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  1. I grew up in that era of no locks on houses or cars. I never hitch hiked very much. If you had to stay after school and missed the bus you walked to the top of the hill where NY 13 and 79 split, then sit on the guardrail and pretty soon someone on their way home from work picked you up!!
  2. OR is this the beginning of the Second American Revolution?????
  3. Ditto to Red Horse. After my 2 week visit to Australia in 2015 I have become addicted to learning more about your great country. Even though our tour was based around antique trucks we were able to see some of the regular tourist sites. If anybody wants to go "Down Under" after this virus s$it is over PM me and I will give you the travel agent's contact info. If any of you have not seen, or want to go back again, here is the link to my report of the trip on Just Old Trucks: http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/84264/Down-Under-Trip?Keywords=Down Under Trip
  4. Paul, a little earlier era but I still think Slim Dusty has them beat..
  5. Seed, Thank you for the links. Very interesting reading!! It seems to parallel the building of out Alcan HWY in 1942 only under much LESS harsh conditions, and the exact opposite in terms of the amount of water.
  6. Seed, Thank You for the video.. I take it that the shoreline shown is of a stronger rock than the sandstone of the 12 Apostles area we visited west of Melbourne??? Is that 2 lane highway all the way across rather than 4 lane Interstate??
  7. Also if you are a diabetic your Morning sugar numbers will go UP!! The next morning after I had the shot and first dose of pills I topped 300.. By the next day it dropped into the 200's and the third week (single pills) in the high 100's. Took another week after I was done to drop back into the 130-150 range..
  8. Frank, NO they will not!! The 22" rim is a tube type and the 24.5 is a Tubeless rim.. But as said above the 24.5 tubeless rims WILL fit on the 22" spokes..
  9. I am thinking that is what they gave me for something a few years ago.. I remember you had to take all of them in descending quantity..
  10. KDog, Without going into long and outdated information it was basically MONEY!!! The ATHS administration removed the control of the discussion forum part of their website from the ATHS members Online Division (Chapter) and replaced them with an outside contractor. If you want more concise info PM me thru here..
  11. JOT was formed/built/started after the ATHS administration "Tanked" the discussion forums on their website in about 2015. JOT has recaptured the sense of community that ATHS had and has grown because of it. Many of us are still ATHS members for various reasons but enjoy participating on JOT!!
  12. You guys must have been bigger "Outlaws" than we were up he in the States!!! 2 good sized crawler tractors on 4 axles... Was that binder petrol or small diesel???
  13. Seed, We had some notoriously dangerous roads up here in the States, But I doubt if they were ever as heavily traveled as the Hume was. Please keep the pictures coming, I am learning something new everyday.
  14. Also if his client is an ATHS member he can get a discount thru Haggerty
  15. Check with the Aussie Boys about Lizard Skin.. supposedly better than Dynamat??
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