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  1. Curved slack adjuster

    Don't think so. I have same on my 1978 float.
  2. I changed a hanger bearing once and it turned out to be wrong bearing although it fit in place but it pushed driveshaft in to bearing made alot of noise and resonated through truck. Possibly trans you changed could be a touch longer
  3. If anyone was ever passed by a can hauler my uncle had a fleet of V8 superliners pulling doubles. They were well known to be fast trucks back in the day. I borrowed this pic from Google images because most pics we had burned in a house fire. My apologies if I stole anyone's images.
  4. Front Axle Stud

    Have you tried a truck parts supplier. Mack is famous for saying no longer available. I shop at Traction alot for parts. Not sure if there's one near you.
  5. Tapatalk issue

    Same issue here I erased Tapatalk app from phone and log in with Google. After a few log ins it will remember password
  6. Aluminum stud pilot wheels

    Didn't think you could still buy them new. Where did you get them.
  7. My 85 and 88 have shutters
  8. Someone did post decoder on here but if you call Mack dealer they can do it for you.
  9. 1980 Peterbilt 359 International Transport

    Cool looking old Pete. What's the story on it sitting so long.
  10. Not sure exactly what performance your boss is expecting to get out of a truck pushing 80 years old but before spending a Lot of time and money I would inspect your current brake system and service it. Drum brakes work fine for a parade truck. Your wheel cylinders are probably half seized and brake drums are probably rusty from sitting. If you get it working properly it will probably be good enough.
  11. R MODEL Headliner consol

    All sold.
  12. R MODEL Headliner consol

    One has no cracks $150 others have a crack or scratch but are in decent shape $100 can deliver to Gerharts
  13. R Model Dash Parts

    I have the following gray tan and black R model dash parts. Some are brand new. $100 each. Also have a brand new plastic heater cover. It is also new has never been installed but is slightly faded on face. $400 Can bring to Gerharts.
  14. Superliner Bug Shield

  15. Superliner Bug Shield

    Do you really want it I can ship it to you.