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    antique trucks and photos,I'm a member of the ATHS,ATCA,and subscribe to every antique truck magazine I know of-Wheels of Time,Old Time Trucks,Shifting Gears,Double Clutch,National Geographic

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  1. Saw this one in Petersburg last week. I'm not a Western Star expert, but I think this is a Low Max. Not my favorite Western Star model, but some of those new ones are sharp looking trucks.
  2. I used to live right in between two like that when I lived in Appomattox. Invite them over to a backyard barbecue and they wouldn't come, but they'd call the cops and complain that the music was too loud.
  3. They could come in real handy- I picked up 2 yesterday, and I called Jeff and told him. They're $14.99 for one, or two for $15- that's like getting another one for a penny!
  4. That's a pretty solid looking B model sleeper.
  5. Good deal on these straps, Tractor Supply. I saw a big Mack truck or two- I love watching Fox News on weekends. Happy Easter everybody.
  6. I saw a big Mack truck this week. I saw Cleveland too- I loaded a load of steel there, it looked like this- Loaded at this place Going to this place in Daleville, Va. I saw a big Mack truck in Cleveland too. And some big orange machines- Saw this unit on a trailer behind a pickup truck going south on I-77. This is a cow. and this is a dog and this is a smoking hot babe sitting in the shower. And that's all i've got this week.
  7. There's more Natural Bridge pictures here- https://www.flickr.com/photos/143936293@N04/page1
  8. Thank you. This was the first time i'd been there in probably 25 or 30 years. It used to be privately owned and very expensive, but now it's a national park and only costs $8 for an adult, very well worth it too.
  9. We had a great time!
  10. Thanks Vlad, and Zina says Hi!
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