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  1. Tractor Supply just put the De Walt on sale this week. I have one , would never go back to an air or hand one.
  2. 41chevy

    Old Bill

    Denmark!! No wonder he didn't answer when I called him a number of weeks ago! God bless him!
  3. That is right up David Wild's alley, he moves aircraft and other massive things this would be a piece of cake. .
  4. Possible but also may be a matter of readjusting the low speed jet and idle screw to bring it down. The idle may have been raised to compensate for the wear issues in the magneto when it was a working unit..
  5. I posted the question but I guess not many saw it. Not a problem, I did enjoy the ride out and had a great time exploring the area. A ton of interesting things there, I actually wished I had more time to spend in the area.
  6. That's why I keep my 93 Marmon. Paper log and my Garmin to map miles and time. Haven't had an issue. . . yet.
  7. And they appear to be semi analog not full digital. Rather replace a gauge driver than the entire panel.
  8. ELD - AOBRD EXEMPTIONS The ELD rule applies to most motor carriers and drivers currently required to maintain Records of Duty Status (RODS) per Part 395, 49 CFR 395.8(a). The rule applies to commercial buses as well as trucks, and to Canada- and Mexico-domiciled drivers. The FMCSA will, however, allow permit carriers using AOBRDs before December 18, 2017, to install and use AOBRD software until December 16, 2019, providing the carrier is ELD ready. So who, exactly, is exempt from the ELD mandate? Below are the top six exemptions. Vehicles Manufactured Before 2000 An electronic logging device (ELD) unit requires an engine control module (ECM). However, most engines manufactured before 2000 lack an ECM. Therefore, if a commercial motor vehicle’s engine was manufactured in 2000 or earlier, that vehicle is exempt from being required to use an ELD. This exemption previously listed the cutoff year to be for the vehicle. However, it’s the engine that counts, and engines can be swapped. This exemption now applies to the engine’s model year, regardless of the vehicle’s registration date. Vehicles with engine models in 2000 or later require ELDs, even if the vehicle itself was manufactured before 2000. Learn more: The Pre-2000 Model Year Exemption Applies to Engines, Not the VIN Drivers Who Maintain RODS for 8 Days or Less Drivers who maintain Record of Duty Status (RODS) for 8 days or fewer in a 30-day rolling period don’t need an ELD. They need to maintain paper logs, but the ELD itself isn’t legally required. This includes short-haul drivers who occasionally take longer trips. However, drivers who break the short-haul exception more than 8 times in a 30-day period will need an ELD for the rest of that cycle. This ELD exemption means that short-haul drivers who make longer trips infrequently don't have to upgrade. 100 Air-mile Radius Some commercial drivers license (CDL) drivers fall under the short-haul exemption. These drivers report to work and either transport their loads to a specific location or completes a daily delivery. They then return their truck and go home. To qualify, drivers must: Operate within a 100 air-mile radius of their normal work reporting location Start and end the day at the same location Be released from work within 12 hours Have at least 10 hours off duty between each 12-hour shift Not drive more than 11 hours 150 Air-mile Radius non-CDL drivers fall under the short-haul exemption. To qualify, they must: Operate within a 150 air-mile radius of the location where they report to and are released from work Return to the normal reporting location at the end of each duty tour Additionally, they must not: Drive any vehicle that requires a CDL. Drive after 14 hours of coming on duty on 5 days of any period of 7 consecutive days Drive after 16 hours of coming on duty on 2 days of any period of 7 consecutive day
  9. The hand hole/ inspection cover in in the drivers compartment fan cover. Rectangular cover held on with 8 screws. Interested on how to unclamp the magneto too.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/233227123031?ul_noapp=true
  11. Allowed UP to 550 gallons, I'm only needing one 55 gallon drum . thats 9 passes with a gallon left over. I'll be running at New England Dragway in Epping N.H.close enough for you to see parts fly or Old Dominion in Virginia. No more home track in N.J, since E town closed down. Probably race mostly in New England, don't like being in N.Y or Virginia at all since my wife passed away.
  12. Fisher logo generally faces out when you open the door.
  13. The Kaase Boss 9 Pro. 820 ci 7.25 comp dual MSD Igniters,12/71 BDS blower @35% o.d., 16 injectors, 2250 GPH dual pumps through an ancient Garlits drive 2 speed. Good on his dyno for 2700 h.p. on 70% nitro and should be at 2000+h.p. at 50%. Average 5 to 6 gallons a run. Big block in my 55 is set up for methanol but can run 25% nitro if I dare. 800h.p. methanol to 1000 h.p. with 25% nitromethane. All through a double disk clutch and a M21 close ratio box out to a '57 Olds rear with ancient Getz 4:88 ham with welded spiders and scary old school Hurst Airhart front disc's with 57 Olds rear shoes .
  14. After all the 168 pages (of B.S.) were filled with the D.H.S., three face to face interviews and 5 inspections of my nostalgia funnycar project, my blown 55 chevy and storage bunker for the drums of fuel. I GOT MY PERMIT TO BUY UP TO 550 GALLONS OF NITRO METHANE FUEL A MONTH !!!
  15. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2019/05/14/cumminss-adiabatic-engine-experiments-produced-some-of-the-worlds-most-efficient-internal-combustion-engines/
  16. Aluminum sill cover plate on the steel rocker unit? Looks like someone added a sill cover plate from one of the Generals lumps.
  17. This video and Denisons Ice Road would sent the Ice Road Truckers in to their "safe Space" for ever.
  18. Place in Oyster Bay when I grew up called Bonanza's, been there since 1900. A little 8x8 stand sells hotdogs with home made mustard and an onion/pickle topping. Dogs are good but the best is their home made Lemon Ice. Spent a lot of lunch money there as a kid on the Ices. Town hates it because it's on "valuable" property and grandfathered in.
  19. Only Volvo stuff was the grill stripe and a few plastic items. Volvo wasn't as chintzy as they are now.
  20. Good German restaurant in Speonk on Long Island owner was an ex WWII POW who stayed here and now his children and grand children run it. Food worth traveling for. My wife loved Chinese food until I told her the three letters translated into "We Buy Cats". Never ate Chinese food again.
  21. Welcome! Cool ride and great project!
  22. Most all M900 series a 400 Big Cams with Cat Autos. All wheel drives are rare as tractors from what I gather, wish mine were. I heard of an even dozen for sale hat are civi black. They do look good, but so does my M917 in Mopar Citronella Yella.
  23. I had up til a few years ago a 1969 DM811 pretty much the same unit only mine had hardbar not camelback. The frame was triple railed to just past the trunion and it had the Bendix hydraulic brake system on the rear also. Never knew the reason and could never get any answers way the system was set up like that.
  24. Any one ever eat at the Choo Choo Diner in Huntington Village? They would deliver you order to you at the counter on a LGB steam engine and flatcars. Also there was the Rail Car Cafe in Stony Brook. A half dozen rail cars from passenger coaches to a few boxcars for dinning areas. Shame it's now the Curry Club Indian Restaurant.
  25. Or put a bright a$$ LED cluster on the bottom edge of the fender extension so it pulls them off the phone. I would buy the new ACar if I wasn't at the age where I won't get 20 years out of it. Plus I just picked up my pair for AM General power units in Philly yesterday for my Maine project.. Look pretty good in Civilian Black if I do say so..
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