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  1. Anyone Got One Of These Laying Around?

    I'll sell my Mack sign for that. Just throwing that out there lol
  2. Wanted 85-90 R Model No/Blown Motor

    How much is cheap $20,000 -$30,000 range
  3. 1935 Seagrave

    Message sent1979 R 611
  4. 1989 superliner

    Where are you located. I think I have a good drivers door I'd sell but shipping might be a issue.
  5. Brake lights come back on @80psi

    You possibly replaced it with a low air pressure valve instead of a brake valve. They work opposite of each other but look same.
  6. 2180 13 speed

  7. 2180 13 speed

    Sounds good I'm good after today
  8. 2180 13 speed

    Yes I do.
  9. air build up rate in 2000 rd slow

    Have you checked for air leaks?
  10. R model running warm but idles normal

    Could be a faulty gauge I have had this experience in past. If changing filter lowered your temp you may want to flush your rad. Sounds like your not getting a good flow.
  11. Ran When Parked

    Towmaters cousin?
  12. 12 speed X107

    Looks like 110KBA-5 and under it 08KB58
  13. Low air buzzer

    Should be a buzzer relay in fuse panel.
  14. 1975 mack

    Very nice. The old Charles Mathews truck. I believe that came from Thornhill only a few hours from me.