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  1. Cummins tried fusing the pistons together but they had trouble with the heads of the pistons coming off. I was told the Mack 2 piece was the benchmark design and was copied by other companies.
  2. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/hvo/d/carver-bunk-for-mack/7315126453.html Thought this wasn't a bad deal
  3. Brake pedal pin can be siezed so it'd be stuck in the down position.
  4. Wow, that is sharp! Polished up very nice.
  5. Run 3.86's, if you feel after that it isn't enough torque, switch to lo pros.
  6. On Jakes I always check them by running battery voltage right to the head where the wire comes out. Then you can decide which way u need to go.
  7. Sounds like possible boost leak or not enough fuel pressure.
  8. They are factory installed accessory switches. You can use the to control beacons or whatever. They are pre-wired with the wire in the dash. If the switch has a key, that means it powered only when key is on. If it has a battery, that means switch has constant power to it.
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