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  1. Almost looks like headers on that engine?
  2. Chrysler buys all of their emissions credits from Tesla.
  3. Ford puts the optional bedliner in almost every truck now. They were having a lot of issues. The bedliner is a hard type liner but you'd think that'd negate the weight savings of the aluminum floor. GM uses aluminum on any panel that swings, tailgate, doors, etc.
  4. My grandfather was actually a Packard dealer. He sold out in the 50's when they started using other engines. I think he said chevrolet engines. He said he thought it cheapened them up to much.
  5. I try to stay away from Limited Partnership "LP" stocks. Think its really worth it?
  6. So say a certain guy I know bought 1800 shares of NAV when it was $15, what is the magic number to sell it at?
  7. We call that a clique here.
  8. A "purple circle" ? Thats a new one for me......
  9. Wouldn't that be ironic? We could have Case International trucks.
  10. I had a nos set of mirrors from the 80's and according to the box labeling they should be how the dogs in the ad are.
  11. Like 880joe said. The older CH's used the same as the RD and the SFA CH's. The new SFA's have l.e.d. light housings.
  12. Can't disagree more with you. I've had 2 blowouts on steer axles. 425's each time. First time was a set of Michelin's that had 1200 miles on them. Going 65mph, the passenger side steer instantly exploded. No humps, bumps, rot or cuts. Never touch the brakes, keep the truck in your lane till it slows. Second time was a set of Kumhos that had 120,000 miles on them. They were wearing perfectly flat and smooth. They didn't hop or bounce and had no visual defects. The tire decided to just blow. No pretrip can stop that from happening.
  13. My best guess is, they go on the roof........
  14. ???? Did I miss something? Whats going on?
  15. I had a '95 RD bought new. It beeped when it blinked. Very annoying at a stoplight.
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