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  1. KS

    I exchanged a few messages with him recently.
  2. The All New Mack

    Thats exactly what I was thinking. All this hype for months and then the drive out the same old truck with a "cool" new hood on it. This Anthem thing is not a new truck its a new hood with a new cab interior . I hope it sells better and its just old bitter me that does not like change but Sadly I think anyone with eyes in their head sees this mutt truck as what it is "UGLY". I really do feel its Just another foolish push by Volvo to mistakenly move Mack further away from their dwindling loyal customer base. Its odd too because Volvo seams to invest heavily into Mack production plants yet they drop the ball in the styling dept.
  3. R600 hood fitment issues

    looks like you either have very bad hood mounts or that hood was off a older R600. the older R600 hoods were about 2" shorter than the newer ones. I think Mack changed the hood length when they went to Front mount intercooling
  4. The All New Mack

    I was almost embarrassed for the people on stage speaking right after they drove the trucks out. Dead silence and then the guy is trying to hype up the crowd. Problem was the camera had panned back and half the seats were starting to become vacant. To me that speaks volumes. Volvo is pushing Mack further and Further away from their heritage.
  5. New Mack for the fall

    If mack offered you a new Anthem or Vision free of charge with any option package What color superliner would you buy?
  6. New Mack for the fall

    I prefer mid roofs myself.. you still have plenty of head room when in the bunk. I know some like the condo and teams would want a condo but I think its useless space above the bunk
  7. New Mack for the fall

    WTF ?
  8. Nice work on that set up. I have never seen one done like that before!
  9. Turbo down

    Did the turbo blades come apart on the old turbo when it failed? If it did you should have inspected the intake system near the air filter for metal. I have seen twice now a turbo that self destructed and the mechanic did not check to see if metal made it into the air filter housing. They slap a new turbo on and it slowly sucks in metal from the old turbo that failed and wrecks the new turbo.
  10. Perspective...

    my Daughter had to stay a extra night and a full day after birth. Her bilirubin levels were also high and they put her under the light to get then down...when levels went down we went home and did 2 more check ups a few days apart. It was more stress on us than the baby.
  11. That cab would be fairly small (height wise) for all the crap they jam into these newer firetrucks. All the new Firetrucks I see are a Brick with doors up front and huge windows all the way around the front..
  12. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Whats that saying... Get in where you fit in....
  13. Charlottesville

    Too Soon?
  14. on of my biggest fears when pulling with the old R600 was a flywheel or something coming thru the floor. I have seen what a runaway engine can do to a bell housing when a clutch/flywheel lets go. a cab over would be even worse. If it had big power a scatter shield of some sort would be a must.