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  1. 1965

    ATHS Hudson Mohawk

    Sorry to hear; hope for the best
  2. 1965

    ATHS Hudson Mohawk

    Like that R with the small bunk!!
  3. Sounds fishy; sounds like they bypassing some derate modes maybe??
  4. 1965

    The bandit has died

    Yes; Fred too. I’ve got 1 of the long legged 1’s (bloodhound, named Walter)
  5. 1965

    Pictures of the Week

    All I can say is: you got it going on! Good for ya!
  6. GM went to a light blue in I think 77. Then to black a think in mid 80’s. But I still like the orange. Made a living working on alpine green; never did figure where that color came from
  7. 1965

    The bandit has died

    Always liked snowman the best
  8. 1965

    Coca-Cola Buys Moxie

    I had good friends from Indiana when I was young; there big pop was big red; never heard of it either till they brought some back.
  9. 1965

    Coca-Cola Buys Moxie

    Never heard of moxie
  10. 1965

    98 E7 mack

    Get you some straight pipes put on it & turn them to the side where you can hear it & get you a bunch of gauges put in & it’ll keep you occupied enough not to hear it clank & clunk.
  11. Yea; I’ve had 1 of those big float front tires on a tandem loaded & it just shook the hell out of me until I got stopped on a 2 lane hwy & it was the drivers side; & I was as usual driving faster than I should’ve been. Truck did have double steering boxes though. Thats a sad deal!
  12. 1965

    In The Weeds

  13. Had some limestone delivered today; guys running new granite’s (pedigreed dogs) they had camel back also, M-Drive & the drivers didn’t like the M-Drive. They couldn’t raise the bed while moving? its another outfit that’s got a bunch of them too & the 1’s I’ve seen were M-Ride. I’m thinking he had M-Dives & traded this last time with Allison. This guy trades real regular. Haven’t noticed if he’s switched suspensions.
  14. 1965


    You really not supposed to force it to shift! ha ha!

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