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  1. Yeah just saw that pretty crappie ran the Vin em6 300l in front of 7 speed
  2. Yeah that's a little old thanks mackey
  3. I know I even tried the trucking company phone number 2 rings then a click... idk I need another big dump in the worst way and here it is but can't get ahold of him... I check classified ads every 2 hrs just so I don't miss something just no good trucks out there right now... missed out on 2 really good trucks about a month and a half ago didn't have work lined up then but now I do and can't find a truck
  4. I have been trying to call this guy since it hit craigslist never picks up or returns my messages... pisses me off at least pickup the phone and have the decency to tell me it has been sold
  5. Don do you have an rd for sale?
  6. After almost 4 months she is finally ready for work... been a long journey... some days she played nice and alot of days she didnt... still got a lot to do but it is road ready and finally ready to start earning her keep
  7. Oh I agree with u on that ws721 but sitting on top of a 20k front axle all day makes for a long ride as for a site truck the dm is king I think but on the longer hauls perfer an r model
  8. Yeah been all over truck paper and craigslist 91 or older Mackey 94 is to new looking for a truck like the one u drive just with a dump
  9. This is true I got a 78 dm that thinks it is an rd but it's not thank you for the offer and good luck selling it iam sure it will make someone a good truck
  10. Thanks for the offer not interested in a dm thanks though
  11. I probably should put this in want ad but figured more people would see it here... looking to buy another truck 1987 to 1991 rd688 or rd690 dump truck tandem or triple axle doesn't matter... needs to be ready to work no projects... if anybody sees one please let me know iam looking anywhere I can... perfer something in the northeast to mid atlantic... thanks paul
  12. 26k to 27k empty... permitted for 67k gross... I think I deleted it so I could make room for other pics
  13. Nope use to but to busy with just maintaining equipment don't really have time
  14. Want to add more photos but says my max total is used up any suggestions