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  1. Ram looks like an older gmc and ford went to the Chevy style "bar grill"
  2. Having driven a new HX I believe this article is total bullshit. The floor design is absolutely ridiculous, you have to raise your armrest to shift into low, the pedal placement is also terrible, the seat sits in a dip and all water/snow runs into the base, the throttle pedal is bolted to the floor and so on. Sharp looking truck though. These are the actual floormats for it.
  3. I shut it off and it doesn't make a difference.
  4. Have 46,000 mack rears on air ride. Has manual power divider and the rear axle has wheel to wheel lock. Truck also has the mud/snow switch. The issue I'm having is, if I'm on ice, I try to pull forward and both front and rear axle on just the drivers side will roll forward half a turn then lock up and slide. I could back up and it will not do it. Sometimes though if i go to back up, they drivers side will slide in reverse but go forward easily. passenger side acts normal either way. If I manually lock the power divider and wheel to wheel then I'll move without sliding. Any ideas? Peanut kit time?
  5. You will have a hard time believing this, but I found that any time I put new drive tires on, I replace shock absorbers. And that ended the cupping and chopping on the drives. Who'd think straight trucks that gross over 90,000 lbs having shocks would matter.
  6. The scary part is the actual death rate with the coronavirus. it's around 200 per one hundred thousand infections, the flu is something like .13 deaths per hundred thousand.
  7. Oil temp should typically run 20 degrees warmer than the coolant temp.
  8. Autocar seems to be making it go. Being big and selling a lot doesn't make you the best. Most manufacturers now are appeasing shareholders. They want profits and dividends.
  9. I found a whole brand new tecbrake kit on Ebay for $600 for my 1990 ch. It actually seems better than the original Jacob's.
  10. We had a New Holland self propelled forage harvester with the 13 liter. 450 hp, reliable motor but expensive. Injectors were $2500 a piece.
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