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  1. “We actually outpulled a 600-hp Cummins with a 505-hp Mack,” I think he meant we out geared the truck with a 600 cummins. A 600 cummins has 2050ftlbs of TQ where a Mack 505 only has 1860ft lbs. them automatics are fast but I dont see a 505 mack out pulling a 600 cummins on a long steady grade. I will believe it when I see it....
  2. another missed opportunity for Mack to be part of... Looks like Dan is doing just fine. good to hear.
  3. 4.64 rears with 43.4" tall tires with a .78 overdrive in 12 gear at 2100 RPM you will be at 74.95 MPH 1800RPM = 65mph https://spicerparts.com/calculators/transmission-ratio-rpm-calculator
  4. looking for 75 gal aluminum fuel tanks for 87 r model any idea where i might find some

  5. I wonder if the Allison is better than the Mdrive as far as performance and reliability?
  6. I still question why we have only seen about 5 pictures total of this truck? no close in detail photos or anything.
  7. I was line up at the stop light against a Boughton materials Mack today. That new truck had some serious get up and go and it was loaded. I was pretty impressed. I hear they Have the Mdrive transmission.
  8. I saw that DONEGAL EXCAVATING ("flat out sir") is also buying KWs for their tractors and roll offs. I think they were all mack up until recently.
  9. They built the Valueliner/RS600 and superliner at Macungie I dont think the Cruiseliner was built there... I do agree that they should have continued to build nicer OTR trucks. it seams that is the time when Pete and KW really pushed their way to the eastern markets.
  10. the western RS/RL FS/FL Radiators were different than standard east coast R models...
  11. Both eyes if im lucky enough !!!
  12. that does sound dumb....there is no logic in truck building these days. they have gone the way of the most complex route because it looks good on a computer screen.
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