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  1. They are factory installed accessory switches. You can use the to control beacons or whatever. They are pre-wired with the wire in the dash. If the switch has a key, that means it powered only when key is on. If it has a battery, that means switch has constant power to it.
  2. Make sure your fuel return line is rubbed through and leaking. The fuel will wick around an eup and look like the o rings are leaking.
  3. R model has more room than any day cab Pete or Kenworth I ever drove.
  4. I have a passenger no suspension. Grey vinyl with dog. Shipping would probably be killer. For interior, try these guys. But they're out of Australia. http://tyldenheritage.com.au
  5. Looking for a headliner from a 2005 or older ch cab. Day cab. Color not important.
  6. Keep your egr. Everything else can go. You'll be happy.
  7. Get a delete tune done. I am amazed by these engines on how clean they burn when deleted. Rumor has it, a deleted mp10 is basically smoke free and no more plugged egr's, dpf's or scr trouble.
  8. And the Seymour Buns doll that you squeezed the bulb and he mooned you!
  9. I bet you're quite a scrapper yet! How else do you keep all the women away?
  10. Watch your diet on prednisone. It'll give you an appetite with no end. You'll never get full. Also it made me very hot headed. I ended up in a few fights when I was on it. Makes a temper very bad.
  11. We've had cattle get knees looking like that........but people need hamburger.
  12. I had to change out the scr on mine to clear that code. The dealer went down the list and replaced everything before finally doing the scr. It went a little over 10,000 hours before it did it again. Now its fixed permanently.
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