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  1. VIN nunber

    Vin should be on the inside of drivers door about head height when you open it. Definitely will be on ownership
  2. Thermostat or something else

    You could open rad cap slowly and carefully when your up to temp and put a thermometer in to get actual temp. I had gauge fail on mine.
  3. I have a 5 speed Mack in my 84 and when I don't drive it for a while I look like a newbie. If your a smoker take the opportunity to light a smoke between gears it seems to take that long. In the past you could have enough time to open a cold beverage but that's frowned upon now.
  4. U-joint with 4 caps..change out

    I put jack under yolk and Jack it up enough to have pressure on it and give it a hit with a sledgehammer. Sometimes use heat with that too if there stubborn.
  5. Not a mack but still turns heads

    Yes one on left he just got the other he bought a couple years ago. I'm assuming that's the same one your brother in law saw
  6. Not a mack but still turns heads

    Yes he lives about 10 mins from me in Dunnville Ontario. He mentioned there was one with a plow.
  7. Not a mack but still turns heads

    I only saw a phone pic of it but that was probably his your bil saw. He bought one a few years ago out of the same place
  8. Not a mack but still turns heads

    Great looking truck. A friend of mine bought one of the Autocars from concrete delivery auction. I heard there was a few deals to be had I regret not going.
  9. Interior replacement parts

    Watts Mack are the owners of this forum so I encourage you to try them. If they don't have it I have a good selection of interior parts for R models. You can pm call or text me 289-332-0101
  10. I'd use separate clean fuel tank to get it running. I had a rusty fuel tank I sent out and had it cleaned and coated. You will be plagued with problems if you use that rusty tank.
  11. Yes we had flooding. Not sure how high water was when that happened but that's a main bridge it's good for heavy weight
  12. Where's the Bandit or Duke boys when you need them. They'd take care of that situation
  13. Grand River flooded from ice jams and caused allota damage including this bridge in Port Bruce Ontario. This was Friday. Truck was still there next day.
  14. Thanks 41 Chevy. That's alot of good info there. When weather gets better here I'm gonna start tinkering on this thing.