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  1. I had the original dates, web address for the on line auction and it also had a a short video link of all the trucks, machines, cars motorcycles and general view of the containers of parts. I was sent an notice that the post contained to many things other than trucks, which is the only purpose of BMT. So it got deleted. JOT left it up and sticky'd it until the auction ran. Still have coming up in the NYS yard, 2 tug boats with 2 spud barges and a small Bucryus crane on one barge, a 69 R model with 20 ton telescopic hydraulic crane, a 80 R tractor an extendable trailer and a 67 DM837SX w
  2. My pics and vids are on my computer, I link them through Fotki to post. I don't use Utube for my things but do see interesting things for here. Been on and off. Redoing my machine shop, welding shop, paint shop and assembly shop for hot rods and bikes. Breaking ground for a new self sufficant thermal house and scoping what we'll keep from our current house that was built is 1839 before I raze it.
  3. I have a few videos of my auction and some photos of my tug boat /barge and crane combo for sale and a few pics of my new Dodge Drag Pack but with the new forum settings can't post them or link them from Fotki or You Tube.
  4. Back home. The auction was a year in the making. I had posts on here when I was organizing the photos and paper items. I listed the auction info on the 2 weeks before it was to go off and first the post was "in the wrong category" It was in odds and ends, it was moved to Other Trucks and THAT was the wrong because it was a "jumble parts, trucks, cars and equipment" so the powers deleted it. The issue with me selling the trucks, containers of parts and paper items was I had 103 trucks I was "going to get to later" Never gonna happen. I sold my 55 Chevy because some gentleman asked me if
  5. My auction went off this past friday through sunday in Va. Quite a few BMT members showed up and made some units and parts theirs Good to know those will be protected. Between on line and BMT people sold all my containers of parts, over 100 trucks and an even dozen cars and 2 original Indians. My 55 Chevy gasser and '71 Pinto Funnycar also went for stupid money. Kept my M114, 3 AM Generals and one trailer.
  6. Governor Mills says the the "front People keep touching their masks and the germs go from the hands to the plates. Heck Maine is even testing the sewerage for the Covid virus. do not know what thats about aside from the money trail.
  7. Gideon is the one to worry about, higher income tax, gas tax to 40cents, 30% increase in diesel and heating oil tax, special taxes against Poland Springs and more aid and help for "refugees". Gideon supports the 4100 strikers a Bath Iron Works and wants to curtail logging. Most away from Southern Maine don't like those things but with our Ranked Choice Voting Collins will probably lose and Mills could be re elected with the Portland, Augusta and Orchid Beach votes.
  8. Mack had problems with the connector terminal heating up and loosening causing a miss, oil eroding the insulation so the the harness will be brittle and the insulation will break off. See if you can locate Mack Service Bulletin SB222017 for diagnostics
  9. Dang, thats a good looking unit! Has the can do attitude that Mack used to have not so many years ago.
  10. Sadly it is all too real. Governor Mills said it is common sense to wear it that way so the droplets to travel down on the food as they would with a normal face shield..
  11. Donate Maine Public Radio Mills Administration Updates COVID-19 Prevention Checklists For Food Businesses By Patty Wight • Aug 14, 2020 Most of the updates are just a few additions or clarifications to previously
  12. Wow! Thats is a really sweet set up! Bet those LED reverse lights are bright too.
  13. If Terry's idea doesn't work, soak it with PB Blaster let it sit over night and try again to wiggle it out like Terry said. Paul
  14. I'd talk to Old Bill and heed his advise.
  15. Looks really good from here. Any clue to why it was parked?
  16. yes center-line, I really don't know if it is like the early and late R model with the length difference on the entire windshield end. Probably wouldn't make any difference other than appearance.
  17. The CH hood is 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches longer than the CHN.
  18. After you do the plug wires and road test it, if it still rough at hi speeds a few things can cause the issue. Point bounce, the flat springs do lose tension with age, ohm the primary and secondary winding's in the coils out. They can break down and at higher RPMs can cause a slight misfire. Check Primary side ohms from + to - terminals should have a value of .4 to 2 ohms. Check secondary ohm from + terminal ( - side if the system is still positive ground) to coil wire tower values should be from 6000 to 12000 ohms. I only mention how to check it because most techs are not familiar wi
  19. Good luck! Bet you stress level dropped a lot.
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