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  1. Newest pictures first! https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  2. Ha! Well, I don't know any other way. 😆 I hope no one will be embarrassed, but perhaps inspired!
  3. Ha! Well, I don't know any other way. 😆 I hope no one will be embarrassed, but perhaps inspired!
  4. Hey friends, Thank you for indulging me here! I think I came across an interior paint solution. I am going to wait to reveal after I test it next week. So...stay tuned! My question today is about the headliner. My truck doesn't have one! Nothing - just the exposed roof. I hunted around this forum and Watts and discovered that headliner kits are available, but they are beyond what I'm willing to spend (more than I bought the entire truck for with shipping factored in). I'm wondering about creative solutions. As always, I welcome your experience and insight! Pictures com
  5. Both interior door panels have original green paint on them (everything else has been painted over). Good suggestion, Paul. Thanks!
  6. Got the fuel tank prepped and first coat of paint on last night! We stripped out wiring, took out gauges that need to be replaced, and continued the work to simplify the systems. We finally have all brakes lines that will no longer be used (since we're not hauling with her) removed and/or capped off. Piles of old wiring have been eliminated so we can build back as needed with the essentials. Installing the shut off switch on the battery so we don't have to keep disconnecting it, though the electrical fire hazards should have been largely eliminated last night. Thinking about painting the
  7. The spare transmission that came with my truck had a shifter. It is still being stored by the previous owner. We retrieved it last night. It was slightly longer and didn't work, but we were able to copy the end which was in excellent condition in order to reshape my original lever. She shifts! We also built a battery box and salvaged the original fuel tank! The top of the tank was pitted and had some small holes, so (after purging) we cut a hole in the top, removing the worse of the holes. I was able to really clean out the interior, which turned out to be in surprisingly good shape. I
  8. Check out the video. We got her running last night: https://youtu.be/O5UkI3qt17A
  9. Last week was a wash for the Mack. We spent most of our free time winterizing summer vehicles, and doing maintenance on our daily drivers! But last night we had a big breakthrough! The crew came together and we installed our manifold and got the carburetor back on, etc.. AND???? The old girl started right up! She ran beautifully under her own power. We were able to spend time getting her into gear. Discovered some binding and couldn't get into 1st, 2nd, or reverse. Ultimately, found that the end of shift lever that meets the shifting forks was all worn and had been previously repaired (
  10. The exhaust manifold is ready to go! The fit-up was spot on. Love our team of innovative problem solvers! We'll get it installed and fire up the truck next...later this weekend perhaps. I've got the pictures sorted from newest to oldest now to make it easier to see recent progress. https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  11. Thank you! I think we'll know more later this week, maybe as soon as Wednesday night, in terms of issues with either. I will let you know!
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