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  1. 1965

    My Mom

    My condolences
  2. Is he going to be left handed? Got good coordination. Also looks like you got a new puppy?
  3. 1965


    If them democrats would still be in office, probably wouldn’t be driving a 80’s & 90’s model trucks messing up the atmosphere making a living by now.
  4. I was talking about the volvo deal. Always thought the signal deal was ok.
  5. My opinion. A Mack truck should be Mack from front to rear. BUT they haven’t really been Mack’s for a long time now!
  6. Not going to be a hole bunch of difference between the 300 & the 350.
  7. Need to post what brand & model # of transmission & someone will likely have a book & possibly tell you what you need.
  8. If I was in the market for a new truck, I’d buy Autocar!
  9. In that 4th picture, looks like a gear possibly out of a transmission on the table? Might be a Mack transmission?
  10. Hubs? I haven’t had a truck with locking hubs in years. When I did though, I would lock them in that morning before leaving if I thought I might need them for mud or ice or snow.
  11. Hard for me to believe. That semi trailer doesn’t look damaged enough
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