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  1. I finally got around to putting the heat shields on the old dog
  2. I think I saw on one of the Facebook pages 117,500.00
  3. Is this truck not equipped with a poor boy cruise control already aka throttle lock cable?
  4. Congratulations Rowdy I’m glad to hear this great news and that all are doing well
  5. Just catching some rays on this sunny Sunday afternoon
  6. No firewall modification on mine built new exhaust manifold sections and relocated turbo up and away from firewall I have a little trouble with air intake tube I built a bracket and used the oil filter mount for the 865 and mounted it on the frame behind the cab on driver side and connected with hoses
  7. I have a B-615 that has a ENDT-865 in it was installed by the Brian Blaylock shade tree modification and skinned knuckles engineering shop
  8. I have seen trucks with the air tank mounted this way
  9. I took the old dog for a walk today and this stray followed us home
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