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  1. alex g

    R Model cab

    I might have one but it won't be perfect I'll take a look
  2. alex g

    R Model cab

    I'll have to look I have a few grey ones to pick out the best. $300 I can ship
  3. alex g

    R Model cab

    Thanks I got it I'll try to look today
  4. I'm assuming you have 44s in your DM. I Might have one if no one closer has one. I'm in Dunnville Ontario Canada
  5. You ain't kidding about little regard for driver comfort. I had one with 671 Detroit. Was fun to drive. I've driven bulldozers that had more operator comfort.
  6. Could you get rad recored?
  7. I think I'll order one myself. Thanks for info
  8. alex g

    1970 DM Truck

    Could be a number of things. Wheel bearings engine mounts or possibly vibration could be coming from a rear end.
  9. The green Autocar must have been from concrete delivery. Looks like a mate to my late friends truck
  10. Still available. I'm in Dunnville Ontario Canada
  11. alex g

    So True

    I had it sent to me tonight. It was so true I had to share it
  12. There's a couple different ones. Is it round or square vents. You got a particular color your looking for?
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