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  1. Jim, Thank You.. Mr Saunders collection does some fine pieces. BUT I personally think he over does the Bling!! There was not that much chrome in that era, especially on working trucks??
  2. Brocky

    brockway tractor and trailer

    CG, Not entirely.. The Triple Nickel is a lot smaller than a 8-71 or 903..
  3. Brocky

    Where are the Pictures of the week?

    The Red Head must be keeping him busy????
  4. Brocky

    brockway tractor and trailer

    I have a Brockway 358 with a V8 engine out in the barn.. Cummins 504 cubic inch.. the same engine as the 555 "Triple Nickel" but with a 1/2 inch shorter stroke.. Notorious for breaking cranks in hard work.. Good for a hobby truck.
  5. Thank you KS.. I Have been up to this weekend celebration several years and The Brockway Preservation Assn are great people who work hard for this show.
  6. Brocky

    Lawn Crew Demanding Better Conditions

    Feed them real good!! Maybe a little grain??? Then they will be great for Christmas Dinner!!!
  7. Brocky

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    Tom That Carter Spartan 100 still exists. I believe it was the first new tractor that the late Ed Carter bought for his trucking business.. Here it is at the 2016 Special Olympics Convoy on a trailer. The Pete pulling it is also I think Ed's first Pete with his grandson, John, driving it??
  8. Brocky

    History of Roadway Express

    Carolina Freight also had about 37 Brockway cabovers (Basically the Mack F model) 225 Cummins and 10 speed. 11k steers and 38k drives
  9. Jim Aaron Benito over on JOT can probably give you some answers to a lot of questions about it.
  10. Brocky

    1963 B61

    KBS has a rust killer and clear coat that would preserve it. Go to Eddy Lucast on Just Old Trucks.com for details.
  11. Brocky

    Might be your Father's Kind of Music

    Listen to Sirrus/XM channel 59 "Willies Roadhouse" all the time. Thats all they play!! At home it is Slim Dusty on You Tube.. Check him out..
  12. The ATHS Palmetto Upstate Chapter has gotten word that there will be a truck show on Sept 15th before the race at Anderson Speedway, Williamston SC.. Several of us are planning to attend. Possibly I will see you there??
  13. Brocky

    Did you know this ?

    Very Interesting.. I enjoyed my trip Down Under very much.. BUT, BUT, Ya'll still have not learned to drive on the correct side of the road!!!
  14. Brocky

    Connecticut Tire shops?

    Blackdog Thank you for the info.. have forwarded it to him.. He hit a big rock at the end of his driveway.. Not his daily driver, wheel is definitely bent by the block of wood, so is putting on spare to see if it is the one and cures his vibration. Will go from there. Yuppie kids and their big toys!!!
  15. Brocky

    Connecticut Tire shops?

    Hat, thank you.. That is the info I was looking for..

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