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  1. Hey Other Dog..... I have a few bridges I'll sell you. Very cheap. 😁
  2. Those cabs are pretty common. They were for many years on the heavier trucks. I think it'd be cheaper to find a cab then to repair yours.
  3. Everyone that I know that had covid was tested because they had to be and it showed positive. Most of these people didn't even feel sick. One of my friends wife had it and said she felt slight flu like symptoms but had to get checked because of where she worked. Came back positive. Lost taste and smell for two weeks. Our hospitals are getting paid from the government for people that have covid as cause of death. When you're in your 80's and get pneumonia, it's kind of a death wish. Miraculously hardly anyone died of pneumonia in the last couple years. But lots of covid deaths.
  4. I'm not anti mask or anti vaccine. People should just be respectful around other people and not sneeze or cough into the air and wash their hands. But one thing you gotta realize, 700,000 people did not die from covid here. The numbers are inflated. They were counting every death due to it. My buddies uncle had a heart attack, the death certificate read, "died due to complications from covid". Our cancer deaths and heart disease deaths were at an all time low, no one died from influenza, nobody died from pneumonia, it was all covid. This is absolutely a real disaster but for some reason our government is trying to scare the shit out of us.
  5. Weak injectors. Wore out tips.
  6. That sounds like furl slobbering. When it mixes with soot it looks like oil.
  7. And if they're a little loose just tighten the axle shaft nuts so the points all face outward.
  8. What suspension is in your ch? Do you have Mack axles? You can't beat mack axles in uneven terrain for traction.
  9. That shop looks way to organized. How can you get anything accomplished?
  10. Sounds like a boot or intake leaking.
  11. A "mechanic" at the local mack dealer here left his little flashlight in the timing gears on a mp8. That didn't work out well.
  12. Same transmission. Just a different shift knob. Eatons cannot be converted easily.
  13. Just get a core from Detroit Radiator and do it yourself. Very easy to do and way cheaper and heavier. Should be same as as CL core.
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