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  1. I never knew Ford made a narrow cab steel hauler.. Must have a roof top escape hatch with the crane unit behind the cab???
  2. Brocky


    Larry Another way around your problem is a dummy invoice/bill of sale where the driver owns the piece of steel??? But if the pick up is registered in the company name that would not work either???
  3. Jim Thank you, I was ready to start digging in my files..I do not remember seeing the A model.. It was August of 2015 when I was at Tony's, so he could have purchased it since then??
  4. Add some speakers and audio tape of a big machine gun and maybe the town council will listen to your words of wisdom!!
  5. With racing stripes in my pantyhose!!
  6. A few pictures of older Crispell Bros Brockways
  7. Here is an older picture taken at Dick Crispell's new shop on RT 79 east of Ithaca NY. At the time it was taken the orange 761 had a 12V71 which was later replaced with an 8V92T. This truck now resides in the Ed Edministon collection in Dubbo Queenslaqnd Australia. The blue 1948(?) 154(?) on the trailer still lives in the Cortland NY area, is at the Brockway Show each August, and is still used occasionally to bring home another project.
  8. Brocky


    With the one piece windshield it is probably a 54 or 55???
  9. Happy Birthday.. Like Jack Benny you are still 39???
  10. I hope he brings the whole line up to the ATHS Show next year in Springfield!! They will make the whole trip worthwhile...
  11. Paul, that is the same truck I saw in person at Archie Baines place in 2015..
  12. In June of 1967 I took my NYS class 1 drivers road test on a 1953 Brockway 154.. Flat head Continental, 5 speed and air 2 speed. Started at City Hall in the heart of downtown Syracuse!!
  13. The only problem with SS before you are 65 is expensive health insurance!! Give your Red Headed correspondent a big HUG from me for the bike week pics.
  14. Jim Have you got any pictures of the old Dairymans League, Dairylea, B Model Macks??? or their Brockways???
  15. Yes Sir!!! I can move anything you have!! I remember seeing it Macungie..
  16. Is that chain the starter or the power divider lock???
  17. Brocky

    ATHS Reno??

    Anybody else going to the ATHS Show in Reno??? I plan on being there from Thurs sometime til Sunday Morning.. Mowerman can I buy you a beer???
  18. I remember those F model day cabs passing me at night on Fancy Gap and the exposed Turbo glowing cherry red!!
  19. BullHeaded: What is going on in your pictures??? Looks like snow being trucked in from City streets and then blown up into a storage pile??? If so it will take that pile until August to melt!!
  20. Good Work.. I bought a $10 Clark forklift part kit for my Diamond T 201 to replace my broken one..
  21. Here is a picture of it in Ian's shop when we visited in 2015
  22. Send your serial number to the Mack Museum in Allentown PA and get the total history package on your truck..
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