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    antique trucks and photos,I'm a member of the ATHS,ATCA,and subscribe to every antique truck magazine I know of-Wheels of Time,Old Time Trucks,Shifting Gears,Double Clutch,National Geographic

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    2002 Ford Ranger pickup, 1991 Dodge Ram 150 pickup

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  1. Thank you, thank you very much!..huh?
  2. other dog

    Big Mack Trucks at the Tri-State ATHS Show

    ...but wait, there's more- ...and, the BMT group photo. I didn't get everyone together at once, just individual photos. Ken Claar, AKA Farmer52 was there also, but I didn't get a picture with him, so I got a blonde in a green bikini as a substitute.
  3. "The best looking A model Mack in the world"- Dave Coutu, AKA Maint1.
  4. other dog

    Pictures of the Week

  5. As Randyp would say- excellent kodiakatronomy! Looks like Ross probably doesn't worry about whether he has enough cash to pay for his purchases when he goes to Family Dollar.
  6. other dog

    Pictures of the Week

    Wow, we were just talking this evening and I was telling her that people used to put Jolly Ranchers in some kind of drink, but I couldn't remember what.
  7. other dog

    Pictures of the Week

    I will- she's coming back Friday, we're going to Winchester.
  8. other dog

    3rdwrightbrother happy birthday

    Happy birthday.
  9. other dog

    New Fad for Cars?

    Nice GMC! Way too cheap with that patina though, would you take $85,000 for it?
  10. other dog

    Pictures of the Week

    Yep, that's when I stopped at Hoover Dam, back when you still drove over the dam itself.
  11. other dog

    Show Time

    Didn't I hear that the national show was going to be in Va. year after next?..seems to me I heard it somewhere, but I could have dreamed it.
  12. other dog

    Pictures of the Week

    I got a 30 min. break in at Hawk's Nest, plenty of time to look around and walk that little loop trail.I have stopped there before, but it was new to Zina. One of our drivers said I should show her the full truck driver experience, taking a shower at a truck stop. But I told her to start with she would not have to do that, we would get a motel room at least every other night. So I figured taking her across rt. 60 from Charleston would also be a true trucking experience, like back before the turnpike and I-64 was finished and you didn't have much of a choice. And the Hawk's Nest Tunnel was very interesting, I hadn't bothered to google it before, but she did. The intake for the tunnel is all the way to the far right side of the dam. I used to take the time to stop and look at a lot of things, but the idiotic hours of service and electronic logs today pretty much put a stop to it. Some places I have taken the time to look at include Hoover Dam, the aquarium in Boston, the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio, Mt. Rushmore, the New River Bridge in WV, and i'm sure there's more. Now I can drive by and look at things, but there's hardly ever time to stop anywhere.
  13. other dog

    Show Time

    I got the new Show Time magazine today, and several BMT members had their trucks pictured in it. There's probably more, I didn't have time to give it a real close look, but here's some that I saw, Freightrain, High Binder, and Farmer52's trucks.
  14. other dog

    Pictures of the Week

    A few more from Hawk's Nest, and the state capitol dome in Charleston.
  15. other dog

    Pictures of the Week

    I've never owned a pair of Nikes, I usually wear the shoes from Walmart that are about 12- $14 around here in the summer.

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