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  1. I just had a issue where my Dash courtesy toggle (top of dash LH side) was killing my marker lights. replaced the switch all good now. this was on my 77'
  2. got a assembly on Ebay tonight. need to source one more.. i also got set up on pai... great to see so many aftermarket parts available since Volvo is of little help these days
  3. yep i ordered new rollers last week and fitted them yesterday hopeful it would fix the hood rest issues but I suspect i need that channel attached to the plate. previously that plate had a large rubber puck bolted to it. i removed the puck thinking the new rollers would make contact on the plate but they dont.
  4. (driverside) I have the plate that bolts to the hood but not that channel. where can i find a current Pai catalog. i thought i need to be a distributor to access their online parts. thats what i was told years ago. thank you
  5. i drove my RS700 for one season in Chicago with no Power steering.. no fun so I put a power steering unit off a Valueliner. best thing i did to the truck.
  6. there was a guy in Florida making stainless steel covers. both eastern and western. i forget who it was but he was always bringing them to the mack show out in PA
  7. my 77 RS700L vin is RS786 32474 LST. I think western RS700 series production ended in 78' when the superliner was introduced?
  8. im looking for the screw on connectors as that's what my harness is right now. thank you all for those part numbers.. Trent.
  9. Years ago I put a superliner cab air suspension on my truck. during the upgrade i also put R model hood rollers on the cowl. the issue is the driver side of the hood does not make contact with the roller. I raised the rollers 1/2", moved them forward but its still resting the cowl. im wondering if i am missing a part? anyone have a pic of a western mack with the hood / roller assembly? Thank you
  10. still having issues...i installed these gauges in 2012 but never got the right sensing units. mack had sold me one back in 2012 but it was reading incorrect. i just ordered a new sending unit ( part number above) and hope to have it in the oil pan next week to test it.
  11. Yes When I wiggle the toggle I can get the 2 out side clearance lights and fender lights to come on. but as soon as I hit a bump they go out. The center 3 markers headlights tail lights all stay on with no issues. its 100% in the switch but I think its original to the truck. I searched online for the number but could not find it. Mack is almost useless with these old dogs. the numbers are there in the system but the new guys behind the counter have to dig deep to find the numbers. if you find a number I will use it and call mack to see if they have any in stock. it should be a common issue in the old truck world. and still a handfull of R models out there working
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