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  1. How much water will they use to produce hydrogen? Water is our most precious resource. It's mandatory for life. We can't drink oil, so we might as well burn it. I'd much rather see "fossil fuels" run our nation's infrastructure than our water.
  2. DO NOT overthink this........it is perfectly fine. We always joke that it's a oversized camshaft idle. Sometimes you can get it to smoothen out by putting on a new fuel return check valve. But it will come back.
  3. Check battery disconnect switch or other grounds. You'll always get power on a ground if it's searching for a good ground.
  4. That's a lot of inner tubes.......
  5. Imagine the steering wheel holders here in the U.S. trying to hook that up correctly. Then imagine them trying to drive it.
  6. This all depends on the dealership and salesman. They can push for better pricing assistance and sell them a lot cheaper.
  7. Go with the gravel pit. It'll be way less headaches.
  8. What the hell? China going back to inner tubes?!
  9. Sound deaden that cab and get a great seat and keep the a/c up. You have just as comfortable truck as any.
  10. Henry would be proud......he was a big fan of the Germans.
  11. What say you about the coat? Trying to seal water out?
  12. This is the new way to safely inflate tires.
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