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  1. In the 60's & 70's our mailman had a RHD IH Scout.. and I have seen several mailmen driving those Subarus.
  2. Crate engine suggestions

    HG I think this is what the manufactures call "computer aided torque management" so that you can not tear up the drive line..
  3. JB, I think you are right about the old British empire countries being the only ones who drive on the wrong side the the roar anymore. South Africa, India, and some other smaller ones??
  4. Where did THAT come from??

    A double dose of Nyquill washed down by a couple or three beers!!!! Sleep like a baby all night!!!
  5. The Aussie take on this here:
  6. That may be true Down Under but not here in the States?? When I was at Tony Champions dealership in 2015 the name on the building may have said Volvo Commercial Vehicles, BUT there was not one Volvo on the lot!!! ALL MACKS!!
  7. Would that fender set be called a Drom?? ANd give you different weight and length ratings??
  8. Sears sells Craftsman brand

    For several years (1975 to 1985) I lived in Kresgeville, PA.. Southwest of Stroudsburg on US 209..His original store was just outside town.. Do not know if it still exists?? There were a few people in the area that lived comfortably on old Kresge money..
  9. Did Daryl Gushee pass on?

    His obituary can be found here::
  10. Did Daryl Gushee pass on?

    Yes he Did.. 54 years old.. What a shock to everyone.. Was found dead on his shop floor on Saturday 12/20/17. Have not heard the cause yet but friends are assuming it was one of those massive heart attacks that kill instantly?? There is a lot more info on the Just Old Trucks website, both in the Monday 1/1/18 What Am I? section and the Peter J's Place section under topic "Sad News". Understand he had over 300 antique vehicles of which 11 were Linns. If you attended ATHS Springfield Mass in 2012 he had about 6 or 8 trucks there so check out your Showtime book.
  11. Joe D. of Lake A., PA Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!! And many more to come..
  12. Pictures of the Week

    Vlad On the Mississippi River, north of St Louis where the locks start, They run the barges in a 3 wide and 5 long configuration. The lock only holds a 3X3 block, so after they get the front in the chamber they unhook that block, let it down and winch them out to tie them off to the side , then go back and let the last 6 and the tug boat down. The tug then actually turns and hooks the front three back on while still in the lock. Massive Power!! You can actually feel the vibrations from the engines and props thru your feet as you stand behind the fence.. Sometimes it takes a while as there is another set going in the opposite direction doing the same. If you ever get back to the States again put it on your bucket list. Have never searched U Tube?
  13. My Christmas addition

    Looks like it might have been a paperwork / permit holder??
  14. Pictures of the Week

    Vlad That string of barges is probably not easy, BUT those guys are real experienced professionals. And Amazing!! The locks only have about 4 to 6 inches of clearance on each side.. Gotta be square before you start in!! The city park in Gutenberg Iowa even has some bleachers behind the fence so you can watch them go thru the locks there. I spent about 2 hours there one afternoon while my wife explored the "JUNK" shops across US 52 from the park.
  15. '49 LFSW

    My 1959 Diamond T 921C is like that.. Aluminum cab, steel doors, and a fiberglass roof.