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  1. Just got back from my first drive in the W900L. Wow that's a big truck compared to the B! I did manage to run it up the road pretty successfully and probably drove it for half an hour or so. I'm not 100% sure that's what I want to take my test in however, I think I might try and press on with my B and take the test in that. It might have a quadbox, but it's a whole lot less intimidating for some reason.
  2. Hope I'm not the opposite....I can parallel park my pickup 😵
  3. Thanks for all the help! I won't take it for granted. Thinking back on it I probably wasn't letting the RPM drop enough from 2nd to 3rd. I finally lined up a truck to take my B class test in and am going to go practice in it this weekend. It's a KW W900 with a Super 10, should be fairly simple. I would have liked to use my B for the test, but I think they require interstate driving here and I'm not sure how the truck is geared. It came with 4.66 originally, but I don't know if my rear ends have ever been changed. Plus, I've only got until the end of May to test before my permit expires and I don't know if I'll have the truck 100% legal by then.
  4. This will also allow me to address the question of what the heck is that "beeping" as the truck goes past. Anyone heard that before?
  5. Finally got to drive my truck for the first time yesterday, boy was it interesting. I'm a complete novice when it come to truck driving, this one is my intro. So the quadruplex was and will continue to be a big learning curve. I could shift from 1 Lo to 2 Lo and run the aux through second, but catching 3rd was evading me constantly. I only managed it once with a 2 Lo to 3 Lo shift. I was able to single clutch the 1 - 2 main box shift, but no matter how I tried 3rd main it didn't really want to go. I'm positive this was all my doing as I did manage to get it the one time although I was in such a frenzy I don't remember how I did it. Also, the truck smoked quite a lot on the initial part of the drive, which lasted maybe 10 minutes, but it has seen a lot of sitting around idling and short fire ups without ever really getting hot. It cleared up pretty much completely clear on the way back, although I think I wasn't pressing as hard on the go pedal. My dad recorded a short video, I'll post it up here as soon as I can.
  6. There's my answer, but it wouldn't hurt for us to continue to discuss any other differences for others who may come across this. Were the Maxidyne blocks the same as the Thermodyne? Also, here is a link to the page where I found the info on the pumps. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/6985772/remanufactured-diesel-products-ambac-number-to-customer-number
  7. Must be out of a cabover. It's certainly not on the flat spot of the timing cover, and good luck looking at the back of the block in a B! I can barely squeeze my hand back there, let alone my head.
  8. After doing some reading on this site, I've realized that the 285 and 300+ are near identical to the untrained eye. What I'm asking is how do I know which one I've got? I have looked everywhere up around the timing cover to find a stamp saying ENDT676. I haven't found it and this engine is missing it's tag. I'm running this in front of a quadruplex, so I'm under the impression that the 300+ would be more appropriate for that transmission. Anyways, is there anything that would be obviously different between the two? I read somewhere on here about the 300+ having water lines running to the intercooler? I provided a picture just for reference.
  9. Yup, that's exactly where it sat when I first saw it. It hadn't ran in years and when we went for a look we were supposed to try and get it running there. By the time we got there, the last owner had thrown some new batteries in and it was already running when Dad and I got there! It must have wanted to come home with me!
  10. I love that Autocar. If I didn't have a Mack, I'd be going after one of those. I'll keep a close eye on here for when you come across them. Are they still having truck shows pretty regularly in STL?
  11. Wow! That's too cool. I would love to see any pictures you might be able to dig up! I always love finding out a little history and hearing stories of these old trucks, especially when this one is now mine. It would absolutely make my day to see some old photos. Interestingly enough it still has a plaque on the dash from one of those truck shows in STL.
  12. terry, the fill plug is the area where it says MACK Tetrapoid Gears? That's just where I'd assume it is. I'm not seeing anything there, even on this trans.
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