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  1. Want to add more photos but says my max total is used up any suggestions
  2. Our brandon boxes hold up very well I think that box is 5yrs old...we run 11r22.5 on drives and drop axle 385 on steer
  3. Cost around 2000 for the hubs drums and brakes bought a couple converter dollies from a local trucking company for next to nothing that had the aluminum rims on them... Yeah looks to be good so far all the girls have a home to go to... just about done with our new superliner so will be posting updates on her very soon
  4. One of our projects this winter switch rear ends over to hub piloted with aluminum wheels gives it a differant look... I know a lot of people like to keep the spokes but for the price to replace a spoke not making much since to keep them plus the maintenence aspect is much easier with hub pilots
  5. I think 91 was last year for old hood on rd's
  6. The dot date on the sidewall will tell you how old the casing is
  7. Yeah we do alot of change overs was just trying to make it easier on him been beating him up really hard if he had a Vin to run that was built at the factory with dual stacks all the part numbers would be there thanks for the reply hancock
  8. Come to find out our superliner was built with single stack looking to add duals does anybody know the mack part numbers for the setup or if you happen to own one with an e7 400 dual stack I would like to know if I could get the last 6 numbers of the Vin so I could have my locale dealer look it up and that would give me everything I need to know thanks
  9. That was a spare I could of done without
  10. So we are finally finishing running wiring harnesses fuel lines and battery cables seems like it was never going to end... I figured it was time to drop oil pan and replace gasket that was leaking bad and to my surprise I found some spare parts... previous owner had dropped a push rod replaced it then never pulled oil pan to retrieve old one... guess he didn't care to check and see if there was anymore damage luckily there wasn't
  11. Other dog the pic of the two macks is the lot where we just picked up our superliner was part there on the hill behind the trucks I didn't see the girl standing on the side of rt 15 when we where there though
  12. Here is a pic of back to front not use to buying a truck without rust jacking between frame rails usually have to reframe when we get them but not this one
  13. Spent some time with the old man in the garage over the weekend made out pretty good new starter installed with all new battery cables and left headlight bucket in
  14. Multicolored white to purple to black whatever color they had to make splices with at the time