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  1. Dirtymilkman


    Sounds like u better open the heat valve more.........way to cold out for a/c.
  2. Dirtymilkman

    Putin, the Internet and Vlad

    I wouldn't blame Vlad for getting rid of her. Look at her..... barely a 9.
  3. By today's standards it is a good looking rig. And they give you options. But they are still poorly designed. The dash layout is horrible, the cab is louder and they ran out of room under the cab for a y pipe so the left hand exhaust stack is a dummy.
  4. Dirtymilkman

    swap out T2070

    Had the same setup in a truck we grossed 85,000 pounds with for years. Quite a stretch between gears but once you get her going it hauls. Don't switch tranny unless you plan on switching rears too.
  5. Dirtymilkman

    Mike Ponsonby and the performance of his Scania V8

    I heard the Scania V8 can pull a mountain. 😊
  6. Dirtymilkman

    12 speed selector rebuild.

    That's also from having a piss poor parts manager. They should never be charging list price for parts. Brake drums list for $270 or more and Mack sells them here for 90
  7. I'm a fan of pup trailers. You can go anywhere with them and once you get used to it they are easy to back up. But to me it sounds like you made your decision. Remember, your health and safety are the main priority.
  8. Dirtymilkman

    General Motors News

    It's a stroked 6.0 liter.
  9. Dirtymilkman

    Ford Market News

    Took a page from the LS engine.
  10. Dirtymilkman

    Chinese Truck Tires

    For 425's the best tires on my steer are kumhos. 115,000 miles and I run 19,000 lbs on them. As for drives, Michelin xdn are by far superior. Easy 100,000mile plus on a 91,000 lb straight truck.
  11. I agree 100 percent. Competition is a necessity. If they meet safety standards and are what they say they are, then sell away. Chinese tires are a great option free auxiliary axles and trailers. You don't wanna burn off 600 dollar Bridgestones.
  12. Dirtymilkman

    Ford Market News

    Mines got a 302 with a turbo 400. She likes to rev
  13. Dirtymilkman

    Ford Market News

    Not mine but an identical twin down to the wheels. Mines bundled up in the back corner of the shop
  14. Dirtymilkman

    Ford Market News

    Haha. Very good.

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