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  1. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    If the Tank is low and the filter and pump is high I suspect its sucked air in and you will need to add oil to the filter and try and get it to prime again. To me it sounds just like a fuel pump on a Mack where you need to fill the fuel filters when you install new ones or you likely louse the prime on the system. you should know when you pull the filter if it lost prime by how much fluid is in the filter. another suggestion is to intorduce some air pressure into the tank to try and force fluid up into the top part of the system. I have primed a few trucks the same way I recently replaced both hoses on a Track motor in a excavator. The owner ran it out of hyd oil trying to crawl it up to the road and out of the mud. I was able to replace both hoses Refill the tank as it had ran dry. and within 10 seconds the track motor bleed itself and started to move again. Mind you this is a completly different machine but It did self bleed. the only difference is that the tank sat higher or level with the the pump and the air in side the track motors were lower than the pump. This worked to my advantage. Good Luck with it. Trent
  2. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    sounds air locked. Pumps will go bad if ran dry but you likely would have had to starve it for a long time. as soon as it runs dry you cant move it so unless you let it idle for a long time after that I think it would be ok? only way to remove air is to bleed it out like on a car but most times the system will self prime as you work the control valves. Can you look inside the hyd tank when its running? if you can look for air bubbles and that is a good sign that it needs to be primed again. if the tank is full try and move all the functions back and forth with a line cracked open a little to see if air or fluid is escaping.
  3. Superliner Engine cross member

    is that the 3 piece front engine cross-member? I would just unbolt it and have a welding shop plasma cut you out a new one, then drill the holes. might be cheaper and faster than finding one used.?
  4. I noticed that as well. Possible so that the round and "D" tanks use the same Fuel tank mount on the Frame rails?
  5. 275hp e7

    Let me guess. Is it a Low RPM 275HP motor?
  6. Macks rarely run away. Only time I have seen them do it is after a Turbo failed and let it run on oil. Dont think I ever heard of them running away on the pump. Last time I did injectors they were fairly cheap. think I was able to get Reman's for $60 ea
  7. 12 speed PTO

    You are so correct Terry. Please Let me rephrase..... Thou shall remove a Mack Rear mount PTO from a Six (6) speed Mack transmission and thou will re install on a Mack twelve (12) speed Transmission when the Mack twelve (12) speed transmission has the appropriate splined counter shaft already installed. Mack Six (6) and twelve (12) speed transmissions with provisions for a Mack Rear mount PTO most often are marked with a stamp on the rear most counter shaft cover. A stamp may include the letters P T O or simply a X as designation that the transmission is so equipped for a Mack style Rear mount PTO.
  8. The pump will only go on one way...however if the engine was turned over after the pump was removed it may be 180 degrees out of timing? some one correct me if im wrong but I suspect he pulled the pump, the engine turned over and he may have put it back on when the engine was out of time to the pump. For example the #1 cyl may be at TDC but its on the intake stoke instead of power stroke. I would think the engine spins over 2 times for ever 1 turn of the pump. To me it sounds like you need to pull the pump rotate the motor 1 turn, re-install it and check it again. Hope that makes scene...Or Find a guy that can explain this better than me LOL
  9. 1998 CH613 83k miles

    one of the best riding trucks I have been in was a CH and it was on camelback. the cab mounts just absorbed alot of the road bumps
  10. 230,000 LB load

    Simple and cheap..... just use the google map app on your phone and it tells you what route to take. you can avoid toll roads and all that neat stuff...
  11. and I dont think 4 degrees will make much difference just at idle or no load revving. we advanced the timing on a sled puller and it made no smoke at idle and reved out just fine
  12. Help us out a little more here... After you pulled the fuel pump off of the engine....Did the engine get turned over or was the truck moved around the shop while in gear?
  13. 12 speed PTO

    It should swap with no issues.
  14. 12 speed PTO

    no, the rear mount Mack PTO runs off engine speed only. At least that is how it works with the 6 and 12 speed mack transmissions
  15. I think what FJH is saying is that if the same pump you took off is put back on. the timing will not have changed and will be set correctly. If this is a different pump going back in then it needs to be timed to be 100% sure its correct.