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  1. Typical Shop Work

    That’s a 4-53T; I haven’t heard of it being hard to find parts
  2. sat night

    Never seen nickel beer before; but I’m only 52
  3. Veterans Day

    They deserve more than we can give them; bless them
  4. sat night

    Yea; but by the time I could get it to ya it would be middle of next week; What in the world can you do with $5 this day & time anyways?
  5. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Fixed now too
  6. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Yea; I can’t pull up the home page; I get corrupt.zone
  7. Sad story.

    He didn’t say how much he had them sold for. Might of been $15. a bushel; legal or not it wasn’t legal for truck to get stolen; might of been putting them in a bin on the farm & not getting on hwy. hope they catch them & charge them like it’s 10,000 bushels
  8. New Mack sneak peek

    I was told meritor built the rears for Mack; the spec sheet with the trucks I had said meritor 150 & 151; they were top loaders
  9. New Mack sneak peek

    You can still get the Maxitorque; it's still Mack, I think.
  10. New Truck

    My Chu rode & drove as good or better than any truck I had ever driven; the mp8 performance was great for its size; I would suggest studying up on the problems with them & get the best warranty you can buy
  11. For when your left boot is slippery

    Had 1 of them in my last truck; I swapped it out for standard pedal; with my boots being wet; that pedal was like ice
  12. The 3208 was definitely better than the 8.2dd
  13. Happy Easter

    Hope everyone has a good day
  14. Thoughts and prayers needed

    So sorry to hear; my condolences