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  1. I like the International with the backhoe . That must have been a fairly popular idea in the fifties, I have a similar setup on a Dodge chassis.
  2. Sent you a PM. Steve
  3. You did a great job, looks very sharp. Did you have any issues mating the Cummins to the transmission? Is it a Mack built transmission? What did you use for a clutch? Thanks, Steve
  4. The green and black truck in the picture belongs fo a friend of mine. It is an LJ. He has had it for many years. The hard nose radiator may not be original, but it was on there when he got it. The truck has an early Cummins with a quadruplex. It was built as a single axle with a big 29,000 lb rear. Later the frame was stretched and a dead axle was added. Currently the truck has a newer set of Mack rears on a camleback suspension. The LJ doesn't get driven too much, another friend usually tows it to shows. The H model was made using the L sleeper cab. They are basically the same, but the windshield height is different.
  5. Here is the picture of Dave's B model at the Northeastern PA Chapter ATCA Endless Mountains Antique Truck Show, Harford PA Fairgrounds.
  6. I have a Mack H61T Parts List, #2185, Dated May, 1953. It lists engine parts for the END673, and the Cummins NHB 600, 743 cid, 200 HP.
  7. There will be a two part story on the Australian Mack R800RSX trucks beginning in the January /February issue of Double Clutch magazine. Part two will cover the restoration of Tony Champion's "Iron Horse" seen above. Steve
  8. The sleeper in My H63 is 24" wide. There were non sleeper H models, I have seen them in H-69 and H-81. There probably were others as well.
  9. The bushings are available new from PAI. They are the same as the originals.
  10. You might try contacting John Chalmers in Cashtown PA. I purchased tie rod rebuild kits from him a couple years ago. I think he has been downsizing, but he may be able to help. His number is 717-334-8709. Good luck.
  11. The Australian Mack MIR did use the Brockway Huskiteer cab. If you check your Double Clutch magazine, you will see mention of it in a recent article on Mack Cabovers Downunder, by Gary Richards. There will be a follow up story coming up soon on the MIR. This is the only known use of a Brockway cab on a Mack chassis.
  12. Sunday September 2rd is the date for the 28th annual Endless Mountains Antique Truck Show and Flea Market sponsored by the Northeastern PA Chapter of the Antique Truck Club of America. The Harford Fairgrounds is the location, about halfway between Scranton PA and Binghamton NY. Easy to get to: exit 217 off I-81, follow the signs. All old trucks are welcome, any size, any condition. No registration fee, only $2.00 to enter as a spectator. Kids under 12 enter free. Breakfast , lunch, and ice cream available . Affordable fun for the whole family! Several awards offered, including Best Mack, and Working Class Truck. We always have a lot of Macks on display !
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