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  1. was talking on Facebook today about Chicagoland Concrete trucks. Oremus Materiel, a former Chicago company just started up again in Chicago with brand new KWs, Cemex has a new plant here with all new Petes and rumor is they are looking to expand in this area after some turf wars in Florida... Just more proof how Mack/volvo is dropping out of the game. I can only think of just a few chicagoland concrete company's running later model granite's and I think they both have bought new KWs in their last new truck purchase. I wonder what the sales numbers at mack year to year for the past 5 years for Concrete trucks and Garbage truck chassis? From what I see on the street. Their numbers are declining and fast fast. I have seen a few Anthems. but none of the big fleets have even looked at them. Volvo really knows how to take a proven product and change it so no one wants it. they are also good at pricing it out of line so competitors just have to answer their phone to sell a truck.
  2. 10-4... hope it works out for you. everyone that ran macks seams to be heading towards paccar.... must be good reason!
  3. How you guys like it? I guess its doing good if you are buying a 2nd unit
  4. I drove a 97' and 01' IH 9400 for the race team. Both were very nice trucks. The 97' was built better and had less plastic to rattle. the 01 had to much plastic for my taste. the only gripe I had was visibility out the passenger side with that wide cab. I like small cabs for day cab use but I still never hit anything
  5. air and fuel.... mechanical injection and timing....thats all a diesel should need to run right !!!!!
  6. that sounds good to me. Most of the E6's I drove hot Idled around 25-30psi and as soon as you touched the throttle it would jump to around 50psi. At high idle it would push around 65psi... sounds to me like its still at the high end of specs and thats a good thing! as far as temps. my truck was always happy if it maintained 180* and did not go much past 205* on a good pull
  7. When I had a dump trailer with spokes the way I removed the hub to do seals and brakes was like this. back the trailer wheel over a steel plate on the ground jack the axle up in the center just to get it 1/16 of an inch up off the plate. spray some pb blaster on the plate under the tire and let is down just so the tires barely touched. remove the hub nut and bearings, slide the whole assembly off the axle using the oiled down plate to help it slide. it sounds like a pita but it saved alot of time and was very easy to do. they made a jack stand tool for this that cradled the tires and you did not need to use a plate and oil but I did not have one.
  8. the front mount intercooler will keep intake air cooler on a 285 and help with keeping EGTs down. you basicly could set the 285pump to 300 specs. I have never looked at the difference in 285 and 300 fuel settings they are likely very close?
  9. Thanks Guys... they PM'ed me a few months ago but I had not logged in for quite some time. it was nice of them to consider my junk for one of the Truck of the month... I need to get her out more. I do miss driving the old dog.
  10. If I recall right when the mack 300 with front mount intercooling was introduced they added a extra inch or 2 to the hood. this was around 81' early R models had a body line at the back of the fender. this went away some time in the mid 70s?
  11. as hobby truck it will be fine. Check the rods and mains as most of these older V8s I have been around had them done around that milage.
  12. I drove a Pete 330 6 wheeler with a Cat 3126 (later cat C7)rated at 300 HP. It did a ok job for a 6 wheeler being used to haul light landscaping stuff but was not a strong runner at all when we loaded it down with clay to its max legal weight limit. (I think we were limited to 54,000lbs) I dont think you would be happy with a C10 (630 cubic inch) at all loaded down to 70k . that 330 I drove had a manual trans and when ever we were in soft ground it was not happy. you also had to keep it wound up just to keep you speed up. It was like driving a old 2 stroke. Sounds like you are looking at a Class 8 truck that was speced for light weight use. I would want a c13 at minimum for a triaxle
  13. Stoped there a few times over the years. His son has the shop next door. I think they just collect and rarely sell trucks. They have some neat old Iron thats for sure
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