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  1. Went 300 miles last night with my 3.0 duramax. Pulling a heavy 22' equipment trailer with ramps that stand straight up. Empty one way had a 3000 pound load on way back. Averaged 18.3 mpg. Couldn't even feel the load back there.
  2. What did they send you? My 1990 e6 350 needs a turbo. How much $?
  3. I'm thinking she needs help getting her right leg INTO position.
  4. They recalled the egr coolers and replaced them free.
  5. Don't forget about the volvo lovers!
  6. That's what I thought too. Real wide spacing in those gears.
  7. Think she realizes her necklace is off center?
  8. There is probably a recall on those airbags too.
  9. We had a prototype Gehl skid loader back in the day. Every so many hours, Gehl engineers would come get it and the local dealer would bring us out a loaner. The first time they came to get it I asked them about covering the exhaust and the gehl rep laughed at me. Well, when they brought it back out to our farm it smoked like a steam engine. Ended up being the turbo. They always covered exhaust pipe after that.
  10. We had a grand Cherokee with the ecodiesel. It wasn't as smooth of a setup. It was decent mileage but Chrysler needs to give up on trying to make things hi tech. Their whole electronics interface is a nightmare and the answer for anything that gives an issue was a 7 hour update that they loved to charge for. They need to stick to crank windows and raw power.
  11. I hope he is going up to the Mayo clinic for treatment. They seem to have a better track record treating people for cancer.
  12. I have one and a good buddy has one too. VERY VERY good mileage. Mine has 30,000 miles on it and lifetime mileage is at an average of 24.6 mpg. Long trips you can expect 30+ mpg at 70+ mph. Mine does tons of local running around. Zero issues with the motor, just can't get my windshield washers to keep working. Drive one and you'll buy. They are so smooth and powerful. They really hit the nail on the head with these. Around my area they are quite popular because they are a low cost option. Same price as the 6.2
  13. I tend to agree with this. Keep handing money out to the people that refuse to work while our taxes sky rocket. Look at Biden's plan for inheritance taxes. It's a shame what people turned in to. Jobs everywhere and people just want their government check. And 99 percent of these people are perfectly able to work.
  14. I may just take you up on that offer. Hopefully a/c works for you.
  15. Use a thin walled 12 point 10mm and tap it on. It will grab it enough to unturn it.
  16. So we need vaccination papers to shop but they're against having identification to vote?
  17. If you're going resto-mod, I would go budds. American Racing actually makes some decent different budds now. There's also the black aluminum too.
  18. Trump is a asshole when it comes to business. That's how you get stuff done in the big world. But he is a people lover. But he is also a narcissistic guy. But that is a prerequisite for President. His policies and stances are some of the best.
  19. I think I would use my "header" and "combine" her crop.
  20. Ch600 was the series. The numbers have a meaning. First number is frame. 6 is light frame and 7 was heavy. No ch 700s were made but a cl you could get 6 or 700. Next number was engine. 1 was a Mack, 3 was cummins and 5 was cat. Last number was the number of axles. A ch612 was a single axle and 613 was a tandem.
  21. It's a Hendrickson suspension. I can remember what they call. Saw quite a few Sterlings with it. On heavy straight trucks it tends to wanna walk your ass end around a bit and the service life is way less than camelback suspension.
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