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  1. 86, by the tracks you made, you have had as much RAIN as we have had and are getting here in South Carolina.. My driveway and yard are falling apart with the cattle feed trucks..
  2. For the glass!! Send me a PM/Email thru here and I will give you the contact info for David Fay. He is working with a man (in Iowa????) who can build the windows in racing quality Plexiglass. He has him making windshields for his Diamond T "China Closet" COE.
  3. Contact Dane Baldwin 585-233-3682 or dbaldwinjr25@aol.com He deals in a lot of Brockway parts, if he cannot help you he might know of someone who can
  4. Just basically WAY TOO MUCH trailer for that sized truck!! More common sense left behind.
  5. OK on Rick's A-car.. Then the show is probably Springfield MO?
  6. Thanks Jim!! My thoughts were that was Randall's truck. Not sure where that picture was taken, but it looks like Tom Millards Brockway behind it??
  7. January of 1965 or 66 in Oswego NY we had Lightning and thunder in a whiteout snow blizzard!!
  8. I think it is Hagerty who gives a discount to ATHS Members??? Mine are with State Farm.. At the time I insured my 55 F-600 State Farm beat Gulfway by a lot..
  9. Brocky

    My Mom

    Our condolences to you and your family.. All of you will be in our thought and Prayers. Brocky and Nelle
  10. NWS said we also had 3 or 4 small F-1 ones on the south west side of Greenville SC Saturday night.
  11. I have been told that this Superliner design was the one big thing Mack kept as they closed Brockway. The Brockway operation closed in the winter of 76-77 with the final Iranian units assembled by management in Miami the late spring / early summer of 1977. I believe that the design / engineering departments of both companies started working closer together in about 74-75 with the introduction of the Brockway 700 series using the basic Sheller Globe Mack R model cab which had a different cowl for the Brockway butterfly hoods??? Maybe even earlier when Brockway started using the Mack F model cab for their cabovers?? Mack of Australia also used the Brockway designed "Huskiteer" 500 series cab after Brockway closed..I always stand to be corrected..😨
  12. Tom, Thanks for all the pictures of your Florida trip.. The picture of the ice handling equipment reminds me that if any of you are able to get to the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mtn Lake NY, they have a big display of the ice harvesting from frozen lakes to ice down the milk trains coming out of the St Lawrence River valley en route to NYC. They also have a Linn truck with log bunkers in the forestry section. You and the redhead need to come up to Cortland NY for the Brockway weekend and visit all the beautiful upstate.
  13. Paul There is a sugar mill along the A1 in the Mackay / Sarnia QLD area which has a mini mill in front of it, open to the public, which shows the whole operation, plus some antique harvesting equipment in the yard. There are some pictures of it here: http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/84264/Down-Under-Trip?PageIndex=7 scroll down towards the bottom of the page
  14. The man who bought my Brockways has a similar Pitts trailer.. PM/Email and I can send you his contact info to talk to him.
  15. Yes, He drives that green R model dump truck all over!! Participated in the ATHS Route 66 convoy several years ago and also been to a couple of the ATHS west coast shows.. I Had a good visit with him at a truck wash on RT I-78 before Macungie one day.
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