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  1. General E7 Questions

    Pyro stinger is probably going bad or it's loose in the elbow after the turbo. It needs to be tight to get a good ground and I know those threads on those elbows strip easy.
  2. Alabama

    Obviously we gotta have the parties for voting. But why when they write a bill can't they take the best of both and write bills that are good for the country. I know lobbyists have their hands in everyone's pockets and blah blah. But can't we wish?
  3. Alabama

    I'll stand in a dark room with my friends and family that I know. There are assholes from every religious denomination. We were raised Catholic and all that but I know people that are Catholic that are thieves and murderers. I have tons of respect for most people on this site and I don't know, nor do I care about their religious beliefs. Be a good person, do good for others, be respectful and follow the commandments. They are a good set of rules for the whole world. For those of you who believe in a God, I hope it works out for you. For those of you that believe when we die, our eyes are shut and that's it, good luck to you too.
  4. Knife fight in our kitchen tonite

    More lobster on lobster crime.
  5. Alabama

    It shows some people will choose principles over party. I'm not a fan of Democrats but I think Moore was a nut job. He didn't know how to separate church from state, he thought he was above the law because he was a judge and he was arrogant. In my opinion he should've never been a judge, much less a candidate. The two party system has divided and ruined our country. Big money and media decides who gets to run for offices. Hilary Clinton and Vladimir Putin have both been accused of the same crimes. But Hilary says Putin should be in prison for what he's done. Yet she is praised by half the country and Trump is called a traitor for wanting to cooperate with Putin.
  6. 2000 CL713 door panels

    There's a silver one on ebay
  7. How Much Should I Be Paying For A clutch Job?

    Labor is that cheap on the east coast?!? In Mn here we are paying $130 an hour. It is ridiculous.
  8. 1953 MACK LJSWX

    Holy shit, that is a ugly hood!
  9. Volvo names new Mack Trucks president

    Kevin, what say you about this guy?
  10. Urinals in the garage?

    Your weather looks better than mine. 12°f here and 50 mph wind gusts. So the "outdoor urinal" is out of order when it's this windy.
  11. Were injectors done on this truck?
  12. 2180 13 speed

    Where are you/tranny located?
  13. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    Penske was in Detroit before the series 60. In 1988 he started a joint venture with them which was Detroit Diesel Corporation. They then went public in the early 90's.
  14. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    Actually the 2 stroke Detroit diesels were electronic first. It was very easy on those because every injector has it's own rack. All they did was replace the injectors with one's with electric controlled racks. Then you had a computer that could control the functions instead of mechanical linkage that needed VERY finicky adjustment. The series 60 came about because of Roger Penske. He wanted motors for his fleet that could record accurate data, get good mpg, meet incoming emissions and most of all have cruise control. He bought Detroit Diesel, and then came the motors. 1987 was the very first ddec. But I remember in college, cruise control was the biggest reason besides data logging for electric engines.
  15. "tars/Tyres/tires/doughnuts" That's much more better!