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  1. 1965

    Another ebay find:

    It is a hardtop, I know all SS’s were but don’t know if they made regular hardtops?
  2. I’ve never seen any concrete distributed this way; is this like a plant on wheels?
  3. 1965

    Mack MR model

    That’s the best thing for those conditions. The Allison.
  4. I’d check & make sure all your lubricants are full
  5. That’s there job. No harm (just sayin)
  6. That 2 stroke wouldn’t take off with 300lbs in it
  7. I’m hoping the best for you; hope they reimburse you on all down time if they fix it!!!
  8. Why would you rebuild it? It isn’t wore out just some of the time. Just got to troubleshoot it & fix it. Buy another truck & you'll eventually have same problem. All of them have problems, just got to fix it from time to time. If you don’t like the fixing buy you new 1 & trade before warranty goes out. Have you done what these great fellows have asked?
  9. Your shop & trucks & knowledge is very impressive!
  10. Maybe this adventure will put Volvo in a place they will have to sell Mack. But after Volvo has run off all the good Mack folks & engineering, who would want them?
  11. Hate it for you; thanks for update
  12. Mack has a heavier 13 & 18 spd box too. T318L21 & T318LR21. Only the LR models can be used in low or high range reverse & shouldn't change range while moving. The reverse deal is the same in all 13 & 18 trans.
  13. Why would you go there? Lots of work & money
  14. Volvo North America has NO EXPERTISE in anything but messing up stuff!
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