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  1. These have some age to them by the looks of them
  2. Those pieces your looking for are tough to find. I'll look in my parts supply and see what I can come up with. Truck looks good to bad it sat as long as it did. Hopefully you can get it back to life. Rare to find a V8
  3. Kijiji. They were in Calgary they shipped them to me
  4. Anyone ever seen these before it's a first for me so I decided I'd have to buy them and add to my Mack trinket collection
  5. Certainly alot of work went into it. May be a bit better looking if it were a different color scheme
  6. One of a kind that's for sure
  7. Did you change or check injectors while heads were off?
  8. alex g


    You have to use serial number to order parts
  9. Haven't gotten to the bottom of this problem but I was told yesterday my steering pump which is a Luk brand has issues with bypassing. This could cause the noise. I have to get a pressure gauge on it to see if that's the problem but the place to test it is a couple hours away and until I have work in that direction it can wait. I'll update this when I get to that point.
  10. Wow and it's just the start of the season.
  11. Great you passed info along I have a similar hose on my 2000 CH I'll keep that info. What was aftermarket price?
  12. Could be a few things. Check your fuel lines for pinholes. There's a check valve on pump it could be letting fuel pass. Can you prime it to start it?
  13. Was that trailer loaded that heavy? Or was that the result of previous overload
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