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  1. Question for the group: I've never seen the fit up of these body panels in-person and close up. Lots of pictures online, but none that are giving me a good view about what I should expect to see between the hood edge and the triangle piece on top of the fender. My assumption was that the hood would close down over the lip of that triangular panel, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Is it normal to have a gap or "loose" fitment there? If you have a B60, can you send me a picture of how your's fits? Thanks!
  2. Well team - it's been a long night and a productive one! My husband assured me (warned me?) that this part would be a real challenge. When we brought the truck home her body panels were in a trailer. We've never seen her assembled. Our guess is that this truck may have been pushed around the yard (where we bought her) by her nose - with a bucket cushioned by a tire or something. The front was really racked in a weird way. Fortunately my husband and the gang have years of experience building race cars and fabricating. Hours and hours later we finally had a good fit up on the hood! Callin
  3. Just looked up Dame Edna! Love it! The Chrysler is my favorite vehicle. Rides like a boat. Always exciting to bring her out in the spring and sad to tuck her away for the winter.
  4. Too many projects, too little time 🙄😄 There are worse problems to have! Good news: Mack paint is DONE! Body assembly is happening THIS WEDNESDAY! I can't wait to finally see this old girl put together. It's a big step forward. Popped one side of the hood up there just for a visual and got really excited. Finally got my '62 Newport out, now that the weather is starting to come around. And the Freightliner transformation is (mostly) done. Hope I'm not doing too much "contamination" by including that before and after shot. 🤣
  5. We have a professional vinyl cutter (US Cutter brand). Basically a CNC for vinyl film, yes. It doesn't print, only cuts, but it has saved us thousands in the years that we've had it. We can do a lot of our own detailing on bikes, cars, trucks, karts, etc... It's what I used to cut the detail on the doors, too.
  6. Hey there friends! Well, we got buried in SNOW this week in northern Vermont. My vacation week and it snowed! We had six inches on Thursday, but if finally cleared and we had a beautiful day yesterday. We spent the day working on our race track. The Freightliner is almost done - thank goodness!! So, progress on the Mack?? I'm prepping the hood panels for paint today. Thankfully they don't require repair like all of the other panels did. I also added a detail I designed and cut in vinyl under the back window. It came out exactly the way I envisioned. This coming week we'll start
  7. I'm not that kind of girl! HA! No insecurities, here - at least about my age! 😆 Growing older is a privilege denied to many - and every year brings more and more opportunities to learn and grow and I'm all about that! Here's to it!!!
  8. In the event I don't have a chance tomorrow... Wishing a fantastic day to my birthday twins: Mark T and Bob! (Brought painted body panels home today)
  9. Yes! We share a birthday! I'm 43 on Sunday. I'm just hoping not to cook that day!! Ribs sound great. 🤩
  10. Thank you! I took a swatch from my seat upholstery and this was the closest match in a single stage acrylic enamel. We love it, too!
  11. Paul, We masked it off three times for paint with some pretty complex designs and I detailed it out with vinyl. I will share pictures when it's done! 🤩
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