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  1. Weasel you are a bit younger than me. Our school had contract buses with adult drivers, some of them women,farm girls.. Our fleet was mid 50's R and S model IH's with a couple of Brockways thrown in.
  2. Thanks Seed!!!! Keep'em coming!! I always enjoy Aussie pictures, especially since I saw a few of those trucks in person in 2015..
  3. I was born and Raised on Brockways, only 35 mile from Cortland!!
  4. You may have to go west to find 24" Budd wheels.. They used Budds long before they were common in the East.. Walter and Oshkosh snow plows had 12 and 14 X 24 tires on 10 hole Budd wheels (some offset to track in single rears) in the 50's and 60's in upstate NY.
  5. BUT, If you are die hard Brockway fan you mount the dog like this:
  6. I did the Iowa 80 museum on the way home from ATHS Des Moines show.. What a great place!! A lot like the Keystone in VA, You can go back every year and something will be different..
  7. I think that "ADS" company is all over the States?? I know I have seen them in Alabama also.
  8. In the mid 50's I vaguely remember our township, Town of Caroline, Brooktondale, Tompkins County NY, Having an early 50's Duplex single axle dump truck. No idea if it was 4X4???? At that time they were running Advance Design Chevy's with Coleman 4X4, then in 1956 the town added a F-800 Ford with Marmon Herrington 4X4.
  9. Try BEPCO Inc, 2475 South Stratford Rd, Winston Salem NC 27103 336-760-0740 1-800-735-1154 outside NC. I got a rebuild from them for my F-600.
  10. The 5.9 Cummins would also be a good choice.. Here is a link to Tom Millard's conversion in his 1955 Brockway 154. :: http://www.brockwaytrucks.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4952 He also told me he got 13 MPG bobtailing from Scranton PA to the ATHS Lexington KY show and back.
  11. My daughter and S-I-L are in Cheshire Conn and said they were without power for 5 days
  12. BUT, I will bet the first few times took some conscious thought???
  13. Get in touch with Mike Harbison in Iowa.. He is a wealth of knowledge and has about 150 Macks, in various conditions, parked in his back yard.
  14. Thanks Swish!! I never got to drive anything while I was Down Under, even though I had the international driving licence paper. One of the Canadians in our group got to take one of Tony Champion's around the block.. A BIG grin from ear to ear!!!! I think the hardest part would be getting used to shifting with my left hand???
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