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  1. How does the gear lash stay correct?
  2. Look at the seat backs. Some of the seats angle back in the headrest area. These don't work for daycabs. I have a bostrom serta in my titan and it hits the wall. But the factory bostroms could go so far back that you couldn't reach the pedals.
  3. 11.1 is a boat anchor. Get a actual tare weight on the truck. Itll be very heavy.
  4. Why is the dog on the grille and not forward on the cab?
  5. Wow, this is getting stupid. 300 horse and 600 torque is plenty.
  6. Very few new rangers around here. Sales numbers are terrible, Nissan Frontier is outselling them.
  7. That picture is a work of art!
  8. He'd never pass a drug test. Ever.
  9. Saw this and remember you had some B project with a mixer I believe. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/for/d/stewart-mack-61/6963019709.html
  10. It's all how you order the truck. You can still spec multi leaf front springs. I have had less maintenance with them. It seems the taper leaf eat bushings more often. Multi leafs are stiffer ride though.
  11. Its been a hell of a month........stay out of Paris
  12. A little more torque would be great. You spend all that money, you want a little more power on tap.
  13. Love that blower sound! You have a Pete Jackson gear drive on that thing?
  14. My 2000 cl when it was new would stumble at random times. A reflash fixed it.
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