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  1. what were her spec's? it was a good looking Dog
  2. WELCOM BACK DAN... I look forward seeing the new build... sorry to hear about how Mack treats one of their Iconic trucks. some times people are just that ignorant. I hope someone higher up at Mack sees this. if anything just to make them think a little harder in a attempt to save the brand..
  3. 4014 came thru town last month. Took the wife and kids to go is chug thru town. it only had about 10 cars in tow and it was not hammering the ground like I had thought it would. In fact is sounded more like a air pump as it went past as it was not under heavy throttle with such a short train. Im sure when they put some weight behind it she will come to life and put on a good show. The the next day a friend and I went to where they parked it for the weekend. its most impressive when you can view it without people standing in the way. you can see the craftsmanship that was put into getting her rebuilt. amazing to think I was able to see "the worlds largest" steam locomotive in operation.
  4. I think they are gone. they had a few trucks running around hauling scrap in to general last year but have not seen them doing any work around town in a few years. their yard was sold to Lorig recently
  5. sorry but that looks Dismal to drive and even worse to live in.....
  6. Who the hell is this guy with this ridiculous first post LOL???? coming to a mack truck forum to bitch about us "Mack guys" enjoying a pic of a mack locomotive pic you supposedly took ? A pic that was posted to the World wide web for all to see and share? . Not the brightest crayon in the box are ya? Just for that rant I'm going to share it to Facebook and if I'm bored I might hit up Instagram too ..... Let me know how the legal proceedings go so I can adjust my schedule...I have been real busy lately stealing online pictures ya know...make a killing selling them but that's another story. 10-4
  7. Pure example of a big company trying to force the little guys out and throw a wrench into their larger competitors
  8. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ssmcollection?section=MACK+R+(1%3A16)&s=0 I have built 3 Mack R models with this guys stuff from shapeways.
  9. if it has the period correct luberfinder it likely has to fill up that whole filter assembly before you start to see any oil pressure. thats how it was on my END711. you might be able to pull the turbo oil feed hose and pressure the block with oil first if you want to play it safe? I think there are some aux ports on the side of the block as well where you could force oil into it?
  10. correct me if Im wrong but the disc brake pad does not have as much working surface area as drum brake shoes do. ? if that is true that can be why they wear out faster.
  11. saw this one in Dolton IL yesterday. Is this a HME?
  12. did you check the water pump to see if its pushing water? if its moving water and the belts are tight next. pressure test the system to see if you have a bad head gasket pushing air into the coolant? you would see soot and bubbles in the coolant. the weep hole is to allow air to bleed out of the system. it also helps keep the t-stat housing always full of water so that the t-stat will open and close at the correct temps. some t-stats have a small hole drilled in the ring. others may have a check ball. the reality is I have never noticed a car overheat because of the weep hole location. once the T-stat opens it lets out any air and the turbulent water should carry any air out of the housing.
  13. This was my Dads 76' R model with a fancy paint job pic was taken in 1980
  14. Well Cat is out of the class 8 market. so the reality is that Cummings is the next mfg that offers a big bore big HP engine. Mack and cummins have had a good history between each other thru the years and I see no reason why the option is not offered for big HP in a Mack. the thought that a company (volvo) is removing the whole big HP option is just a shot in their own foot. I still cant wrap my head around their thought process on this
  15. “We actually outpulled a 600-hp Cummins with a 505-hp Mack,” I think he meant we out geared the truck with a 600 cummins. A 600 cummins has 2050ftlbs of TQ where a Mack 505 only has 1860ft lbs. them automatics are fast but I dont see a 505 mack out pulling a 600 cummins on a long steady grade. I will believe it when I see it....
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