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  1. I imagine most people rely on the low oil switch to let them know when they need to finance for a new 1. At least they were trying to get you to check the oil. Nowadays it’s amazing that people can put gas in there vehicles. I hear pretty regular of people putting def in there fuel tanks and vise versa.
  2. Big time hypocrite, as full of shit as he is, you wouldn’t think he’d be that dumb.
  3. Sounds like you’ve checked it good, how well do you know who rodded the radiator, did you see it yourself? Do you have pyrometer?
  4. I agree with Nobody454, I had 12 CHU, 505, 18sp with 3.98. Worked well for running 55mph. I’d wished I had 3.55. My 18sp was the T318LR. was on tall rubber too.
  5. The 3.98 is a lower gear, I had that in a truck & it did good pulling dump trailer. I think the 3.79 would be fine in a tractor, idk about a straight dump. truck had mp8 with 505hp.
  6. Don’t think they have grilldenser, pretty sure they have condenser behind grill
  7. I know people that’s never smoked or drank and they drove, don’t think they had flu shots then but anyways they got cancer and died and didn’t want either.
  8. Nothing wrong run it, see if it clears up is low coolant light on?
  9. Not saying you don’t have problem but water level will be down couple inches from rim, it will puke out until it gets right. only way I know to check system is to take belts off water pump, remove thermostat & fill water to highest water level. Crank and see if you have bubbles. If so you can put something in between water manifold to make them separate & see what head and same with compressor.
  10. Have you checked radiator cap? Does it have coolant recovery tank? If it doesn’t your water level will not be completely full to rim.
  11. It looks very good
  12. I thought Dave had it 2 but double looked at stripes & thought they looked like the farmall. Ha ha! shouldve said cruiseliner!
  13. It’s a few I’d rather have, they would be American made. Be hard to pick which Chevrolet!
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