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  1. Brocky

    Pictures of the Week

    With wimmin that HOT in Winfall you should be seeing green grass!!!
  2. My mother had an Easy with the 3 brass plungers that went up and down and a wringer to the rinse tubs. Can remember being in the wringer up to my elbow before she tripped it!!! Next upgrade was a triangular shaped Easy with a rinse spinner on the end. No dryer until mid 60's after we got natural gas.
  3. Brocky

    Classy Ford

    That last one is neat, BUT Not many aluminum Budd's around in 1956!!!!
  4. WOW Paul!!! What a list!!! Since these organizations are aiding and abetting a criminal activity (entering the US illegally) the IRS should step in and revoke all their non profit tax status so the left wing liberal "do gooders" can pay the support of all these so called immigrants..
  5. I believe Soros is behind this whole movement. Who is organizing and paying the food and transportation bill to get that many people from southern Central America to the San Diego border??
  6. Brocky

    Ocassionally in the States

    OD, you are gaining on it!!! A sexy redhead that can cook!!! Had my Scrapple on the east side of Lancaster PA on Sunday morning. Was thinking of you when I fueled at the Sheetz in Madison Heights about 4 PM Sunday..
  7. Brocky

    Ocassionally in the States

    Vlad I am glad to hear that Randy and family served you a good American Thanksgiving turkey dinner!! Did he serve some good PA Dutch Scrapple with your eggs the next morning??? Continue to enjoy your stay in the States.
  8. Brocky

    Ocassionally in the States

    If you have never been there put the America on Wheels museum in Allentown PA on your list.. Covers a little bit of everything from horse and buggy to modern high dollar sports cars with a lot of Mack stuff in between. I think Mack's 1910 Brockway is there? Mack cutout drivetrain parts, one room describing a restoration, and the time I was there, the day after Thanksgiving, a model railroad club had one room full of a big set up.
  9. If you send a sample to Bub Warren (lilyellowbus37@gmail.com) 1620 South Johnson St, Amarillo Tex 74102. Phone 806-374-3056. He owns the Diamond T Rubber company and can build anything. He may already have the template as I heard he was making Mack, Federal and some others.
  10. Brocky


    Hare are a couple;
  11. Brocky

    ATHS National Shows

    A while ago someone was asking confirmation of coming ATHS National Shows. The ATHS BOD meting in Kansas City last weekend confirmed: 2020 as Springfield Ill and 2021 at Harrisonburg VA. No details yet as exact venues. Will update more as I learn more.
  12. Brocky


    I am another who chase You Tube for older entertainers. One of my favorites is Australian country singer the late Slim Dusty. Plenty of trucking songs as well. One title of interest here is "I am married to my Bulldog Mack". Many of his videos have stills or video of Australian trucks.
  13. I always appreciate your pictures.. Even when we attend the same shows you are much better photographer than I am.

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