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  1. Jim, DO NOT wait until the have built the bridge!!!! Maybe Eddy Lucast has the right idea of taking a container ship cabin instead of flying??? As you can tell from my 2015 report it was a wonderful experience.. Especially as Stephanie does an excellent job of mixing a normal tourist agenda with Antique / Historical trucks.
  2. I am sorry, not this time.. I would very much like to go BUT my wife's legs can not take that much walking anymore.. I hope you take your camera and post us a fine report!!!
  3. Travel agent Stephanie Vanatta Anton has again put together an Australian tour in conjunction with the 2020 Truckie's Reunion in Alice Springs AU for August 27 thru September 14, 2020. Her father is a past president of ATHS so she has many contacts in the antique truck hobby. For more information go to the summary sheet here: http://greattruckadventure.com and then click on "detailed itenary" for the complete daily schedule. It appears that she has scheduled some days where the men can go to a truck show and the women can go sightseeing. If you would like to view my report on the 2015 trip go here: http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/84264/Down-Under-Trip?Keywords=Down Under Trip
  4. If he has a wife/significant other Outback gift cards work great... Who turns down a good steak dinner??
  5. Almost looks like they took a late 50's Diamond T 921 "China Closet" cabover grille and flattened it out..
  6. Jim You are right on the Oshkosh.. A Walter had the front axle set back further and a more sloping nose..
  7. Most of all the kids before 1965 were taught the respect of authority and themselves!!! With today's lack of discipline at the basic family level, I doubt if anybody will uphold this level of success???
  8. H67 The Bus was parked behind the bathrooms and if I remember the conversation correctly the son of the displayer uses it in his hunting / fishing guide business in either Wyoming or Montana??
  9. Here is some more info on this unit with comments by operator Aaron Benito. http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/146849/Saw-this-posted-elsewhere
  10. Yes!! The early 50's IH's used the Dodge "Pilot House" cab rather than the IH "Compfovision" cab. I am out of picture posting space here, but if you go to this link and scroll thru the Alice Springs and Archie Baines sections you will see a couple. An L and a S model IH with PH cabs. http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/84264/Down-Under-Trip?Keywords=Down Under Trip
  11. Montana is beautiful.. When we went to the Yakima WA ATHS show we ran MT 200 almost all the way across, and after we did Glacier Natl Park on the way home I forget what we ran,, dropped south??
  12. Harry Were those first pictures taken in Ian Lee's shop?? This is what it looked like in August of 2015 when I saw it..
  13. Jim It is NOT the ability to read, it IS the ability to COMPREHEND what they have read!!!
  14. It was great to visit with you and the Redhead again this year. I only too about 80 pictures. This one gives you an idea of the size of just one field.
  15. Jim, Good Question!! That I do not have an answer for.. Eddy Lucast just asked the same question about the Just Old Trucks group picture.. We had it at 10:30 not to conflict with BMT, but apparently several members were on the Mack factory tour.. Several of us are on both sites, so hopefully we can work out something by next year..
  16. Thanks for the photos.. Was there from Thurs noon to Sat PM.. Walked all my old legs could take and then you show me pictures of trucks I did not see.. Thanks again for all your efforts..
  17. Your green machine is actually one big A$$ rototiller!!! When the state rebuilt our road they spread about 6 inches of dry cement on top of the asphalt then rototilled it into the existing asphalt with a water truck attached to it.. then a second one followed it doing the same thing.. probably down to about 18 inches, followed by a heavy vibrating roller creating a new base for the roadway.
  18. I would say Friday even thou a few more trucks come in Sat morning there is also a big exodus that starts about 3 PM on Saturday.. Sorta 6 of one and Half a dozen the other??
  19. I would NOT call that a "Rat Rod"!!!!!! It is a great pick up conversion!!!!
  20. Brocky

    Old Bill

    Tom Thanks!!!!! I just bookmarked it!! Will go back and read when I have time later..
  21. Probably the governor.. I have "rebuilt" them along side the road by pulling the plunger and cleaning with starting fluid!!! Be sure to take the small air line OFF First.. Ask me how I know!!!
  22. Let's put it this way, The owner / builder has done a lot of creative engineering and body work to build this truck..Here are the spec boards displayed with it at Alice Springs. In the original I can blow up the print to be able to read them better. I hope the posted pictures you can do the same??
  23. Definitely an Aussie picture!!!!! I recognize the Diamond T behind it.. At the Truckie's Reunion in Alice Springs Northern Territory AU August 2015 At Tony Champion's Mack museum Rockhampton, QLD, AU Sept 2015.
  24. Great pictures as usual, THANKS!!! Was that an L model on the drop deck going around the corner??
  25. Paul, Do NOT quote me but I THINK it is about 50/50 maybe 70/30 in favor of loaner trucks??? Hopefully someone will have a better answer.. Maybe some year you and the Princess can make it up to the Macungie show.
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