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  1. Sorry I did not make the picture.. Did not realize there was going to be one as I was offline after Tues PM..
  2. You are correct on the Compfovision being stamped by Chicago Cab Co. The IH Compfovision cab that Diamond T used was slightly different in the cab mount area as they assembled them at the DT plant whereas everybody else bought the assembled cab from IH.
  3. Will see you there.. Look for my little DT under the tree across from registration.
  4. That is why the Brockways and Autocars had the big heavy grille guards.. Nobody passed on big hills, they just pushed!!
  5. What set of doubles?? What ground hog?? You got the most important parts!!
  6. Dinner sounds good.. Possibly Thur night??? Friday my daughter is coming up from Philly for dinner and Saturday we will go back to Carlisle after getting loaded.. My cell is 864-905-2549
  7. And in the late 60's and early 70's I thought I had a BIG truck when I got in a 220 or 250 Cummins compared to the Continental and White gas jobs I had been driving..
  8. Tom, You would have had to read the show brochure included in your Wheels of Time!! The entire show pass, $50 for EACH person, is good from Tuesday thru Sunday, if any trucks were left!! You did it the cheapest way. It cost me $135 for Nelle and I plus the Diamond T!!! Plus $300 for the 3 day golf cart, reserved and paid for in March.. Room and food would have been the same.. The more I think about it the Less I am planning on going to Springfield ILL next year.. I hope to meet up, and visit longer, with you at Macungie where it only costs $10!!! Will arrive Thursday by noon and hope to get my usual parking place under the tree across form registration.
  9. Bottom Line is ATHS is flat out money hungry!!! Everything you do associated with them costs you$$$$$. I realize that site rental and production costs are necessary BUT?? I joined in 2002 and truck entrance was $25 each and spectators were free. About 10 years ago they started the spectator fee of $10 and $25 for a 3 day pass. Now it is $35 per truck and $15 per day for spectators, with a entire show pass of $50 for ATHS members. These are the name tags you saw many people wearing. The ATCA show in Macungie PA is $10 per truck and spectators are free. I believe that Mack Trucks and some others help with Corporate donations. The Fire Dept, Boy Scouts, and many locals charge a $5 spectator parking fee since parking gets tight in the area. The local chapter shows are usually in the area of up to $15 entry fee to cover site rental. Our chapters big show is piggybacked on a large established Family Farm Days. Free display space, vendors get charged, and a $5 spectator fee. All profits go to the local Community Center.
  10. I am glad to hear that you folks did NOT get injured.. Sounds to me like the other driver may be looking at some jail time for his actions.. Wish you well in dealing with the insurance companies..
  11. Seed, Yes at registration they issue you ONE. You are supposed to place it on the downhill side of one tire. The local hosting chapters get the pleasure of designing and building them. I do not know who foots the bill for materials. The chock blocks have become a tradition similar to dash plaques and some guys take pride in their collection. I leave mine in my enclosed car hauler trailer (with no parking brake) and use them when dropping my trailer.
  12. The chock blocks are one of ATHS's nit picking rules for so called insurance reasons. I used my one from the 2014 Springfield MO show which is similar to the one High Binder pictured. They hand them out at registration. These and the 2015 York PA ones were pretty useless!! Probably adds to the high $$$$ they collect to show your truck.. Their rules for liability insurance and fire extinguishers make sense, but have never been checked close.
  13. Paul, YES it is finished!!! He has been to several northeastern shows as well as driving to to the ATHS Lexington KY show in 2018.. Tom told me he got 12-13 MPG bob tailing with it.
  14. Contact user Oldspwr on here. He has researched the Ellis Manifolds on Continental engines and is familiar with their use.
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