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  1. the message pops up as a safety reminder when you reach a certain speed. I would check the air solenoid that controls the function, I had several problems with the solenoids. They are all mounted together along the frame. I believe any "air" actuated switch is really electronic, and activates whichever solenoid it needs
  2. Illinois is the same way. $84 one time trailer plate fee. never expires
  3. still in use today at the precast plant
  4. it did throw some codes, but I dont remember them. nothing like you have going on though
  5. i had a main battery cable from the battery to the starter that had a bad spot in it. a real hard corroded section of the big red cable going to the starter. no crank. 2012 CHU
  6. a CH with a good aluminum frameless has about the best empty weight around
  7. hope you're driving a prius! That's a hell of a commute
  8. hope thats a "performance" X15...the other choice is "effeciency" X15 and they cannot get out of their own way Good Luck
  9. more frieghtshaker than anything else. like buying a cadillac cimarron instead of a chevy caviler
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