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  1. Verify the coolant temperature first. Gauges can be wrong.
  2. Check Raneys or Iowa80. I know they make them in stainless
  3. The window crank is the one I always remember rubbing holes in the door panel
  4. I thought one was for no door panels and the other for interior panels so they don't cut into the panels.
  5. That is a pretty awesome thing to be able to do. Hope my kids will listen that well when their time comes.
  6. Are those two the same cabs?
  7. I'm in MN and this is just embarrassing. The autopsy came out, he died of drugs, heart issues and a pre existing condition. Not asphyxiation. I'm not a fan of many cops, but these police have to deal with this bullsh*t day after day. If people wanna be judged differently, then act differently. If I were in charge the first time a protest gets violent, someone would immediately pay.
  8. The superliners were a RW, RW600 series and RW700. The 700 designations were the heavier ones.
  9. I'd probably appreciate it more but I know in 10 years they won't make parts for it.
  10. Word on the street is, this is their new good ornament. it makes a great handle to pull the hood open too.
  11. Swish.......in the U.S. we only have 12 months in a year. 😆
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