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  1. Ford Market News

    Here we go.....more worried about shareholders than customers. We want vehicles to be unique, different seats, different engines. This isn't Europe. If a focus, fusion and fiesta have the same everything in them, why pay more for a fusion over a focus?
  2. Why did they skip 2 for engine models? Is there a secret engine we don't Know about?
  3. Ol' Loadstar headlights

    Check the wires coming off the starter for a fuse. Lots of times there is a dedicated wire coming from there for the headlights.
  4. EM7 upgraded inj and turbo

    12r tires are fine on 8.25 rims. My truck came factory that way. Only problem is 12R's are not as common.
  5. If I were caught on tracks with a company truck, the only thing I'd be worried about is meself. Grab my wallet and run away.

    I learned a trick years ago......you tell me your age and I can tell you what year you were born in.
  7. Happy Birthday Vlad

    Happy birthday!
  8. Pretty Wheel

    Must be a lot smoother roads than where I'm at.
  9. News- Ford Medium Duty Trucks

    Very much so throw aways. My buddy is a supervisor for a huge blacktop and concrete company. They bought a bunch of new ones because they're cheap. All gas burners too. Mileage is the same for gas and diesel but the diesels are way too expensive to operate. They used to get the little kenworths but they're too expensive. He said the Ford's are good for two maybe 3 seasons. After that he said u gotta get rid of them.
  10. EM7 upgraded inj and turbo

    That truck will easily run a million miles. We had a em7 that pulled 87,000 everyday. Had the 7spd though. Truck easily went 70. Took approximately 1 mile to reach 60mph.
  11. Votes in favor of new Excise Taxes

    I agree that the Prius could go. Those Aztecs were so fugly. I bought one for a beater once......and I LOVED it! Easy to get in and out of, very reliable and the center console lifted out and doubles as a cooler!
  12. Why Cummins for Volvos and not newer Macks?

    Give me a wood dash with actual toggle switches and individual gauges. I've rarely replaced toggle switches but plastic rockers switches go out quite often. My old Mack had real wood dashes which were so nice and the power window switches were on the dash.....not on the door. I can't stand having the window switches on the door.
  13. Why Cummins for Volvos and not newer Macks?

    A binder is a International truck, or Navistar. They were at one point the same international harvester that made farm equipment, so they got the corn binder nickname.
  14. Why Cummins for Volvos and not newer Macks?

    The binders remind me of the Ford pickups from the mid 80's. Open the hood and you couldn't find the engine. Just vacuum lines, wires and stuff.