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  1. Great News!!!! Keep it coming!!!
  2. Try asking here:
  3. Maddog Are there two of these orange Cecio Bros trucks??? The one in Tony Champion's Rockhampton Queensland Australia museum has Budd wheels. Tony has brought several of our Stateside trucks Down Under.. Please look at pages 7 & 8 for some pictures of his museum. Here is the one he has.
  4. Mine was a Brockway of about the same vintage.. Actually rode Brockways most of my public school time. In the late 60's I worked for the town highway dept in Central Square NY and we started at 0300, plowed 6 to 12 inches of new snow off the road, sanded them,and the school buses ran on time!!
  5. This is where the WHOLE problem starts!!
  6. Swishy That is why the question marks!!! Could not find it in my big Aussie map so just guessed!!
  7. A beautiful "Calendar Grade" photo!!! How long did you have to wait to get the exact sun angle???
  8. Call me old fashioned but I agree with RR on the old flip phone to talk ONLY, and no connection from my truck computer to the manufacturer..
  9. Send your request, along with a donation, to the Mack Museum in Allentown..You will receive a big info package in return..
  10. Tom Did that tanker have a hose reel mounted in what looks like a cut out near the back???
  11. Here is a link to 300+ pictures of a recent show in Lancefield, New South Wales(???), Australia.. click on the slide show and enjoy
  12. Timmy I gave the last $50+ to the taxi driver who took us from the hotel to the Melbourne airport.. I sorta cleaned out my wallett instead of using the credit card!! Other than a plane change in Brisbane our next stop was Hawaii!! I have listened to Slim Dusty sing "The Man from Snowy River" many times.
  13. We learned to lean a crowbar, it is a better conductor than the human body, against it while working / repairing a fence line..
  14. The good ole Warthog!!
  15. Tim and other Aussies No Problem!! Mike can just take it to his local bank and they will convert it to $US. My bank here in SC got me $800 Aussie cash before we left on the Down Under Tour.