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  1. I refinished my steering wheel with some kind of compound that I pushed into the cracks, sanded smooth and then had it painted. was less than $100
  2. I try to stay at Holiday Inn Express when ever I travel. most are recently upgraded and I have yet to find one that is a shit hole. they are not too pricey either. Over my last 15 years of travel I find if a room is less than $70 per night its likely just one of those towel head rat holes. Many of nights I would just stay in the truck than the hotel my penny pinching boss would pick. As I got older and wiser I just picked my own hotels at the race tracks as I had my motorcycle with me where ever I went.
  3. you might have a low rpm engine. Mack for a few years offered engines set for 1800 RPM (loaded) if this is the case a simple pump adjustment would do the trick I did the math and if you have 11R22.5 tires your engine will be turning 1800 RPM when traveling 66MPH If you bump up the Engine RPM to 2100 you will be able to get to 77MPH. Also look to see if that Transmission has a device to limit engine RPM in top gear...
  4. anyone recall the Bulldozer that someone put a maxidyne into. I bet that thing would push great if the pump was up to the task of all the added torque
  5. only 2 psi of boost tells me no fuel. I had a bad turbo once and it still made 14psi of boost under load. if its not the injection pump it could also be a restriction in the fuel hose or in the bottom of the fuel tank. try running it out of a 5 gallon jug and see if it runs better. if it does you have a clogged fuel line. if no change start looking at the injection pump. the E6 should make about 25psi of boost under load.
  6. I remember when Deotch had their superliners running around. I think one was a V8 Mack as well.
  7. The early v8 maxidynes were hit or miss for not making it very for before needing bottom end bearings. I know of 3 of them that all needed bearings around 100-150k 2 of them were sister trucks and both needed them.
  8. Interesting....That leaves me to wonder where a true Mack Dealer is in Chicagoland....I cant think of one. We were once a city that was filled with Macks and dealerships that knew us by name.... Sad days within Mack...
  9. I had made comment a few years back about all the Chicagoland mack dealers being sold off to no name truck centers. I think Chicago Mack is the only "Mack" Dealer left that is not owned by a truck center group. It seams that Volvo is just letting everything fail from Trucks to dealerships.
  10. I forgot about the "Big 6" That could have done wonders if it was as good as it looked.
  11. I have had constant issues after the last major change. I stopped visiting because I found it hard to stay logged in and follow threads I was interested in. I liked the old format much better. Trent
  12. My opinion was that the old E6 / E7 Mechanical 300s were just a very solid engine used for the job they did. they were not a powerhouse for over the road use but the little 676 cube 6cyl would hold its own against engines of 855 cube inch. A 300 mack would run with a 350 cummins. A 350 mack would run with a 400 cummins. The macks had slight torque advantage even with a smaller bore/cube engine. Gearing also has alot to do with it as Mack had widely used double reduction diffs and direct final drive transmissions. Macks could put more HP/TQ to the wheels with their common gearing in use with Macks own drive train. That being said the old saying "There is no replacement for displacement" still holds true. In my opinion the cummins would pull long hills better. They had the displacement advantage to hold the Hp where the Macks would start to struggle and louse speed faster. I feel Mack lost the edge in the HP wars when they did not advance 6cyl engine engine options by raising their HP and Displacemet. Mack continued to push their 300 or 350HP small bore 6cyl diesel when all others 6cyl engine mfg were pushing their 400+ HP big bores... just my .02
  13. not sure if you hard but Emil Passed away a few weeks back.
  14. LOL I would have lasted about a whole week with some of the crap modern day management thinks is normal. C&NW was a colorful railroad to bad all the little lines keep getting bought out by the big class 1s
  15. What railroad did you work for? Always wanted to work for a railroad but I would never fit with all the current day union politics, safety this, cant do that kind of stuff.