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    i love all macks but the ones i love the most are the ones in the construction industry. .if any one has pics of mack construction trucks send them along

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  1. mackey58

    Chicago R models

    So made it to Mr kamp s show nice iron there got a hat and a calendar. I was on I 80 westbound at 12 :45 and saw the very sharp stork b model damnit missed opportunity to meet up
  2. Oh man nice .wish the RD had that bumper. I've seen pics of there newer RD I don't know the year it's got the newer sloped hood nice
  3. On the 05 granite it's getting hard to see the milage and the gauges cause it's getting dusty between the glass can I separate the front of the dash from the gauges is it s pita to do any ideas
  4. Ok cause I ll be in a quarry or dump site and guys will ask me is that an RD that it might be something obvious other than it being awesome
  5. What the difference between the R and RD the frame.
  6. mackey58

    Jersey Macks

    That sucks was wondering what's new and ur updates
  7. Yea mines a 1990 rd 690s
  8. Best truck ever. Imo
  9. Not a RD but it works
  10. Now ur talking damn spell check
  11. Niw ur raking Mr hancock more like that !!!! Lol
  12. mackey58

    Chicago R models

    What do you guys think and I know I shouldn't ask this on chi macks page and love my old rd what do you guys think of western star d construction has 2 Mil ron has a couple just wondering

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