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  1. 2001 cl713, 18 speed, 3.86 rears. CL's I believe are just a different animal.
  2. Dirtymilkman

    Spec'ing a NEW MACK!! (Volmac)

    This situation applies to every truck manufacturer. I know guys that had situations like that or worse with Kenworth's, Pete's, frieghtshakers and binders. A friend of mine had his peterbilt burn to the ground. It started in the dash. Ins company wouldn't cover it because it was a new truck and said was defective. Peterbilt said insurance should cover it. International trucks with maxforce engines couldn't make it from the factory to the dealer even. Every company makes their trucks now with the intention of the components lasting til warranty is over. There are no longer "heirloom" trucks.
  3. I LOVE my mp10. I run 90,000lbs constantly and it's totally effortless. I have the 525 hp version. This thing cruises at 70+ with no effort, no groaning, no heat issues and a great engine brake. My average economy has been 6.3-6.4 mpg this summer. Mp10's also don't have all the injector issues. But with that being said, my etech 460 will out pull it on a long hill. That has stage 2 injectors and 45 psi of boost. And the shop figures over 500 hp on that.
  4. Dirtymilkman

    Spec'ing a NEW MACK!! (Volmac)

    Every new Mack truck will have led headlights. If this granite doesn't have them, you'll be able to get them. Your dealership shouldn't make that a deal breaker. He should be able to get them installed on that truck. Never get the M-ride. Piss poor setup. Go with Camelback or air ride. The M ride is the old Volvo T ride. They're pushing it at some dealerships and in our area it was tried and the dealer said, never again. I know what you mean by the gauges comment. I like the dash layout in my Titan way better.
  5. Dirtymilkman

    1971 Brockway N457

    Wedge brakes are still in use on military equipment.
  6. Dirtymilkman

    Mack Trucks Australia

    I got a new one in my shop in boxes yet. But a stainless one would make more sense. The look is almost identical. Except Aussie ones look better IMO.
  7. Dirtymilkman

    Mack Trucks Australia

    My Titan has a crappy chrome over aluminum or pot metal. It peels like crazy. I wonder how close the dimensions are?
  8. Dirtymilkman

    Navistar contracted for rocket-propelled grenade netting

    They should use the maxforce powered ones for rpg target practice
  9. Dirtymilkman

    Mack Trucks Australia

    On those trucks, what is the grille surround on the hood made of? Is it stainless steel or chrome over aluminum?
  10. Dirtymilkman

    Ford Market News

    Ford seeks to save about $7 billion in engineering and product-development costs while reducing by 20 percent the amount of time it takes to bring a vehicle from the sketch board to the showroom. Uh-oh.........I learned you can't get more milk out of a cow by feeding it less.
  11. Dirtymilkman

    brockway tractor and trailer

    I never looked at a brockway with an R cab. That brockway dash is way better where the speedo and tach are.
  12. Dirtymilkman

    Ford unveils new Transit skeletal chassis cab

    It's all about being #1. They didn't want ranger sales taking away from f series sales. They want that best selling feather in their hat. So call the ranger the F100 or something and add it to the f series sales. I don't think the #1 seller is a big sale point.
  13. There's a couple "test" Kenworth's around here pulling farm milk pickup tankers. The guys hate them compared to the Allisons. The main complaint is the skip shifting. With partial loads the milk rocks in the truck and it makes for a sore back. For fully loaded loads they work good. Backing up is a lot better with these compared to the ultra shifts. But so far the Allison is the winner.
  14. Dirtymilkman

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    If you buy it, put $10,000 in it before you do anything. Remove all emissions from it. Change oil in tranny and rears too. Heat was the main issue with the '04's. They had a cooling package that was to small and the egr's and coolers were troublesome.

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