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  1. Yes that is true Mark... I am too lazy to call it silastic sealant lol
  2. Yes, check height then when you reinstall , put the seal on the liner with Mack RTV at the liner seat , I use Mack grey nothing else , other guys may have another RTV that works for them , I just use the Mack RTV
  3. The buttress bolts are 90 ft/lb make sure the long bolts go on the right side of the engine on bearings 2&3 by the aux drive your mains are 210 ft/lb, and Fjh is correct with the height they can be .022-.027 under the same head as long as they are in that spec range
  4. You used a load tester on the batteries to check them correct? And you disconnected them and checked each battery individually? If so, you have to check voltage at the starter to ensure your getting 12V at the starter then check for a voltage drop while cranking .... check your grounds also..... if voltage drop, voltage, and grounds are good then the starter is likely bad. Make sure the starter solenoid on the firewall isn’t corroded also. As for extended crank time what is the fuel pressure , are the filters good? And lastly ... check the cam and crank sensors.... they will cause extended cr
  5. What is low side fuel pressure while cranking the engine? What happens if you pump the primer pump while trying to start the engine ? And lastly is it just a davco filter or does it have the davco plus another filter on the truck ?
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