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  1. https://www.ryderfleetproducts.com/donaldson-m085171/muffler-4-in-4--out-p-w26-m085171
  2. that was a very common size for a R model. Any Truck parts store should be able to order one for you in not already in stock???? Did you try mack? they had deals on aftermarket stuff from time to time.
  3. Dropped it off at my local Radator shop today. (Rex radiator Bensenville IL) The Owner knew what kind of mack it was out of before I could tell him . He Even guessed the year right (1977) He said he did alot of these out of valueliner cement trucks and cruise liners. suggested going to a stud mount if he can save the bottom tank.he made mention of going to a 4 row instead of the current 8 row to save some $$$ not sure if I want to do that in case it ever gets a larger engine at some point of its life. he will be getting me pricing on Monday for a re-core and the lower tank mounting hole repair. stay tuned Trent
  4. Finally had time to pull the Radiator out of the truck and get the lower tank off. As suspected both holes were punched thru into the lower tank. In the pic of the inside of the tank You can see the 2 domes where the lower water pipe bolts to to keep thats how the mounting bolts holes should look.
  5. Early superliners had the steering box on the front axle. down side to it was that if you get in a wreck and the axle gets pushed back it can sends the steering shaft into your chest. I recall some truck MFG have the steering box located to the rear of the front wheel on the out side of the frame? not sure how that linkage would be but its an option I guess? I have also seen some R models where they had a steering box on the inside of the frame but the input shaft of the steering column was pointed more upward. it then used a 2nd set of U joints to make the extra bend in the linkage... not sure it that would work for you?
  6. I would be looking for a lower tank if its too messed up to fix. Thanks for the offer and Yes, I will keep you posted . thank you Trent
  7. sounds like a bad check valve in the compressor? or you have a bad air leak but you would be able to hear that. also check the air drier is not stuck open after it spits .
  8. On my 77'RS700L My core rusted at the bottom and started leaking so I know I need a new core but I Think I will also need a new bottom tank as well? My lower tank is aluminum and it also acts as the lower mount where it secures to the frame cross member. it looks as if some point in its life someone must have put too long of mounting bolts in it and thus it cracked/pushed thru to the tanks chamber? I say this because When I removed the mounting bolts today a bunch of teflon tape came with them along with all the coolant at the bottom of the tank. was this normal on these aluminum tanks to have the mounting bolts protrude into the water passage. or did it get punched thru with to long of a bolt??? Anyone have a good lower tank for a western? Trent
  9. very sorry to hear this sad news. Please know we are here for you and we will be thinking of your family.
  10. When I replaced the torque rod on my camelback I pulled off the ball and socket type and it was replaced with the end just like your new one. they are stiff... If the new rod is the same length you should be ok. I recall the mechanic had to pull on the axle so things lined up. once he got all the nuts started we drove it home.
  11. Looks like a Heavy spec R model...Dont see many of these working around Chicago anymore.
  12. About 20 years ago I bought my first R at a hobby shop for $20....5 years later I would buy these R model Kits for around $85 each from catalogs when they were out of production. Now in the last 10 years it seams they have done 2 re runs of these kits. as soon as they get hard to find they are over $100...I think I will be grabbing up a hand full of both the R and Cruiseliners while they are $35 each.
  13. never drove one but I thought they made for a great straight truck. I recall a local fleet that had red RB tractors pulling end dumps. They looked up to the task but I have not seen them in a while. I know ABC still had a few and possibly North field Block has a few left running around.
  14. I saw some on Ebay and other on line hobby shops. I decided to put in a order with my local Hobby shop as they get in shipments every week and the price was the same as it would have been with shipping...I try to buy from the LHS when Its not way over priced vs online stores.
  15. I know we have some model builders on here. AMT re released the R model kit again this week. better to pay $35 than $100 when they sell out again. The Cruiseliners will also be re released in Fall. Just thought some of you guys might want to know. Trent