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  1. Looks like a van trailer at first glance
  2. There's date mark stamped on used tires. If there not that old I'd go for it. I've run used tires in past. No issues
  3. Heard about this today. TFI owns just about everything here in Ontario and Quebec. There definitely cornering the market
  4. I actually still have it but my daughter has laid claim to it. She runs it at the big rig drags every year and tractor pulls
  5. I heard of these before. I was told they were built to be able to carry long lengths of steel. By the looks of the rack on the front that's what they did with this one. I've never actually saw one in person or picture before. Thanks for posting
  6. Was wondering that myself. Definitely not bashing you at all for it I think there interesting trucks just wondering why go through the trouble and expense to import
  7. I'm in Ontario Canada and there was a guy working with a similar Scania here. Not sure of speed limiter but wondering what your plans are with it
  8. If you don't get any replies place your request in Wanted section hopefully you have luck
  9. Thanks Harry I think I'll leave it just as it is.
  10. Haha I remember those days. Get out on the big road at night and pull throttle lock out and stretch your legs. Just don't fall asleep
  11. Congrats. Keep us posted on your new toy
  12. I agree the patina is great but shiny is nice too. I wasn't sure if it would damage it at all
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