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  1. There is an adjusting bolt on the slack adjuster,wire brush it off first,there is a collar around the bolt you need to push down with your wrench and turn it counter clockwise about two full turns or more..
  2. That’s the hinge for the fenders,looks like one is shot..
  3. I spray painted a small part for my truck the other day,I used a surgical mask because I have a million of em,guess what,my nose was full of paint..lol,there useless..
  4. I did my brakes a few years ago,shoes were 150 a wheel with core exchange ..
  5. Wow so many people with this problem,you can also do a search on here,lots of info on this,good luck and don’t forget to tell us your fix..
  6. We don’t want to look at no big trucks..lol
  7. Tough looking truck,the filter should be on the drivers side of tranny on the back of tranny,that’s where mine is anyway..
  8. You know he’s just kidding with ya right..🤔😂
  9. Stengel Bros will be able to help u out with new springs,just need the vin number,new springs are the way to go,don’t waste your money replacing one leaf..
  10. There is a rebuild kit but don’t get it from Mack,PAI has one way cheaper I don’t have the part # handy,someone will chime in with it..
  11. Just my 2 cents,the old fixed fans suck,they increase the noise level in the cab by a lot and they rob the engine of a significant amount of power..
  12. So what’s the best way to clean it?
  13. Don’t mind at all,even trade for all the help I’ve gotten from you..
  14. Shut the the valve at the bottom of the tank if u have one..
  15. Get a piece of bicycle tube with the valve in it,clamp one end tight clamp the other end around the fuel tank fill,air it up and leave it for a while,if there’s a leak you’ll find it..
  16. My fix was the plastic return line to the front of the head..
  17. I thought 85-90 was the go to lube,that’s what I always used in 6 speed,quad box and now a 12 speed?
  18. You only need one hand,trust me ,u can do it,get the slot on the shaft on the passenger side at two o’clock,get the marked tang in that slot then loop it over,close it and then step on the clutch hard to push the button in..
  19. I would keep the big brakes,more stoping power and they last longer..
  20. How do you get your truck in gear without engaging the clutch brake?
  21. Should tell u on the brake what tang goes in the slot first,it’s a pain but not that hard at all..
  22. A quick way to check,when engine is cold you should be Able to spin the fan pretty easy..
  23. Just two screws to the switch,I’ll get some pictures tomorrow, thanks.
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