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  1. You may have two leveling valves. You'll need to adjust one.
  2. That little brass valve will drain your antifreeze. There probably isn't a drain on block. As far as flushing it out I have used dish soap and water. Run it for a while then drain it and repeat til your water starts getting clearer.
  3. I believe there is a specific cam for engine brake equipped engines. Also do your heads have the ports in them for the engine brake solenoids
  4. I have a clean R model cab complete. Only rough spots are bottom of cab near cab corners as seen in pics. The rest of it is completely solid $1650 u.s. I will part out pieces. Also have other cab parts and interior available cab is located in Dunnville Ontario Canada call or text me at 289-332-0101 Alex
  5. Put up a admission stand. I'd pay a few bucks to tour that property
  6. Is this the cylinder your looking for. I've got 3 in stock
  7. Yes bearings are lubricated in oil. If it's leaking on inside through brake shoes it's a wheel seal that will need replacing
  8. Would take the sting outta a tow bill if it was that unit towing you.
  9. I didn't know they recycled the CH name
  10. Glad someone had a camera on them that day. Great pic
  11. I've got one if Coenut doesn't work out. I held it up to my day cab r model and it's same. $100
  12. alex g


    Yes I phoned contact person talked to him he said he'd get in touch with me if they needed it. Thanks
  13. Here's what I have in rod bearings. I'll look for a set of mains if these are what you need
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