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  1. You will have to locate the two steel plates that go onto the top of the firewall, & the rollers that go onto the hood so the cab won't beat on the back of the hood, or the hood beat on the top of the upper cowl, either way-- the hood rollers float on top of the two plates on the firewall on an air ride cab. The real issue here would be to convert the rear cab mount to accept the air bags & shocks, air valve & leveling rod. Big problem, big job. Might be able to convert an R model or RWS rear cab suspension assembly to your cab.
  2. So the high pressure is about at 200 psi & low pressure is about at 30 psi ?
  3. I got the aluminium 273 rear ends out a that truck after it broke. She bent in half turning the corner off Manheim onto Belle Plaine. The rear ends are now in a Lindahl truck I painted & sold to a friend in KY.
  4. ctonline


    Midliner brake parts can be impossible to get from Mack, plus they are more expensive than you could ever possibly believe. Most of the parts for that truck are getting difficult to locate, were crazy to get when they were only a couple of years old. Think RD 6 wheeler.
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