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  1. Ok thanks for the info al
  2. Would that be an original bunk with the stacks in back of bunk?
  3. oil and coolant talk 

    Da lube reliant 15w40 and napa coolant green
  4. Superliner Bug Shield

    I will take it just won't be at show
  5. If I had wrenches was going to swap out bumpers with ours and see if he noticed... lol
  6. Saratoga ATHS

    Thanks Hancock great to meet u
  7. Saratoga ATHS

    Had a great time at the show awesome weather and a lot of great looking trucks. Nice to finally put some faces with the names on here mad dog and j.hancock. just curious if Hancock got any pics of our superliner?
  8. 89 Superliner

    Been on there for awhile was down to best offer at one point cause it had bad rear end but looks like he got it fixed maybe
  9. 89 Superliner

    https://scranton.craigslist.org/hvo/d/1989-mack-superliner/6314163107.html I
  10. Hudson Mohawk aths show

    Heading out sat. Morning with the superliner... any other members going?
  11. Brandon dump body?

    No problem yeah we don't liner ours
  12. Brandon dump body?

    Got 4 of them 1/4" floor 3/16" sides won't buy any other box hold up extremely well. Hauled cement rubble for the past 3 yrs hardly a dent. They are heavy we generally weigh in at 26k to 27k with 16ft box on our rd's
  13. Holy Smoke!!! Look Who Showed Up!!!

    I am standing next to David in the green shirt Paul Jr. My father is in the gray shirt far right Paul sr.
  14. Holy Smoke!!! Look Who Showed Up!!!

    Great now I got proof I made it I am 4th one in from the right in back row with green shirt and my father is gray shirt all the way to the right
  15. Yeah that is a nice looking truck mackey... didn't buy one yet have had a lot going on with multiple unforseen repairs so far this year... think we are going to play the summer out with what we got and then regroup this winter and see where we stand... thanks for keeping me in mind though appreciate it