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  1. It’s very nice. Be interesting to see what it brings. You think the 5spd will hurt selling price? I guess it will probably be bought & not worked
  2. I haven’t driven 1 myself so I can’t honestly answer that, but I know garbage trucks has run them along time running in out of landfills. I’ve never heard that the converter wasn’t locked up in low gear, that seems hard to believe.
  3. These dump trucks are newer trucks. The newer stuff is electronic. You didn’t see many in older trucks because of the $$$ & people knew how to drive standard shift. Those older (750 I believe) were in them back when I worked for DD & Allison dealer. They were in buses & fire trucks. Saw 1 in a peterbuilt for heavy haul truck that was high hp. They would do the job. You just need to drive 1. They have retarders & all back then too.
  4. The true automatic (Allison) in dump trucks around here will out perform any standard. They’ll go places offsite that standard want try. There quicker off red lights too.
  5. Story time: There was a 4300 for sale on AuctionTime in TN, close to me. Truck was very clean inside & out. Can’t remember the farm name still on the door but was at a used equipment lot. Had 8V-71, I’m an old DD mechanic & I needed like I need another hole in my head, but I called place to go inspect truck before auction & they had sold it! Made my blood pressure rise & I told them & Auction Time what I thought. AuctionTime deal messed me up on another truck too. Sorry bout rant but couldn’t help it. Those farm all’s are nice trucks!
  6. Thanks for ALL the pictures OD. Maybe 1 day I’ll get a chance to see for myself.
  7. If it’s been sitting a long time might be moisture from time. if it’s been working, do an oil analysis.
  8. I see green under the red in spots
  9. They’re all the same. Get 1 from your closest best dealership.
  10. Can’t wait for the reply! Congratulations on the retirement!!
  11. Never seen a turbo charged 6V-71, not saying they weren’t. Bunch 6V-71’s in city buses had them, & worked on gen sets in the Le Tourneau cranes. Not as popular as the 6-71. My opinion, Detroit had a very good stationary engine. Truck engine not good. (My opinion). I’m thinking the 6V-71 was rated a little less than the 6-71 in hp. & torque.
  12. Driver should have known, but where do you find 1!!
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