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  1. Ok thanks for the information I think I’ll just get the reman and be done with it.
  2. 2007 Mack mr688s gearbox is leaking around shaft area. My question is how bad of a job would resealing it be? Instead of buying a reman for $1200 mack part# 8148592SV5R or does anyone have a rebuild manual on gearbox any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hey guys I have to replace water pump this weekend just wondering if someone knew torque of bolts? It’s a 2007 mr688s 400 aset engine my first time changing this design. I have done several of the 2000,2001 models where pump sets in bracket. Any advice or heads up in would be greatly appreciated thanks!!!
  4. Yes can follower was in good shape thanks
  5. Sorry it’s a 2007 mr688s aset 400hp
  6. I had a engine miss every once in awhile and got a blink code 8-2 so I changed #2 pump but that did not help same code and a miss that comes and go. Those 2 wires on pump does it matter which lead they go on pump? Thanks
  7. Ok changed unloader valves no change at all. Still popping off every 10 seconds. The air compressor was replaced about 3 years ago. I guess it’s time to change again? Does anyone have any other idea what might be causing this type of problem? thanks!!
  8. My Mack parts guy was able to find an aftermarket just passing info along if anyone needs one too
  9. Ok replaced governor, purge valve, air dryer cartridge, and all 3 lines coming over governor. I cannot find any air leaks but no change purge valve pops off every 10 seconds what else am I missing ?
  10. Ok I replaced air filter cartridge and purge valve will check air lines thanks!!
  11. Hey I have a 2007 mr688s I know there has to be an aftermarket source on this strange hose instead of paying $240 to dealer any help would be greatly appreciate
  12. Great question and I’m not sure on so I’m going to replace it now thanks!!
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