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  1. I'll take a look I might have a nos water pump here
  2. Have a 2000 E7 350. Quite happy with it
  3. Years ago Tallman transport had a international cabover with a E6 Mack transplanted into it. Called it the Beagle
  4. Great ol pic thanks for sharing. I float the odd dozer and excavator and it's always a tense moment til it brakes over the threshold 😁
  5. Great story thanks for sharing. That red and white IH in the first set of pics is same paint scheme as a company out of Quebec. I just can't remember name. Possibly was from there originally
  6. Extreme makeover truck edition. Good job
  7. I'd say ballpark approx 7 tons. Where are you in northern Ontario. I'm in southern Ontario myself
  8. I'm thinking your right about the pedal I'm just not sure how to test it
  9. My 4 valve 350 did exactly same thing as yours. Are you able to find a cam and lifters I ended up getting a used cam and lucky enough to find new lifters locally. I have a extra set of lifters if you can't find any
  10. All comes down to how much you want to put into it yourself as opposed to buying something ready to go
  11. Saw one of them at Lititz a few years ago. Guy said you freeze for a hour til it comes up to temp in cold weather
  12. Can't make out name on door. Good looking rig though.
  13. Is your old switch still hooked up? Should be labeled on it but if not you should be able to get through it with a test light.
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