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  1. It is rather common in my area to convert a fuel tank into a hydraulic tank for the wet kit
  2. I have a complete back box for a tri plex if that will help
  3. Ok thanks I was just wondering I couldn’t tell in the picture the one I have and the others that I have seen around here have both of them on the drivers side
  4. That’s a good looking old dog where are the air tanks located on this truck
  5. I just recently bought a filter kit for my E-9 all of the filters are now black they are made by Champion Laboratories in Albion Il
  6. Rob if you have time tomorrow and I’ll explain a possible avenue to make this work for you Brian 812-305-5132
  7. Rob I understand about the gravy train and David Wild I don’t really have a problem with the ELD it’s the junk modern equipment that you have to have to use the ELD with
  8. Rob I guess I’m just a little partial but in my opinion when it comes to trucks tractors and bourbon older is better especially RW Macks
  9. Hey Rob we run ELD where I work we use Samsara on a iPad I don’t know much about the sensors and connections and the likes but in my honest opinion the advantage to running the RW would be to avoid all of the new technology. He must be leased to a really good company myself I would check with some different carriers or look into getting my own authority if I had some contacts for loads
  10. Was reverse on the splitter knob or did you shift the main stick into reverse if it was on the splitter knob it sounds like a 12 speed Máck
  11. I have an old rebuild manual for the 8341 and it says use sae 30 motor oil
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