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  1. Wow......I thought it was bad when my ex threw a knife at me.
  2. Not a cab over fan, but that kenworth is sharp!
  3. This author is a little overly optimistic. Watch the video of the Walgreens being mobbed and try to have hope.
  4. Miles? Hours? Past history? Main thing is to check nitrates in the antifreeze. I'm also a big believer in valve set and injectors every 250,000 miles. I've had quite a few E7's and worst thing I ever had happen was an injector tip split.
  5. I'd absolutely do it. Just remember, you only hear about the problems.....you never hear about the ones that just keep going.
  6. Deere was running a Caterpillar style head/injection last I saw.
  7. Buy the knob from PAI. They're about $100 cheaper. You can buy an Eaton knob for about $35 but I don't know if they'd interchange.
  8. That's a mack I don't wanna ride!
  9. $45 to swap tires here. That's just crazy. Plus they charge shop supplies and also valve stems are not included. My buddy just had a flat repair done and it cost $79.
  10. Not sure how the anthem can is mounted but if it's like my Titan you'll love it. Not sure if my Titan is mounted the same as the Aussie ones but its different from my CL's. Great ride.
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