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    i love all macks but the ones i love the most are the ones in the construction industry. .if any one has pics of mack construction trucks send them along
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  1. The 310 in the granite with the shiftable reverse is nice
  2. Damn fingers it works good on the 300L maxidyne
  3. I drove a 78 with the 2 stick 107.the RD has the 7 speed single stick it works ok not the 300L maxidyne but n iui t as much fun
  4. I think I told the story on here of taking the 90 RD in for injectors to a local shop.12 year old tech came out with a laptop. Looked under dash and asked me were do I plug in.i told him his butt .he got kinda mad.
  5. I saw a stark mixer on 130th heading east by the ford plant a couple weeks ago
  6. 7 yards ? Or8 the semi ones didn't last too long valley had some but I see the vanished when prairie bought them
  7. How much can you carry on that tandem axle yellow international
  8. No more of my opinions trucks yes trump.and stars and bars nazi's nope ya all be safe
  9. Sooo it's ok for some people to march with weapons in the streets like a 3rd world country. Soooo I see alot now about some people. Carry on enjoy the new world order.
  10. Not going to keep beating a dead horse you go with what you believe,no mater who s in we screwed. So fly your own flag
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