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  1. 1965

    Might be your Father's Kind of Music

    Good stuff right there!
  2. I do love but; boodie’s & legs are my favorite!!
  3. I like the boobage!!! Just saying
  4. 1965

    Another new guy

    All the old timers really liked the 6-110’s; especially in cranes & tugs; they had more torque than the 8V-71 that supposedly replaced them. want never forget; I worked on a tug that had a 6-110 on the port & 8V71’s on center & starboard & they wanted them 8V’s to do like that 110. Ha
  5. 1965

    2018 mp7 turbo problems

    Sure hope that fixes it; but they should reimburse you for all your down time. It’d be different if it didn’t take them this long
  6. I know I would go to a place that was recommended; that had great results after what you’ve been through!!
  7. 1965

    Happy 4th

    Did the booze have something to do with loosing your seat?
  8. 1965

    Another new guy

    I thought the 24’s had turbos & I know intercoolers; had 8V-71’s in the rear. Thought some of the 8V’s were turboed too. Been long time, back in the 90’s the other 24’s on the job had Cummins best I can remember
  9. 1965

    Another new guy

    Yes; the 1’s I worked on were like ts-14’s. Weren’t to many 24’s down here. worked on 1 truck that had 12V-71 & can’t remember brand ( those years didn’t like trucks that much ) but he hauled chickens; he said they’d be plucked by the time he got to the stock yard. Ha
  10. 1965

    Another new guy

    No it was a terex rebranded or something; newco or something like that, just got the names mixed up. I worked on the Euclid’s too. Used to be a saying hand there finger up there ass & pointed to the shop. Worked on some euclid bottom dumps with 12v’s; they would raise wheelies coming out of the pits.
  11. 1965

    Another new guy

    My bad; the 1 I was thinking of looked & painted the same as terex. Maybe name started with a (n). Can’t remember. I just worked on terex & wasn’t many in these parts, the left bank head was kinda in bad spot.
  12. 1965

    Another new guy

    Worked on a few myself; I’d love to have 1 in a truck also. Most of my work were on tugboats. They are good engine & 1’s with hydraulic gov’s really sound sweet! I think that wabco & terex are basically the same; there a pretty good chore.
  13. 1965

    Another new guy

    Welcome; user name of 12V71, do you have 1 in something?
  14. 1965

    Pictures of the Week

    Just picking on you a little; a garden is a full time job.
  15. 1965

    Happy 4th

    Hope everybody has a happy day!!

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