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    i love all macks but the ones i love the most are the ones in the construction industry. .if any one has pics of mack construction trucks send them along

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  1. Yea I know about the American part was at m and k in summit once while it was still chicago mack wally asked the guy for the Vin and he kept saying "ch 613" then the guy with him had to interpret kinda like the quarries and more yes we aref##ked soon we ll like the Indians on a reservation just my opinion
  2. Did you go to the old Chicago mack in summit if so yea it's very sad joliet isn't much better
  3. Like your pic of your superliner at sunrise on the mack face book page
  4. Man love that green rd
  5. And the rd and superliner
  6. I agree with Al
  7. Ok just keeping an eye out for ya hope all is going good
  8. Hope you found another truck nicr rd on global truck traders site
  9. Mack won't build nothing for the people who used them for years they will be ikea trucks .so sad that there demise is coming
  10. Hope all the stork mack folks are ok heard there was a big home explosion up there
  11. 25 new granites wow nice must have a ton of work very nice
  12. Looks kinda like a volvo