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  1. I know on a set forward pinnacle I wasn't able to order it with any after frame behind the drives for a tag axle. I believe the granite cabs have some extra metal in spots for strength too.
  2. Dibs on the girl in the boat!
  3. My 1990 ch has a e6 with ambac pump. Not sure when last e6's were installed
  4. Thought the "Big Fish Sandwich" was a play on words.........guess you really had a big, fish sandwich.
  5. Also keep the pets out of the cab. Pet hair plugs them up tight.
  6. Mine did this once. I replaced the shift knob/range selector. Fixed it.
  7. The vmac 1 and 2's were pretty simple. But you'd probably need the duse panel and a few gauges at least out of the donor truck. It's very do-able.
  8. Relay in dash. Looks like a Ford starter relay.
  9. Is it spitting any oil out the tube?
  10. If I had time for a road trip, I would haul it there for you. But there is no one wanting to work in this country anymore.
  11. Red a factory interior color?
  12. Cummins tried fusing the pistons together but they had trouble with the heads of the pistons coming off. I was told the Mack 2 piece was the benchmark design and was copied by other companies.
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