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  1. The weight of the pallets vary some, they weigh each pallet and write the weight on the plastic with a sharpie. This load was 26 pallets and the total weight was not quite 47,000 lbs. This should have been a C.H.Robinson load, because it was definitely "cheap and heavy." The load going out paid good, about $3600 to the truck, the lava rock only paid a little over a dollar a mile. Should have left them out there and deadheaded to Blytheville and gotten a good load, would have paid about the same.
  2. I uh...er...oh, I know, I know- I didn't have time!
  3. Yeah, I tried for years to get a decent drive-by picture of it, but never could.
  4. they had a big one where I unloaded in New Mexico, but they didn't use it. They unloaded one beam at a time with a little fork lift.
  5. Got the rocks loaded, strapped, and tarped, headed north on I-25 back to I-40- Headed back east- More old units- More old units- it would have been nice to stop here too. The original load of rocks going to Hagerstown, Md. that I was supposed to load got canceled, and I sat out in the street for about 5 or 6 hours until they got another load there, going to Columbus, Ohio. So by the time I got loaded I had to get as far as I could in the time I had left. The last picture I took before the battery died-
  6. Train- Nice! You'd almost expect to see Wile E. Coyote up there somewhere- Old truck next door to the place where I delivered the beams- At the lava rock getting place- A load of lava rock- waiting on that last pallet. A hand full of lava rocks. I think they just use them for landscaping, but they seem to be real popular.
  7. More old trucks. I was hoping to make Amarillo Saturday night, but I didn't quite make it. I was going to stop at the Big Texan. Several people have said that it wasn't that great anyway, but it would have been nice to experience it one time.
  8. Some pictures I took going to New Mexico- i'll start off with this girl on her phone in that red car- Some old trucks on I-40 in Arkansas- they've been sitting there for a long time. Nice flame coming out of the stacks. More golden fields- I probably shouldn't have taken pictures of golden fields, to conserve battery power,eh? Neat looking old store and gas station. More old trucks. Now that's a beautiful place!
  9. Yeah, I loaded in Albuquerque going to Columbus, Oh, then out of Follansbee, W.V. right back to Madison Heights, Va. Madison Heights is right across the James River from Lynchburg, and it's also the crime capital of central Va.-It might be the crime capital of the world, I don't know. The load going out paid good, It was over $3600 to the truck, but the load to Columbus did not pay all that good- a little over $1600 to the truck, and it was 1500 miles.
  10. Well, a steak would be OK, but i'd just as soon have a good hamburger as a steak myself. I t was just that $21 for a pizza sucked. A medium thin crust Pizza Hut pizza- you can get a nice steak for that kind of money, but they kind of had me in a tight spot. I didn't even ask how much it was when I ordered it, I was expecting it to be expensive- like about $10!
  11. Yeah, $25 I gave the girl that brought the pizza, and I only ate half of it.
  12. Me too, that's where I was hoping to get to. I've passed by before but never stopped, but this time I was gonna do it. I made it to the 66 mile marker in Tn. Friday night, and Amarillo looked doable on the map, but the seam in the atlas must have thrown off my eye-balling calculations. I ran 731 miles Saturday and was still an hour away. I could have gotten there Monday night, but it would have been about 9:30 pm and I was hot and tired and needed a shower so I just stopped in Tucumcari. Went to a Quality Inn there and there was no restaurant close by. I ended up calling Pizza Hut delivery, got a thin medium pizza and a bottle of water-$21 and some change! Ain't this a bitch again!.. way out here and instead of getting a nice steak for that kind of money, I get a Pizza Hut pizza like you can get anywhere.
  13. Happy birthday Bob!