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  1. i think they are gone. Lorig is in their building along I90. I have seen some equipment and trucks on craigslist and truckpaper
  2. friend of mine was kinda right next to them when it happened. found parts on his lowboy under the machine he was hauling...said the dump truck never slowed down
  3. for only $35k you could own a piece of chicago roadbuilding history https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/d/glen-ellyn-1993-mack-super-liner/6952559641.html
  4. the newer ones that brought the older ones on the lowboys are the regular ones...and yes they are usually that clean...at least when they leave the shop in the am
  5. drove an 07 vision for a while, same prob. that seatbelt buzzer is enough to make you want to take a hammer to the dash! mechanic was able to spread the prongs and use some grease to make it stop
  6. i had heard that the PTO won't engage if you're in gear on the MDrive...not sure if that is true or not...but I bet you couldn't spread stone very well in that case. Maybe the Starks could confirm that
  7. boughton trucks are allisons, and yes they have a lot of get up and go!
  8. Yep, same as the guys I started working for...prob have 20+ Macks...and the new batch is 5 T880s to go with the 3 T880s he bought last year. Sad.
  9. guy gets 2 peterbilts and look what happens!😊
  10. another one bites the dust...always all mack K-Five Construction has brand new Peterbilt tractors...must be following the Stark family
  11. 2012 CHU 613 - MP8 13SPD - 2 line wet kit - full fenders - pinned 5th wheel - durabrite wheels - all the usual stuff fixed - new wiring harness - injectors - starter - alternator - 3 new batteries - new main power wire from batteries to starter - new virgin drive tires - asking $35k - make an offer - steve 630-688-6110 - near Chicago
  12. guy i started working for has done the same thing...about 35-40 trucks...always mack until the 2012 - 2015. now has 3 kw t880s, 5 on order, and plans to phase out all the macks. saw the Stark Pete at homer yesterday and today, looks sharp
  13. had full lockers on my pete...never, never, never used them to get IN. regular diff lock to get IN. full lockers to get OUT. as far as I am concerned,if you want me to get in...fix the road. If you use the full lockers to get IN, you'll either break something or won't be able to get out. Regular diff lock should be fine. That is why they make dozers!
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