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  1. Lmackattack

    Heavy Spec Anthem

    im still not sold on them. even when they are "dressed up" they still look like a entry level plastic truck. The look of them are just not what I would want in a truck. the body lines are all wrong with the hood. it needs to be a little flatter on top and longer so that the engine is under the hood not the cab. the small hood with a engine stuffed under the cab just screams $$$$$ every time it needs a simple repair.The air tank set up is not pleasing to the eye. Stack location behind sleeper is good for aero but should have other options.
  2. I wonder if it was the driver tire or passenger steer tire that went out on him. I have never had the driver side steer go out but on the 2 passenger side tires that went down on me one was pretty tangled around the tire and axle. What im getting at is if it was the driver side steer its possible that it wrapped around the pitman arm and turned him into the ditch/oncoming traffic. if it was violent it could have pulled the steering wheel out of his hand and he then lost control? just speculating
  3. Saw this on the news last night. I knew it was going to have mutable lives lost just looking at the pics . Damm shame to those people I have lost 2 steer tires. One was on my R model. I had just put power steering on it a few weeks before. I was loaded and it went down slow. I was able to ride it to the shoulder. the 2nd time was a few years ago in a pete with a load of scrap...I ran over something in the highway and it let go quick. again I was able to ride it out.
  4. Lmackattack

    Timbren suspension

    I had asked my local spring shop about them years ago and they told me not to use them as they caused issues. If I recall it was more of a band aid to haul more weight or something. but I have never driven or seen them on a truck so cant really say anything about them.
  5. That one looks a little dirrerent than the one I saw in a old R model. the one I saw was just like that but without numbers. I thought it was odd that it did not give a number reading. just dash marks that I had assumed were 10 Psi increments
  6. Lmackattack

    Scania restarts production and sales of V8s

    is this the same V8 that shared any mack traits? This looks like a very modern engine
  7. Lmackattack

    USPS Truck News

    I always laugh at these kind of Bids. The Government has no business in setting ridiculous requirements to spec a package van. in doing so it just costs the tax payer more money for something that is useless at the end of its life. I can see Right had drive being needed so right there you are in a special market but I would think the makers of these tranisit vans and sprinters have 90% of what is needed and the cost to the tax payer would not be out of line
  8. That's good news for mack. I hope they continue the upward trend . I do find it odd however ... I don't know of any local company's seriously looking at mack these days and I dont see the once loyalty that people once had. I would agree with their comment that they have moved further into the OTR market and are selling more? I just don't see new macks in construction like I did in years past.
  9. Lmackattack

    New ride

    I remember telling the accountant where I worked at that wanted to install some Driver tracking/recording device to get an insurance discount or something. I told him that I would cut the wires to the thing before it left the shop and then would call him middle of the night, on his home land line, to give him personal updates of my location,speed, and heading. He wised up.
  10. Lmackattack

    Trip up to New Hampshire

    same here in Chicago-land. All the major fleets but one has gone to paccar. even some of the little companys that ran Macks for years have gone to KW or Pete. I still see a few new Macks here and there but they are just owner operators. Mack has given up its once dominant market share around here. I guess thats what happens when you dont listen to die hard Mack owners and instead push out a truck with limited options that few people want. Its a shame to watch a once proud American icon slowly being turned into a ghost. I wonder how much longer Volvo will put this show on.
  11. Lmackattack

    Ever wonder what trucking in Africa is like....?

    ok this clearly proves im not as big of a rigger as I thought. I would not drive that truck down the block let alone cross country
  12. Lmackattack

    Ford unveils new Transit skeletal chassis cab

    At work we have a 2006 Ford F550 with the v8 turbo diesel. It has a service body on it with a crane, out riggers, miller welder, gas axe, 100 gallon fuel tank, under hood air compressor, and filled with tools. The dam thing is so heavy for what it is. we cant tow anything with it legally. It should have been built on a medium duty chassis and something with larger brakes. I hate driving it. not to mention the ford diesel throws a code for something once a month. Right now it hard starts in the morning and dont want to start after its warmed up. its one of the biggest POS trucks I have driven. Its set up nice but just not on the right chassis.
  13. Yes they had one. I have not seen one for sale in years. the one I saw in a company truck I drove did not have numbers on the gauge. it just had dash marks in what I assume 5 or 10 psi increments. I bought an aftermarket auto meter for my R model as I could not find a factory gauge 7 years ago
  14. Lmackattack

    Class 8 Orders in July Reach All-Time High of 52,400

    I thought there was a driver shortage? but they are building them in record numbers? Or are these steering wheel holders just wrecking them faster than they can build em?

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