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  1. Are your "elite" women elected or appointed??? If elected I presume they have no chance of being reelected in a very expensive election???.. If appointed the same goes for the elected official who appointed them!!
  2. Thank You.. He is now worldwide famous.. If you do a You Tube search for Slim Dusty's about 80 trucking songs there are several with video and/or stills of many Australian trucks. One that comes to mind is "I am married to my Mack"
  3. In the linked video at the 1:04 mark there is a red F model single axle with Pennsylvania plates on it.. Any idea whose it is?? Especially on an Aussie video??
  4. In the linked video at the 1:10 mark there is a red F model single axle with Pennsylvania plates on it.. Any idea whose it is?? Especially on an Aussie video??
  5. Somehow I think they just nailed the lid on their own coffin.. With 20 penny nails and a twelve pound sledge!!
  6. The white one with no grille MIGHT (???) be a Diamond REO???
  7. Great travel Photos!!! Keep'em coming!!!
  8. Thanks Tom!!! I may make it back up there yet..
  9. Vlad, thanks again for taking the time to explain these matters. Your spoken English is very good, but it must be harder to work in the written English..
  10. Jim The Stude has the same Clark axles as the father and son who own the prewar Stude wrecker at Macungie visited with me as to where to get the lug crimps.
  11. Vlad, THANK YOU for the history lesson.. I have learned many things about your country I did not know before.. I cannot begin to imagine travel was that restricted..How much were the people allowed to move around within the Soviet Union???
  12. Vlad will have to answer about the commercially imported Macks, But I believe there were some in the Lend-Lease program during WW 2???
  13. Did the Mack's of that size use the same axles and spoke hubs as my Diamond T and the prewar Studebaker wrecker at Macungie??? Or did they build their own??
  14. A Robin is a smaller wild bird here in North America. Often the first ones out in the Spring season. Their eggs have an unusual light blue color and thus many paints near that color are called Robin's egg blue.
  15. Attached is a link to an ongoing (up to 25 pages now) topic on Just Old Trucks.com covering Australian truck history.. A little bit of everything, BUT a lot of MACK pictures.. Poster Grenfell34 is a retired Cummins mechanic that lives west of Sydney a ways. Poster Hayseed is Australian Poster Hamish, I believe is a New Zealender. All of them are well versed in Down Under trucks. http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/146903/how-it-was Enjoy
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