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  1. It's a 96,would it have one?
  2. My tachometer is whacked out,any one know where the sensor is located?
  3. Haha,that's a little to far from Long Island NY..lol
  4. Are you saying it's slipping on the splined shaft that comes out of the top of the steering box?
  5. Starting about ten years ago Kenworth was all the rage,in my opinion it was all about driver comfort and nothing else,now Mack makes a comparable cab as far as comfort goes and they seam to making a huge comeback around here n NY,most of the dump truck companies are buying Mack again,take a close look at ten or twelve year old Mack vs Kenworth,that should help u decide,my 23year old Mack cl factory dump still looks and drives amazin,I worked almost every day this year and not one break down that put it out of service try that with a kenworth new or old,not gonna happen..
  6. I've used roof flashing inside the cab,way cheaper than dynamat and the same effect,you can double layer it if you want,hit it with a heat gun or hair dryer,excellent sound deadening with no odors..
  7. Looks awesome the way it is don't go spraying fancy shiny paint on that old girl..
  8. What size is that body looks like 12' by 3' high,your a good 2' over the boards so 15 yards would be my guess..
  9. I don't know about new trucks but was told by a very good mechanic the older engines will run 90 degrees above ambient temperature.
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