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  1. It'll work considering that's what they used 50 years ago to do the same job but remember everything is 50 years older and newer trucks with twice the HP will leave you in the dust. I agree with Terry that 5 speed is probably not my first choice for soft ground and heavy loads. The lack of front brakes will probably be grandfathered in. I personally would rather have all the stopping power available.
  2. You'd definitely have a One Of A Kind
  3. I think you speak for alot of us 👍
  4. Yes feel free to text me.  My text/cell:  330-351-0906 

    Thanks,  Tim Walsh,  Copley, Ohio

  5. I'll dig up what I have can I text you?
  6. That's a great article. Thanks for sharing
  7. That's the way to get the job done. What would it be legal to haul?
  8. That's really cool find. What's the story behind it?
  9. No pics of her...you know we love pics here 😁
  10. Definitely not shy. Good pic👍
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