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  1. 1965

    "New" Tow rtruck

    Very nice
  2. 1965

    Pictures of the Week

    Insurance sucks!!!! The money part!!
  3. 1965

    Pictures of the Week

    Great stuff; when you going to sell your place & move to Florida? Your place should be worth a bunch since so close to the winfall wimmims!
  4. 1965

    To Inframe or Not to Inframe

    Agree; if you think you might need it put in before spinning; same goes for 4wd vehicles. Saves you trouble
  5. It’s hard to say anything good about any make from about 03 & up
  6. How come in storage? Should be worth big $$$$$$
  7. 1965

    Amazon Challenge......

    Damn; that’s getting poked without any lube!!!
  8. What does the P stand for?
  9. 1965

    Those South American Fords

    That air cleaner looks out of place. 6V53’s were tough engines but not designed for trucks. (My opinion) no 2 strokes were designed for trucks! Stationary engines
  10. When was this picture taken; blower cars probably pretty rare then?
  11. BMT!! Best group of people!

Welcome to BMT!

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