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  1. You can take rad out and a rad shop could flush it out for you. I have a 41 Plymouth and had same issue. I ran water and dish soap instead of antifreeze and flushed it out about 5 times. Running it til it's at operating temperature then repeating. That slime is probably just buildup from running water all those years.
  2. No my daughter sent it to me I'm not sure where she got it. I'm going to look up akward family photos though. Thanks
  3. I saw that F model at Lititz a couple years ago. It sure is nice
  4. I have a western grill if that's what your looking for. Pm if interested
  5. I think his last name is Fetterly. Ive seen him advertise in wheels of time
  6. I believe it unscrews from pump. You'll need to replace it. Not sure if there available from Mack anymore
  7. Nice line up. That lil plow looks kinda neat
  8. I see the odd Kohorst truck come through my town. I remember when they had convoys of dumps passing through. I see the odd tanker now. Do they have any of there old R models still around?
  9. You looking for both sides there's left's and rights. I have some nos
  10. Speed sensor should be located on out put shaft of rear of transmission
  11. Truck repair place in Fonthill of canboro Rd does good exhaust work. Can't think of name at the moment. I think it's J and L though. They'll fix you up right. They did my R model exhaust. Should be a small tank for air put about half a coffee cup of brake line antifreeze in it and leave it. If you can't figure out what tank put it in both. A litre is too much
  12. There's a real nice one for sale ATHS wheels of time Magazine
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