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  1. Doesn’t take a collective genius for this, if your talking CaseIH hytran fluid for any Mack manual transmission
  2. If you white guys are so great. this seems racist
  3. For your sake, hope they don’t sale it, but if they do please let BMT know first in case anyone here would be interested. Good luck!
  4. I believe I like the dark better, think it’s easier on my old eyes, Thanks, nice to have choices! Really appreciate everything!
  5. (Pish) that’s 1 I can’t get definition for, but it’s always new words on here. I learn a lot on here.
  6. 1965

    1975 F785

    ^^^^^Thats funny right there^^^^^^ 🤙
  7. Anyway you can click on the girl jogging & see more?
  8. 1965

    DPF Retrofit

    Worked in diesel shop back in late 80’s through the late 90’s, always told that diesel smoke wasn’t what was bad for you it’s the gas burners. Maybe ought to sue them, HA HA. All the witnesses are probably dead. HA HA, Amazing how things change.
  9. 1965

    DPF Retrofit

    I wouldn’t think that 11yr old engine would like a dpf? Would think it be a lot more heat. Looks like problems
  10. Definitely sad, I really like them. They have to be shifted correctly.
  11. Main deal now, they don’t make maxi-torque anymore.
  12. Really it’s simple, just get on topics about Mack trucks. You and several others just don’t get it. Nobody making you get on these topics.
  13. Myself, I’ve been rereading the Bible.
  14. ^^^^^^ Idk if he’s joking or not but that & the do not care’s in the world is the problem, in the world.
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