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  1. Need info on water/methanol injection

    That is a sweet little hot rod. If you go to tractor pulls and talk to the pullers, a lot of the guys will show you their set up. I know drag racing and pulling up here is for the most part filled with great people willing to share their knowledge.
  2. Ice Fishing

    ............with two guys in there, it sounded like there was nothing but pole in there. You should've came out for eelpout festival instead.
  3. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    Up here the "paccar" mx motor is dying. Lots of issues and lots of parts availability issues. I know of fleets going to strictly Cummins engines. One fleet of about 26 trucks has traded all paccar engine trucks off in the last two years. Another I know with a few hundred trucks is transitioning now to Cummins and also getting a few Mack's and internationals.
  4. LTL9000

  5. Go figure. Autozone strike again......grrrrr.

    I remember when stuff made in Japan was junk. Now if something is made in Japan, it's high quality. Now the Chinese tools and parts are junk but I have been seeing a lot of stuff come from Indonesia. Is that gonna be the new China?
  6. Ford Market News

    The center consoles in these newer vehicles are getting out of hand. I test drove a new Dodge pickup the other day, it was like driving a cabover on the inside. The console is so wide and tall it's ridiculous.
  7. Go figure. Autozone strike again......grrrrr.

    I learned over the years that the worst thing to do to a u joint is grease it. If you grease a u joint and grease comes out, make sure it comes out all four and then clean off all grease. That u joint is good for at least 30,000 miles. Penske did a study and they only grease every 40,000 miles. Less replacements being done then when they greased at 4000 miles.
  8. I started with a 300 with a 2070 trans. Grossed 85,000 everyday. It took not quite 1 mile to get to 60mph and that truck would cruise along nicely at 65. Fuel economy was in that 6-6.5 range.
  9. HP per ton is bullshit. It's torque and the torque curves that climb that hill. Take a 355/380 maxicruise and a 430 Detroit, a c12 or anything else close in hp. That maxicruise will out pull them all.
  10. This is why the E7 is still one of the best engines built. 12 liters, durable, 500 hp, 1900 torque (before they snuffed it with emissions) and would fit in anything.
  11. Gauge Reading Low Oil Pressure

    Your best thing to do would be to hook up a mechanical gauge to check oil pressure. Any cheap pressure gauge will work. I believe at idle you need very little oil pressure. How well is the Jake brake working? That's a telltale too if you have low pressure.
  12. Hard start

    Injector cups. I just replaced mine. Hand prime the motor then try to start.
  13. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/grd/d/cab No relationship
  14. Nikola Motors news

    When the economy tanks this so called "smart city" will tank too.