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  1. I tried finding if he had other health problems by googling but didn’t find anything. The latest picture I saw of him, he didn’t look real healthy. I really liked most of his songs. RIP
  2. Wasn’t paying attention to them; wow! that’s a bunch of holes! Fantastic work!
  3. I thought in 72 they were still steel dash? Good lookin truck anyways, always liked the U’s.
  4. I’ve had good luck with the pittsburgh jacks from hb & I abuse them & that’s why I buy them, $$$$ and 3miles from me. I’d get the hb 1 & wrap a chain around it good & tight (I use all thread to get tight) & watch & be careful. Especially if you don’t use 1 much. Sure if I found a deal on a good otc I would get it. I’d rather have the cheap hyd. than the manual 1, if not using it much.
  5. You, should take to your dealer or local mechanic shop.
  6. 1965

    My Mom

    My condolences
  7. Is he going to be left handed? Got good coordination. Also looks like you got a new puppy?
  8. 1965


    If them democrats would still be in office, probably wouldn’t be driving a 80’s & 90’s model trucks messing up the atmosphere making a living by now.
  9. I was talking about the volvo deal. Always thought the signal deal was ok.
  10. My opinion. A Mack truck should be Mack from front to rear. BUT they haven’t really been Mack’s for a long time now!
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