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  1. Pictures of the Week

    Fred, That song was originally a Hank Snow release, and I think Dave Dudley used the same music for his song, No Easy Run(??), that lists all the old trucking companies. BUT you are right OD has been there and thanks to his excellent camera work we can join him on the adventures his travel agent likes to send him on.. Tom, Thanks again for all the great pictures!!
  2. If you have the picture in your computer picture files, go to the bottom left of the reply window and click on choose file and follow the directions.
  3. Just go slow and take it easy.. Those 5 speed Maxitorque transmissions have a very wide 1000 RPM split between gears.
  4. Not a mack but still turns heads

    YES that is Peter Grimm

    Happy Birthday!!!! And many more to come!!
  6. Not a mack but still turns heads

    A great looking Husky!!
  7. Not a mack but still turns heads

    A little Brockway History.. Mack Bought Brockway in 1956 but did not intergrate the design engineering departments until the early 70's when Brockway started using a version of the Sheller Globe Mack R model cab in 75 or 76. At the time of Brockways closing they were working on a new design for 1978. Mack kept the design and brought it out as the Superliner.. There is more info and pictures on the website.
  8. Truck insurance

    My State Farm agent, Chan Chitwood of Greenwood SC 864-229-4450, writes a lot of commercial policys. Especially for small farm / construction outfits in the area. Not all State Farm agents are well versed in commercial so maybe Sharon of his office can recommend an agent in your area??
  9. Try looking here for non ethanol
  10. Insurance in VA for Private Trucks

    A lot of the guys use use Gulfway out of Hudson Fla if they are pulling a trailer. I have my antique thru State Farm with my other vehicles, but I am not sure how they are on hauling stuff as I do not have anything that big.. With State Farm you have to shop around for an agent who does commercial/antique work.. Most of them think a 3500 dually is a LARGE CAR!!
  11. Pictures of the Week

    Replace that van box with an Airstream trailer and you would have one helava camper.
  12. Fruehauf built Kenworths?

    It looks to me like Freuhauf was an aftermarket modifier some sort of equipment.. Drom, flatbed, ETC, ETC?????
  13. Pictures of the Week

    Congrates on the beautiful redhead!!! Also tell her thank you for letting you back on the computer to post your travel tours.. Much Appreciated!!! Hope to meet her at Macungie!!
  14. Pictures of the Week

    OD, It is great to see you are out and around enjoying life!!! Thanks for the tour guide!!!
  15. Other Dog

    OD, You are excused for not posting.. ALMOST!!! We need more pictures of the Winfall Wimmin that attended!!!