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  1. some have as man a 3 or 4 from casting code to the 5 or 6 digit axle number. The axle number should be on the web area.
  2. Mommar Gadaffi could afford it when he ordered it.
  3. . The Acco super bulldozer was constructed mainly of Caterpillar parts, however many other components were specially adapted. This bulldozer has a gross weight of 183 metric tons and is powered by two 675 hp Caterpillar engines placed horizontally opposed, which deliver a total combined output of 1,350 hp. The super bulldozer has a blade that is 23 feet wide and 9 feet high, whilst the total length of the Bulldozer is over 40 feet, from the tip of the blade to the ripper on the rear. The ripper alone is about 10 feet tall, being powered by huge hydraulic rams.
  4. Cool!!!
  5. Doesn't matter what you chose to do It's your choice same as every one else on here. Want to go to college or a tech school and not use it, no skin off anybody.. What anybody chooses to do should be no concern of anybody but them.
  6. Still not the axle # just the plain ole part number.
  7. Good luck with it and post some photos when it is at it's new home.Looks really good shape! Paul
  8. It got cup holders for super big gulps and small 7/ 11 !
  9. Kind of similar to having your degree and not using it. Wasted potential, tsk tsk tsk. Or are you exempt?
  10. The R comes with a few options, Square or round tank sand Alcos or wobblers.
  11. It was built in Portogruaro Italy by the Umberto Acco company. Weighed on a 200 metric tons / 430,000 pounds. That and the 183 Metric ton /393,450 pound Super Bull Dozer were built specifically for Mommar Gaddafi ,but not delivered because of the U.N. trade embargo.against Libya. Acco ceased its existence when both Umberto Acco, the founder, and soon after, his son, died. They left no legacy to the management of the Acco company. In 2008, the main and secondary shops slowly turned into a dump yard of any kind of earth moving machinery, including the super grader and .the super bulldozer
  12. You know it's big when the large metal trash can on the stack looks tiny.
  13. I am surprised she didn't know that! She knows all about us from a few words in our posts. I am sure she knows when I retired from just reading this. Hell she knew all my trucks are all crap from just reading the word Marmon.
  14. My wife only allows me to be right on here so it's not that much.