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  1. Doing my part to stimulate the economy by purchasing paint! Primer, paint, and all the supplies are in the shop! Doing body work with a goal to start spraying next week. I'm also tackling the headliner. Wish me luck and stay tuned!
  2. Friends, Back to my air cleaner. Many of you have provided great feedback on cleaning the unit. Here's the dilemma: turns out the need for cleaning is not just general dust and dirt, but organic material brought in by mice (at some point) for nesting. Thoughts?
  3. Continuing to make progress! Over the past week I've done some body work (paint removal) and painting. We packed bearings and got the hubs back together, finished welding the back plate, replaced an air line that didn't survive the floor repair, and rehabbed a set of sun visors that I snagged before some trucks at a local yard were scrapped. Ordering paint for the body this weekend! Most recent pictures load first: https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  4. Ah! Thanks so much! I know it won't look like much until we get the body work done, but for anyone who has engaged in any kind of restoration, I think you can appreciate the hundreds of hours that go into these projects! I'm still getting my old industrial Juki machine in good working order. I actually did these seats on my trusty Singer "Heavy Duty" model. Given the fact that they are mostly straight panels with only those two side panels that have any curves, it was pretty doable. Sounds like your wife will be well versed in these seats when she's done her current list! Thank you agai
  5. Bench seat is done! I've been doing little things today including replacing the rubber seal around the dash panel. Most recent pictures load first: https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  6. Nope, just a master plan for domination of my own little world! 😆
  7. It's all part of my master plan...it will come together visually!
  8. I'm just thrilled with the way the driver's seat came out! My husband has a rich background in racing (of all kinds) so everything we build has deck stripes somewhere...it's just embedded in our family culture! The Mack is getting her's on the seats! Sewing up the bottom cushion was twice as fast after fumbling my way through with the first one. Bench seat is next - by the weekend! Tonight my husband finished welding out the rear plate (repairing a previous welding job and reinforcing it). We put the transmission fluid back in (after draining it to remove the PTO), and reinstalled the
  9. I think I will have had my fill for a while by the time mine is done! 😆
  10. Over the moon excited about how the first seat cushion came out tonight! Finishing the driver's seat tomorrow night and the bench seat this weekend!
  11. I don't. My pedal doesn't have a rubber pad, not sure if the texture was welded on aftermarket or was manufactured like that. I simply painted it.
  12. The bottom cushion of the driver's seat was clearly not made at the same time as the other cushions. It was evident before I got to this tag, although the exterior was a near perfect match. Based on the condition of the back cushion, I suspect it had worn through and was replaced with this one. I sent some pictures over to Royersford Spring Company - still in business in Pennsylvania and got the attached response.
  13. Hello! It's been a week a good progress! I finished the door jambs and am working on painting the last section of frame - to be done today. We were able to get into the wheels, pulled bearings and seals and got things cleaned up. Brakes are good, so that's a relief. My husband got the hitch receiver welded in so we can wrap up the back of truck, too. This weekend I took the driver seat apart. The springs and boards are in great shape, so I'm now ready to reupholster. Both sets of seat springs still had the manufacturer tag attached. Love those kinds of finds - they will stay pu
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