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  1. thats what i thought. with out any load on the rear driveshaft i dont think it will engage as it cant sence any speed difference between drive shafts.
  2. i pulled my rear rear blown diff out. I found a crack in the axle housing and it needs to be welded on.. will the truck be able to be driven to a weld shop 5 miles away with just the front diff installed? just want to avoid a tow bill if i can.
  3. i know the truck was in a fire. was there any pics of it after it burnt up. i thought we had a post on here after the fire?
  4. https://spicerparts.com/calculators/transmission-ratio-rpm-calculator
  5. you cant have different ratios in the same tandem. assuming you have 11r22.5 tires 3.87 ratio will get you to 70mph at 1750rpm (68.72mph @1700rpm) 4.17 at 1700rpm with a 12 speed will put you at 64mph
  6. Rip Ed... glad i got to chat with him recently.
  7. from what I know You can mount a used R model cab air suspension. or if the DM sits up higher look at a superliner air bag set up. Biggest issue will likely be mounting the lower bracket to the frame. I did a air ride kit upgrade to my RS700L I used a superliner set up as my cab sits up high. I had to fabricate up lower mounting as my fuel tank brackets were in the way.
  8. I was asked I think Trump should run again and I said no. Not that I did not like him but for what he and family had to deal with the last 4 years, no Person deserves to go thru that again. Yes Id support him again but I dont blame him one bit if he enjoys the rest of his days out on a golf course.
  9. Ed I hate to think your leaving us soon. I think I can speak for all when I say we are all glad that we got to share the many years of stories and topics of help with you. If I can just ask one favor from you . Please make sure to look down at us from time to time and give us a sign. Because I know there will be days we will be looking back up at you. As my grandfather once told me when his end was near. "Words dont always need to be spoken when you can feel them in the air." Take care my Friend
  10. I used a commercial grade carpet entrance mat with rubber backing. cut it to the shape needed. cost less than $50 and helped quiet the truck at the same time
  11. you will want a 285 turbo. We run a 237 at work and at best its around 15 psi of boost where my tip turbine pushes 25psi.
  12. I messaged him about a month ago and he said he was bed ridden and not doing great. He was thinking about all of us and was happy to know we are too.
  13. Lots of odd ball stuff the more i look at it. the engine bay looks crowded how it was layed out with the tip turbine filter and intake set up. way more troublesome to work around that engine. The passenger side air tanks and battery box are missing and the air tanks were moved to the other side. The passenger side fuel tank is much larger than the driver side and its moved forward. The driver side fuel tank is smaller and has some sort of filter between the batt box and fuel tank. Extra short rear frame the under cab exhaust routing and muffler mounting is not cab mounted but I read its for turbo bulk unloader and it has the all to common broken/welded rear cab mount. These RS/RL trucks with hard mount cabs were all bucking broncos. worse than East coast R's. almost every one I see with cab rubber mount had this cracking issue. Greco had 2 RS700Ls that both had their rear cab floor structure bent upwards because of the violent shake these trucks had. I put a superliner cab airide under my 700 and you would swear I had square tires on it before
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