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  1. Doing some quick math, if you're doing 43 mph with a 6.34 ratio, you'd need a 4.50 rear to do 60 mph (4.54 technically, but if I recall, Mack made a 4.50 rear that went into some of the Bs with the direct-drive duplex). I'm guessing you have a single-over triplex with final drive ratio of .85. On standard rubber that would give you about 47 mph at 2100, pretty close to the 43 mph you mention. I would think that you have enough power pull a dozer at 60 mph with the ENDT and a 4.50 rear, at least on flat ground. I once drove a single-axle R model with an END 673 (no turbo), single-over triplex, and 4.14 rear pulling single-axle trailers with maybe a 10-12,000 pound payload, and it would run about 70 until it hit a hill.
  2. Unless I'm mistaken, and I often am, Mack never made a B52. Maybe confusing it with the bomber? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Old-B-52-Mack-Diesel-Truck-/121052280184?pt=Commercial_Trucks&hash=item1c2f473578 For money, an interesting project...but way too far away for me.
  3. Steeldashes, just sent a scan of the build record to your e-mail. Enjoy. Jay
  4. OK, let me see if I can scan and get the build record to you in the next couple of days. The copy I have is hard to read in some places (it's already a copy of a 45 year old piece of paper), but I think I can scan it and get it to you. Enjoy the truck. I've enjoyed tinkering on mine.
  5. Be happy to send it -- what's the best way to get it to you?
  6. Ah, sure enough! You can clearly see the corner of the magnet peeled away in the eBay picture. I was so busy looking at everything else I missed what was in plain sight. Good eyes!
  7. There's one for sale right now on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1961-Mack-B-73-/221117280822?pt=Commercial_Trucks&hash=item337b9df236 It sure looks like the same truck, except the name on the door is different. And the towns where they are for sale (Janesville and Whitewater) are different, but the towns aren't more than 15 miles apart. It's got to be the same truck. Can't explain the different name on the door in the two sets of pictures. Pretty sure the one with the Pope name on the door was for sale earlier this year. The price was somewhere around $17K back then too. Does seem a bit pricey.
  8. Right, I didn't say that right. Nothing's wrong with the turbo set-up itself, but the air cleaner is mounted awfully funny. Maybe you could get away with that on a mixer, but hard to see how it works for anything else.
  9. Check out this B61. Be sure to click through some of the middle pictures to see the jerry-rigging on the turbo: http://cgi.ebay.com/...em=130756853005 *** I have one of this truck's "brothers." According to Mack's build records, a company out of Maryland bought eight mixers, all with identical specs. I now have one (which is now a dump), this is another. They were some of the last B61s made -- only maybe 200 more after these. They all had a 673C N/A, so with the oil-cooled pistons the conversion to a turbo would have been fairly easy. I've thought about doing it myself to get the 250 horses, but I've decided to keep it factory correct -- it's not like I'm pulling any weight, and I like the sound of the old 205 horses. Plus, all these rigs were set up with 7.49 rears, so they top out at about 50 mph with me standing on the petal. Needing extra power's not the issue. Frame on this one looks better than mine, but otherwise mine got way better taken care of -- no rust to speak of. Miles are pretty similar. Wouldn't mind having the pair of them and putting them back together. The price seems right even with the rough body, but I don't have the coins in my pocket at the present time. Plus, that is one funky retrofit on the turbo; never saw anything quite like it. That's gotta bring the value down, don'tcha think? Hope it finds a good home. If any of you is interested, let me know. I can send a copy of the build record. Jay
  10. On and off, that one's been for sale on craigslist for a while -- all the way back to last year if I remember. Wish I was closer to go look at at. I too want a single axle with a triplex, though I'd prefer a B61. Saw one around here but for a lot more money with a rough cab and engine. So this seems like a good buy if it's in decent shape. That turbo on the 711 must have been the after-market one Mack sold? I've heard of 711s with a turbo but never seen one. A 4.11 rear and a single axle for a B75 with a triplex seems a bit odd; wonder if the rear end is also a more recent swap. Interesting truck!
  11. Here's the link to the best source of general info on B-model model types, engines, trannys, etc., that I know about: http://oldmacksrus.com/Info.htm
  12. Toller

    1961 B61:

    If you like orange 1961 B61s with trailers (two of 'em!), check out this one: http://muncie.craigslist.org/cto/3161306598.html Talked with the fella who owns it today. He says the orange looks like somebody put it on with a paint brush. He couldn't tell me anything about the truck other than the prior owner used it to haul heavy machinery, didn't really know anything about the truck itself -- except that it had two sticks. He said he's already had offers from scrappers on the trailers, but he really wants to get the truck and trailers to somebody who will restore them. I might drive down and look Sunday, but I don't think it will suit my purposes based on how he described it, so I hope somebody else can save it. Jay
  13. Hi, if you want a B61LT, there might be one not too far from you. Last year I talked with a guy named Pete (forget his last name) with a single axle LT, 711 engine, with a triplex and a really beat-up dump body. He was up near Burlington Vt. At the time he wanted about $8,000, but if you look in the For Sale part of this web site, way down near the bottom, you'll see that he was offering it for $6,500 not too long ago. Don't know if it's still available. As he described it to me and from the pictures he sent, the truck was originally a road tractor and still had the air lines tucked up behind the cab. It looked to be in pretty decent shape, had a leak in the right fuel tank if I recall, but not bad overall. It was a little pricey and way too far away for me to go look at it, which is why I passed on it. The number for Pete I had is 802-434-7054. Jay
  14. I think a drove a 14 speed quad box on a gas engine dump one night many years ago. Ran it from one end of a yard to another dumping snow, so I never went through all the gears. From what I recall vaguely and from what I remember others saying, I believe that the 14-speed quad box was geared down slightly from the standard 13 speed quad box. The 13 speed quad has two overdrive gears (4th hi and 5th hi, with direct in 4th direct). As I recall, the 14 speed was geared so 4th hi was direct and there was only the one overdrive gear (5th hi). So it didn't shift any different than a standard quad box -- the 14th speed was the lo-lo hole in first, but the standard quad box had that too. They called it a 14-speed just to distinguish it from the standard double-overdrive 13 speed quad boxes. The 14 speed tended to be put into trucks like dumps or mixers where you often did use the lo-lo, so you'd use 14 gears (lo-lo plus the standard 13). I'm thinking it was a TRQ 770 or maybe a TRQ 72, but my memory, like my eyes, is getting fuzzy. At least that's how I remember it. Just had my B61 with the quad box out this morning. Beautiful day for a drive.
  15. If these are the same trucks, and I'm pretty sure they are, they went at a big antique car and truck auction in July in central Pennsylvania, right off I-80. I was running across there the next day but couldn't arrange things to make the auction. I called the next week and the auctioneer told me both sold. I saw the price sheets for the auction and each went for $7,000. I like 'em more factory correct, but for that price...I'd have bought them both if I had the money!
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