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  1. Set of 38 Mack rears on nuway air ride 3.65 ratio on 24.5 spokes Came out of 90 CH. $1300 u.s.
  2. Local Napa store sent a pump out for me once to get rebuilt. A local parts store near you may have your answer. I'm not sure if b model water pumps are same as early R model 2 valves but I have some nos of them. If you get to the point where you remove your water pump post a pic I might have one. Have you checked to see if pulley has play in it. That's what happened to mine.
  3. Nice I've never saw a gold bulldog ashtray I have a chrome one myself.
  4. Welcome aboard. We like pics. Mack museum is best bet but apparently closed at this time. A good Mack dealer can run vin for you
  5. You can pull air tube off turbo and look at it and try to spin it. Obviously if it has issues spinning by hand there's a issue. Don't worry though you shouldn't have a problem sourcing a used one I have one on shop floor off a 300.
  6. Happy birthday 🎂
  7. Welcome aboard I'm thinking if you have no air leaks it's possibly your compressor. Did you try adjusting the new air governor? Its possible it's set to low. Did your brakes not automatically engage when your air pressure dropped? Btw cool looking old White
  8. Good looking truck Mike and great deal on trucking there 👍
  9. I'm going to research when engine was built I think that's the key. Thanks for replies so far
  10. I looked on valve cover it says 2000 engine. This is what confuses me because I would also assume it was built pre 2000
  11. This is possibly a Canadian road rules question I'm not sure if same rules as U.S. I have a guy interested in my 2000 CH but he doesn't want it if he has to install elog. He would be crossing border to U.S. The truck was built in January 2000 I'm trying to decifer rules but I'm not a lawyer so I'm confused on the issue. So far here's what I've found hopefully someone can help
  12. Be careful with plunger not sure how far you have it apart but on R model there are bolts to hold pedal mount to floor and other bolts to hold valve to base
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