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  1. I have a keychain with that same picture and diesel should be sipped caption on it
  2. I think it is more of a personal preference I have driven one with a six cylinder that had two external breathers and the one that I currently own has the internal breather with an E9
  3. Erik I do have a couple of pictures on my phone but I never seem to be able to down load them on this site I have a longer style chrome knob on my deep reduction stick that screwed on direct my main stick has a after market Mack logo round knob that I bought off of eBay it had thread adapters with it and I used a short piece of all thread between the shifter and knob if you would like text me your number to 812-305-5132 and I’ll text you the picture that I have
  4. Yes I have put after market shift knobs on both sticks on my 12 speed
  5. Hey Mowerman I don’t think I ever saw a Matlack R-Model around here with budd wheels
  6. Shouldn’t it have END stamped before the T?
  7. Once this so called Chinese disease is under control and the Mack museum reopens you can contact them and give them the VIN and they will look it up and send you that information however they are all volunteers so don’t be in a hurry for a response they also appreciate any donations
  8. Per our conversation earlier today Happy Birthday
  9. That 20QCA512 is more than likely the Mack part number
  10. It was officially announced this morning that the 2020 ATHS National Convention and Truck Show scheduled for May at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield Illinois has been cancelled
  11. Good old slip seat vice grip CB mount
  12. I would have to get out the tape measure and measure to be exact but my B-615 with factory power steering has a smaller steering wheel than my manual steering B-61
  13. Rob don’t say that too loud I don’t want them getting any ideas I’ve been making plans to go to that show for two years
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