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  1. Andy, I did not see that that post was from 2018. hope you are getting along on the 700 still fighting the cab air lines here. frank
  2. I think 1970 not sure, that is a long time ago to remember...
  3. I guess I was not the only one !! get support # 25162389 drill the cross bar and bolt it if the holes are not in the right position, i went thru hell before I got the support bracket. Also Just went through a whole day of looking for a door grommet that did not exist, used the plastic around the tube and wire. slips back and forth fine into the door side. Frank
  4. Red sold those B models to Joe Gringeri from Watertown when he closed up, I did some low bed work for Joe years ago and drove some of those B models, they were super heavy spec with winch's mounted behind the cab and boy were they were slow !!! but they would pull a house over. When Gringeri closed the Watertown operation down I never saw those trucks again.
  5. Thank you... I will try that. your truck looks Great, trying to finish my cab and dash in the ground before i lift it on it is a lot easier to get in and out, i actually left the windshields out until the wiring and dash are done, can lean in standing up in front not upside down. frank
  6. I have a Beige that was in my R model but I ended up changing the whole dash i found a brand new one in the box, was not cheap but mine looked like a buzz saw hit it multiple times.
  7. New r model headliners beige call Barry he can get them 888-304-6225 mack
  8. Does anyone know where to source the ID labels that go into the small rectangular id boxes that the fiber optic attaches to in an R model ? mine are so bad that you can't even make out the letters. part number would be great but I highly doubt they are still available. Thank You
  9. r/e R model dash parts, I recently purchased a beige new dash from Mack... it was in stock.. arrived in 2 days. are they no longer available ?
  10. Thank you. this whole project has been a puzzle... with pieces missing.. thanks for your help..
  11. You might want to try to remove the inner fender, the 2016 2500 and 3500's need the inner fender panel removed to change out the diesel fuel filter. there is a company that makes a plastic piece that you can put in after the inner fender is cut so you don't have to remove the inner again to change the filter. something like that may let you get at that plug with less trouble than the moron's designed in to the spark plug change. could try it from the bottom too.
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