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  1. you said you dynoed some of the VmacII E7s and they would put down 20% more than advertised. was this with the mechanical pump and injectors? The full Mechanical E7 macks I have driven always outperformed the electronic versions. They pulled and you could feel it. the electronics were all very sleepy. I know the later E7 may have been better on fuel but they were guttless in the hills.
  2. I think There was a option for a wider bench passenger seat in the R model. This may be it?
  3. I can tell you that the newer trucks are nice and comfy, quiet and soft on the inside but they will take you to the bank every time the check engine light comes on and has to be dealership reset or has a emission related issue. Seams 80% of the problems with new macks (and every other truck mfg)are electrical or emissions related. I cant give you all the specific years to avoid or what years were prone to what failures but I hear the same basic issues repeated here. someone with detailed info should chime in shortly.
  4. YES IT SHOULD. put a superliner air bag under it and you will thank yourself.
  5. WELCOME TO THE ELECTRONIC E7.. they just lack power and are sleepy. you will need injector upgrades and possibly a ECM tune to get them to wake up and run like they should. I have only driven one E7 that performed well in stock form and I dont know why it was better than the other 10 I have driven
  6. a 300L is a low RPM motor that has a max loaded rpm of 1750. you can pull the pump and have it re-calibrated to 2100 RPM. for a few $100 bills....it will then be a 70+mph truck. and it will drive better than that junk 1750 spec.. you will burn more fuel but it will drive like it should
  7. ok great i will look for the housings that accept the rd style lights as that can be found in led as well.
  8. I want to put some LED lights in the CH truck I drive at work. not looking for just a bulb upgrade. im trying to figure out if this SBA CH in the pic used a factory housing without the clear lens removed or if there were different versions of housings that may have offered a square halogen light that was recessed. Thanks for any help.
  9. this was my first time out for a drive in it in about 6 years. it was good to get out for a 30min cruise with another truck nut.
  10. I was using gulfway but switched to Hagerty... Gulfway claimed I missed a payment and they would not be able to cover me even after I expressed I would pay for the hiccup...I was not aware of the issue. I had recently moved and think I forgot to change my billing address. I had not used the truck last year but was willing to make it right and pay for my mistake... they still did not want to work with me so went to Hagerty. too bad as they were good to me for many years.
  11. The truck is very clean. Has a 3406 400 Cat. she turns heads for sure received_214592666501212.mp4
  12. Have you guys ever seen the videos of these ships traveling in shallow narrow channels? as the ship nears its displacement is pushing water into all the local channels on the shore line even with the ship 1/4 mile off shore. then as the ship passes it pulls the water out. looks like it can really cause issues to nearby homes with their boat docks. youtube it .... its pretty cool to see
  13. Been a while since my old dog had a friend to run with 20200412_133138.mp4
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