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    And more...I took Jo over to Altavista to the DMV Tuesday, it's conveniently located next door to the liquor store...

    I saw some gulls flying around, so I threw some chips out...

    I didn't know they had signs on all the poles there saying not to feed the gulls, or you will be arrested!

    When I got up Thursday morning, it was looking like this around here-

    Other Dog barely had enough ground clearance to make it to the bush.

    I made it out to go load the Charlotte load though- at least I could see a little bit of pavement this time.

    Saw a pretty neat looking machine at the shop, don't know who's it is or where it came from.

    Richard Childress' winery on rt.52 in N.C.

    Crossing Smith Mountain Lake on rt. 122, on the way to Moneta.

    ...and last but not least, I saw a very poorly photo-chopped girl in Princeton,W.V.

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