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    i love all macks but the ones i love the most are the ones in the construction industry. .if any one has pics of mack construction trucks send them along

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  1. Looking for a maxidyne emblem for the 90 RD690S. I know there as rare as woodpecker lips .
  2. Why would they when they ruined the other truck companies they bought also
  3. I bet they thinks who's this old goober in this old mack waving at us
  4. So I was hauling fill from aurora universityto fox ridge ccdd with the RD and was on orchard and rt30 and was passed by the stark granite and flat bed going to get a load was a 2 man team got a wave nice
  5. Don't get vacation time in the summer cause its go time and then winter I'm laid off maybe if I get to retire ld love to see that row of superliners up close. These new young guys don't know what it's like to drive a real truck I'm sure there's a few that do.I love that old RD I drive
  6. I don't think mack will ever be as strong and reliable like they were well hell nothing is like that anymore plastic and electronics now
  7. Well the pete is nice I still like those macks. Like the foundation pic
  8. Some year before I get much older than I am. I d love to go to macungie to see all the nice macks.
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