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  1. Pre dates the 525, it is actually an old Holmes "Road King" slightly lighter main frame.
  2. Sawmill Trucking NYC 1968
  3. Here is the mate to J.Hancock's CH Tanker. CJ is the 10 wheel version.
  4. Tonight is the regular monthly Village Meeting with public participation. I'm looking forward to it. Taking my M917 to the meeting to exercise it a bit and show off my new vinyl sticker on the steer diff. Hosted on Fotki
  5. Funny I was thinking it could be a wheel issue before I read your post
  6. Never messed with Holmes, Had a few Weldbilts and was a dealer for Century and Challenger in the late 1970s. Not many on Long Island ran Holmes because Weldbilt and Challenger was local. Did have a C30 1965 Chevy with an Electric Manley 454 with tunnel ram and Hydro for a chase truck, closed I strayed from Weldbilt and Century. Maybe the booms with out the bridging was an East Coast thing.
  7. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/tutorials/article/55-r-model-wiring-diagram/
  8. They are now working hard to get the National Popular Vote passed and also a new state law to disallow and candidate from running in any Primary or Presidential election unless they release 5 years of tax returns, just like N.J and Washington State. Luckily we have enough people to block them.
  9. I have in in the file listed as an H63 course G is next to H on the key board. . .
  10. Ace Hardware sells Craftsman tools with a LIFE TIME REPLACEMENT even on the old tools
  11. Lizza Sand and Gravel in Pine Hollow RD in Oyster Bay still had 1 or 2 in the early 1960's. My uncle usually got the wheel of one.
  12. Pretty sharp unit, just plain classy IMO. Hosted on Fotki
  13. 41chevy

    Mack or Volvo?

    I want to believe Mack engineers have some say in the specs and design but truthfully I doubt it is if any a very, very small bit that may not even listened to.
  14. I'll let you know. He may be the last resort. I really want one of two things to happen. The Veterans groups and media cuts them no slack with the burden of public outcry waking the head of zoning and gaining some sensibility or my NYC property lawyers bankrupt them in court and I buy the village.
  15. A Mack heavy haul will most likely be their N.A. poorly selling VNX rebadged. I have zero faith in any decision for the N.A. market that is made in the Corporate Castle in Sweden with no real knowledge of what is needed or wanted here.
  16. All them fancy fish net stockings ... Wimmons must use em to catch crabs or somthin.
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