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  1. I am glad to see you are OK and found some computer time to advise us of your VERY BUSY family life.. Thanks for the update and pictures.. Also here is the contact info for Dave Zsido who may have some more info on the history of your truck:: 3 Haywood Ave, Rutland VT 05701 802-775-6576
  2. Seed, When did Chrysler of AU start building trucks?? And how did the Dodge/Fargo become a DeSoto down under???
  3. Good Luck on the CDL test.. I have heard that the hardest part is passing their pre-trip inspection.. Empty that Super 10 will be no problem.. Starting Loaded, especially on an upgrade, you have to drive it like an old Spicer 12 speed.. And that would blow the inspector's mind, TOTALLY!!!
  4. Here is a short article I wrote about double clutching: On my computer when you click on the link it puts another box in the bottom left corner which you have to click on to open?? Double clutching.doc
  5. As long as you are empty just play with the main at first, then play with the compound while in 3rd or 4th in the main.. After you get the feel of them then mix them together..
  6. Bulldog, Try contacting Tony Champion in Rockhampton QLD. He was a large Mack dealer as well as being a BIG Mack collector and might be able to answer your questions.. I do not have an email address for him BUT if you Google Volvo Commercial Vehicles there should be a contact button? Maybe Mrs Mack Paul has the contact info?? Here is a link to some pictures of his facility, scroll to the bottom of the page: http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/84264/Down-Under-Trip?PageIndex=7
  7. Not really sure?? BUT I think I have heard it was part of import/export tariffs and local made content rules????
  8. Great!! I will there looking for you, Brocky
  9. There has been a yellow one from New England at Macungie a few times.. Jim Hancock probably has a picture of it??
  10. Gonna take a back hoe and a couple of BIG winches to get him back on the road..
  11. Skippy, Thank you for keeping us posted with your progress, your family is doing great work, especially the fine pictures.. I have been following it from the start.. What I am most impressed with is that your truck is a FAMILY project!! That you have motivated your son to be involved shows us the loving your family has in all of its life. You can be sure that he will value this truck as the "family truck" until he becomes an old man..
  12. This Question cam up on the Aussie truck forum.. Maybe someone on here can help him?? https://www.hcvc.com.au/forum/truck_Chat/19365-wanted-jacobs-brake-parts#219653
  13. Joey, Glad to hear you are recovering.. Just DO NOT overdo it and have a relapse.. If you are having the same 70 degree sunshine up there that we are having in SC, Just set a lawn chair on the back deck and enjoy it!!! I have to get motivated on some yard work..UGH!!
  14. Joey, Here is wishing you a speedy recovery.. Our prayers are with your whole family.
  15. Doug Maney, the curator of the Mack Museum has one that he has shown at Magungie several times.. PM me and I can send you his email address. That is his truck in the above picture, You can still see where the Sinclair Oil lettering was.. I have some pictures but am having trouble with Postimage bringing them up and posting..
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