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  1. MACKS

    Weight permits

    You need a steerable lift axle to transfer that permit,that permit is worth quit a few bucks so don't let it go,you can bank the weight until u get a truck to use it,Send an e-mail to Wiliam J Morris@dot.ny.gov they are very helpful.If u can post some pictures off your truck someone here can tell u what axle you have.How much was the truck previous registered for?
  2. MACKS

    Weight permits

    Is this a tri axle with a steerable lift axle?
  3. MACKS

    Spring pins and bushings?

    As far as I know there the original springs,20,000 lb,there are no cracked or broken leaf and I'm sure the pins and bushings are original also
  4. Any body replace there own pins and bushings,these are the screw in type on a 96 Mack,pins shouldn't be a problem but the bushings look to be another story,looks like a job for a professional ?
  5. MACKS

    Timbren suspension

    Well one thing about a set back axle it gives the truck a heck of a bounce when u hit a sharp dip in the road like on a concert road where a slap dropped down,thinking this might eliminate that or at the least help quite a bit.
  6. MACKS

    Timbren suspension

    Yeah I figured that,not much one can do on a short wheel base and set back axle with 58 rears 20 front and drop axle..lol
  7. Any body ever try the Timbren suspension on the front,air bag or the hollow rubber type,the roads are getting worse here every day and my CL is getting the shit pounded out of it,and me along with it? I'm sure I rember a few seconds years back someone on here installed the air bags on the front of there CL but I can't find it now..
  8. That's a lot of rubber on the road..
  9. MACKS

    Introducing Ford Trucks' new heavy tractor

    That's one ugly truck..
  10. MACKS

    Mack Trunnion Tube

    If your talking about the cap that's welded to the bar it's supposed to be there and there is no oil just Greece.
  11. MACKS

    2002 RD688s vs CV713 Dump Truck

    Well if the 02 has blow by when it's cold it's gonna be a whole lot worse when your working it,I would favor the granit,it's a much nicer truck to drive to in my opinion..
  12. Thanks will will be at the dealer this weekend..
  13. Are they still available from Mack or any where else,for a 96 ?
  14. MACKS

    Haulmaxx suspension ?

    Thanks for the info,gonna check it out tomorrow
  15. MACKS

    Haulmaxx suspension ?

    Bet it rides better than my cl with 58 rears..lol

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