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  1. You'd really think I scored if you knew how much I snagged this puppy for...lets just say it wasn't much.
  2. A little before and after. Starting to cool down here in central IL, going to try and get the cab painted before the weather really turns!
  3. I've had to climb under and pry a few times since I've had it. I believe there's a fix that involves welding the stick up on the bottom where it gets worn after years of use and grinding it back to size. If it becomes a regular problem, I'll fix it.
  4. Got it! My plan is to work this truck when I can. Just bought a spray gun over the weekend and already have half the bed and frame painted, as well as half of the tires changed to newer used ones donated by my friend who works at a Love's Truck Stop. It's taken me longer than I hoped, but doesn't every project? I'm not going for a restoration, just working towards having something presentable if I want to attract a customer base. I'll post some pictures from my cell phone later on tonight.
  5. So what RPM is to be considered lugging on a 676? What kind of powerband do I need to keep this thing in?
  6. Here's a litte video of the truck for all those interested. Making some headway here and there, working on painting the bed currently. Pics to come.
  7. Sorry y'all I've been away on other adventures for the past two weeks. Did buy some tires for the ol' Mack and hope to have her rolling down the road real soon. It's for sure the quadruplex like the one above. It got stuck between gears when getting sloppy on shifting. It'd rather you follow the pattern of straight lines rather than diagonally jumping across the gates or using a circular motion to go from low to direct. I got her figured out though. Gonna try and find a big filter for the tip fan, fitting one under the hood is a different story.
  8. Also, I typed the Mack P/N into google from the injection pump and came up with an ENDT676, which would be the 285hp Maxidyne 300. I read that in 1980 the name was changed to EM6-285. I'm guessing that means I've got a pre-1985 285hp Maxidyne because this engine still retains the turbine? I'm not well educated on these things like you guys, but I am here to learn so lay it on. I also cannot find any sort of stamping that would say "ENDT or T676" anywhere on top of the timing cover.
  9. Here's a better picture of the front axle and the power steering fluid reservoir. This one's been converted to power steering.
  10. That's pretty much what I figured. This truck has got plenty of logged hauls that were left in the glove box dated 1998-2001.
  11. I went ahead and took some pictures of the engine for you guys today. I know casting numbers don't say a lot, but there were no engine identification tags on this engine. I was looking for tags behind the injection pump but the block is bare. Can't find any stamping marks like you would expect with a serial number. The E6 in our R model has tags and is very similar other than not having an air inter cooler, what I think is the block casting number was one letter off I think. All the photos I am posting are of the B61 and not the R. My pictures aren't great but they're better than nothing. On a
  12. Hi y'all, I just picked up an old B61 dump truck. I've been searching for a dump for awhile now and have been waiting for the right one to come up. My Dad and Grandpa ran a R model 300/ 10 speed for along time when I was a kid well into my teens as part of their heavy equipment company. We've still got it but it's been down for the last 5 years or so. I always loved the old bulldog, so I knew what brand I wanted. I usually have a tendency to like messing with older machines, old motorcycles, and old cars. It's kind of my thing and what I'm know by my friends for. As recently as last week
  13. I just bought that orange B Model dump that's shown on page 4! She's a runner, 300 with a Quadruplex!!
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