boiled cabbage and onions, Stuffed Cabbage and some Mashed Potato's with Sour Cream and onions. All washed down with a bottle of Polish Kiwi Soda. . Now if we could only send the after affect to North Korea.
  5. The All New Mack

    I think the test rigs fenders and lighting looked better. More B influence in my eyes. Paul From a BMT members post.
  6. When we went to Tannersville we hit the River Beat Record Shop in Troy, help full and will search sources for you. Got Dave Dudley through him.
  7. OK now what do I do????

    Nice find. whats the rig on the back? Paul
  8. Dirty Jobs

    My wife was going to cook tongue . ..once.... til I picked it up from the pot, and licked her cheek with it. Shot that dinner all to hell.
  9. I'm a fan of painted tanks, yours look perfect. I'd do the spiders too. Paul
  10. Had some spare parts............

    We have had the camera system in NY for about 10 years, you would be amazed how the focus is affected by a water pistol.
  11. Dirty Jobs

    Which is made with sugar and scrapple squeezin's
  12. Sunday drive

    We used to go to a dinner that served Beefalo Burgers ummmmmmm ummmmmm good!
  13. Had some spare parts............

    It's VIN show it as a Mack or a GM?
  14. KS

    Got a few likes from KS over the past 2 weeks, he just hasn't been on alot. Paul
  15. The 2016 Dodge 5500 I bought last year, took in for a recall. Got the truck back and went ballistic at the dealer. There are 18 grease fittings that Dodge plugs from new. I replaced them all with zerks. Looked under the truck and they were all flattened with a hammer. Service manager told me they were life greased. Told him my truck my fittings , put new ones in or I'll see you lose your job for damaging my truck and I'll see the dealership in court...