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  1. Prayers for mike69mackman

    Get well soon; you whooped it once! You can do it again!
  2. R700 in Alabama

    $20,800 really?
  3. R700 in Alabama

    Does the speedometer look bigger than normal? The picture of the dash; the speedometer looks big.
  4. R700 in Alabama

    Thanks; I knew it was early 70’s something. I noticed the very rear tires were different tread pattern it seemed. Thought the tri-plex was kinda strange for that year too.
  5. R700 in Alabama

    Would that have the short cab?
  6. 2018 mp7 turbo problems

    What Mack should do is give you another truck; or replace complete engine & all the bullshit components.
  7. Looks like they would make the filter as they wanted it instead of relying on you to get it dirty. Some trucks don’t run in dusty environments im not doubting anybody; but sure sounds crazy
  8. That’s the first for me on more harm than good on an air filter change
  9. Compound Shifter Stuck

  10. Compound Shifter Stuck

    I’d fill that dude up to the rim with some diesel & let er soak for awhile
  11. That top picture looks like the joint is fixin to change itself. Might just be the picture & my bad eyes though
  12. What is a tiger tool?
  13. Generator to alternator

    I’ve had very good luck with the duralast stuff from autozone. There battery’s 2. Way better than NAPA
  14. Test video to Youtube:

    That was good; I can get that on my phone but couldn’t get your other video you made.