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  1. Beautiful truck,doesn’t look to rusty to me..🤷‍♂️
  2. Congrats Other Dog, enjoy your freedom from work,I hope to be joining that club very soon also..
  3. It’s a Dynatard on a 1996 e-7 mechanical engine.
  4. Thanks,with the spring broken the switch is in the on position,also I did jump the two wires and nothing,l should of checked for voltage at that switch also but I didn’t,now hopeing the problem is in between the dash switch and the clutch switch because forget about tracing the rest of the wires,they go thru the harness..
  5. Ok thanks,I have to start over and see if I have voltage to the clutch switch first,will report back in a few days..
  6. Fuse is good,voltage going to switch on dash and leaving also,no voltage going to switch on pump,the springy thing on clutch switch is broke of so that switch is activated always,where does the voltage go first pump switch or clutch or both at the same time?
  7. Can anybody tell me how to trouble shoot the engine brake on a 96 cl E-7,switch on the dash is working,I jumped the wires going to the clutch pedal switch,nothing,should one of those wires be hot and should one of the wires on the pump switch be hot,I have no voltage going to the pump switch..
  8. So I ended up replacing that whole return line,it was so brittle couldn't get a tight fit,fired right up this morning...
  9. Thanks ,gonna check it all,I'll find it,I hope..lol
  10. Oh well my problem still exists,started hard again this morning. .
  11. Just found a leak on the return line that goes to the front of the head,cut it back and reattached,I'll know Monday morning if that was my problem..
  12. I am having the exact same problem on the exact same engine,I replaced two fuel lines so far,gonna do one more,if that doesn't work will swap out the lift pump..
  13. Stay strong,you got this..🙏🏻🙏🏻
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