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  1. My 2001 CL taps 45 psi of boost on a good pull with stage 2 injectors and stock turbo. Guy at the dealer figured that's probably well over 500 hp. And it's not an xt file.
  2. Anyone interested in and old cast powerglide and 6 banger out of a 62 Impala?
  3. The first granites were just an R model with the CH can and different hood.
  4. Yes it's the gas shock
  5. I had a '87 Monte Carlo ss aerocoupe. It had a long sloping back window with a shortened deck lid. It was designed for NASCAR. A little funky to look at.
  6. What am I missing? I don't see much of a difference. It looks like all they did was clean up the lines a bit.
  7. My gehl skid steer has a liquid cooled deutz engine in it. The rep said it's an engine company deutz bought for their liquid cooled engines. Runs as smooth as a watch.
  8. I sure hope not. They absolutely ruined Allis Chalmers
  9. Mack cabs, Mack rears, Mack trannies, Mack suspension
  10. Sure does look like a RD fender
  11. September here means summer is over. I don't want September to come for awhile
  12. Wow, Mel Gibson gained some weight.
  13. A "friend of mine" bought a hooker there once. Way more fun than gambling......I heard.
  14. Does ford assume all costs or does the supplier have to stand behind their parts?
  15. Who was chasing you guys?