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  1. Stay strong,you got this..🙏🏻🙏🏻
  2. Wow,never heard of anyone being asked to show spare fuses..
  3. Here in NY if the DEC sees smoke your ass is going to court and you have to bring proof that it’s fixed and re inspected,besides all that smoke = soot in your oil,not worth it..
  4. Check all your fuel lines on the suction side,just a pin hole is all it takes..
  5. Come to Long Island,average property tax is well over 10,000 a year..
  6. Lol we had one of those back on the farm to keep the black birds away, loud is an understatement..lol
  7. Yup she saw you all right..lol
  8. Why unfortunately,if don’t mind me asking?
  9. Every truck I owned lost its heat after idling a while in cold temps but you should reach operating temp when driving empty or loaded..
  10. I run them front and back,got over 55,000 miles out of the last set,that’s pretty darn good on a dump doing asphalt and construction work..
  11. Those tires are pretty tall for an 11.00,I’ve been running cooper road masters @ 12.00 24.5 on my dump truck,no complaints..
  12. Just heat it up a little and it will slide right off same to install..
  13. Yup there used to take up space for what ever reason the bearing won't hit the brake,they come in different thickness..
  14. So I installed the disc today, cut like they recommended 1.5 on the inside and 2" on the outside kinda of a bitch to get it on the shaft but once it snapped in place all was good,did a minor adjustment internally and it works perfect,I can't see it coming off so it should be a long term fix,time will tell..
  15. Won't get to this till next week,I will definitely report back,should work if it stays on the shaft..
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