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    antique trucks and photos,I'm a member of the ATHS,ATCA,and subscribe to every antique truck magazine I know of-Wheels of Time,Old Time Trucks,Shifting Gears,Double Clutch,National Geographic
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  1. Very nice!..and thanks for clearing all that Small in Large because it's small for Large stuff up.
  2. But I always had a good excuse- I didn't have time. And not just in Winfall- like when this girl in the store asked me if I could help her get an item off the top shelf that she couldn't reach the other day. I told her to pound sand (she was in sunny Florida), I didn't have time.
  3. It could be, those walls do look like they're in sunny Florida.
  4. Then he had some mouthwash, so if he got sniffed by the cops he would smell like whiskey instead of tequila.
  5. Here's a guy with a pitcher of margaritas. He said it was very tasty.
  6. Oh, I see what happened here- the dreaded double post. So, here's a girl drinking a beer.
  7. I thought I posted one...here's a girl in a car.
  8. Finally! After weeks of looking I finally saw a big Mack truck. And here's a girl in a car, from the interweb.
  9. Finally! After weeks of looking I finally saw a big Mack truck.
  10. Wow, plus they probably get their unemployment check every month too.
  11. this is all lies, sleepy joe is a sad fact- that's the difference.
  12. Case in point- I was in sunny Florida last week. Went up to the Wawa store just up the road from Vicki from Florida's house to get a bag of ice. They had a big sign out front, "help wanted". Starting pay was $13 an hour. Doesn't sound like bad money to me for working at Wawa. And there's this guy standing out in the middle of the intersection in front of the place holding a cardboard sign, asking for money. And Vicki from Florida said he's there every day. I think as soon as he gets enough money to buy a shirt down at the Dollar General store down the street a little ways, he should go apply for a job at Wawa, but the next time we go to see Vicki from Florida he'll probably be right there holding that cardboard sign.
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