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  1. Saw this unit in Roanoke the other day- Saw these hidden treasures in Roanoke too- I saw this on facebook, thought it was pretty funny- And when I was on the way home I saw this girl in Winfall. She claimed she had twisted her ankle and asked me if I would help her get her shoe off because it was too painful for her to drive with her shoe on. I informed her that- 1. I was not a doctor. 2. I did not have time.
  2. I saw this- oh, sorry, I forgot- 1.Does putting a number and a period in front of each item make a list official, or is it still an official list if you just list stuff without a number and period first? 2. Does this question count as one of my four items in my list? 3. I think i'll just do it the way i've always done it, seemed to work all right. 4. .
  3. Well, this week I- no, wait, here's my list- a list makes it easier to reply to a fake picture of a girl in a car with big fake boobs. And everybody loves boobage. 1. here's my thoughts- 2. A big blue water tower in Maysville, Ky. 2. 3.A big peach- 4.Nice truck I saw in Roanoke. 5. No list should have over 4 items. Sorry.
  4. The late, great Redd Foxx said "only two things smell like fish- and one of them's mackerel". Now Redd Foxx is no longer with us, so sadly, we may never know what the other thing is that he was speaking of.
  5. I would guess the fish is in the 2 1/2 to 3 lb. range.
  6. I heard that it weighed 39,000 lbs.
  7. I had to go to Waynesboro, Va. and load a high load on a double drop-deck trailer last week. First time i'd pulled one of them, and knew nothing about it. But don't worry they said, you won't have to break it down. The load was 11 and a half feets tall, then I found out that it had to be tarped- good thing I had some help, took 5 people to get that giant size tarp up there. Looks good there, but it was completely destroyed by the time I got to Augusta, Ky. with it. Then I had to go from Augusta to Dixon, Il. to pick up a lift coming back to Va. for the rigging co. that we moved the equipment to Ky. for. But don't worry they said, you won't have to break the trailer down- they'll set it right on you, just chain it and go. I stopped at a rest area on 39 that night. It was looking like this the next morning. So I get to the lift getting place, and they inform me that I do have to break that trailer down. It was most difficult, because you really need ramps on the truck frame for the rollers on the gooseneck to climb, and I did not. And, you really need for the airline going to the 5th. wheel to be unbroken so you can slide your 5th. wheel, and I did not. So after a titanic struggle in the cold and snow, I finally got it apart. This is the lift, at Maysville, Ky. the next morning. This is how they unloaded it- That's how I thought they would load it. Saw some big Mack trucks in Grayson, Ky. Wow, all that unharvested corn in that snow- And here's a girl with a fish, for no particular reason-
  8. I mean just my own pictures that I take, i'll resize them down to computer screen size, and crop out the dog peeing on a tire if I can😁
  9. I believe this to be true.
  10. Here's a blast from the past- that's me in the blue T shirt. The woman in the red top is holding my niece, and it's her first birthday...no, my niece's first birthday, not the woman in the red top. That's my daughter Karla with the juice box, and she's a grown ass woman now, like 40-ish, and the birthday niece has a child of her own and just turned 30. Time sure flies, eh? This old gray haired fellow is the same guy in the blue T shirt in the first picture. This was taken yesterday. OK, road picture- This is a plane- Persimmons, on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I picked enough of them to make some persimmon bistits, they're great with some fried scrapple, but I wouldn't have picked them if i'd known you could buy this- These were also taken on the parkway. When I picked Zina from Florida up in Roanoke we got on the parkway in Blue Ridge,Va. and ran it down to the Peaks of Otter, then took rt. 43 to Bedford and back to rt. 460. That's one section of the parkway i'd never been on before, and it was beautiful. Look to the left and you could see I-81, and beyond, to the right you could see rt.460, and beyond. This is a Western Express truck crossing the James River on I-81 at Buchanon. This is looking down at Montvale on the other side- We stopped at one of the overlooks on the parkway and I noticed this over in the woods. It was a case of water by the Appalachian Trail. I guess just kind hearted people leave it there for hikers. We stopped at the Peaks of Otter for a minute. I summited Sharp Top a few times, all without supplemental oxygen, when I was much younger. Closer view of the summit- I bought a couple of books of the Hurricane Camille flood photos from the Nelson County Historical Society and drove over to the museum Wednesday to get them, and I saw a picture similar to this in a scrapbook there. It wasn't that good a picture, but I found this better one on the inter-web machine. It shows a truck that was washed off the bridge over the Rockfish River on rt. 29 at Woods Mill, Va. That is the back of the trailer in the picture. The truck had left Waynesboro,Va. and was headed to Gastonia, N.C. I've also always heard that a truck was washed off the bridge that has never been found to this day. I was stopped if a construction zone one day somewhere and noticed these monkey balls on the monkey ball bush. And, I drove the old Dodge pickup home Friday. The right front tire has a slow leak in it, it'll leak down about 10 psi in a couple of months. So, I filled my air tank up to 120 psi and put it in the back, so I can pump that tire up when necessary for a long time. And wouldn't you know, I ran across this girl in Winfall with a flat tire. She flagged me down and asked if I could help with her tire. She said her valve core was loose in a tire and she had already tightened it, she just needed a little bit of air. Of course I told her no, I might need that little bit of air myself. She looked a little pissed when I drove off, but what can you do?
  11. Thanks Jim, yeah, she's OK. We only stayed a few minutes after that, the dog owner said the dog had all it's shots. She asked him if it was all right before she approached the dog and he said it was fine, he won't bite. But it bit her. I stopped at the first drug store I saw and we got some Neosporin to put on it.
  12. This B model has a mighty Detroit Diesel power plant under it's hood- Sharp MH- Always liked this little dump truck-
  13. Here's a link to the pictures that I took- https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04/albums/72157711520590677
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