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  1. Lmackattack

    Trip up to New Hamshire

    same here in Chicago-land. All the major fleets but one has gone to paccar. even some of the little companys that ran Macks for years have gone to KW or Pete. I still see a few new Macks here and there but they are just owner operators. Mack has given up its once dominant market share around here. I guess thats what happens when you dont listen to die hard Mack owners and instead push out a truck with limited options that few people want. Its a shame to watch a once proud American icon slowly being turned into a ghost. I wonder how much longer Volvo will put this show on.
  2. Lmackattack

    Ever wonder what trucking in Africa is like....?

    ok this clearly proves im not as big of a rigger as I thought. I would not drive that truck down the block let alone cross country
  3. Lmackattack

    Ford unveils new Transit skeletal chassis cab

    At work we have a 2006 Ford F550 with the v8 turbo diesel. It has a service body on it with a crane, out riggers, miller welder, gas axe, 100 gallon fuel tank, under hood air compressor, and filled with tools. The dam thing is so heavy for what it is. we cant tow anything with it legally. It should have been built on a medium duty chassis and something with larger brakes. I hate driving it. not to mention the ford diesel throws a code for something once a month. Right now it hard starts in the morning and dont want to start after its warmed up. its one of the biggest POS trucks I have driven. Its set up nice but just not on the right chassis.
  4. Yes they had one. I have not seen one for sale in years. the one I saw in a company truck I drove did not have numbers on the gauge. it just had dash marks in what I assume 5 or 10 psi increments. I bought an aftermarket auto meter for my R model as I could not find a factory gauge 7 years ago
  5. Lmackattack

    Class 8 Orders in July Reach All-Time High of 52,400

    I thought there was a driver shortage? but they are building them in record numbers? Or are these steering wheel holders just wrecking them faster than they can build em?
  6. Lmackattack

    197? RS700L CAB

    Noi Problem If you find a cab you want and are un sure just post a pic and we can give you some solid ideas if it would work for you or not
  7. Lmackattack

    197? RS700L CAB

    The differnce in cabs is mainly the cowl where the hood lines up to the cab . Older R models had the "flat top" hood. the later RD macks had a Sloped hood and the profile at the rear of the hood was different. if you google search for a 1982 mack R model and then look at a 1994 RD look at where the hoods meet the cab on the drivers side and you will see what im talking about.
  8. Lmackattack

    197? RS700L CAB

    The R model cowl was the same from 1966 up until the introduction of the sloped hood RD. The 2 models you cant use would be a Superliner or RD cab without modifing the cowl for it. I would find a cab from the late 80s on up. I think they went to a galvanized cab in 85 and it kept rust away better ?
  9. Darwin award winner films their own death. Witness reports they were standing with one leg up on the ties hand in the air with a cell phone filming the approaching Steam locomotive. The UPRR was running an excursion out in the Denver area this weekend.. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CvAJz_1532292468
  10. Lmackattack

    Anthem = loss market share

    But with mack you have no choice. you get a MP and thats it. If you have a bad taste for the MP engine your only move is to go to a new MFG. We see it all the time. Company is tired of issues with Mack and Volvo sells them on their own truck just to keep the customer. Mack has been set up for failure with this one way option platform.
  11. Lmackattack

    Anthem = loss market share

    I think the Anthem will just lead Mack further into the dowward trend of market share. I have yet to hear one company or person even mention the "new" truck. Its not on the radar for anyone I know that is in trucking. With increased down time and parts issues who would go with a a mfg that cant deliver or keep parts in stock. And now you are limited to only Mack and Volvo dealerships for repairs. not only do they hold you hostage when you cant get parts but they rape you on the costs. I have seen 2 of them on the road. both were day cab freight trucks and no name small companys. I keep seeing more and more fleets jump to paccar Brian shared this pic recently of one of Chicago lands largest concrete outfits. Praires 8 new KW mixers. I cant recall that they ran anything but Mack in the last few decades. When Meyer sold out the new company went with KW. there is maybe 2 big company around here that use mack these days. Paulmbo and Plote and I know one of them is displeased with the last batch they got. They pulled their RDs back out because of the downtime they were suffering with the new trucks.
  12. Lmackattack

    Anthem = loss market share

    No it's not. Volvo has pushed Mack to lose its edge in everything from styling to low operation costs. But you know that already.... How is the new Pete doing?
  13. Is this really news to any of us? 8.2 percent down to 6.9 percent in 2nd Qtr http://www.mcall.com/business/mc-biz-mack-trucks-second-quarter-results-20180719-story.html
  14. Lmackattack

    Chicago R models

    I think the injector issues Mack has is just another nail pounded into their coffin. I have noticed most of the new construction and refuse trucks I see running around Chicago are Paccar brand. Many old time Mack fleets here in Chicago have been slowly stepping away from mack to see what others have to offer. The injector cup and emission crap is really putting the hurt on them. Even the smaller out fits with just a few trucks have bought KW or Petes. you notice it when you see a well known paving company(M&J Asphalt) or Tanker company (sancken) with brand new Petes or KWs. Who knows maybe they wont work out but its very noticable if you start keeping track of who has what truck these days. and on a side note. Mack and volvo need to really think more about their fuel tank and air tank set up. it looks horrible. I see a new KW or pete with their air and fuel tank set ups looking clean and simple. Mack just has this miss matched crap on the frame rails. What is so bad about a shiny round fuel tank and some steps with batteries inside next to them. clean and simple. ok rant over .

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