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  1. I was thinking some of the older trucks & equipment had some sort of a restricted fitting in them. Made it slow to show pressure? Maybe put a manual gauge in the hole & just make sure?
  2. Bet that thing would pull the house down. Bad dude!
  3. Read operators manual; you can get it from google; Mack trans are different from Eaton
  4. I’m just blind I guess, went back & saw it. We did some for some customers back in the 90’s & used pvc pipe & used a breather like on a transmission. Yours is lot nicer!
  5. Didn’t see; but you need to have a breather at top of that tank or you’ll have too much airbox pressure & it’ll start leaking from crankcase vents
  6. Shift it like a 9spd & if it don’t shift right & lugs it’s probably a 10. idk but I think you can tell by just puttin it in high range sitting still & put it in the low hole
  7. Can’t imagine any retirement with all the projects you have & all the tools & place to do them. Just sayin I would never be bored!!
  8. 2095?? How did y’all get 1 so updated?? Lol!
  9. You are a class act! I wished I could meet you someday & shake your hand!
  10. That video made me break out in a cold sweat! No way!!!
  11. 1965

    Another ebay find:

    It is a hardtop, I know all SS’s were but don’t know if they made regular hardtops?
  12. I’ve never seen any concrete distributed this way; is this like a plant on wheels?
  13. 1965

    Mack MR model

    That’s the best thing for those conditions. The Allison.
  14. I’d check & make sure all your lubricants are full
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