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  1. 41chevy's post in I hope that the new president cut the EPA crap was marked as the answer   
    Actually makes me glad for 3 things 1) all my equipment but a car and pick up are pre 1990. 2) I'm old enough and have enough income to retire comfortable. .No thanks to 40 plus years in the union,3) I have enough service related issues from wounds, Agent Orange and MEK that I'm on borrowed time for the last 5 years.
  2. 41chevy's post in fault code question was marked as the answer   
    The DPF indicator will light when the system can't auto regenerate and the soot level reaches the point that regeneration is needed. Follow the link to the MACK DPF Operation Pages
  3. 41chevy's post in Correct Logo for 1907 7-Ton Truck was marked as the answer   
    I looked through my crates of photos and fount this photo of a 1909 or 1910 MACK bus that was at the Owl Head Show California Motor Museum in the 1990's. Hope it helps you. The logo script appears the same on the MACK I.D. Tag on the pre 1925 AC Macks . Paul

  4. 41chevy's post in Requested U model Pictures: was marked as the answer   
    You an Papa did a really great job so far, you should both be proud!! Paul
  5. 41chevy's post in Anyone know the gun laws in New Jersey? was marked as the answer   
    Buy one now! Before the Feds shove a new law down our throats.
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