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  1. Dirtymilkman

    Experience,--6.7 Ford Power Stroke

    If any you guys are interested in a non emissions truck I have a 2003 2500 ext cab long box Duramax for sale. 6spd manual and 4wd. 15,000 miles. Was my dad's.
  2. Dirtymilkman

    General Motors News

    I'm all for it. If I can catch a nap headed somewhere, so be it.
  3. Dirtymilkman

    2000 ed e7 just stopped pulling

    Check box on driver side firewall under the hood for corrosion. The steer tire likes to throw a lot of crap into it.
  4. Dirtymilkman

    New Mack question?

    Idling is the very worst thing you can do to your after treatment system.
  5. Dirtymilkman

    General Motors News

    Another mistake in the making.
  6. Dirtymilkman

    Mack MH

    .......I heard it went overseas. Just kidding
  7. Dirtymilkman

    2004 Vision CX613 Engine Damage!

    Probably a crown broke off a piston, possibly bent pushrods, bent valves, I've even seen timing gears crack from over reving. Also saw a clutch explode from that too.
  8. Dirtymilkman

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope you're spending the time with your family and all is well.
  9. Dirtymilkman

    CHANGING A CAB on a 2001 RD

    That's a good question......I believe the 2003 CV was still the Rd frame but not sure if it has a different crossmember under the cab.
  10. Dirtymilkman

    2004 Vision CX613 Engine Damage!

    Sell the truck and work for Walmart. You'll be money ahead.
  11. Dirtymilkman

    General Motors News

    You want the motor as low and far back as you can for weight distribution, handling and so on. But I prefer user friendly.
  12. Dirtymilkman

    General Motors News

    Holy crap...... where's the motor???
  13. Volvo probably gets dibs on parts if there's a shortage.
  14. Dirtymilkman

    U.S. Plans New Limits on Heavy-Duty Truck Emissions

    More and more hybrids coming.
  15. Dirtymilkman

    General Motors News

    My friend is a big nuts for Ames Construction. They buy 3/4 Chevy's with 6.0 gas burners. He said the cost per mile is lower than anything else. They keep them for 250,000 to 300,000 miles then auction them off. They still bring anywhere from $2000-$5000 with those miles. They tried diesels but the cpm was to high.

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