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    i love all macks but the ones i love the most are the ones in the construction industry. .if any one has pics of mack construction trucks send them along

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  1. I can't believe how great shape those beds are you guys really take excellent care of them
  2. I like the daytons on the RD I drive but the hub piloted would be nice .daytons arm t bad to change better than the old budds with the inner and outer nuts when they mess up.nice girls I'd hit ya up for a job but the commute would be a killer from illinois lol
  3. The hub piloted look great if I may ask what's it cost to change's the spring and summer look busy.nice to see someone down the ladies in the winter for summer fun lol
  4. Damn thought I was wound up lol
  5. And if you guys here are working on your fuel bonus and drive an auto not ripping on you . Must be cause I'm old and do like I was taught when we farmed.get up get going get done. Just me on my soap box done for now thanks
  6. What size fender marker lights are you running 2 or 21/2.I have 2 in led and they had to put stick on reflector s to pass saftey.
  7. I love running north av (64) and you got one in the middle lane doing 30 and as you almost get by him he finds the throttle and his automatic takes off and almost runs 45.they must be working on there fuel bonus
  8. Hey that works or the 90s superliners
  9. Hope they don't get paid by the ton I'm just saying
  10. Got ya man those stork guys haul a little bit of everything. Nice
  11. I caught a glimpse of a stork granite on 355 n b with a flat bed with what looked like bags of something with green shrink wrap
  12. Keep finding those cool pics.any 1990 RD pics in ur arcives
  13. Back to villa park to haul spoil to bluff city got 4 loads there Tuesday had about 6 barge trucks with me.I run north av (64)to rt 59 to w.Bartlett rd to gifford to the dump.they bitch about running the toll rd.when the job started we were hauling stone up from plainfield and fill back to plainfield. Buco toll bill they said.6 loads out and 6 up I bet it was