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  1. looking for tri axle dump

    6368, is that maroon truck still for sale that you were looking at?
  2. Try key switch or regulator under dash above the glove box or we had one this summer where we changed out all the ground bolts from on the block ground the alternator engine block and cab grounds... the later was doing the same thing yours is be charging fine then volt meter would drop off
  3. Last LTL?

    He has a freedom edition superliner with 800 original miles also... I have tried dealing with him on other trucks... hard to make a fair deal with someone who doesn't want to deal... his truck lot is a graveyard for most trucks until he gets a price he is happy with if not they just sit there and rot away
  4. Finally Got A Magnum Superdog

    Did u makes the bug shields on your hoods or did you buy them?
  5. wheel centering

    I have a set... use them every time when putting tires back on... tires seem to wear good
  6. Found a set of 3 ring binder service manuals ts442. How do I tell if these will work for my trucks 1986 to 1990 r models and superliner. Will there be a publication date on them somewhere, not sure what date ranges the ts442 covered.
  7. Just looked went for 4500
  8. Truck was rough watched it go through auction on Friday forgot what it went for
  9. Ok thanks for the info al
  10. Would that be an original bunk with the stacks in back of bunk?
  11. oil and coolant talk 

    Da lube reliant 15w40 and napa coolant green
  12. Superliner Bug Shield

    I will take it just won't be at show
  13. If I had wrenches was going to swap out bumpers with ours and see if he noticed... lol
  14. Saratoga ATHS

    Thanks Hancock great to meet u