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  1. Hobert Since your boys are that enthusiastic turn them loose on their friends. I am sure they will come up with another parent to drive the chase car!!
  2. Jim You are a much better photographer than I am.. I appreciate all you picture posting. Thanks Brocky
  3. Pictures of the Week

    No blue hearts or baby bulldogs, so I will just say "Thank You Tom" for all your great travel agent pictures.
  4. Sean Welcome to Big Mack Trucks.. For info about your truck, when you find the serial number send it to the Mack Museum in Allentown, along with a donation, and they will send you the build sheet, who the first owner was, manuals and any other info the have.
  5. If you are going to be doing a lot of bobtailing I would consider bracket which had more lights in them so you have a little more visibility that just the required 2 stop/turn on the rear.
  6. Railroad Crossing

    As Confucius said "Haste makes waste"
  7. Swishy Thanks for the videos..
  8. Bunch-O-Macks

    DD Needless to say, parking at best would be described as f**ked up!!! Thanks to what the Iowa State Fairboard left ATHS to work with..
  9. Our condolences to you and your family.. Our prayers will be for all of you. Nelle and Brocky
  10. A good looking clean truck. Probably cleaned up good enough for a regional museum?? Plainsman said he was donating to a museum. I presume that he just needs a value for tax purposes? Therefore he can go on the high side, unless he is expecting an IRS audit!! I personally have no idea. Jim Hancock, Superdog, 41 Chevy, Mackdaddy, Maint1, Maddog13407?? Someone should be able to toss out a ballpark figure..
  11. I am even further out than OD.. 7 miles to the post office and nearest small convenience store, 15 miles to Wally World and drug store, 25 to Lowes, etc and a strip mall. And 55 acres to piss in out the back door.. LOVE IT!!!!!
  12. Pictures of the Week

    You have posted the meatloaf before.. and I tried building on, in the oven.. and my bacon did not cook ..What did I do wrong??? Need to add some broiler time at the end???
  13. Check with Tom Millard at [email protected] as he has solved this problem many times in the restoration and repower of his Brockways.
  14. To add to the excellent information from KSC there is another product made by KBS Coatings which similiar to the POR-15 which can be applied with a brush and when dried looks sprayed. Contact Eddy Lucast at [email protected] or here:
  15. Vlad If I remember correctly, Windsor was a pretty big outfit and it was probably cheaper to have their own wrecker to retrieve breakdowns and lift equipment for repairs, ETC ETC than having to call an outside vendor each time??