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  1. had full lockers on my pete...never, never, never used them to get IN. regular diff lock to get IN. full lockers to get OUT. as far as I am concerned,if you want me to get in...fix the road. If you use the full lockers to get IN, you'll either break something or won't be able to get out. Regular diff lock should be fine. That is why they make dozers!
  2. found this diagram on the interweb...says "drivers footwell" sounds simple! haha 8e56958b-0fc1-4644-abbe-310a02747259_D__Mack+Pubs+DVD2_Disc+4_viewer_internals_conlocplate.pdf
  3. ran 1 set of double coin drives. JUNK. barely lasted a year. you get what you pay for. if you buy a $200 tire, you get $200 out of it. just my 2 cents
  4. dump trucking in chicagoland is no longer fun. Time for a new career
  5. https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/hvo/d/1976-mack-rl685ls/6691231560.html just looks cool l
  6. no kidding? the way I understood it, the MDrive can't be in gear and have the PTO function at the same time? Maybe there are different ways to set it up...company here can't spread with their MDrive tractors, only the allisons
  7. M-Drive won't engage the PTO while in gear, while an Allison will. Big negative in my book
  8. saw s&h, also ALWAYS mack trucks, between the s&h, s&s, and united leasing fleets, with a green KW. Not good
  9. could be the air compressor, friend of mine chased his pushing coolant out the overflow for a long time...finally put on a new compressor and it went away
  10. That's crazy...in Addison they put the trailers in a different "contractor" lot outside the fence
  11. they pick the trailers up at a yard just outside the fence at ups. where the ups spotter puts the trailer so the "contractors" can haul them
  12. how do the teamsters let a bunch of scabs haul for ups when it's not even christmas time when they're swamped?
  13. caught this nice superliner just as it went by today
  14. Hiding in traffic I caught the palumbo superliner yesterday
  15. air compresser? friend has a 2001 CH and thats what the problem was
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