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  1. I know sisu makes big horsepower engines. Straight 6, straight 7's and even v motors. The ones we ran in AG equipment are very fuel efficient.
  2. I thought the future of freight is the containers? But they're designing all these "super trucks" to pull special trailers. Wouldn't it be helpful to design an intermodal type trailer?
  3. It's usually easier to handle the heads if you bolt them together with iron and remove/replace them as a single unit. Make sure you check liner protrusion
  4. Actually I'm an anything man if it's to my liking. I love the new f150's except the floor of the box should've been left steel. And it's gotta be a v8. I'm not a Henry Ford fan in the least.
  5. I gotta disagree on Henry Ford being a good guy. He knew publicity could make him money. He also knew those farmers would all buy a new ford and their families would buy a new ford. He even decided what color you were going to get.
  6. I'd pull an oil sample and send it off immediately. Could be liner cavitation, the motor would still run good. Could be a number of issues. Check your air tanks, your air compressor could have a bad head. Drop the oil pan and with the engine cold, pressurize the cooling system. You'll see if liners are leaking or find other leaks. Pressurizing the system is probably your best test. Oil coolers will usually put oil in the radiator if broke. I also had a bad air compressor once that kept pushing air into the radiator and emptying it.
  7. Using a peterbilt would be like when they remade Knight Rider with a mustang.
  8. Yeah.....The same Swedes that are killing Mack
  9. Think anyone is gonna restore any old Volvo's one day? Hahahaha hahahaha
  10. That truck looks pretty sharp! A lotta liters for such little power?
  11. And don't believe the computer mileage always. Mine will vary both ways.
  12. I would not be afraid of that truck one bit. Buy it up and run it. Then you'll know FIRST HAND. All my experience with Mack service in MN has been good. Paccar around here not so good. It all depends on the dealer you go to. And I would think a new dealer would treat you excellent as they'd be looking for new customers.
  13. And it'd get 16mpg if it had 2001 emissions.
  14. The Chinese version almost looks better.
  15. Looks like the schroud and a/c condenser are missing too. Probably a quick fix someone did to it to sell it.