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  1. He is still touring he has done a few shows with Kid Rock this fall
  2. Hey 41 Chevy I think that decal as a mud flap would be awesome
  3. You might need a different speedometer adaptor
  4. Alex would you happen to have the over head console that the radio mounts in in grey thanks Brian
  5. The 12 speed Mack transmission has 6 speeds in reverse
  6. If you raise the passenger side hood stand beside the truck and rev the engine up a little by hand you should be able to tell if the turbo is spinning or not
  7. That is Mt Carmel stabilization group out of Mt Carmel Illinois which is about 25 miles north of where I live. I pulled the front bumper off of one of those Mack’s one time
  8. That is a sweet ride if I was wanting to go OTR I would seriously think about swapping the dump bed for a fifth wheel and a sleeper and keep on keeping on
  9. Must have been a rookie an experienced Swift driver would have been cross ways on both sets of tracks
  10. Ok if you will resend your information I’ll try again
  11. Rob did you get the pictures I tried to send
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