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  1. Sure hate to see you spend all that money & it only be a boost leak of some sort
  2. 1965

    Back Home

    Guess the blower did the damage? Those small journal’s good for that rpm & compression? I drag raced for awhile; ran small block 400 & shifted at 7400; (poor man engine) had trw pistons ( 2477?) I think; small dome; Lunati roller; some nascar Chevy aluminum heads that we had to make valve covers for (can’t remember; thinking something about the pushrods) 588 gear; powerglide, in a 72 nova; ran 5.77 in a 1/8th. It would set 60’ marker with rear tires. It was fun! 1 dominator carb, no nitrous
  3. I was hesitant to make statement. Looks like been modifications on frame maybe? Truck looks very good elsewhere; dash not butchered up & engine compartment looks very good too. Can’t remember if I have ever seen ih on differential
  4. Looks like it’s got ih on the differential
  5. 1965

    Night time illumination devises

    All that auto stuff is nice but; all the people that drive now don’t understand the proper way & undoubtedly don’t know if it’s not automatic. Most of the folks now know how to read the fuel gauge & if the low fuel light doesn’t come on there in trouble.
  6. 1965

    New switch panel

    Looks very good
  7. 1965

    New switch panel

    What about speed control
  8. That’s good stuff right there
  9. 1965

    Where’s mower man

    Haven’t seen him post in awhile
  10. 1965

    Horrible fire.... :-(

    Very sorry for his losses
  11. 1965

    The Powerball

    How many tickets have you bought?
  12. 1965

    mack 18 speed question

    That’s true on a Mack transmission; only difference is the knob; but it is made to split in either or high & low; you don’t need a steering wheel holder driving anything but an automatic of some sort
  13. 1965

    mack 18 speed question

    I really liked my Mack transmission; but they don’t shift as fast as an Eaton, But I believe they are better performers with that triple shaft in heavy applications

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