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  1. Lmackattack

    Good Grief! BSA! WTH is going on?!

    Its Changes in the BSA like this that will lead to a new type of organization aimed to keep it focused on Boys only. I have always felt that at early ages it is best for boys and girls to learn from there same sex peers away from the co-ed school playground. Simple life things women do that we as men dont have a clue about and likewise with Men that women just would not understand. There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. its the reason we all have character and why men do things differently than women. Its why we were taught to hold the door for them. walk closer to the street when accompanying them. It also gives us a reason to explore life as it has been done for 1000s of years. the men hunt and the women cook. its not that they cant shoot and we cant cook but more that the men do the danger work unless they insist to join us. its more of a sign of respect but they may try to tell you diffrently
  2. Lmackattack

    Transmissio swap from T2090 to T2070

    I thought I had hit send on this message a little over a week ago but I must not have as it just popped up here...this is what I had wrote........I hope it works out for you but I dont think you will like it as much as the 9 speed. It will get you down the road faster but those 9 speeds were nice for the highways.
  3. I remember how nice it was the first time I was in a electric car. it was so quiet and you could hear noises that otherwise were not hear before. Im sure a quite B model would be a joy to drive
  4. the dynasty or localy known as the Die Nasty..... just off the 401 just East of Toronto in the suburb of Oshawa. it was a strip club with a hotel attached to it. we stayed there a few times for the Race events at Mosport. work all day. get back to the hotel to watch the birds dance and then go to bed. not a bad 3 days.
  5. Lmackattack

    fuel tank question

    the mounts are the issue. the front non strap tank mount is unique to mack. you need to use more traditional style mounts if you go with other tanks. you could also go to mack square tanks but again the mounts are different
  6. I was not even my fathers thought back in the 60s but some of the good places I recall from the early 2000s. Pepermill casino I80 in Wendover NV. They picked you up in a golf cart in the truck stop lot and brought you to the front door of the casino for a free room. cant recal the name but it was I80 in Truckee CA. cold springs road exit. there was a old restaurant tucked back from the road that every time I stopped in there was some sort of fun going on there. the locals were friendly and always had stories to share. I think its been bulldozed recently. Siebkens Elkhart Lake, WI famous for the Road America Racetrack but that place has so many stories from truckers to race car drivers. its tamed down some but I never had a bad time there The Ocean Deck Daytona Beach FL.... good times ,good views bike week was fun as well
  7. Lmackattack

    Bus/truck accident in NJ.

    I have a bumper sticker that reads ..."I drive like you do"
  8. Lmackattack

    Got the call

    Just depends how bad you want it. 25k for a restored truck is not bad when you consider the labor and parts availability these days. I agree it may have a little bit of a premium based on current going rates but its a once in a lifetime chance to have it back. thats priceless alone.
  9. Lmackattack

    operating on the edge

    might just be the camera angle but that looks like a rock slide waiting to happen?
  10. Lmackattack

    Volvo Unveils Second Electric Truck Model

    one thing I question.... do these trucks take into account the need for front loader, side loader etc ....options. Here in Chicago land we have several types of garbage trucks used for very specific jobs. Most Residential trucks have a side load arm with a front bin. commercial is either front load with forks or rear load with a dumpster. Industrial is more of a roll off swapping out compactor bins. what Im getting at is none of these trucks are loaded by hand these days. Will the battery life span be able to power these loader options or is it only able to propel the truck thru a 10 hr day? I honestly think a Diesel Electric may be the better answer for now. a Smaller diesel charging the batteries as the electric motors do most of the work. but thats just my observation
  11. I still think that Mack does not have the solid Platform to build off of like they did in years past. Today I see Pete,KW,Volvo,IH. they all have a truck that can accommodate the largest of engines available or they are simply fitted with more fleet spec power train. Mack has one truck option and it has 2 hoods that honestly look the same at quick glance. Mack is lousing sales in just about every market . forget about total overall sales for a moment as IMO that is just a sign of what the economy is doing. When you start to louse market share. that is showing that your product is no longer the must have brand it once was. If you look at what Paccar has done in the last 10 years to infiltrate the concrete and refuse market its clear to see that they are continuing to do exactly what they did to push into the Dump truck market 20 years ago. They offer the buyer options with their truck. Paccar has both their old square hoods and their new aero trucks. A single truck owner or large fleet company has the option to pick from and build from there. Mack has the exact opposite. They simply did not stay current with their offerings and in fact moved to a more basic spec platform to cut costs. It may have saved them money on building trucks but it has cost them their large market shares that they once enjoyed.
  12. I have never worked with the heavier Mack rears but I see it has a cap that can be removed. I would pull that off and then see what it looks like. If its possible to jack it up from the center tube or lift from the rear of the frame that will show if it has to much slop. it will also help push grease into the bottom of the bushings when the weight is off it. Pull that cap and let us know what you find
  13. Lmackattack

    2018 mp7 turbo problems

    Yes. for how new it is and for long it has been down or acting up on their own watch. the easy fix is for Mack to stand behind their product and just use it as a test bed to find the issue so that this does not happen to other Mack owners. Its a win win for both. you get a new truck and they work out a issue on a lemon to improve and learn from it. I would start barking a little louder and present them with a time line of documents to show it plain and simple that the truck is a lemon.
  14. Lmackattack

    2018 mp7 turbo problems

    I know how to fix it....send it back and tell them you want a new one and let them sort it out....I know easy to say than to make them do but for real...this is BS on their part
  15. Its part of the power divider How are the U joints? does it make this sound every rotation of the wheel?

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