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  1. Rick01

    EUP broke

    I was driving about 60 mph and lost power. Before I could shut off the engine I could here a slight knocking noise. After checking I found a EUP broke . Truck is at Mack dealership now. Will this ruin the cam ? The dealership has had it two days and say they are diagnose the problem. 2002 RD688S. E7 350 hp. What do you guys recommend for repairs. Truck has 125k miles but 14,000 hours . Should I do in frame rebuild or just fix what is broken ? Please help me.
  2. Please advise I am considering purchasing a 2007 granite cv713 with 12.0 L6 427 hp. Is that a good engine. The truck has 109k miles on it. 18 speed maxi torque transmission. Thank you folks for any advice
  3. Is it hard to replace the evaporator coils on a Mack RD688S. 2002 model. I removed the duck from blower fan and cleaned the coils but still not much air volume. A c blows cold but very little air . I bought coil cleaner but they are clogged I want to just replace it but not sure how the evaporator comes out
  4. Rick01


    Truth is I don’t know anything about Mack trucks. I have always heard they are the best. I just wanted one and one that is a true Mack that parts are readily available. I simply don’t know much about trucks. I do know I am the proud owner of one today. Took me 62 years but I made it .
  5. I am looking for a hauler with step deck. Need a Mack RD 600 hauled from Kentucky to Texas . 1200 miles weight 20,000. Height 120 inches width 94 inches length 23 feet Load is ready for pick up. Pays cash, company check or credit card. Whatever you prefer. truck located at freightliner dealership to be delivered to D & W Pump Company. Big Spring Tx
  6. Rick01


    Thank you. I have decided against that truck and today I bought a 2002 rd600 .
  7. I need a 86 model RD686SX Tandem truck hauled from Oakland, NJ To Big Spring , Texas. 79720
  8. Rick01


    I am wanting a Mack dump truck. I need some advice please. I am needing information on midliner truck 1986. I found one with 39,000 miles on it for sale. Looks like new but I’m concerned with parts and the braking system. Any. Advice please.
  9. has eaton Fuller tranny. E7 engine 728 cid 350 hp. 226k miles and 13k hours . ad doesn't specify how many gears on tranny will be used to pull mini and skid loader. haul top soil to customers.
  10. thank you Alex for answering. the truck has E7 728 cid 350 hp. has Eaton Fuller transmission . the ad doesn't specify how many gears tranny is . 226 k miles and 13k hours. I will just be hauling sand , gravel and top soil to customers. pull mini excavator and skid loader.
  11. please tell me the better year model engine ? thank you
  12. advice please. I am wanting an older Mack truck and found this one for sale. is this year model 1999 a good year for a mack ? I don't want the new stuff mack has today. the truck has 226 thousand miles on it but it has some rust between the rails. I will replace the rails if its a good year to buy mack .
  13. Good morning, thanks for this information . I have always lived old Mack trucks. Just the sound was different when I was a kid , I could hear my dad coming down the road on his way home after a long day. I want a Mack but don’t know engines. I found a 99 model RD688s for sale. Please help me with this e7 engine
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