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  1. It’s a shame they pick on people like these, it’s a Lot more they should be spending there time on! But the 1’s need tickets don’t have the money!
  2. I’ve seen rags f’up a lot of things over the years
  3. You probably would’ve had, including me, BUT waaay tooo many pictures to look at than to think about come back response.
  4. I’ve always heard same thing & I would call myself a mechanic back years ago! I always forget to do it but not hauling far. If it has a muffler on it, I don’t see it being as much problem if it were straight piped. I do understand the reasoning. I do cover when I think about, but I forget a LOT nowadays & always in hurry. Always been lucky too.
  5. Start you a topic on best of TRUMP, if that’s what you want to talk about. Just do it in. (Odds & Ends).
  6. The TOPIC IS BEST OF BIDEN, doesn’t say anything about Trump. Why don’t you say something best of biden??
  7. It’s amazing how simple it is, if you don’t like topic in (odds & ends) then don’t get on it.
  8. Well it’s a green on green tractor that looks good, sounds like it has 8V-71 that sounds really good & a trump,pence 2020 sign
  9. I love the truck, if I had ordered it I would’ve specked some things differently. It’s a long ways to MS. but I feel like it will be too high priced for me. It was just at 7,500 last time I looked on proxi bid. Thanks again
  10. Did you notice what wt. rating the rear suspension was? I know it’s an RD but I know Mack back then would build a truck anyway you wanted.
  11. This truck for sale says operating range from 12-2100. Econodyne on hood, says it’s 300 maxidyne engine?? Gold dogs
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