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  1. mine stay on if the yellow button is pushed in, pull it out and they go off, like daytime running lights i guess?
  2. H J Mohr was a big redimix co back in the day here in chicago. They shut the doors last year. Wonder if that's a relative, or something like that. Same paint scheme as the company trucks
  3. 13 tractors up to 2017 western stars listed on day 2 plus a bunch of logging trailers
  4. these are the kinds of things that pushed me to sell my truck and drive for somebody else
  5. didnt go on here yesterday, how did you make out? should have been ok till just north of where you were i think??!??
  6. this is pretty handy, SUPPOSEDLY has all the bridge clearances in the city. I use it a lot https://www.chicago.gov/content/dam/city/depts/cdot/bridge/general/PostedClearances072312.pdf
  7. I can only imagine what his boss said...they dont call him "Screamin Freeman" for nothing....
  8. that bridge on stoney island s of 95th is 13 4. should be good 95th all the way east is 13 6 minimum
  9. combo on a tag won't fit under an 11ft bridge, i bet 😬
  10. the height signs in the city are WAY better than they used to be. with a dump trailer you can go almost anywhere. Prob can't be more than about 11 ft with the dump trailer, i would think...I can sneak under the RIchards St train tracks in Joliet, I think that one says 10'11"
  11. At least you figured it out before you had a real problem, like it breaking out of the draft arm while you're dumping leaning that way!
  12. i could see daylight between the fifth wheel and the trailer king pin plate with the quarter frame hilbilt all the way up after dumping. i think it takes all the weight off the fifth wheel when its up. an inch? probably not. might be worn out on the plate or the fifth wheel, or both. trailer was a 97 or 98, tractor was an 01. both were well used
  13. I got to haul dirt to Vulcan in McCook today and tomorrow...I forgot what a treat that is 🤮🤮🤮
  14. i think they are gone. Lorig is in their building along I90. I have seen some equipment and trucks on craigslist and truckpaper
  15. friend of mine was kinda right next to them when it happened. found parts on his lowboy under the machine he was hauling...said the dump truck never slowed down
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