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  1. Dirtymilkman

    1977/78 Mack factory A/C unit plastic shroud needed..

    I don't have that passenger piece. I dunno what this is worth.......$75 + freight?
  2. Dirtymilkman

    The Meeting 👍🏁🇺🇸

    For Minnesota's bridge law.
  3. Dirtymilkman

    Ford Market News

    I typed vag .com and get porn 😆
  4. Dirtymilkman

    Bad DEF fluid, What the?!

    We were having trouble around here getting bad def codes AFTER the def tank on the truck gets filled. But, if you don't fill it plum full you wouldn't get a code. If you filled it full, it's say bad def quality. Turned out to be wiring harnesses. Overfilling was actually pushing def into the wiring somehow or something like that. Try filling tanks 3/4 full.
  5. Dirtymilkman

    Confidence for the long haul with Freightliner Argosy

    Now to me, that is a good looking cabover.
  6. Why insult our intelligence? Just tell us the price is going up.
  7. Dirtymilkman

    General Motors News

    No kidding. What's the point of it? We have 5.3 liters that easily get over 23 on the highway.
  8. Dirtymilkman

    1977/78 Mack factory A/C unit plastic shroud needed..

    Found the shroud. Colors are a little botchy. And a tiny crack. I'll try to get pics to upload.
  9. Dirtymilkman

    Here's something you don't see everyday.

    Lots of head room in the passenger seat.
  10. Dirtymilkman

    Presidential Alerts

    Every party trys to politicize everything. Trust none of them.
  11. Dirtymilkman

    1977/78 Mack factory A/C unit plastic shroud needed..

    I MIGHT have a brand new one here. I'll look if I get time.
  12. Oh my God.......that's the actual Mack part number. This parts guy you talked to didn't know that's a Mack number?!! Are they only teaching the new "world" part numbers?
  13. Dirtymilkman

    Kenworth reported to replace W900 with new W980 in 2020

    Those headlights look ridiculous in that truck! The more I studied them, the uglier it became.

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