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  1. That was a nice looking truck.. BUT his price tag was bigger than me checkbook!!
  2. BC The rules and regulations for "Farm" plates is even more wild and confusing than Antique!!! A lot of it is who was in power when they were written.. The Farmers or the City people!!! South Carolina you now (starting in 2013) have to show your income tax form for a farm business to be eligible. But then any vehicle with a manufactures empty (shipping) weight of less than 7500 pounds can be used for "General and ordinary purposes".. I went to Fairbanks Alaska and back with my F-250 on farm plates and never got stopped or questioned.. One Wyoming State cop followed me for about 5 miles while he checked his computer, then went by and waved..
  3. Tom Great to meet you in person at Macungie!!!! Thanks for the pictures, both of Macungie and the museum.. I was there 4 years ago on the way home from Lititiz, Am thinking our whole chapter needs to go up for a day!!! Was this on the way home from Macungie or a separate trip????
  4. As long as all the registration and drivers license have an Ohio address I would operate under Ohio rules.. And all states are "Supposed" to honor the base plate state rules. I was told that you do not have to stop at the scales, BUT to do so as a courtesy to let them see the Antique / Historical plate. This is especially true for the 80's and 90's trucks which still might be in service commercially. Yes your are right on the "who you talk to" statement!!!
  5. Ken I am stating South Carolina laws as stated to our chapter by a SGT in the SCDPS Transport Police (our diesel cops).. He also showed us a form where you could check "Interstate Excepted" and could retain your CDL with NO physical, BUT you or the truck could NOT receive and compensation while operating the vehicle..
  6. The tall man in front of me is Art Grover, a Brockway man from the ATCA Florida chapter. And unless you left a card, she cannot remember who she talked to!!!
  7. If it was at Des Moines, this fall when the ATHS Showtime book comes out you will have the owners name and hometown to start chasing more info..
  8. Basically FWD is correct, but some of these laws vary by state. As long as it is licensed and insured Historic/Antique and is NOT used in any way to generate revenue / compensation for the truck OR the driver a CDL is NOT required. Trophys and ribbons do not count as compensation, but buying your breakfast or a case of beer do count!! Go to the chapter section of either ATCA Double Clutch or ATHS Wheels of Time magazines and contact a chapter president from your state and get the correct information and possibly a letter of exemption.
  9. HG, My parents missed that also, actually I was before that.. But you can look at the younger people today and very plainly see those who have received some discipline and those worthless ones who did NOT!!
  10. Mike Actually it was the child psychiatrists of the middle to late 60's, like Dr Spock, who stated that we should "just talk to" our children, NOT discipline them, that started this whole mess. The lack of "respect for authority" that this statement created has gotten progressively worse over the last 3-4 generations.
  11. FXF Those trips are ALWAYS a test run after repairs or on the way home from some show!!!
  12. Planing on arriving Friday Morning with the Diamond T.
  13. While we are talking about Macungie, Will there be the usual group photo at Watts tent at noon Saturday???
  14. HG.. Thanks for the kudo!! here is mine
  15. That little red truck by the tanks is definitely a Diamond T. Small to mid sized.. DT Used that cab and hood design from 1938 to 1949.. The chrome hub caps might make it a prewar Deluxe model??