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  1. No more Boy Scouts

    Back in the early 80's, when I lived in NE PA, both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts (Had one child in each) were sponsored by the local Lutheran Church. Scoutmaster was exmilitary and he arranged food and housing at Andrews AFB for both troops to tour DC. The Girl Scout office in Scranton pitched a hissy fit because the boys and girls were going together and denied the girls the "camping" monies the girls had earned selling cookies as the girls were NOT going to the campsite the Girl Scout council owned. One month later there were no Girl Scouts and both the girls and boys were Campfire and they all enjoyed and learned from the DC tour.
  2. That dinky little nose plow does not match the rest of the truck..Needs a big ole 10-12 foot V on it!!!
  3. Gerharts show next week. Who's going?

    How is Vinny doing?? We have not heard much from him lately.
  4. This is how it looked at Lititiz in 2013
  5. They Did!!! It is a Blue Bird bus.. was at Gerhart's a few years ago.
  6. Another Thank You... Very interesting.. The museums of the Detroit area are still on my bucket list.
  7. Swishy Ya beat me to it mate!!! The two main ones are the Haulin' and Crawlin' the Hume in April, and the Truckie's Reunion at the Hall of Fame in Alice Springs in August of every 5 years, the next being 2020. The Hume Highway runs 500 miles from Sydney to Melbourne and is in Aussie folklore the same as US 66 is to American. These 300+ truck convoys on the old road go half way alternating direction each year. South bound from Sydney to Yass is in 2019. Stephanie Anton, [email protected] is working on tours to each. Here is a link to my report on the 2015 Alice Springs tour: Under Trip 500+ pictures. Please ignore some of the BS that got involved. The HCVC website has a separate topic area "Events Talk" near the bottom of the General Truck Talk page which will give you an idea of the local shows and if any of the dates match yours. Enjoy OZ!! We had a great trip. Fantastic people and warm hospitality. I am planning on going back down for the Hume in 2019, even if Stephanie does not do a tour. One of my friends on Just Old Trucks has invited me to codrive his Pete.
  8. Pictures of the Week

    H67, Yes and no.. Both were made by Scheller Globe and are basically the same .. There are differences in the cowl area so it would take some "Yankee Ingenuity" to make them fit.. A visit to the Brockway website can give you some more details.
  9. Sunday drive

    I know we saw a small herd grazing along the Alcan Highway somewhere between Whitehorse and Fort Nelson on our way home from Alaska.
  10. Sunday drive

    Vlad The Buffalo or proper name Bison are native to the northern Plains. The basic staple of food for the native Plains Indians. Both wild and domesticated.. That herd looks farm raised.. Their meat is similar to Beef but leaner and lower in cholesterol. Some farms even cross breed them.. I am sure B Mack can give us a better explanation
  11. Old Aussie Iron

    ERF's and Atkinsons. The funny looking boxy ones with a circle A in the grille!!
  12. Pictures of the Week

    I agree HG!! That man has some neat stuff.. Is the furthermost car in that line a prewar Caddy??
  13. Old Aussie Iron

    Here is a link to some pictures of mostly 70's era Australian trucks. The KW model designation SAR stood for Short Australian Right hand drive. Mack had an Australian outfit Reinforced Plastic making fiberglass F model cabs and some other companies (Leader??) also used them. International AU and Chrysler AU had a long and interesting relationship, early IH used the Dodge Pilot House cab and later Dodges used the IH A line cab!
  14. Paul, Excellent work and thanks much for taking the time to make and post all the videos.