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  1. ...and by the way, if you can pick up a 13 spd. transmission and carry it on your shoulder, I feel I should apologize for any mean thing I might have said about you in the last 14 years. Sorry, it won't happen again.
  2. I went to the beer store a few minutes ago, and passed by this logging job right down the road about a half mile from here. I can hear the chipper from here. So when I got home I grabbed my camera and went back to take a few pictures, since there was this big Mack truck there- A big Mack truck and a wood chipper. I didn't even notice the 5th. wheel on the ground when I was there. They have a lot of equipment there-
  3. A couple more. Pretty cool- I didn't even realize what this was yesterday, I must have went over to the store and got a 12 pack and drank it.
  4. I was almost at bike week myself. I called in yesterday. Dispatcher said "I have a Lakeland Fl, an Erie, Pa, a blah-blah-blah. I said "I'm going to take a shower, and i'll call you right back". I'd been pulling a raggedy- I meant a real fine- fiddy- tree foot trailer all week, and another driver had my trailer with a load of lumber on it. I called back, and heard "just loaded that Lakeland- It's on another truck- didn't know you wanted it." I'd been asking for a Florida load for a year. A year. Yeah, i was, and am, highly pissed off. Trying to get over it, but i'm pissed...went on the social security website yesterday. Not getting any younger, and after years of service get shit upon like this...it just sucks.
  5. Wow... I would marry that woman in a heartbeat. Not these wimmens, but the redhead that took these pictures.
  6. Breaking news, this just in from bike week in Fl.-
  7. I'd buy you a beer or 12 any time my friend!
  8. ummm... so, that means... uh...gee Larry, just ask $13, 455,000.16, maybe you'll get lucky.
  9. As we were saying, you can not over secure a load. Like the old saying, "you can go down the mountain too slow many times- but you can only go down it too fast once". There's been 2 accidents in the last 2 weeks involving loads of steel that slid forward under hard braking. The first was a fatality, killing a 26 year old driver in Minnesota. And just a few days ago this driver was air lifted to the hospital with severe injuries. I never saw all the details in any report. But all I see in this picture is straps. I am not an expert in anything. Been driving a truck since 1979, mostly hauling steel. And you can not haul steel with straps. Straps have a certain amount of stretch in them, no matter how tight you get them. If they had no stretch, you'd never even be able to get them loose. And when the steel on your trailer slides forward under extreme braking- which it will- the straps are going to be immediately cut, because they aren't as strong or as hard as steel. Then you have no restraints at all, and disaster ensues. OK, rant over for now, pictures- our Florida correspondent sent these pictures in from bike week- And she took this picture- a Florida bird right in her back yard, with a crawfish in it's mouth!..or beak...or bill...whatever you call it. Great picture though! I saw a big Mack truck- I saw this F model in Chase City but couldn't get a pic, so here's the street view of it- Saw this MB on a facebook page- And I saw this airplane in Ga.
  10. No- according to my research, if 2 used plugs are worth 87 bucks, 8 would be worth 696 dollars. Being as yours are out of 1. a real race car- 2. a true american classic race car- that tells me that yours should be worth about $14,867.14!
  11. Me too Bob, 66 and 67 Chevy II's are some of my favorite cars ever- like 66 and 67 GTO's and Chevelles, but that price seems more than a little ridiculous.
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