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  1. I'll take a look tonight if I get a chance I have a turbo off a 2 valve I'll see what it is
  2. Great find good luck with it and post some pics when you get it
  3. Yes it's possible I'm assuming you have 4 inch now just get a piece of adapter pipe to go to whatever size you need
  4. Do you have a boost gauge? You should be running 25 lbs at least. Alot of power issues derive from this. Just a idea before you start modifying
  5. He still has it he decided to keep it. He hasn't been on here since 2018 if your serious I'd call him his # is on his post.
  6. I believe I have one I can ship I'm in Ontario Canada if you don't find one closer
  7. Very interesting video. That's quite a journey to get a trailer. Your very self sufficient I'm impressed. What's the plan when you get it home?
  8. Looking good... should improve ride as well
  9. Should make this a new post. Probably get more attention
  10. Just had a new pup arrive I was given this by a family who's relative worked in management at Mack I'm not sure if it's authentic but they seem to be hitting it off alright. Anyone else ever saw one of these?
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