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  1. I'm not that kind of girl! HA! No insecurities, here - at least about my age! 😆 Growing older is a privilege denied to many - and every year brings more and more opportunities to learn and grow and I'm all about that! Here's to it!!!
  2. In the event I don't have a chance tomorrow... Wishing a fantastic day to my birthday twins: Mark T and Bob! (Brought painted body panels home today)
  3. Yes! We share a birthday! I'm 43 on Sunday. I'm just hoping not to cook that day!! Ribs sound great. 🤩
  4. Thank you! I took a swatch from my seat upholstery and this was the closest match in a single stage acrylic enamel. We love it, too!
  5. Paul, We masked it off three times for paint with some pretty complex designs and I detailed it out with vinyl. I will share pictures when it's done! 🤩
  6. Panels are in topcoat! After a long night of finishing the complex detailing and pin striping on my husband's Frieghtliner, I got reciprocity! (We're a kick-ass team, so please don't think there are any demands or hard feelings on these projects between the two of us - it all comes out in the wash). 😉 He called me this afternoon and said, "I left super early this morning so I could spray your panels before work." Well, they look AMAZING! Here's a little progress collage on the nose. Newest pictures load first: https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  7. I did reach out to Dave Zsido last month! He connected me with someone in Brattleboro.
  8. Gallery is updated! Most recent (50 pictures) load first! Off to shoot primer on these body panels... 🤩 https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  9. Friends! Here I am! Wow, three weeks cruised by since my last post. I'm here chuckling at your remarks! The truth is several fold: 1. Spring finally arrived in Northern Vermont - which means lots and lots of projects! 2. We finally closed on some land we've been trying to purchase since October from my parents. Real estate market is booming and were literally on a six month waiting list with the lawyer for a closing! Weather is beautiful so we've been on said land - were we have a go-kart track. 3. We've been working to get our dump truck tuned up for working on our lan
  10. Picture updates coming later tonight. Today, I'm solo on bodywork again. I prepped the nose piece last night. Old filler was cracked and broken off on the corners. I took it down and revealed old brass repairs. Laid fiber filler and am getting ready to go down and level that work and move on to Bondo. The nose will be in primer tonight and paint tomorrow! Yahoo!
  11. Thank you! I'm planning a cool white detail on the hood that I think will really pull it all together!
  12. Getting closer and closer! The white paint has a few places that need some attention. I think we got an incorrect P sheet and the mix ended up a little thin, so I have a couple of runs, but nothing that can't be leveled out and buffed back. I'm attacking the nose piece next! On another note: do you have a bed liner or undercoat type paint that you love? Matte black, textured. I'm going to paint the rocker under the door around the back - stepping up just to the bottom of the three "panels". The rockers had to be completely reconstructed and there are visible weldments. The lower porti
  13. The cab is painted! 🤩 I will be removing tape and plastic tomorrow...stay tuned.
  14. My husband had a delivery to do today and my kiddo was able to play outside with his cousin, so I was solo all day on bodywork - and friends, I gotta say, the final detailing of the cab came out better than I planned! A quiet day with no other obligations proved to be super productive! I shot rattle can primer/builder over my work and tonight we got another layer of high build primer sprayed before calling it a night. Even my husband was impressed. 🤩 So, the cab will be in her top coat tomorrow morning! Feelin' like a million bucks! Most recent pictures load first (except t
  15. Brocky, Thank you for following along and for the support! Our son has grown up surrounded by cool projects since he was an infant. His first visit to the shop was at seven days old. Shortly after, we put a swing in the shop and he would swing for hours and hours observing projects come to life: boats, planes, jet cars, motorcycles, all kinds of things - as soon as he was old enough to help out, he's been on it! He's got a lot of creativity and natural talent in mechanical and engineering ability, so we foster it as much as we can! Although my Mack has made it to #3 on his list of fav
  16. The cab is in primer! Going to hit it with 320 this afternoon and she'll be in her white top coat (on the roof) tonight. The primer, as you know, does a great job of revealing where the body needs some extra attention. I've got more Bondo work to do...but it's close! Cab should be painted by the end of the weekend. We are in some spring weather, finally, and that has helped with perspective and energy. It was warm enough (mid 50s) to open a shop door yesterday when I pressure washed the cab. That was a treat! Progress...
  17. Ha! Thanks, Bob! Yes, we have and use power tools (I've gone through countless packages of orbital sander 80 grit disks! But there are some things that require hand work, a sanding block, or a little piece of sand paper, especially on all these curves! 😆 Trust me, I've have my fair share of moments regretting not stripping the paint, but I couldn't see removing the cab and in the order we tackled the project...well it didn't make sense. There is a light at the end of this tunnel!
  18. Bob, The interior is more green than blue, in my opinion. "Verde Green" is the name of the color. It doesn't photograph authentically - different in natural light than in the photos. I choose it for the hammered finish and because it echoed the vintage vibe of the original green. The interior door panels will also be that color. It works for me. ♥️
  19. Ya'll, we're deep into the "dog shit" work of this project. "Buy an old truck," they said. "Fix 'er up," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. Okay, when I say "they" I mean "I". 😆 Well, days into the body work, I've had some moments of frustration. If I never have to sand Bondo again, it will be too soon! Good news is, the cab is the biggest and most annoying surface area we have to content with and it will be ready for primer tonight. After this, each panel will come in individually and will at least be more ergonomic to work on. The home stretch is the hardest, ri
  20. Ya'll - I have paint! Doors are done. Goal is to have the cab done by the end of this weekend. I'm one happy girl - I think the truck is, too! The rest of the truck will be this color with a white cab roof (down to the natural seam). My seat upholstery should make sense now. Anybody craving a can of Dr. Pepper with me? 🤩
  21. Update from the Brattleboro Historical Society on the Guildford Paper Co., Inc. This all makes me happy to give this truck a new lease on life surround with a bit more positive energy than in her former one! Stay tuned for pictures of the doors with top coat tonight! I CAN'T WAIT!!! "Guilford Paper got sued in 1954 for using the same set of license plates on two different trucks. It didn't pay off in the end as someone caught on to what they were doing, and the State of Vermont made them pay $151 for another set of plates. Seems they were trying to cut corners. The
  22. We're spraying primer on the doors now! I can't not document...drives my husband nuts, but then he's always grateful I have so many pictures of our projects coming to life!
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