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  1. Photo gallery is updated! I reinstalled the exterior handles and headlight trim rings last night and got hardware to install the running lights on the roof. Progress! Photos load newest to oldest (we've come a long way, baby!) https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  2. Initial wiring is done--I even did some of it myself! We have lights, gauges, warning lights and alarms, and everything works!! (So much for my manicure. 😆 And if you think I actually had a manicure you might not know me very well. 😆)
  3. It's truck night...stay tuned for a progress report!
  4. So thankful for my resourceful "crew" - I keep them fed and do what I can at this point - and they do some pretty heavy problem-solving and fabrication work. Last night my buddy Dru came up with some custom tabs to secure the bottom of the nose to the radiator frame which really stiffened up the front panels. I don't know what might have been there originally for brackets or bracing, but it was a "floppy chicken" and we just couldn't justify doing nothing and have it vibrate and rattle down the road. She's not going to be a museum or show piece, but the old girl is going to look good from a few feet and go down the road! I suspect she'll draw some attention. 😉
  5. And...we're back!! The old girl has both fenders, an installed driver's seat, and working headlights as of tonight! Feels good to back at it! Optimistically, two more Wednesday shop nights and she's going down the road (for at least her first test drive). Please note I still have a husband and a crew 😆
  6. Friends, Hey! I'm still here! Summer is winding down and fall will be here soon and I'll be back at my Skippy Mack restoration project. I had to have a "tough love" conversation with myself that the project just had to pause in order to focus on other things. It's been a great summer of go-kart racing, gardening, motocross, wedding floral design, and more! Can't wait to finish up this truck. I promise, as soon as I'm back at it, I'll be keeping you all posted here!
  7. Friends, Bumper and wheels are painted. Hoping to have this old girl rolling in the next week or so! 4969 is "Skippy" on this original chassis order courtesy of the Mack Museum! She has a sibling (chassis #4968) who also went to Rimarg Bros Trucking Co. of Rutland VT on July 27, 1956. I wonder where that truck is? https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  8. Team, I just heard from the Mack Museum and got all the details about my truck--so many great documents including the one attached! Yes, she's a 1956. Her birthday was June 4th. 😉 I'm super excited to start a new push to wrap this project up this summer. Current big obligations are behind me and we're picking up again!
  9. Hi Friends! I promise I'm still here. It's baseball and go-kart racing season so my time hasn't really been my own lately. As soon as I have updates, you'll be some of the first to get them! Cheers.😄
  10. Question for the group: I've never seen the fit up of these body panels in-person and close up. Lots of pictures online, but none that are giving me a good view about what I should expect to see between the hood edge and the triangle piece on top of the fender. My assumption was that the hood would close down over the lip of that triangular panel, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Is it normal to have a gap or "loose" fitment there? If you have a B60, can you send me a picture of how your's fits? Thanks!
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