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  1. Beautiful!! Got to ask what’s going in empty hole left of steering column?
  2. Does it have air assist clutch? Those air cylinders go bad & make them hard to press. If so it’s best to just do away with it & put regular cable on. Did this to my CHU.
  3. 1965

    Veterans Day

    Thank you all, and God bless!
  4. I wished I could put more than 1 like!
  5. How it happens; my opinion; majority of people don’t care, they’re at work to make 8hrs. & that’s it. Nobody has pride or cares anymore.
  6. Maybe come from 1 of those rebadged Renault’s?
  7. Somebody’s had the intake pipe off & didn’t put clamps back on
  8. What is that on the end of the exhaust?
  9. Well what was the problem? Did you get it fixed?
  10. My condolences for your grandpa. i see you got your fire truck back up and running
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