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  1. Harry, NO!!! The truck you are thinking about, the Mack Jr., was built with a REO cab. Tony Champion in Rockhampton QLD has 2 of them.. If you are anywhere near him, or going that way, put his collection on your bucket list of things to do!! The truck at the auction was a Diamond T model 201, a one ton pickup also available as a cab and chassis with a dual tire rear axle.. 7000 were built by DT from the middle of 1938 to the end of 1949. There are about a little over 400 left known to exist. Including A 1949 in my garage!! From 1950 thru 1952 about another 300 were built using the IH Compfovision cab. Then DT went out of the small truck business due to the competition from the Big Three. In 1958 White Motor bought REO and in 1959 bought Diamond T, thus ending the DT / IH relationship. In 1960 White Motor closed the Diamond T plant in Chicago ILL and moved all production to the REO plant in Lansing Mich using a mix and match of body parts. REO cabs for vocational work and Autocar Cabs for road work. They also built the White 2000 series and special order heavy duty Whites. Three identical trucks could come down the assembly line and go out the door as three different brands!!! On May 1st, 1967 White Motor officially combined REO and Diamond T and created the name Diamond REO.. Until White went bankrupt in the late 70's. The Osterman company of Carlisle PA USA bought the dies and rights to the name and continued to make the Diamond REO Giant into the 90's. Some using the air cooled Deutz engine. Another group then bought what was left of Osterman and are still building what they named the "T Line" trucks in Harrisburg PA.
  2. The air inlet hose for the booster comes up into the cab behind the drivers seat.. Check that it is not plugged or crimped???
  3. That ex-petroleum tank may hold 9100 gal. But I hope they DO NOT fill it up?? That would be over 70,000 pounds of water!!!!! Just a tad more than that old Mack on 5 axles could handle..
  4. The ATHS Down Under Tour was the first and probably last organized tour, of 15 couples, my wife and I had ever taken. If you read the topic on Just Old Trucks I think you will agree at Stephanie did an excellent job of mixing regular tourist events with the many truck events. Part of the reason for the East Coast tour was to give Tony Champion time to get home from Alice Springs before we landed at his collection. She works part time for a large travel agency as well as her father, John Vanatta, being ATHS past president so she had plenty of connections for both sides of the tour. If I were to go back, especially as a single couple, I would do a lot of online research about what I wanted to see and do. Then throw it all in her lap to schedule the airlines, car rentals, intra AU flights, and train schedule, picking up my motels and restaurants as I went.
  5. Check with Mike Harbison!!! Contact info in the member area..
  6. Mr Buck First determine what seats you have, National Standard, Bostrom, or whatever Then go online and see what replacement parts are available?? Find out how the roller bracket is mounted above your shoulder and check with Barry at Watts Mack, this website's owner, and see what he can come up with???? Barry has probably done this before!!!
  7. I am afraid to say that the Wall Street bean counters started all this mess when they decided to close all their American manufacturing and import everything from the Pacific Rim countries so they could show the stockholders a better bottom line and dividend..
  8. Michelle Cole over on the Just Old Trucks website was lucky that way. Her father was the shop foreman at a large Ford dealership in Austin TX. When Ford went out of the large truck business all the shop manuals ended up in his truck instead of the dumpster as instructed!!
  9. Paul, First, you are never boring. I can listen to Australian history all day!! Second, Thanks for the name Gatton!! I did not dig out my eastern AU Map to check when I was posting😨!! What you are calling "Streaky Bacon" may be what the fancy hotels were pawning off on us Yanks as being American style????? Sliced quite thin, lots of fat, cooked crisp.. There are lots of regional variations on the menus like going from Maine to Alabama!! I even ate Kangaroo from the buffet at the Ayers Rock dinner.. Ron Kirk said he could introduce me to Ed Edminston in Dubbo who has a Brockway he imported from a man that I worked for in my teens, and said he could make connections for some other private collections in the area.. "Aussie Ed" as he was called came up to Cortland NY for the Brockway weekend several times, but I never met him. To all of you Mack nuts!!! First do a You Tube search for Slim Dusty and listen to his music and history lessons. The big Truckie's Renunion in Alice Springs is every 5 years (2015-2020-2025) in our fall Labor Day w/e and the Haulin and Crawlin of the Hume is in our spring (April) on alternate years.One from Sydney and the other from Melbourne, each go about half way with 300 trucks, also do a You Tube search. With a few inquires to people like Paul, Hayseed on here, Tony Champion, Ron Kirk, Archie Baines, David Driver, and Ian Watson you can put together a fairly comprehensive tour of both trucks and general tourist sites/events in the Down Under (AU & NZ) depending on your time available and budget.. I would like to go back when this damn virus is over and spend more time If my wife could stand the travel..
  10. Bob, Back to Australia!! I think they are about 18 hours ahead of us due to the date line in the Pacific./. Their food is OK. We were on an organized tour. Due to the variances in terminology, what they call bacon is what we call thin sliced ham, although a couple of the hotels had our regular bacon listed as American bacon, Their breakfast sausage tasted like sawdust, as Paul said, they do not use as many spices in it. A hamburger was a hamburger!!! All the steaks were listed as Prime Rib, but if you read the details you could find what you wanted. On the street you could find many small, family owned, Indian and Asian restaurants. The majority of the time our breakfast buffet and dinner were at the hotel we were staying in.. I would love to go back again as an individual, rent a car and stop at regular motels and eat in the pubs as I come to them. I had a trip roughed in flying to Brisbane, renting a car, and doing a museum (Town begins with a G??) just west of there, then going to Dubbo to some private collections, then going down to Grenfell and doing the Haulin of the Hume with Ron Kirk, Then getting on the Indian Pacific railroad to Perth taking a day off here and there to see Broken Hill, Adaliade, a gold mine, ETC. But never made it!!!!! The big Truckie's Reunion is in August and the Haulin of the Hume is in April so it is hard to combine the two. Our 2 week tour cost about $25k, for the wife and I, including 6 days in Hawaii on the way home. Here is a link to my report of the trip:: http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/84264/Down-Under-Trip?PageIndex=1
  11. Check in with Watts Mack!! If Barry does not have them he can probably tell you where to get them??
  12. Tom, A topic on Brockway cabs will be interesting.. When did the Brockway design engineering department combine with the Mack one??? I know Brockway used the F model cab long before they used the R model cab.. And Mack only used the Huskiteer cab in Australia..
  13. Somebody wanted a 201 real bad!!!!! That is a nice truck with the wide whitewalls and $1100 hubcaps.. Probably a fresh restoration?? I would be real happy with the $100,000 for my 12 year old restoration that has been used for a truck hauling the chapter tables,tent, and show materials.😀
  14. Jojo, I added a link to Erv's collection after you posted.. Did you know a Daryl Gushee in high school?? He would have been about your age?? Maybe about 10 years older?? He was in his mid 50's when he passed away..
  15. Vlad If you can schedule a trip to Maine the next time you are able to come to the States, The Erv Bickford Collection in Yarmouth ME is also a good 1/2 day one. Part of it is in a city park open 24/7 but to visit his garage you must call ahead for an appointment. The Transportation museum in Owls Head is open daily and has a little of everything including airplanes and race cars. I do not know the availability situation with the late Daryl Gushee's collection in New Glouster?? Just make one end of your flight Boston Mass rather than NYC?? Here is a link to my visit:: http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/99086/The-Erv-Bickford-Collection?PageIndex=1
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