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  1. Need info on water/methanol injection

    my pump guy said to find a 350 pump and bring it to him if I wanted a cheap way to get more power out of my 285. he said the internals of the 350 pump allow him to flow more fuel. Just a thought
  2. 4449 Daylight Special

    you do know that the UPRR is returning a BIg Boy back to service? #4014 that was pulled out of a park in California is now in the UP shops and under rebuild
  3. 4449 Daylight Special

    I think you are speaking of a booster engine. Its a steam powered axle mounted on the trailing truck under the cab of a steam engine. Its only used to help getting a engine moving from a stop or sometimes when the engine is moving up a steep grade and its speed falls below 20mph or so. they cut them out once speed or acceleration renders them unneeded.
  4. New Mack owner

    very nice Valueliner. They were great looking "Westerns" what are the specs on it?
  5. 4449 Daylight Special

    I liked the old Milwaukee road speed signs that read "slow to 90" !!!!... there was a sign like this in Deerfield IL and another in Roundout IL but removed way before my time on this earth!
  6. 4449 Daylight Special

    If anyone wants to help a good cause look here... these guys have raised over 30k in less than 3 days to help get this engine moved to the Texas railroad museum. read the story in the link below. https://www.gofundme.com/help-save-the-la-503-friends-of?viewupdates=1&rcid=r01-15190544513-81e49f058b4e4f4f&utm_source=internal&utm_medium=email&utm_content=body_photo&utm_campaign=upd_n
  7. 4449 Daylight Special

    I saw her come thru Roundout IL at speed on its way to Michigan about 7 years ago. was a site to see. We had NKP 765 come thru 2 summers ago Metra took the leash off her for her run north from Glenview. watching a 80mph steam locomotive pass you is a site to see.
  8. power doorlocks

    I cant comment on the Mack end of the wiring but in a car it was fairly easy to get a remote start or key less entry installed. only recently with the new electronics has it been hard to do but just about every new car has key less entry these days I have used viper and it will start and lock/unlock my car from about 150' away.
  9. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    That is interesting and sad at the same time. Take a good known engine and ruin it with EPA crap... sounds about right with how our government works.
  10. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    with the air disc , can the dot even check them easy?. Brake out of adjustment has got to be one of the bigger inspection fails. only down side is you have to slowly change the whole fleet over or have 2 versions of brakes in the fleet..
  11. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    if found to be sane.....
  12. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    I may be confusing the designation? I was speaking of the Maxxforce engine that navistar built...that engine was a problem from day one
  13. If the cab over is like the R models the power runs from the batteries to the starter. from starter to fuse panel. at the panel some power goes to lights and such that will turn on when the key is off. other power goes to a relay that is only on with the key in the run position. I would first check that + power is in fact making it to these locations, put the ground probe on a solid ground such as the frame or negative battery post. If you have power checking it this way. then you have a bad ground. (most common electrical issue) check the grounds or simply add in a new ground from the frame up to where ever you see the panel ground is at. Can never have to many ground wires.
  14. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    I 100% agree that Cruz is ultimately at fault. he was behind the trigger and acted alone. However the one solid defense we have to prevent this exact action was ignored by the people that we pay to help prevent this. And now all we will hear is we will review protocol (other wise known as make it even more complicated and fuck ups continue) bottom line is if I dial 911 with a claim that I see someone about to cause harm the police show up. If I called the FBI about a terrorist threat to a school. I would hope they would send out someone to investigate the issue and question me on what I know about said threat. This was complete lazy failure on the FBI. unless other facts come out to show the FBI did in fact do something I stand by my statements. Trent
  15. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    the MX engines that I know of no one likes them and they have lots of issues. James I said the same thing. mack is has continued to slip in the off road markets and now the refuse market. The recent leadership clearly does not understand how to build and sell trucks that people want. that being said I do think Mack builds a better truck but they cost more, look like hell, and are always one step behind pete and KW with regards to options.