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  1. this was my first time out for a drive in it in about 6 years. it was good to get out for a 30min cruise with another truck nut.
  2. I was using gulfway but switched to Hagerty... Gulfway claimed I missed a payment and they would not be able to cover me even after I expressed I would pay for the hiccup...I was not aware of the issue. I had recently moved and think I forgot to change my billing address. I had not used the truck last year but was willing to make it right and pay for my mistake... they still did not want to work with me so went to Hagerty. too bad as they were good to me for many years.
  3. The truck is very clean. Has a 3406 400 Cat. she turns heads for sure received_214592666501212.mp4
  4. Lmackattack


    Have you guys ever seen the videos of these ships traveling in shallow narrow channels? as the ship nears its displacement is pushing water into all the local channels on the shore line even with the ship 1/4 mile off shore. then as the ship passes it pulls the water out. looks like it can really cause issues to nearby homes with their boat docks. youtube it .... its pretty cool to see
  5. Been a while since my old dog had a friend to run with 20200412_133138.mp4
  6. Lmackattack


    Nice view....Wait!!! is that near where the Fits went under??? We had some high winds down here in Chicago yesterday and today. hear the storm was moving across NY tonight. Only ship I have ever been on was the Queen Mary out in Long Beach. It was impressive to see how so much steel can float. and thats not all that big of a ship these days. Down here we see a few boats near gary IN but not the kind of traffic that was present when all the mills were running
  7. Around here in chicago they had both single axle and tandem. most all were on camelback but the last batch had air ride tandem. they did bounce up and down badly. I can only imagine having to drive one daily... Ever notice how most of them MR trash trucks are always going slow around town. I dont blame them
  8. I think the postal service had lawsuits from its drivers that had sustained neck injuries from these trucks. I recall many were Tractors used to move Mail trailers from city to city. not a ideal truck for highway speeds
  9. I have driven a Pete with 425 6nz cat with 8LL and currently Im driving a 350 mack CH with 8LL... the mack does 65 at 1900 rpm but it sucks the fuel down pretty good and the gear shift is pretty quick with its slower rears. but its just gutless with that electronic E7. The pete had faster rears wider shifts but did not suck the fuel down nearly as bad. the pete was a great truck to run and was one of the best speced dump trucks I have wheeled. I could do 65mph at around 1700 and it had the power to pull it. the mack takes a mile just to get up to top speed where the pete was doing it in 1/2 mile... comptetly diffrent from each other The 8LL is good for off road use but the rear end ratio and HP of the engine will make it either good truck or one you will hate to drive... I have to say the pete was set up right the mack is not.
  10. Seen most of them sigle axles out west in CA pulling pup style trailers
  11. There was one in Northen IL last fall. I think it was on facebook market place. not sure if it was sold or not
  12. And I cant tell for sure bu they also look like the smaller Dia tanks offered for better ground clearance
  13. anyone notice it does not have standard R model Tanks on it? love the paint job
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