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  1. PACCAR unveils automated transmission

    Isn't it funny that in the 90's a competitor salesman told me how Mack was a joke because of their integrated drivetrain. It's so much better to be able to order any transmission you want and motor and axles. Now everybody is racing towards it.
  2. Ford Market News

    The center consoles in all these new trucks are getting so big and bulky, it's like driving an old cabover. My last new truck they had to look hard to find a bench seat with leather.
  3. Consumers Union wants mpg ratings for heavy-duty pickups

    I had a ecoboost ford. Was supposed to have as much or more torque than my old 8.1.......they must have a different way of rating those ecoboost engines. But to Ford's credit, the ecoboost Pretty much matched the 8.1 fuel mileage when pulling.
  4. KS

    Exactly. I couldn't stand her politics but respected her input. But a couple guys got her banned.
  5. KS

    I think that anthem is actually a sharp truck in daycab and flat top configuration. It's different, but not way out there.
  6. KS

    He's been going through a few family issues. He's also very disappointed in the way a couple members on here act and have lack of respect. He said he is swamped with work and gives news on here for fun. But it's not worth it when a few people are rude and disrespectful.
  7. New Mack for the fall

    Yep, it's a fleet truck. I kinda like it except for the hood mirrors.
  8. Scania Next Gen in USA

    Ran by Navistar as in international?
  9. A little about the D.O.T.

    Yes. Get all the information and vin of the truck. You can get a permit. It doesn't need to be licensed, dot'd or anything. Last one I got was like $15.
  10. Holy crap ouch

    I saw it happen when the PTO didn't totally disengage and the guys box slowly crept up as he went through town.
  11. 95 E7 350 vs 2000 etech 427

    The surge on an e-tec is just the check valve on the fuel. I definitely wouldn't be afraid of the newer one. You would wanna see when injectors were done and an overhead was ran last. Probably do oil analysis on everything first. Also check nitrates in coolant. This is why Mack should make glider kits.
  12. project up and running again.

    Will cast pistons be ok when you add some boost to them? I was taught to use forged or they'll end up in the oil pan.
  13. 2018 Ford F-150 News

    Now that's not very nice.......you're just picking on the Ford engineers now. These trucks were never designed for manual transmissions. Also, it'd take a hefty tranny to stand up to the increased torque. Then you'll be losing efficiency. And yes, Rowdy should apologize to Kscarbel. Ks did not insult Rowdy. There are certain things that people will never agree on. People can learn to be adults though and be respectful.
  14. 2018 Ford F-150 News

    The autos today are more reliable than the manuals. Our powerstrokes would give synchro problems, clutch and flywheel issues too. Now you don't even give the tranny thought. Of course they are trying to sell the trucks to people that don't need them. Trucks are the biggest money maker. Also if you don't need 40 mpg, why not own a pickup instead? The decked out ones are as quiet and drive as nice as any expensive car. Plus it's more versatile. Safer for families too.
  15. The road to romance

    Does that matter when you're a teenager?