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  1. I have had mud get packed between the bottom of the brake pedal and the floor board and not let the brakes release completely and cause a problem similar to this
  2. My Superliner with a 12 speed overdrive 4.17 rear ends and 11-24.5 tires runs out at about 85 with the engine turning 2000 rpms
  3. If it’s a single axle I think a 4.00 gear ratio is about as fast as you will find
  4. While you are replacing the air lines I would change the air filter on the back of the transmission this seems to be an item that is often neglected
  5. You might have better luck finding a key and take it and your switch to a locksmith and change the switch to match the key
  6. The last time I went to the doctor with a gout flare up he recommended drinking tart cherry juice to help as a preventative
  7. Hey Mike good luck with your surgery I hope it’s very successful
  8. Someone else please correct me if I’m wrong I think that a 11-24.5 tire with the correct rim will work in place of the 11:00 22 but will not be quite as wide across the tread
  9. I don’t know where your starting point or destination is but if you decide to drive it and run into a problem there is someone on this site who is close enough to lend a hand or can advise you who can
  10. My dad had a 1977 R-700 that was a glider kit I don’t remember any of the model or vin numbers but the door tag actually had glider kit stamped on it
  11. The two most common name that I have ever heard for them is either Dayton wheels or spoke wheels
  12. Hey FWD with 111 feet of ladder does this truck have one or two sets of outriggers
  13. I don’t have any knowledge of medium duty trucks but if it would happen to have an air accelerator as did some Superliner you might check there
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