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  1. Yes, if I'm doing a valve and cooler, I'm going to go ahead and pull the turbo.
  2. Sounds like fuel pump failure symptoms, as fjh said, check fuel pressure first.
  3. Interesting. So are we talking flopping the fan blade forward away from the fan drive, or removing coolant tank, fan ring and fan?
  4. Only time I've run into this problem was after the customer had replaced the fuel filter head and put the check valve fitting in the wrong port.
  5. This crap is just ridiculous. In my case, I spent probably 4 hours diagnosing, checking, rechecking, because a freaking brand new fuel line wasn't manufactured properly. Plus the time to change it, which is a bit of a pain in the ass on a nasty leu garbage truck. And that's time you really aren't getting paid for.
  6. Oh ya, I could see a fire truck on the way to a fire then going into a 5mph def derate!
  7. Yes, quality control leaves a lot to be desired these days it seems!
  8. Update......found the problem. The fuel line that goes from filter head to engine had a brass T fitting in it with a small line running to the after treatment fuel pump. I replaced the line with a new one and they didn't drill all the way thru the fitting. Parts defect. Sure is aggravating!
  9. I've got a 2011 mp7 that we replaced the engine with a reman due to gear train failure. Trying to start the engine for the first time and I'm getting no fuel to the head. Weird thing is I've got 97 pounds of fuel pressure, engine will start, stumble around on maybe 3 cylinders then die. Now if I pump the hand primer, fuel will flow backwards, into the head from the front, nothing going in from the rear. All the fuel lines are routed correctly. Could a stuck check valve cause this? I know there are several in the filter head.
  10. I've talked to a few owners that have done it and are happy. There are downsides to it though. For example I just finished working on a KW with a Paccar engine that was deleted. Guy had taken it to a dealer who refused to work on it because it was deleted. Turned out the ecm was fried. We got him a new ecm, but our local dealer would obviously only program it with the factory program. This guy is from out of town, and the company that deleted it for him is 1200 miles away, and out of business. So, he will have to find somebody to put his delete software back in it. In the meantime though, his truck will progressively derate.
  11. Damn. You don't see sliding clutches worn out in a Mack trans very often. They can take a lot of abuse and still function just fine. Unless someone was VERY abusive to it, or whoever looked at it doesn't have much experience diagnosing them.
  12. Good catch. I should have said fmi 3 or 5. Not 7. Thanks.
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