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  1. Can’t wait for the reply! Congratulations on the retirement!!
  2. Never seen a turbo charged 6V-71, not saying they weren’t. Bunch 6V-71’s in city buses had them, & worked on gen sets in the Le Tourneau cranes. Not as popular as the 6-71. My opinion, Detroit had a very good stationary engine. Truck engine not good. (My opinion). I’m thinking the 6V-71 was rated a little less than the 6-71 in hp. & torque.
  3. Driver should have known, but where do you find 1!!
  4. I know the feeling, ITS TOUGH!!
  5. RIP ED. My condolences
  6. Worked on a lot of gray marine 6-71s. I know they were in conjunction with Detroit in some way, they had the cooling system with there daytank (at least that’s what we called them) design that was different.
  7. They had a 6-110 series, and the V-149 series. They also had the 51 series that I think was labeled at General Motors Diesel.
  8. Those replies are comical I’ve heard them before
  9. Just saw your truck on my google page, made the overdrive magazine. Very very nice truck!
  10. As long as you have firing order, I don’t see the problem.
  11. Amazing to me you DONT have to read ever thread that’s posted, I myself liked reading the differences. But the Barney Fife’s are in control.
  12. Oil pressure is good, but 2 stroke Detroit’s need straight weight oil. Preferably delo 100 40w. 30 if in cold weather.
  13. If I had trans out, I’d pull the motor mount bolts and replace all the gaskets and seals & hone, new bearings & rings and be done.
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