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  1. Two puller stands,discs and extras,500 firm,pick up on Long Island NY,it weighs ton..
  2. Yeah,come for a ride in my cl with 58 rears and then you'll think your truck rides like an old caddy..lol
  3. I would love to see a few pictures of the rails,chances are u could run it the way it is..
  4. For that price you could re rail it..
  5. Maybe I'll substitute a cigar for the coke🤔😂
  6. I need to swap out an air bag on my dump truck drop axle,any advise or tips to do it?
  7. A little top heavy tho..
  8. Well time will tell,I can't see this breaking,it's very heavy duty,did three tires this morning no problem,it also came with a mounting tool that works awesome..
  9. I don't do all that much tire work with only one truck but when the time comes for new rubber I've been buying on line to save a lot of money also like to clean up everything that's why I do it myself,I've gotten pretty good with he irons but this just way easer,this was only a hundred bucks on Amazon and it came with a mounting tool also..
  10. Any body use one of these tools,so easy it's ridiculous,never seen them at use in tire shop tho,wonder why?
  11. Ten wheeler or tri axle, if ten wheel I would leave the 58..
  12. Maybe it's the right side that not working properly,collapsed air line or something..
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