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  1. The two best truck sounds to me are a Detroit with pipes and an E9 with pipes!
  2. Making the fittings for the lost wax castings. The new MRS is going to make them in pewter. She used to make jewellery castings for her dad when she grew up in Israel.
  3. Whitepost does fantastic work the sleeved the steering brake cylinders (all 6) on my M114 and when they found out what is was for gave my a Vets %off I tried to reach old Bill but only got repeated busy signals. It was just after the storm last weekend. Have you talked to him? Paul
  4. CNC'd a master from architectural foam and had 5 bare hulls vacuum cast in Oakridge Tenn. Here is the important one, ATF 91. About a foot long. Paul
  5. I would look very close at the ECU and VECU connectors and pins for corrosion, loose in the connector housing where the pin pushes back a bit when plugged in or bent / miss aligned pins. Check the harness it self for worn or rubbed places
  6. P20EE general causes, Exhaust Leaks, Fuel contamination, Faulty Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF),Faulty NOx Sensor, contaminated DEF or Faulty SCR Catalyst. Since you have done most of that at one time or another, I would start by visually inspecting the related wiring harness and connectors. Check for damaged components and look for broken, bent, pushed out, or corroded connector's pins.
  7. Wise move, considering you pass through Mass. Conn, Jersey. All the ticket issuers. Call Ray Sidella (Mack mhe9 on here) 570-294-1611 Try Ray first, last time I talked to him he was running a dedicated New England run and that might work out good for him. He hauled a small B dump from Maine to Virginia a few months ago. He usually hauls collector trucks and is well trusted here. Paul
  8. The bug was probably caused by touching or being near a non MACK. I get pimples when I'm near a Chevy, Stomach issues when I'm near a PAACAR unit and the Swiss Flu when I'm near a Volvo.
  9. No smokers or BBQ's with in 500 feet!
  10. At the end of the VIN it says KIT, it would either be a Glider or a KDA that was not exported.
  11. Maine issues titles for 1995 and newer.
  12. Artillery wheels are the steel style that replaced wooden spoke wheels in the late 1920s on light and medium truck and passenger cars. This one is off a Dodge Brothers early 30's pick up.
  13. The worst of the floor is done. Next the smooth and recessed firewall since the engine set back is 4 inches.
  14. Single lock rings and the spiders are cut down OEM wood spokes.
  15. Good Year and Dayton wheel both did conversions on early wood and cast spoke wheels to fit pneumatic tires. By cutting down or machining the spoke rims to remove the solid tire and fit the pneumatic tire and rim. Dayton went on to make disc split rims and spider conversions to eliminate the truckers from doing the machining and conversions. Dayton went on do make OEM spiders for most all makes in the 30's early 40's. Originally the conversions were for the long haul (150 miles?), higher speeds and less noise in the cities. Dayton Conversion for Wood Spoke rims Early Dayton Pneumatic conversion on MACK cast spokes Early Good Year Conversion with "3 bolt Pinch" band to trap rim
  16. You may want to add some Sound deadener / insulation to the cag, at least the firewall area and floor. THey are a hot with the engine heat in the little cab. Heat is nice here in New England but the B cabs are HOT. There is a spray in type that you can also spray color over that is a sound and heat barrier. Paul
  17. Dayton Spoke wheels. Kind of generic now like Xerox for copies
  18. Looks darn near perfect and personally I like the Hammer-tone finish better the a shiny finish. Hammer-tone is factory in my 41 chevy 3/4 ton P'up
  19. didn't get through the BMT system. I'll pm you my personal E mail. Paul
  20. You're going to need to soak them to soften the gook and make it easier to remove,. I use the GUNK CK3 Carburetor and Parts cleaner. Put them vertically in the cleaner and let them soak for a day or 2, run a wire through them and soak the another few days. wire through again and some air pressure and you should get most all out. Be aware the cleaner is a mild acid base item. It WILL take off paint, a layer of skin. A company called Berryman also make a similar cleaner. Paul
  21. The holding company of International Trucks and IC Buses named Friedrich Baumann as president of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales. He will oversee the full range of commercial processes for customers and dealers. Baumann, who joined Navistar from Daimler Trucks North America in 2018, previously was president of Aftersales/Alliance Management. Baumann continues as liaison with Volkswagen AG's TRATON Group. The holding company for Volkswagen AG's truck brands works with NAvistar on purchasing and powertrain programs. TRATON in January made a $2.9 billion bid for the 83% of Navistar stock it does not already own, which was accepted late this year. Baumann succeeds Michael Cancelliere, who is retiring after 40 years at Navistar. "It is crucial that both our dealer network as well as the brand are growing and moving in the same direction to serve our joint customers better than anybody else," Baumann told FreightWaves in a December 2019 interview. Returning to The Fold Robert Walsh rejoins Navistar from Sears Holdings Corp., where he was vice president and chief procurement officer after 15 years at Navistar. He will be vice president of Emerging Technologies, Strategy, and Planning. That includes managing a partnership with TuSimple to bring a Level 4 autonomous truck to market by 2024. Walsh also will lead the development of Navistar's newest business unit, NEXT eMobility Solutions as well as the Strategy and Planning group steering the Navistar 4.0 business strategy. Walsh formerly was president of Navistar Defense, 70% of which Navistar sold to affiliates of Cerberus Capital Management in December 2018. Traton adds Navistar's global operations, including Brazil, Mexico and the Global Export business, to his portfolio. Christman continues to oversee procurement, product development, manufacturing and supply chain. Persio Lisboa will be Navistar's President and CEO after the new year. Little inside knowledge (and $$$) on the deal from Baumann?? Paul
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