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  1. And another thing, some people- "some people" being those seeking reparation for slavery- don't seem to get that nobody now alive ever had slaves, just as nobody now alive ever was a slave. But none of that seems to matter, "just gimme my money!"
  2. I missed that part about denying anything, i'd better go back and re-read everything.
  3. But it's way cheaper when it turns green!
  4. Thanks Dave, we'll be back.
  5. It's a pulling tractor, I don't know what engine, I didn't really look at it that close.
  6. Ah-hah!..finished uploading- https:[email protected]/albums/72157685310043326
  7. Wow, time to change the subject- i'm on vacation, but headquarters just called and said they have a load of pipes at the yard loaded on my trailer that they want me to have someplace in Pa. Monday morning. So even though it's Friday, I guess vacation is over. Speaking of pictures, i'm putting a few pictures on flickr that I took at the Keystone Museum yesterday. It's taking a long time because I didn't edit many of them, meaning resizing and cropping. I edited over 300 pictures that I took at Macungie, and it didn't take as long to put them on flickr as these hunnert and some I took yesterday are taking. For example- this tractor is this big at first, I cropped everything but this small part just to show the size. And this is not the same camera I used in Macungie, it would be even bigger if i'd used that camera- and much clearer. So I have to reduce the size so I can work with it, and it won't take so long to post to BMT, Facebook, or Flickr. Then I want to crop all the unwanted stuff and leave a nice clean picture that's a manageable size- like this. Same with Dave's camper that was sitting out back- this big. Smaller- cropped- And I did that to over 300 pictures, so it takes a while.
  8. It occurred to me that I could put these pictures on flickr too, so I am. I'll post a link as soon as they're done- it's taking a long time, because I didn't resize and crop many of them.
  9. You are right about that, I think they have at least one of every kind of tractor ever made, and- I'd never seen a White 5000 until yesterday. Or a Ford chain saw. An Indiana truck...unless P.L. had one, I don't remember. A Hug Roadbuilder...and more, way too much to list. Jo likes all the antiques and memorabilia all the way around the perimeter more than the vehicles.
  10. They're running out of room inside the building. These are probably sitting outside waiting for a little restoration work, or maybe just a touch-up, but the ones that are inside are pretty much packed in there like sardines already.
  11. I remember seeing that truck around Appomattox.
  12. I went to the Keystone Truck and Tractor Museum today. I walked out back to look at a C model I saw out there, and it looked very familiar...thought i'd seen it somewhere before, but I couldn't place it- then it hit me! It's the one that's in the "Mack-Driven for a Century" book. I compared the pictures when I got home....and yep, that's the one all right!
  13. The story behind the hat is that Old Bill, "The Diesel Gypsy", asked me to wear it, so I did. I'll try to make a long story short- He told me several years ago that he had the hat, somebody in Australia had sent it to him. He was preparing to move from Elliot Lake to Blind River because his wife had been accepted into a nursing home there, after being on a waiting list to get in for several years. He was "downsizing" in preparation for the move and getting rid of some things. I hated that he said he threw many boxes of pictures in a dumpster- I would have loved to go through those! So anyway, he told me he was going to send me the hat, but only if it fit me. He asked me what size hat I wore, and I didn't even know- caps are pretty much "one size fits all" you know. But I assured him that it would fit, so he sent it. This was only the second time i've worn it, the first time being at the Winchester, Va. ATHS Show a few years ago. I talked to him on the phone a few weeks ago and when I told him I was thinking about going to Macungie he said to "wear the hat, and take some pictures". So I did. It's a really nice hat too, an Akumbra, made in Australia, got a little bulldog on it and a gold "Mack" emblem. I never wear it, just keep it in my truck memorabilia cabinet.
  14. And, on a serious () note- I bought that pit barrel smoker a while back, and yesterday I cooked a meatloaf in it. I bought a big pack of hamburger that was in the reduced bin because it had already turned green. Got a 1lb. pack of Italian sausage, and mixed them together with a bottle of John Boy and Billy Grillin' Sauce, a couple of eggs, bread crumbs, top secret rub, and a chopped onion. I took a package of bacon and made the lattice thing and covered the meat loaf with it. Then I put in on the smoker. I used an aluminum screen thing I got at Wal Mart to put it on, I think it was to grill fish with, but it worked well, it has a finer mesh than the grill grate. later... more later... Wow, it was good- best meatloaf I've ever made.