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  1. Ha! I sat in my B60 last night for the first time, the seats are out, so I was sitting on a plastic tote - and realized the same thing - it's going to be cozy! (I'm 6').
  2. I'm getting ready to take on my B60T project! We think it might be a 1963, but I'm going to attempt to get more information via the Mack Museum using the serial number. Does anyone know if that is possible right now? Also wondering about recommended sites and sources for parts. We've got a good "shop family" with competent and experienced mechanics and fabricators - but this will be our very first Mack project. The frame is in great shape and the body is surprisingly sound. Fingers crossed that the original Thermodyne engine comes to life with some TLC.
  3. Hey there, I'm SJ from Vermont. My husband and I have been adventuring, building, fabricating, and bringing new dreams and old junk to life for - a lifetime really. He's a welder/fabricator/mechanic/operator/driver/land speed racer/air show pilot. I'm a visionary and designer who has learned a lot along the way! Along with a talented crew of friends, we've combined our creativity and talents to bring some cool projects together. From a land speed streamliner, to a custom jet car, old motorcycles, to airplanes - we love our projects! Our recent truck projects include a 1974 Peterbilt a
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