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  1. Paul is correct for the pick up line, but I think for the bigger trucks GM waited until the 56 model year to introduce the new cab.
  2. There was an article on Fabian in the ATCA Double Clutch a few years ago.
  3. Yes a 41 to 47 some people call it a waterfall grille but the Aussies call it a jailbar grill
  4. Been Using Power Service grey bottle (Silver??) 100 gal bottle split between my 52 gal factory tank and 60 gal aux tank about every other fill up in my 2014 Cummins 6.7. Maybe i should alternate with Howes???
  5. 54 or 55.. by 56 I think(??) GMC had gone over to the wrap around windshield cab like Chevy???
  6. FWD The fire truck man is Gerald Burns, shop address is Palatine Ark and he lives nearby. About 12-15 years ago I saw his garage door open and parked on the shoulder and climbed the fence, Spent about an hour visiting with him. I cannot remember his email address, as I lost it in a puter crash, but part of it is roundengineman@??? He also has a 41 Ford / Buffalo that was stationed at Stewart Field in Newburg NY during the war. and the day I was there he was restoring an 30's Ahrens Fox for someone. Do you have a member listing for the fire truck club? Am pretty sure he is a member.. Hope this helps
  7. Yours are prolly for landscaping, But the ones I hauled were to Wrangler Laundry's for "stone washed" Blue Jeans..
  8. I have stopped at the place in your first old trucks picture.Exit 233 Palatine Ark. A neat guy and has several more vehicles in his buildings, ex crop duster pilot and mechanic, has a 49 Ford F-1 which his parents brought him home for the hospital in as a newborn.. Several firetrucks
  9. If it is designed to go over the side of a bridge, Where are the outriggers???
  10. Neat Place!!! At least, other than the stacks, it looks like he did not ruin the EF.. @ Diamond T's!! What chassis is under the Diamond T with regular headlights?? Ford F-600??? The other one it is hard to tell?? What would those headlights been of from???
  11. Here is one in Western North Carolina.. at the 2014 Arden show with the fender open.
  12. Is this the one on Tony Champion's collection??
  13. And while in Moriarity stop at the big truck boneyard!!
  14. Enjoy your trip west.. Good time of year.. hopefully the snow is over and not too hot yet..
  15. I knew there was a third engine..Just could not remember the size quickly as I was typing..