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    i love all macks but the ones i love the most are the ones in the construction industry. .if any one has pics of mack construction trucks send them along

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  1. Planning on going to maggio s show if I'm not working hell if it keeps raining I'll be off
  2. Al I carry spare clothes just in case of that or I rip the at work lol
  3. That sure is a very nice truck.followed your built cool
  4. Some Saturday I need to take a road trip to Marengo to see the stark shop and all the dogs glad I don't live close I d be under foot all the time
  5. So today I was in the six wheeler and tag with the 75xt on back got on 55 south by rt 30 and going north about maybe 6:30 I saw the very sharp and clean stark r model going north got too excited to get a pic very cool
  6. Looks like your playing the rain Game too 3 to 5 inches here in Illinois by monday that sucks
  7. Isn't that all there stuff off rt 64 north av
  8. Are they still running.
  9. He's my version of a golden boy lol
  10. Friday I was in joliet at the cn yard hauling on site and dodging container drivers. Monday I think I'm on ashpalt and Tuesday the dupage airport.then rain the rest of the week lol
  11. No that wasn't me that was #1 his truck was down pinion seal was out he hates driving my RD but he's got seniority so I get either drive the 6 wheeler which I don't mind or sit home he don't like driving the 6 wheeler either so I got to sit home we don't have hardly any work.he bitches quit a bit he d bitch if he was hung with a new rope.he don't like pulling the axle trailer either.but when your senior driving and can squeeze under the desk you work in the slow times LOL.
  12. Oh man that is sharp.!! Like the clean lines of the box easy to keep clean.damn sharp
  13. Where's the pics? ?lol