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  1. A little top heavy tho..
  2. Well time will tell,I can't see this breaking,it's very heavy duty,did three tires this morning no problem,it also came with a mounting tool that works awesome..
  3. I don't do all that much tire work with only one truck but when the time comes for new rubber I've been buying on line to save a lot of money also like to clean up everything that's why I do it myself,I've gotten pretty good with he irons but this just way easer,this was only a hundred bucks on Amazon and it came with a mounting tool also..
  4. Any body use one of these tools,so easy it's ridiculous,never seen them at use in tire shop tho,wonder why?
  5. Ten wheeler or tri axle, if ten wheel I would leave the 58..
  6. Maybe it's the right side that not working properly,collapsed air line or something..
  7. I would start with the batteries and all connections including the ground.
  8. Yup all done,one day in the spring shop,thanks!
  9. The company I work for has disc brakes on his 2016 kenworth dump with auto trans and likes them,he just bought another kenworth with the same,trucks see plenty of off road in the pits, lots of dust and mud, I'll ask him how many miles he's getting out of a set of brakes.
  10. That's a long body,I'd say 18 ft but only 3 ft high,that's only 14 yd water level..
  11. It's a big job,best left to a spring shop,u need the big air guns and the right jacks and a damn good back,I don't have any of those items anymore..
  12. Pricking parts,Stengel Bros list the bar for 611.59 thought it would be more,add in every thing else needed comes to 1200 plus the cost of u-bolts,have to get price to n them,I would guess 2,000 + for labor to install,I'm thinking 3500 out the door..
  13. Been working all winter so far with this warm weather,glad I gave up on snow work last year..
  14. Snapped the trunnion bar on my 58 rears like a tooth pick pounding down these piece of chit roads on Long Island NY, plus two tickets from the DOT all in the same week,Thanks Cuomo😤
  15. Let's start a go fund me and buy out Volvo and turn it around🤔😳😂😂
  16. Get a piece of bicycle tire tube,tie off one end clamp the end around the fuel tank neck,air it up and leave it for a while look for fuel leaks in the lines,probably just a pin hole..
  17. That's the easy part getting them suckers out of the tube is a u no what..lol..
  18. Thanks if I remove the rear cover on the cyl can I slide the cylinder out to clean it up,I'm thinking no,I gotta look in the book..
  19. A friend of mine has the same problem with his six speed,no ideas? I was thinking maybe some oil residue in the shift cylinder making it stick when cold..
  20. Tranny works perfect all summer as soon as the temps drop it's a pita to get it to go into reverse,sometimes I have to put in forth neutral for bit before it will shift,air pressure is set at 60 psi at the selector,correct lube in tranny,any ideas?
  21. That's a rusty truck,every thing is rusted,all the fittings brake cans ect,I would upgrade to a newer truck and right off the bat paint the hell out of the rails and follow up at least once a year,u must work in some harsh environment...good luck
  22. There's actually three rails in that picture,the frame that the trunnion stand bolts to is there,it looks like hell but if it's not cracked yet and u cleaned it up and painted the chit out of it and stoped further rust it might last a good while,the top/outside rail has plenty of meat left on it or it just might be a good time to upgrade to a newer truck if you don't trust it..
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